Unexpected Menage (MMF)

The Tiger's Lair 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 71,366
7 Ratings (4.1)
[Siren Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, bondage, HEA] 
Alex “Tiger” McDaniels owns a BDSM club in Denver where Emma Tilton works as his secretary. He has wanted her from the moment she applied for the job, yet she doesn’t see herself the way he does, so she ignores the feelings she has for him.
An invitation from their friends in Polson, Montana—to help with the grand opening of their BDSM club, Ropes ‘N’ Cuffs—has Alex and Emma traveling together. Emma’s nerves are bundled up tightly while Alex silently deals with her blatantly snubbing him.
Trevor Collins, on his way back to Denver from visiting his brother in Polson, runs into Alex and Emma. After he sustains an injury, Alex insists Trevor travels with them, because the club owner has ulterior motives. An attraction to both Alex and Emma has Trevor giving in to Alex’s request. He wants to see if there is a possibility of a relationship.
Will they be heading into an unexpected ménage?
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Unexpected Menage (MMF)
7 Ratings (4.1)

Unexpected Menage (MMF)

The Tiger's Lair 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 71,366
7 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Good book. It's nice to read a good MMF story. I enjoyed the characters amd the way their relationship grew over a short period of time. Alex was a strong, but loving Dom, a,d I especially liked the way he guided Emma, with the help of Trevor, as she was so new to the lifestyle. It was also great to see Angela, Lawrence amd Wolf again at such a monumental point in their lives---Angela's story remains one of my favorite book, ever. My biggest complaint about the story was how quickly things started. I realize that all 3 characters seem to have been intro'd in previous books, but I didn't read those books. So it was really weird and jarring for Alex to just announce a few pages in, that he wanted Emma and would have her. Likewise, him basically saying he loved her and then later, upon meeting Trevor, instantly those 2 starting something the same night....It all felt too fast. Not enough background or set up--especially since this is a new series. The author shouldn't expect us to know or understand about characters who were introduced in a different series. There was some background about Trevor's relationship with his brother and Emma's friendship with Gwen but...in terms of Alex & Emma? Not enough at all. Still, I did like that despite the quickness of everything, the threesome talked a lot and I felt the emotional connection between them. Overall, a nice story and a series I would like to see continue.




The wail of a siren was heard in the distance. Trevor noticed that many of the patrons had wandered back into the restaurant, most likely to finish their meals and to gain some warmth. He watched as the man, with his arm around the woman’s waist, escorted her over to where Trevor sat.

They both knelt down next to the waitress.

“Are you all right?” the man asked, his deep baritone voice flowing like warm honey through Trevor’s veins.

Taking in the man’s dark hair, Trevor found it was shining under the lights in the parking lot. A strong, square jaw was set firmly, as were his full lips. The desire to kiss those lips rose from deep within him.

Although he wore a jacket, Trevor could see the man was built. Strong, muscular thighs encased in jeans highlighted his long legs.

Moving his head slightly, which did hurt, he took in the soft waves of her chocolate-brown hair that cascaded over her shoulders. Her heart-shaped face was even more beautiful close up and her lush lips called to Trevor.

The fear he had seen on her face when it looked like he was going to hit her was gone now, replaced by a weariness and concern. She reached out and moved Trevor’s hair away from his forehead. A spark coursed through his body at the touch, drawing his eyes to hers.

Soft and kind, they were a soft brown from what he could see, and within their depths, he saw desire and concern. He knew he could lose himself in her eyes alone.

A shiver ran through him, although he didn’t know if it was his desire for them or from the cold. The man gave Trevor a once over, his gaze stalling on his crotch for a brief moment. “Do you have a coat?” he asked.

Opening his mouth to speak, Trevor found his voice seemed to have left him. He nodded.

The man stood and looked in Trevor’s car before reaching for the item that Trevor had left on the front seat. He came back and helped wrap the garment around Trevor’s shoulders, his touch sending shock waves throughout his body.

Trevor’s eyes shifted to the man’s, who seemed as affected by it as he was. The man pulled away slightly, a mischievous smile on his lips.

“What’s your name?” the man asked, his voice raised for the ambulance was pulling in.

“Trevor. Trevor Collins.”

The man put his right hand out. “Alex McDaniels, and this is Emma Tilton.”

Trevor shook the extended hand and then smiled at Emma, who was a bit uneasy. He chalked it up to the situation. Once the two men released each other’s hands, Trevor took a chance and lifted his hand up to Emma’s chin. He moved her face up to look at him.

“Are you all right, doll?” He was surprised his voice came out in a near whisper. “I’m so sorry about that.”

“I’m okay. Are you all right?” she asked, her voice sounding like an angel to Trevor.

“I have a headache and my neck hurts, but I’m okay.” He smiled at Emma, hoping he was convincing enough to her.

“Well, you need to let the medics take care of you,” Alex practically ordered him.

The deep, masculine voice with a touch of dominance traipsed through Trevor’s body, speaking to his submissive side. Trevor’s gaze slid down to Alex’s knees, an automatic response to a Dom. Alex’s hand patted his own in silent approval.

Two sets of footsteps rushed up to the small group. The waitress disappeared quickly while Alex and Emma stood. The two medics knelt down beside Trevor and began to take his vitals and ask questions.

Panic began to ensue when Trevor noticed Alex leading Emma over to the large SUV and help her into the passenger seat. Alex said a few words to her before he closed the door and returned to Trevor’s side, sitting down next to him.

Calmness settled upon Trevor with Alex there, something he didn’t understand at all.

It was about five minutes of triage before the medics bandaged Trevor’s injury. With the possibility of a concussion, they wanted him to go to the nearest hospital with them, but Alex insisted he would take him in. When the medics eyed both Trevor and Alex skeptically, Trevor dug into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. Hating to pull rank on anyone, Trevor showed them his shield, even though he didn’t have any jurisdiction here.

“I know the concerns with a head injury. If this gentleman is willing to take me, I will go to the hospital to get checked out, but I don’t need to ride in an ambulance. You guys will be needed in case something worse comes along.” Trevor saw both medics nod their agreement.

Alex and both medics rose and helped Trevor to his feet, the former’s arm around his waist to help steady him. As the medics cleared up all their gear, a police cruiser pulled up next to the ambulance and two officers emerged. Trevor groaned his irritation.

Ten minutes later, the police officers had their report and were on their way. The ambulance had already left, and Trevor was left alone with Alex and Emma. They were waiting on a tow truck for Alex insisted that Trevor’s vehicle needed to be checked before he drove it all the way back to Denver. Not one to argue with sound reasoning, Trevor submitted to Alex’s wishes.

The only damage that Trevor could think would have occurred from the incident would have been to the axles when he jumped the curb after hitting an icy spot in the road. With all the snow on the ground, once he went into the skid, it was difficult to pull out of it. Trevor knew he should have had the four-wheel drive on in this weather, but he had turned it off when he had hit town. He had planned to stay here overnight, a good stopping point between Polson and Denver.

While they waited for the tow, Emma disappeared in the restaurant. Trevor assumed it was to stay warm, but once his SUV was being towed away, she returned with a takeout box. Alex helped Emma into the passenger seat and then waited for Trevor to climb in the back seat.

They made their way to the hotel that Alex and Emma had already settled into for the night. After making sure Emma was ensconced in her room with the door locked and latched from the inside, Alex escorted Trevor to his room right next door.

Once the light went on in the room, Trevor’s eyes landed on the single king-size bed. His mind wandered in a dozen different directions at once.




Emma cried out when he pulled his hand away from her pussy. “Easy, baby,” Alex soothed. “Trevor, hold her open.”

Trevor’s hand moved down to her cunt where he held her lower lips apart. He released her nipple with a resounding pop and watched Alex intently.

As Alex moved off the bed and knelt next to it between Emma’s legs, Emma rose up on her elbows, giving her a direct line of sight to what he was about to do.

Taking a moment, Alex looked up the line of her body and met her eyes. Dark chocolate pools glazed with lust and love met his, renewing his love for this woman. Dragging his eyes from hers to Trevor’s, there was love and lust in his dark green gaze as the man watched Alex.

Elation swept through Alex that he had both of his lovers before him. The need to please both of them while loving and protecting them surged through him, something he had been missing for so long in his life.

Looking down, Alex spied Emma’s pussy being held open by Trevor’s olive-toned fingers. Her clit stood tall and proud from under the hood while her honeyed juices trickled from her opening. The aroma of her juices wafted up to his nose, the fragrance causing his cock to harden even more. Yes, he wanted her waxed so he could see all of her when he wanted to.

Alex bent and swept his tongue through her slit, drawing her slick juices up. A spicy, sweet honey was what he tasted, a nectar he wanted to taste forever. Repeating the action, he couldn’t seem to get enough, but he had to share.

He slid two fingers through her slit, gathering her dew. Reaching out, he offered his fingers to Trevor, who had been watching him. Trevor opened his mouth and drew the fingers into his mouth. He sucked on the digits as if he were a drowning man sipping through a straw. The action went straight to Alex’s dick. If he wasn’t careful, Trevor and Emma were going to be the death of his cock.

While Trevor savored the taste of Emma from Alex’s fingers, Emma was watching the action with bewilderment and lust. Her tongue dashed out and licked her bottom lip, a motion that Alex thought was sexy as hell. A thought ran through his mind.

Pulling his fingers from Trevor’s hot moist mouth, Alex moved his hand back down to Emma’s pussy and scooped up a bit of her cream. He moved his hand back up, but instead of offering it to Trevor, Alex offered it to Emma.

Her dark brown eyes opened wider than he thought possible as she looked between his wet fingers and his face. She shook her head, her hair bouncing.

Alex glanced at Trevor and then back to Emma. She looked horrified.

“Just a taste, Em,” Trevor pleaded quietly. “If you don’t like it, we won’t force you to taste it in the future. But there will be times that we kiss you after we’ve eaten your pussy and you’ll taste then.”

Emma glanced back down at Alex’s fingers before meeting his eyes again. He watched in fascination as she opened her mouth and licked at her own flavor, her eyes still set on his. Her eyes lit up, and she sucked his fingers into her mouth, apparently liking what she was tasting. “Good girl,” Alex praised.

In a move of eroticism that surprised even Alex, who thought he had seen everything, Trevor leaned up and wrapped his mouth around Alex’s fingers, his lips against Emma’s. The two licked and kissed all traces of Emma’s essence from Alex’s fingers before Trevor finally pulled away.

Alex thought he was going to blow his load right then and there. He began to methodically think about how to put together an AK-47 just to get his mind off of his cock.

Alex moved his hand back down to Emma’s pussy. He licked at her pussy, this time finding her clit with his mouth and wrapping his lips around the tight bud. He began to suck the pebble as he thrust two fingers into her pussy.

Tight walls surrounded his fingers, most likely from lack of usage. He could only imagine what she would feel like when his cock entered her.

With the amount of lubrication Emma’s body made, his fingers moved easily into her. As he was pulling out, he felt the soft spongy pad of her G-spot, while her pussy was trying to suck him back in. Her hips bucked as he passed the spot.

Thrusting his fingers back in, he kept going until he reached the webbing of his fingers. Hooking his digits so that they pointed up toward her upper wall, he pulled out until just the tip of his fingers remained inside her. He moved them back in quickly and then began to piston them in and out, passing over the sweet spot with each swipe of his fingers.

Emma’s hips began to gyrate as she tried to meet him thrust for thrust. Trevor was kissing her again, his mouth devouring hers. Both of her hands were holding Trevor’s face in place. The sight was so sexy to Alex.

Moving his fingers in and out as his mouth suckled her clit, he felt Emma’s inner muscles begin to flutter. After two more swipes across her sensitive spot, Emma’s body tightened. Her cunt grasped hold of his fingers like a vise as liquid pulsed from within her, coating his fingers and hand.

Her hips thrust upward, and he had move with her to keep his mouth on her clit. A soft cry sounded from her as she pulled away from Trevor’s mouth, her body bowing upward.

Alex watched from his perch on her pussy as her body rode her wave of orgasm. As her climax began to wane, Alex stroked her sweet spot a couple of more times, sending her off again.

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