Kasey (MF)

Bounty Hunting Brothers 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 54,555
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Western Romance, HEA]
Kasey McKetchum is determined to continue the family business—bounty hunting. When a job goes wrong and he is wounded, he regrets not listening to his family. As his strength slowly ebbs, he realizes this may be his last job.
Shelby Watson isn’t a typical female, she is a bounty hunter. When she stumbles upon Kasey, she refuses to leave him and is determined to care for him until she can get him to the nearest doctor. After some strange events, Kasey and Shelby find themselves tracking the men that shot Kasey. Normally, this wouldn’t be something either bounty hunter would dread, but this time it’s different.
The young couple struggles with their growing attraction to each other. However, they need to bring the outlaws to justice before they can explore their feelings. The moment they start closing in on their prey, Kasey knows he can’t let her go, but when the bounty turns deadly, he may not have a choice.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Kasey (MF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Kasey (MF)

Bounty Hunting Brothers 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 54,555
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A brilliant storyline with wonderful characters. Really looking forward to the next one.




What do you mean by that?” she asked. “I do what I have to.” Moving her arms from around his neck, she worked her hands between them and pushed against his massive chest. “I think this was a terrible mistake.” She continued to squirm, trying to put a little room between their bodies.

One minute he felt as if he were on his way to Heaven, and the next, he felt as if he’d been dumped on his ass in the dirt. “I didn’t mean anything by what I said, Shel. I just meant you have an amazing body, but you hide out by wearing your brother’s castoffs.” When she continued to push against him, he stepped back, which wasn’t too bad. He let his gaze roam over her body from head to toe. “Honestly, I can say I’m glad you don’t go around flauntin’ yourself.”

He grinned, and if she hadn’t been so upset with him, she would have melted into his embrace again.

Shelby glared at him. She could feel the heat working up her neck, and it wasn’t from embarrassment. She was going to give this big jerk a piece of her mind. “Flauntin’,” she ground out between clenched teeth. “I’ll have you know if I choose to go around flauntin’ myself, I will. In fact,” she yelled, then stomped her foot before sticking her nose in his face and poking him in the chest with her finger, “if I choose to act like the widow woman you go visit, I will—and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”

When she noticed the tic in his cheek, below his left eye, she realized she may have pushed him too far. But she wasn’t going to back down now. “You’re not my boss.” She pulled from his embrace and turned her back, preparing to check Sparky before mounting.

At first her words stunned him, but it didn’t take long for Kasey’s brain to gain some traction, but she’d already turned away from him. I’m not going to let this go, he thought as he grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him. “What the hell are you talkin’ about? Actually,” he said as he tried to contain his anger, “who are you talkin’ about? And where did you even hear such nonsense?” Most people he would tower over, but being as he was only a few inches taller than Shelby, he didn’t have the power to make her feel small.

Jerking her arm away from his grasp, she glowered at him. “I don’t have to tell you a damn thing. But…since you’re being such a big pain in the ass, I’ll tell you exactly what I’m talkin’ about.” She straightened to her full height, not backing down from him one bit. “The widow woman you go visit, who I might add seems to like being tied up while you use her body.” She almost flinched when the tic, under his eye, got worse, but she didn’t. She held her ground because Kasey McKetchum wasn’t about to run roughshod over her.

After she spouted off, Kasey wasn’t sure how to respond. It seemed Shelby Watson had hit the nail on the head, but he couldn’t let her back him into a corner. “How the hell do you know I use her body?” If the damn twitching in his cheek didn’t stop, he was going to be winking at her before long.

With his face looking like one of the meanest thunderclouds she’d ever seen, Shelby swallowed and continued forward. “Because she has trouble walking for a week after your visits,” she blurted out, then waited, expecting him to explode in anger. However, he did the exact opposite.

Kasey laughed, then shook his head. “Why thank you, darlin’, for the compliment. I like to leave my women satisfied.” He leaned closer and ran his rough fingertip over the exposed skin of her cleavage. “Maybe I’ll show you sometime, but it won’t be today,” he said before walking away. When he reached his horse, he called out, “Mount up, Miss Watson. Times a-wastin’.”

Shelby shivered, but before she could respond, he turned abruptly, leaving her standing with her mouth hanging wide open. With shaky hands, she hurried to catch up to him. After climbing into the saddle, she groaned when her sensitive woman’s parts came into contact with the saddle. Damn, it’s going to be a long day.

As she followed, her mind wasn’t on tracking her brother’s assailant, it was on Kasey McKetchum. Her gaze followed the line of his broad shoulders, causing her to squirm in the saddle. She wanted Kasey McKetchum. That’s all there was to it.




Gently, he drew his hands up her body to cup her breasts. She shivered from his touch and cried out when he rolled her nipples between his thumbs and fingers.

“Kasey,” she moaned as she arched her back, wanting to get closer to him. When need slammed into her full force, she rolled her head from side to side, unable to remain still. “Please,” she begged.

Fighting the urge to simply push his trousers down and shove his cock deep, Kasey willed his body under control. The problem was…his body wasn’t listening.

“Please what, sweetheart?” he asked as he continued to fondle her breasts. Before she could answer, he leaned forward and sucked one of the succulent nubs into his warm mouth and devoured the treat. Letting his right hand slip down her body, he cupped her mound and let his long middle finger slide between her lower lips and found her clit right away.

Instantly, she twined her fingers in his thick hair and held him tight to her. When she was finally able to think, she answered, “I don’t know what, but I feel like I’m going to explode if something doesn’t happen.” She was thrashing around, bucking beneath his touch, and the moment he touched her between her thighs, a rainbow of colors exploded behind her eyes. She let out a loud moan while he continued to work her clit and suck her nipples as an orgasm rippled through her.

When he felt her body give the last shudder, he released her nipple with a pop and rose just long enough to push his trousers down to free his swollen shaft. With one hand wrapped around his cock, he moved back between her thighs.

“I want to go slow, but I can’t make any promises. My dick is so hard I could drive a nail with it, and I want you so damn bad I’m hurting.” He guided his cock to her dripping-wet entrance, then stopped with the head barely inside her body. “I’ll go slow next time,” he promised, then shifted his hips and pushed deep inside her snug center. “You’re so damn tight, I don’t want to hurt you.” He stopped, giving her time to adjust to his size.

Shelby wasn’t a virgin, but her previous fumbling attempts at sex didn’t compare to what was happening now, and the boy who’d taken her virginity didn’t compare to Kasey. He was huge, and it felt as if he would split her right up the middle. “Kasey…Kasey,” she pleaded as she stiffened beneath him.

Knowing that he was hurting her, Kasey was determined to slow down and make it good for her, even if it killed him. Trembling with the effort of keeping his hips still, he brushed the damp tendrils of hair back from her face.

“Easy, Shelby, just relax,” he whispered, then lowered his head and placed several gentle kisses along her chin.

With her body strung as tight as an old maid’s corset strings, Shelby released the breath she’d been holding. “That’s easy for you to say, McKetchum. You’re not the one with a log shoved up your…your—”

“Pussy,” he finished, then chuckled when her face turned three shades of red. When he felt her body relax, inside and out, he shifted his hips and was rewarded with another inch inside her body. “There, that was easier,” he said softly, then sucked her bottom lip into his mouth before biting down on it gently.

She moaned as desire shot through her body and settled where they were joined as one. Needing to move, she flexed her hips and was relieved to find the pain had lessened tremendously. She lifted her hips higher, allowing him to slip farther inside her. “That feels so good,” she whispered against his lips.

With sweat beading on his shoulders, Kasey fought for control. “Shelby, tell me now if you’re not ready to be fucked, because once I start I may not be able to stop. So, tell me now, sweetheart.” He held his breath, hoping she’d give him the go-ahead.

Not trusting herself to speak, Shelby lifted her legs and wrapped them tightly around his narrow hips, and her arms around his neck.

Releasing his pent-up breath, he pulled out of her before pushing deeper and continued pumping in and out until he was balls-deep. After a gentle bite on her ear, he whispered, “Hold on tight. The ride could get rough.” He began pumping in and out of her body with hard, deep thrusts. If she hadn’t had her arms and legs wrapped around him, it would have been impossible to stay beneath him.

Thinking she’d had her pleasure earlier, Shelby thought he’d grunt a few times, and then it would be over. She was shocked when he continued to move in and out of her body, and it wasn’t long before she felt the familiar tightening in her belly.

“It’s happening again,” she whispered in his ear and began moving in earnest.

After hearing her words, he intensified his movements, knowing she was getting close. “Let go,” he said but didn’t hear if she replied. The roaring in his ears drowned out any sound as his balls drew up tight, and an intense fire shot down his spine straight to the end of his dick. He had to get deeper, and he thrust harder and was satisfied when he bottomed out within her. With sweat pouring off him, he gave another hard thrust and was rewarded when he felt her slick, hot walls convulse around him.

That was all it took to send him over with her. Groaning, he pushed deep and shuddered as his hot seed flowed freely and splashed the walls of her womb.

“Shelby,” he called, then collapsed, barely managing to keep his weight from smashing her, as his cock continued to pulse deep within her body.

Gasping for breath, Shelby felt as if all her bones had turned to water, leaving her limp as her body recovered from not one, but two of the most intense orgasms she’d ever experienced.

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