The Werewolf Alpha (MM)

A Story of Wolves 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,409
4 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Paranormal, Contemporary, Alternative, Werewolves/vampires, MM, HEA]

Ian Keagan lands at a werewolf Alpha's house for protection. His father has been involved in criminal activity, and Ian has become a target. But Ian doesn't expect to fall for the Alpha. The pull of their mating makes him possessive over Garth, something rare to occur in humans. In the middle of all this, Ian has to deal with his father’s incarceration. He has to help his father before someone else gets the upper hand. To top it off, an important secret can’t be revealed just yet.

Garth Benton has a hard time getting over a mate's rejection, but he only wants Ian. That impasse causes Ian to doubt him. Garth finally convinces Ian of his genuine feelings for him, but the case involving Ian’s father creates havoc. Vampires have entered werewolf territory, their existence almost forgotten. Things aren’t what they seem. Who can be trusted? Will they be able to save Ian’s father before it's too late?

The Werewolf Alpha (MM)
4 Ratings (4.3)

The Werewolf Alpha (MM)

A Story of Wolves 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,409
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“We’ve arrived,” Garth said, and Ian woke up with a stretch of his arms and back. “Did you sleep well?”

Ian shook his head. “What now?”

Garth got out of the car, and Ian did the same. “Stay behind me. We’re going to meet with Trent first.” He held Ian’s hand, and they crossed the street.

Trent waved at them from the car two houses down from the abandoned one. He stepped out and looked around. “He got here early. The dealers haven’t arrived yet.”

“My father is at the house?” Ian asked quietly, and Trent nodded. “Can we at least go get him? It might become dangerous for him. It’s best if he’s away from those people.”

“That’s what I intend to do. I was waiting for the two of you first,” Trent said. “Alpha, thank you for coming. Let’s go in.”

Garth grumbled. “Let’s hurry before they get here. We’ll be in trouble if they bring weapons.” He squeezed Ian’s hand as they followed Trent toward the old abandoned house. Part of the roof was missing, and a window on the second floor was wide open.

As they stepped into the house, Garth moved Ian behind him. He didn’t care whether or not Ian had a connection with his father. That man had gotten himself into a dangerous business and could end up doing anything to escape, including harming his own son.

The rotten wooden flooring squeaked under their footsteps. Another pair joined theirs from across the vacant living area. “What’s his name?” Garth whispered.

“Malcolm,” Ian answered. He held Garth’s jacket and peeked over from behind him.

“Malcolm, your son Ian is here,” Garth said. “Nugget, say something.”

Ian gave Garth a light punch on the back. “Don’t call me that, especially in a situation like this,” he muttered. “Dad, it’s me. I think we need to talk about what has been going on with you.”

Garth watched as a man stepped out from the shadows and into the moonlight that shone through the broken roof. “I’ve been looking after Ian. Your friends tried to get him while in Europe,” Garth said.

“Ian, you’re not supposed to be here. Leave. Right now,” the man said.

It was dark, but Garth could see the man clearly. He looked like a much older version of Ian, but with a more prominent jawline, graying hair on the sides, and a stronger build. The quick heartbeat of the human reached his ears. “Why aren’t you running away?” Garth asked, and he spotted the man switch his attention to Ian.

A piercing noise filled the silence. Garth covered Ian. A shot was fired. “Trent, get on it!”

Ian moved away from Garth at the sound of his father’s groans. “Dad, are you okay? Are you hurt?”

Garth shoved Ian toward the exit when his senses filled with quick footsteps and heartbeats approaching the house from the backyard. “Go to the car and wait for me there. Don’t worry. I’ll take your father with us,” he said and gave Ian the car keys.

“Are you sure?” Ian asked, and Garth nodded. “Be careful. Please.”

As Ian left, Garth rushed toward Ian’s father, while Trent went to deal with the others with his gun out. “You have a lot of explaining to do. People are in danger because of you,” he said as he picked Malcolm up. He rushed out to take Ian’s father into safety.

Malcolm gripped his left side with both hands. He remained silent as blood emerged from between his fingers, panting.

As Garth approached the car, Ian jumped out, and opened the door to the back seat. “Trent is alone in there. I haven’t heard any other shots.” He leaned back when he noticed his bleeding father.

“I’m sure he’s fine. Wait here,” Garth said and made his way back into the house. He leaped over the fence, landed on his two feet, and rampaged inside. “Trent, are you all right?”

“In here,” Trent shouted.

Garth followed the voice and the commotion into the old kitchen. He scowled at the five men bundled up together in the corner of the bottom cabinets that were falling apart. Trent had their flashlights, guns, and knives. Good thing they were human and couldn’t see a thing in the dark. Things could’ve ended up differently if one of them had been a wolf.

Trent reached into the pocket of his pants. “I’m going to call for backup. Can you take Ian’s father with you?” Trent asked.

“He needs a hospital.”

“Then please take him there, Alpha. I’m going to need time to interrogate him,” Trent said.

Garth growled under his breath, which startled the humans who couldn’t see in the dark. “Fine. Make sure to call me,” he said and made his way out to the car.


“Your skin is very smooth to the touch. I like it,” Garth answered. He moved his thumb aside and kissed Ian’s jaw. After a kiss to Ian’s chin, he hovered his lips over Ian’s. “The little things about you are drawing me in.”

Ian gazed into Garth’s green eyes. Didn’t Garth desire to kiss him? Or did Garth expect him to make a move? If so, Garth could wait elsewhere. He wasn’t about to give Garth that satisfaction.

Garth tilted his head. “Why are you resisting?”

“I think I can ask you the same thing,” Ian said. “Do you believe you still have another chance with Cecil?” He didn’t mean to provoke Garth, but things seeming like he’d turned into Cecil’s substitute didn’t sit well with him. He averted his gaze when Garth raised a brow.

“You’re interesting,” Garth said with a slight grin. He shoved his hand into Ian’s wine-red sweatpants, underwear included, and wrapped his hand around his shaft. He chuckled when Ian inhaled hard with a jolt. “There’s no point trying to keep your mask. I can make you take it off. Are you sure you don’t feel like kissing me?”

Ian avoided eye contact as Garth stroked his cock. He melted under Garth’s warm touch, but refused to show it. “I’m sure,” he said, suppressing a moan of pleasure. He shot a sideways glance at Garth’s lips. They’d kissed before. He knew what it felt like, and desired at least one more. But he didn’t want to fall into Garth’s trap. If he did, Garth would get him wrapped around his finger.

Garth growled under his breath, drawing Ian’s attention. Ian took that chance, and nibbled his bottom lip to show Garth what he wanted. “Do you want me to kiss you instead, then? A simple nod would suffice,” Garth said.

He couldn’t fall for it. Ian looked away from Garth again. Those damn lips were like sugar, and he craved them. The way he became more drawn to Garth as time passed, he would’ve spread his legs for him by now. He wasn’t someone like that. Garth wouldn’t get such power over him. “No, I don’t,” Ian finally answered. His lips parted when Garth stroked his shaft vigorously. His breathing quickened.

“I know what I did was wrong and I couldn’t help it, but it’s all right to ask for it, nugget,” Garth said. He slid his other hand under Ian’s shirt, up his abdomen, and pinched one of Ian’s nipples.

Ian jerked, bending his legs up at the sudden rush of pleasure. He tried to close his legs, but Garth was between them, and continued to stroke his cock at a quick pace. Ian arched against Garth and came, letting out a prolonged moan. His short breaths of lust quickened when Garth’s hard-on pressed against his ass. Why did he desire Garth so much?

“Do you think I’m interested in resisting it like you?” Garth whispered to Ian’s ear and kissed him hard.

His mind went further into a daze as Garth kissed him. Garth swirled their tongues together, and lapped at the sensitive top of his mouth. Ian groaned in lust as he melted underneath Garth. His remaining rationality told him not to beg Garth to fuck him senseless. What had this wolf done to him? Would he go insane?

Garth pulled away, a fine line of saliva the last to part their lips. Garth nuzzled the curve of Ian’s neck before he nibbled the skin, causing Ian to flinch. “I bet sex with you is going to be so erotic. No wonder you’re my mate.”

Ian tried to control his heavy breathing. Garth had turned him into a panting mess. “Are you saying you expected Cecil, your mate, to be the same in bed?”

“I told you I’m over him. It no longer matters how many times you say his name now,” Garth said. He removed his T-shirt over his head, and gazed at Ian from above. “How about I show you who belongs to me now?”

A pleasant shiver jolted down Ian’s back. Yes, he wanted Garth to show him. He quickly snapped out of it. “Wait, are you trying to trick me so you can get into my pants?”

Garth sighed and rested his hands on the mattress, on either side of Ian. “Nugget, I get why you don’t trust me easily, especially after I told you about my previous mate, but I’m not like that. If I still had feelings for Cecil, you wouldn’t be in this bed right now. Wolves are loyal.”

How would he know? Ian sat up and leaned his back against the headboard. He gazed at Garth’s alluring, tanned muscles. “It’s odd to me. It’s not normal for me to fall for someone like this. I don’t like how my mind works when you’re around. It…”

“Scares you?” Garth asked, and Ian nodded. Garth got closer and rested his hands on the headboard, on each side of Ian’s shoulders. “I know this is new to you. We as werewolves take things quickly when we find a mate. You’re human, but the same is happening to you. I get it.”

Ian turned his head down. Garth had invaded his space, but it also felt like a protective wall around him. The wave of warmth between them was comfortable. “Are you willing, then? Do you…have feelings as well?” Ian asked quietly.

“Yes, without a doubt,” Garth said. “Would you rather we take things slow?”

He glanced at Garth’s hard-on hidden in his pants. Their conversation hadn’t made him waver for a single second. He knew Garth desired him, but did Garth desire all of him? “Maybe after. I think we’re still in the mood,” he whispered. He gazed as Garth removed his own pants and threw them onto the floor.

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