Keeping Secrets (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,688
1 Ratings (3.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Romantic Suspense, MM, HEA]

It’s a bad idea to date a coworker. It’s an even worse idea to date a coworker their friends think hates him. Except that Jude isn’t sure if he’s dating Trent or not. He's in trouble and vacation seems like an ideal time to decide what to do.

Trent has other plans, which Jude could go along with, except that someone else has other ideas for the two of them. Jude has no idea what the man’s secrets are, but he’s ready to kill to keep them.

Keeping their own affair a secret is impossible now, but what happens when everyone knows about them? Do they break it off, continue as they were or try to forge something new? It’s not easy to make a decision, but even at the beginning, Jude knew this was one secret he was willing to fight for.

Keeping Secrets (MM)
1 Ratings (3.0)

Keeping Secrets (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,688
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


The lone member of staff perked up when she saw them. He glimpsed a name tag with the name Joanne on her shirt.

“Calling it a night, boys?” she asked, smiling. It was easy to return her smile. Behind him, Trent shifted.

“Yes, and we appreciate you people being so accommodating,” he replied. Technically, they shouldn't have been allowed to bring food to the lounge.

“It's not a problem.” Her gaze fell on the bag he still held. “You didn't have to. We could have straightened the lounge.”

“No, it's fine,” he assured her. “There is more, but others are still there,” he added apologetically.

She took a bag from him, stowing it somewhere behind the desk. “Good. They need anything else? I could ask.”

Trent shrugged. “I think they're good for now.”

“Thanks,” Jude said to the woman. He was unnerved by Trent's proximity. The other man stuck to him like glue, their shadows almost indistinguishable on the wall as they climbed up the stairs to their room.

“Are you drunk?” he asked, tension burrowing into his muscles.

Trent laughed. “No. Why?” His gaze was amused when it met Jude’s over his shoulder. Jude didn't answer. Because you're glued to me, he wanted to say and swallowed words. His heart beat unsteadily in his chest. He wasn't sure whether he wanted Trent to stay close or not, but that was par for the course for Trent. His nerves were frayed, and he concentrated too much on Trent ever since Dan caught them at Walter's house. Jude let out a frustrated sigh. He didn't need to deal with Trent right now, not when he needed a cool head. He wanted to be alone, and for that, he needed to be in his room.

“Shit,” he cursed aloud. Trent pulled back from him, one arm still on his hip, a brand of heat and want. He didn't even realize Trent was touching him. When had that happened?

“What is it?” Trent asked, face hidden in shadows.

“I forgot to ask for keys,” Jude muttered, angry at himself. Trent's presence had him rattled. He was going to have to go back down to the reception just to pick up room keys.

Trent smiled, slow and easy. Jude shivered, throat constricting. He really needed to get away from the other man.

“I have the key. We are sharing the room, remember?”

He'd forgotten. His belly tightened, half in apprehension, half in desire. Trent moved past him and pushed the door open, movements quick as he unlocked the door.

“Come on in, then,” he challenged. The room was relatively small. Jude’s gaze went over two identical beds arranged on opposite walls. Two nightstands stood next to each with a desk between them. Above the desk, the window, curtains neatly tucked aside, gleamed with silver light. His duffel sat on one of the beds. He idly wondered who'd brought it up. He’d just started to unpack when he heard Trent move behind him.

“What do you...” he cut himself off when he saw Trent locking the door. He felt a shiver run through his body. There was intent in Trent's expression, and for all his training, Jude’d never been able to read him correctly.

“Is that really necessary?” he asked sharply.


Trent didn't look at him as he answered. Instead, he went to his own bed and slowly shrugged out of his jacket. Jude's mouth went dry, and his breathing quickened, his body reacting without his input. If he didn't know better, he'd have sworn Trent was doing this deliberately. The way he moved, slow and suggestive, was more incendiary than any striptease, even though he stayed clothed.

It didn't help that neither the jeans nor dark T-shirt he was wearing did anything to hide how wide his shoulders were, or how flat his belly was, or how his ass curved temptingly. Jude was helplessly trapped. He hadn't seen Trent naked, but he'd imagined it, wondered how it would feel to have him under his body, all hot skin and broken moans.

He shuddered, trying to regain control. Trent's eyes were dark and liquid when they met his. Jude tightened his mouth. Of course, Trent was doing this deliberately.

He crossed his arms over his chest, glaring at Trent. The other man shrugged.

“You can't blame me for trying.” Trent quirked his mouth. “You never objected before.”

It was a wrong thing to say because it reminded Jude he wanted to break things off with Trent. This...whatever they have.




“Having fun?”

Jude turned to see a man facing him from the arched doorway to the dining room. He tensed despite himself. He hadn't seen Trent when he arrived, but he should have expected him here.

“I am,” he answered shortly.

“Didn't stay long on the date.” Trent moved closer, his gaze calculating.

“It was fine.”

A surprising flash of amusement showed on Trent's face. “Just fine?” he taunted. “Not the best endorsement.” He paused a step away from Jude. “Did you sleep with him?”

“It was a date. I don't usually sleep with people on the first date.” A faint edge crept into his voice. Trent was capable of pushing his buttons like no one else. Trent's mouth curled upward, and he cursed himself silently. Trent's eyes glittered with savage glee.

“You slept with me,” he reminded Jude with relish.

The words fell between them, laden with weight. Jude stiffened. Trent was telling the truth, and there wasn't much Jude could say.

“That was not a date,” he pointed out.

And there was a whole host of reasons why sleeping with a straight guy—a deeply closeted guy—he amended because straight guys don't suck dicks like that was a monumentally bad idea. Trent nuzzled his neck, hands moving eagerly over him.

Straight. Coworker. Back off.

His dick didn't get the memo, and his whole body ignited from the touch. That spark he was missing with Kevin? It transformed into a bloody inferno with Trent. He leaned into Trent helplessly, and it didn't get any easier when Trent licked a stripe up his neck, hand sliding suggestively over his belly and down to his hip. His resolve crumbled. A last vestige of sanity fought with rising desire.

“We can't do it here,” he hissed, grabbing Trent's hand. It was far from the first time they had done this.

“Is that a no?” Trent teased, eyes darkening.

“That's a are you crazy we are going to get caught,” he muttered, throwing his head back to give Trent access to his neck.

Trent chuckled, mouth busy on his skin. “Relax. It will be quick.”

It was on the tip of Jude’s tongue to make a sarcastic remark about guys who are too eager to get on their knees for other men, but he bit his lip. He might be stupid for doing this, but he wasn't quite so stupid as to refuse.

He sucked in a breath when Trent unbuttoned him and leaned back on the counter, his knees wobbly.

Jude reminded himself once again that sex didn't make a relationship, and just because Trent was good in the sack didn't mean he should be interested in him. He wasn't interested. He was barely able to stand Trent. For all that, the other man was a competent agent, and they worked smoothly enough on the field. He respected Trent. That was it. He didn't like him. He was just...

Really, really horny. He gasped when Trent pushed his boxers down. Jude watched as the other man closed his eyes even as he took him into his mouth. He shuddered. All right, he was horny, but Trent was really good. Jude reached down to grip the other man's shoulder, holding him in place even as he resisted the urge to snap his hips. If it was possible, Trent was even better than before, which begged the question how, since Trent was adamant he didn't sleep with men.

Evidence suggests otherwise, Megan's voice said in his head, and he squeezed his eyes shut.

Honestly, at this point, he didn't even care. He was on the brink of orgasm. Trent made a noise, and it went straight to his dick. Jude tightened his grip even as he pulled back, chest heaving, and he reined in his arousal.

Trent looked at him, mouth open and lips swollen and wet. “Don't,” he said. Confusion replaced lust in Trent's eyes. Jude shook his head, guiding him up to his feet. Trent allowed it, leaning heavily into him. Jude felt pressure on his leg, his pants sliding down. Trent was as hard as he. He dug his fingers into Trent's bicep.

“Not like this.”

The last time, Trent had cursed and refused to let Jude touch him. He'd brought Jude off with his mouth and then, shaking, started to jack himself off. He had turned his head away from Jude but pushed back into his embrace, burying his head into Jude's shoulder, taking deep lungfuls of Jude's scent. Once Trent was done, he'd pushed Jude and stalked away, refusing to even look at him, leaving Jude with a hollow feeling in his stomach.

Jude didn't want a repeat of the last time. He wanted them to come together. Trent was surprisingly docile when Jude maneuvered him closer, taking them both in hand. He shuddered and tugged on Trent's collar with his teeth, greedily searching for skin. Trent was letting him stroke them both.

“I'm close,” Trent warned, his voice sending a delicious shiver up Jude’s spine.

“I know.” Jude could feel it, the pulsing shaft in his hand heavy and warm. His palm was wet, and they were both breathing hard.

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