[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, public exhibition, light bondage, spanking, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Single mom Stormy Stevens thinks Forever, Texas, is the perfect place to raise her daughter, Jazz. She’s not looking for a man in her life, but whenever the sexy Malone brothers come around, she can’t ignore the sexual whirlwind they stir inside her. Beckett, Ty, and Rent Malone have waited a month for Stormy to settle into her new home, but they’re through waiting. They know Stormy is their future mate and they’re ready to claim her. When her ex-boyfriend and Jazz’s father demands sole custody of Jazz, Stormy turns to the Malone brothers or risks losing her child. Still, after fighting off a wild dog pack then getting trapped in a burning barn, dealing with the entitled son of a billionaire banker should be easy, right? Will she fight for her new life in Forever? Or will she let the storm of trouble surrounding her take away everything that matters?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.

Wild Storm (MFMM)
13 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A nice sweet story to add to the series, I like how the main character was a single mum.
Loved this one. I loved how the men waited and not only made Stormy confortable with them, but also made Jazz comfortable. I loved the end how the daughter knew of them before the mom did. Too funny!
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "Stormy Stephens and her daughter Jazz have come to Forever, Texas from Atlanta for two reasons. First for a fresh start for Jazz after some trouble she got into in Atlanta and secondly so Stormy could get Jazz away from her on again off again father, a wealthy banker by the name of C J Chandler. Stormy never expected to find a man to love in Forever, much less three. Then again bad things come in three’s as well. Jazz's father shows up telling her he is going to take Jazz away by any means necessary. Wild dogs go after Jazz and Stormy and Jazz are trapped in a burning barn. Brothers Becket, Ty and Rent Malone have been watching their mate for a month as she settles into town. Now it is time to go after her and win the heart of their mate. When the troubles start will they loose their family before they have a chance to build a future together? Jane Jamison has given us a series that tantalizes the reader with wild romance, and characters we can fall in love with. Forever is a town anyone would want to live in. It's warm, friendly and filled with charm. This may be the seventh book in the series, but it stands as a single book as well. Out of personal preference I like to read a series from the first and learn how all the characters fit together. I recommend the same for anyone else reading this series. Even though this is easily read as a standalone, with few references to previous characters or events there are enough to make you curious. Why wonder when you can easily read their stories and be entertained even more. You will love the imaginative mind of Jane Jamison. She spins a tale like a master. Pick up a copy and immerse yourself into the lives of the residents of Forever, Texas today." -- Delanna, Night Owl Reviews

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Stormy slid to a stop several feet behind her child and considered spinning around and running away. I’m going to kill my child right in front of all these witnesses.

“Yeah. That’s my Harley. Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?”

“No, but I’d really like to.”

Stormy was beside Jazz in a flash. She plastered on a blank expression. “But she’s not ever going to. I’m sorry. My daughter doesn’t mean to hold you all up.”

Ty, his blue eyes piercing into her, leaned closer. “She’s not holding us up at all. Have you ever ridden a bike?”

Was he teasing her? The slight upturn of the corners of his mouth reminded her of a smirk. “Actually, I have.”

“You have?” Jazz’s mouth dropped open. “When?”

“It was a long time ago when I was young and stupid.” Oh, crap. Did I just say that? “Not that I’m implying that you’re young and stupid, Beckett. You’re not, of course.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Especially since it happens to be true,” quipped Rent.

Beckett ignored his brother’s jab. “Take a minute and hop on, then tell me what you think.”

“Oh, no thanks. I need to get back to work. Milly—”

“Milly won’t mind, Mom. Come on.”

Jazz almost had her hand when Rent took it instead. He tugged her along with him, and she let him while Jazz hurried behind them. What else should she have done? Yanked her hand away and caused an even bigger scene? The sizzle that leapt from him into her had her forgetting that she’d walked out of the diner.

“Ty and I came in his Jeep.” Rent tilted his head toward the Harley motorcycle that Beckett stood next to. “Like I said, Beckett’s the young and stupid one of our group.”

Beckett shook his head then held out his hand to Jazz. “I know your mom won’t let you ride, but you can sit on it. Right, Mom?”

Stormy started to protest, but how could she say no to simply sitting on the bike? Especially when his sultry voice made her grow hot between the legs? Even calling her Mom hadn’t taken any of that away. “I guess so.”

Rent pulled her to the side of the Jeep as Beckett helped Jazz get on the bike and started pointing out the different parts of the vehicle. “Now that Jazz is preoccupied, I wanted to ask you a question.”

His eyes, the same blue color as his brother’s, sparkled. The stubble running along his jaw beckoned to her, but she resisted. His bottom lip was full and his straight nose drew her gaze back to his. His hair was cut short, which she usually didn’t like, but it gave him a sharpness to his oval face that made him seem intimidating. Yet she sensed she had nothing to fear from him. He was a man in control, a man who knew how to handle things the right way.

Like a woman?

She jerked herself back to reality. What kind of question did he want to ask? “Okay.”

“How about going on a date?”

She’d expected almost anything but that. “A date?”

He twisted his mouth to the side. Was he trying not to laugh? “Yeah. You know. That thing where you get together, have dinner, and maybe see a show? Of course, since we don’t have a movie theater around these parts, we’d have to rent a movie. You can pick whatever you want. Even a chick flick.”

She opened her mouth, ready to give the same answer she always gave, when she found herself doing the unexpected. Instead of turning him down, she accepted. “Sure. It sounds like fun.”

He blinked, and she had the impression that he hadn’t expected her to take him up on his offer. Did that mean he didn’t really want to date her?

“Hey, great. You’re staying in one of the Carrs’ rental houses, right?”

She hadn’t known there was more than one rental. “Yes. Are there others?”

“He and his brothers built a couple more that they rent out to other folks from time to time. Like family or newcomers to our town. But you’re in the one that’s near our ranch.”

“Is that the Half Moon Ranch? If so, then yes, that’s the house.” How had he known? But the answer was simple. Forever was a small town.

“Yep. Half Moon’s our place.” He touched her jaw then caught Jazz watching them and lowered his hand. “Is around eight this Saturday good for you?”

“Uh, okay, that’s fine.”


She turned toward her daughter and saw her shocked expression. Jazz had never seen her mother accept a date. “Jazz, let’s get inside. I need to get back to work.”

Rent tugged on her arm. “See you Saturday.”

She nodded and hurried toward the door then held it open. Jazz reluctantly got off the bike and went inside.

The moment she stepped into the diner, she spun around, ready to tell him that she was calling off the date. But as she watched the men get into their Jeep and onto the motorcycle, she couldn’t force herself to open the door.

What the hell. Maybe Milly’s right. Jazz is getting older and I need to start thinking of a life for myself. I don’t want to be an old lady living all alone and babysitting other people’s kids like Mrs. Calimer.

She waved to them as they drove off. If anyone was worth breaking her long dry spell, it was the Malone brothers.




“Hurry up, man.” Ty dropped the whip then lay down and scooted underneath her. He played with her patch of curly hair before slipping his fingers between her pussy folds. “She’s hot and I want some of her juice.”

She ducked her head in time to see Ty lift onto his elbows and press his mouth to her pussy. The sensation of his tongue on her clit sent a climax rushing to the surface and soon she heard his lapping sounds as he drank her juices.

“Don’t forget about me, baby.” Rent tugged on her hair, reminding her to lift her head and take his cock again. She sucked him in, hard and long, just as Ty was sucking her clit into his mouth.

Beckett shoved a finger then two into her anus. She bucked, skimming her teeth over Rent’s cock.

“Stay still, baby.” He added a slap to her butt with his other hand, then worked his fingers in and out, the gel helping to ease the quick flash of pain. She trembled and tasted the sweetness of Rent’s pre-cum.

She didn’t know which pain she liked more. The flash of the sting from the spanking was great, but the sensation of her asshole tightening around his fingers was a delicious experience.

He continued to thrust his fingers in and out, moving faster and pushing harder each time. Instead of spanking her ass, he held on to her, his fingers digging into her flesh and giving her another, yet different, avenue for enjoyable pain.

“Here I come, girl.” Beckett removed his fingers and pressed his cock at her dark opening. He pushed the tip inside her and waited.

But she didn’t want him to wait. She needed every glorious inch of him. “Beckett, are you going to fuck me or what?” She cried out as Ty flicked his tongue over her clit and Rent took her breasts in hand.

Beckett chuckled, took hold of her hips, and plunged his cock inside her ass. She would’ve fallen forward if Rent hadn’t kept her steady.

“You’re tighter than I even imagined.” Beckett worked his hips, slapping them against the backs of her legs. His voice was filled with lust and had a deep guttural sound to it that spoke of power that was all male.

She moaned louder as Ty pulled her folds apart then stuck two fingers into her pussy. He finger-fucked her as his brother used his cock.

The sensation was nothing like she’d imagined, but then again, she’d never had anyone fuck her from behind, much less had three men pleasure her at the same time. She whimpered, not from pain but from need. The more they gave her, the more she wanted.

She tightened her mouth around Rent’s cock then sucked harder only to release him. She drew his cock back inside in a long, slow pull. “Suck on me, baby. Wrap your tongue around my cock. Yeah, that’s good.”

Beckett rammed into her again and again. At first it was uncomfortable, stretching her wider than his fingers had, but it added a new and wonderful dimension to the sensation. Ty ate her pussy as though he was a starving man as Beckett dug his fingers into her skin. The noises she made punctuated each thrust, each lick, sending her even higher. She mewled as another small climax broke free.

Beckett’s grunts grew louder as his strokes became even more furious. His balls flapped against her, and, if she’d had her hands free, she would’ve taken Rent’s balls to help ease the teasing Beckett’s gave her.

Beckett growled and she turned Rent’s cock loose so she could see Beckett’s face. His eyes were closed and his jaw was clenched as he rammed into her. She cried out and threw her hair over one shoulder as he thrust again, moving his cock deeper inside her ass. He flattened his hands on her butt cheeks then lifted one to bring it down on her cheek with a smack. She wanted to ask him to spank her again, to use the whip, but she couldn’t speak. All her effort went into staying on her hands and knees.

“Fuck me, Beckett. Oh, yeah. That feels so good.”

Her words must’ve sent him to the precipice. He opened his eyes, the amber in them glowing, then slammed into her. Stopping, he held her to him then pulled his cock out to spill his seed onto her butt. His body shook in the throes of release until he suddenly paused, slapped her ass one more time before digging his fingers into her skin, then fell to the side.

Her body shook as another orgasm slammed through her. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could stay on her hands and knees.

“Looks like our little brother is satisfied.” Rent slipped his hands under her arms then flipped her onto her back.

“Hey!” Ty grabbed her legs.



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