Wild Hearts (MFM)

Blood Moon Legacy 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,212
107 Ratings (4.1)

[Menage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Werewolves, M/F/M]

When Shyla Smith learns of her grandfather’s death, she travels to Hood River to put his estate in order. Shyla’s not thrilled with staying at his humble cabin in the middle of a forest, and when a welcoming committee of four wild wolves greets her at the front door, she all but runs back to New York City. Nothing could have prepared her for the secrets which were about to unfold.

Coal Demmering and Jacy Roddery are the spiritually appointed mates to Shyla. The problem? They need to convince a city woman she belonged with them in Hood River, she descends from a highly revered white wolf bloodline, and a rebel pack of wolves has her marked for death.

With Coal and Jacy filling her nights with passion and her days with danger, will Shyla finally submit to the call of her wild heart?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Wild Hearts (MFM)
107 Ratings (4.1)

Wild Hearts (MFM)

Blood Moon Legacy 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,212
107 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Not a bad read but really very predictable and samey. Unfortunately the author didn't manage to evoke too many emotions during the sex scenes or during fight/deathly scenes and so when I reached the end of the book there wasn't that usual fulfilled sigh from the reader! Will read her books again but not sure whether they are worth a. Sextreme or b.£4.99!
I love everything about this author's writing. This was as usual great
Professional Reviews

4.5 CHERRIES: "From the explosive first meeting between Shyla, Coal and Jacy the chemistry is hot, hot, hot. Ms. Regale has created a beautiful and exciting story where legends are real...I loved that Ms. Regale made Jacy and Coal so competitive for Shyla’s attention. They know they have to share their mate but neither is willing to make it any easier on the other. It makes for some humorous as well as tense exchanges. I definitely recommend you read this book." -- Honeysuckle, Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews

4 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Wild Hearts by Rhea Regale is a story that moved at a fast pace. The plotline grabs your attention and holds you to the book till you turn the last page. I was hypnotized. If you like hot paranormals, then Wild Hearts is a book you must pick up." -- Deb, Dark Diva Reviews

4 STARS: "I was transfixed with the story of the White Wolf and how it so easily came to life. Wild Hearts pulls at the heart strings." -- Emily, Sensual Reads

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Jacy bounded off his chair and lunged across the room. The threatening growls and barks from the wolves echoed above the clashing of furniture. His fellow wolf buddies looked on in horror as two of the strongest wolves in Hood River took to each other in a frenzy of snapping teeth and fur.

Coal locked down on Rian’s throat and whipped him across the diner. The larger wolf grunted as he slammed into the wall, leaving a smear of crimson blood against the wood planks. The acrid odor stung Jacy’s nostrils and made him salivate with the primitive thoughts of a kill close at hand.

Jacy began to transform when a piercing shatter erupted behind him.

Shyla screamed.

He spun around to see another man grab her in a bear hug and rip her out of her seat.

He looked at Coal.

“Get her! Don’t worry about me, you idiot. Get Shyla!”

Jacy nodded, glancing at Rian as he stumbled to his legs. His friend would be fine.

He bolted after the second man, who rushed out toward the back door. Banking on his wolf speed in leaps and bounds while remaining in human form, he caught up to the man halfway across the back parking lot. He swung an arm around his neck, bringing him to a sliding halt. Shyla shrieked as the stop pitched her body forward. She slammed into the gravel ground and slid to a stop, curls of dust rising around her. Jacy ignored the twisted expression on her face and the pain her mind screamed to him. He heaved Rian’s accomplice to the ground. The man’s head bounce on the uneven gravel. Jacy crouched down beside him, bearing his sharpened wolf’s teeth despite still being in his human body.

“Who sent you? That measly little bitch Laela? Pathetic, worthless shits that you are,” Jacy snarled. His fingers thickened, his joints popping and the bones in his hand reforming to those of his wolf. Razor-sharp nails extended out of the tips, and he raked them across the man’s face, leaving deep, gushing wounds. The man growled, but the dazed look in his eyes from the impact of his skull on gravel assured Jacy he would be no challenge. “You aren’t getting your paws on our mate. You got that? You would’ve been better off staying at home with your whore today.”

Feeling for Shyla’s thoughts, latching on to the telepathic link and making sure she wasn’t watching, Jacy ripped open the man’s throat where he lay. He climbed to his feet and rushed to Shyla’s side, his paw changing back into a hand and his teeth retracting. He brushed aside her mussed hair and kissed her forehead. She grimaced.

“Where does it hurt?” he asked.

“Elbows. Back.” Shyla lifted her palms, scraped and bloody. Jacy shook his head. “Hands.” She tried to crane her neck to see past him, but he barred her view from the dead man. “What happened to the guy?”

“You don’t need to worry yourself about him. Let’s get you inside, and we’ll take care of those wounds.”

Jacy scooped her into the cradle of his arms, hesitating for a moment as he held his woman for the first time. A sense of pride washed over him, and he bit back a smile. He needed to clean her wounds and give Coal a hand.

As he stepped through the back door, a pained yelp filled the diner. He stilled. Shyla looked up at him, worry etched into her face. The heavy thudding of her heart sped up as her breaths ceased. All signs of concern and anxiety he detected in her he felt himself.

Glass crunched under weight. Commotion erupted, whispered talk and questions.

Jacy shook out of his paralysis and rushed into the dining room. The place had been destroyed in a matter of minutes. Tables and chairs were strewn everywhere. Two fan blades hung by splinters from the fixtures in the ceiling. Another of the large storefront windows had been shattered. Blood stained the walls, the floors, and the glass.

Brethren of local packs converged to the center of the room.

“Bro, you okay?” Jacy asked. He received a bemoaned grunt in response. “Hey, man. Don’t fuck with me. I got Shyla. She’s okay.”

He was met by silence.

Len burst out of a side door with a blanket.

“Move out, people. Show’s over. Get moving, folks,” he instructed, shoving his way into the crowd. Several curious onlookers backed away, eyes shooting toward Jacy and Shyla.

He edged forward, trying to turn Shyla away in case…

In case what? Coal lay dead on the floor?

“Fuck,” he spat.




“Damn, woman.”

Shyla released the blanket, and it dropped, draping over the seat of the picnic table. She tugged at Coal’s belt, worked open his jeans, and slid them down his legs. Her eyes landed on the jutting object of her desire, leaving her mouth dry and making moisture weep from her already wet pussy. She trailed her hands along the solid cords of muscle that created his masculine legs, pausing on the insides of his thighs.

“You’re huge,” she murmured. “God, the both of you…” She leaned in and stroked the long, thick cock inches from her mouth. The wolf in her smelled heat, salt and sex, woods and spice. She smelled the alpha male, and images of what his cock would do to her flooded her mind.

“I’ll fit just perfect, love. You’ll soon feel it.”

“I want to feel you.” She flicked her tongue over the wide head of his dick and shivered with the pleasant taste of his seeping moisture. Curling a hand around his sac, she weighed the velvety package in her palm before gently massaging his balls. She drew the tip of his cock into her mouth, sucking him, stroking the sensitive underside of his head until he quivered.

“That mouth of yours’ll get you in trouble,” Coal said. His voice deepened to a carnal rumble, and Shyla moaned. She licked him, relishing his hot skin and the swollen mass that could easily put men to shame. His hands cupped her head, fingers curling in her hair. “Do you like the way I taste?”

“Mmm,” she moaned, drawing his cock deep into her mouth. Her pussy itched, her clit throbbed, and she dropped forward to her knees. She lowered a hand to her wet, intimate folds and began to stroke herself while sucking his cock.

“No you don’t.”

Shyla gasped as Coal pulled her to her toes. He spun her around and pinned her back to his front. One big hand kneaded her breast, the rough pads of his fingers lashing over her sensitive nipple, creating vibrations of pleasure that strung with her pussy. She whimpered, her head falling back, her rear pressing into his hips. He slid his large cock between her cheeks, the head of his penis teasing her wet center. His unoccupied hand slid south and separated her slick inner lips. His thick fingers circled her opening, his thumb assaulting her clit.

“Coal, oh, God. I need you. Now.”

Not want. Need. He tugged her nipple to a peak, and she bucked into him, gasping and rubbing her aching clit against his thumb.

Then, he plunged two fingers deep into her womb, and she cried out.

“Aw, fuck. You’re still so tight,” he growled against her ear.

Shyla pressed down into his hand, fucking his fingers as the searing pleasure she sought rolled into the pit of her body.

“More, Coal. Faster,” she gasped. She arched her breast into his hand, silently begging him to pinch and squeeze to induce the pleasure-pain she so enjoyed. His hot breath tickled her cheek, and she turned her face toward him.

His mouth conquered hers, his tongue sweeping deep and thorough, rocking her mind. She reached back and sank her hand into the luxurious silk of his mane, meeting his fervent kisses with her own, gyrating her hips over his hand. His knee hooked beneath hers, lifting her leg and spreading her wide.

“You’re soaking wet, love,” he breathed, sliding his dick through her ass crack. His seduction assaulted every sense she possessed, leaving her to spiral deeper into carefree ecstasy and lose herself in him.

“I’m wet for you.”

“I know. Tell me how you like my fingers inside your body.” He pressed his hips into hers, tilting them. He thrust his fingers deeper, and she fought to remain standing. As they drew out, he directly stroked an area inside her that…that…


The world shattered. She rode the powerful waves of her orgasm, clinging to Coal for support. Her heart raced. Her pussy clenched and contracted around his probing fingers. He tugged her ear with his teeth, tracing her lobe with his hot tongue, the sensation mind-numbing as she slid down from her intense peak.

Coal chuckled quietly, nipping the side of her throat. He drew his fingers from her heat, his hand from her pussy, and grabbed her hips. The trail of wetness grew cold against the wintry air, but her body remained fiery with insatiable need.

“That’s only the beginning,” he promised.

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