The Warrior’s Ascension (MM)

Warriors of Aristaeus 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 80,040
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative, Fantasy, Witches/Demons, Interracial, Action/Adventure, Romantic Suspense, MM, HEA]

Dallan wasn’t expecting his downtime to last long, but the peace is shattered when Dallan learns six notorious demons who have been vanquished to a box have found a way out. Not only that, but they are also gunning for members of the triangle.

To defeat them, Dallan will have to become the mage he never knew was possible and make alliances with demons who could one day become the enemy. Dallan knows it will take all he has to play his new role, a roll that could test his relationship with Hansel, but Dallan has no choice. His God just might force him to put duty before love again to win this war and train the new powers that will fight with him.

On the other hand, Hansel is determined to make things work between he and Dallan and is more than willing to go all in for love.

The Warrior’s Ascension (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

The Warrior’s Ascension (MM)

Warriors of Aristaeus 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 80,040
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“Hello, Hansel.”

“Hi, baby,” Hansel murmured into his ear. “Are you guys still at that house?”

“We’ll be here a few days,” he said. “Can you come to dinner?”

“Sure, I just love using that teleportation spell, but I need to be back here at the school.”

“You don’t need that spell while you’re there,” Dallan told him. “Just think about me, and you’ll be here.”

“Really? You shouldn’t have told me that.”

Dallan laughed. He knew it could be a problem in the future. That’s why he’d make sure that portal he’d created for Hans could be altered so Hansel couldn’t use it to get to him if Dallan didn’t want him to.

“Try it,” Dallan urged.

A second later, Hansel stood before him, his blue eyes bright with delight and his long blond hair spilling around his shoulders.

Hansel grinned at him before moving into Dallan’s arms. “I missed you,” Hansel said. “It’s been three days.”

Dallan silenced him with a kiss. They weren’t living together yet. Hansel lived with his sister and Jox for now. They’d both agreed a little space would be good for them.

They could have some courting time which might allow them to get back some of what had been taken. They’d never had a proper courtship because right after they met, Hansel had become a target, and Dallan had saved him.

With no family to rely on since it was his sister who’d wanted him dead, Hansel had moved in with Dallan. That hadn’t allowed them to really get to know each other the way Dallan would have liked.

“I missed you too,” Dallan said and stroked Hansel’s cheek. “Give me a second.”

Dallan stepped away from Hansel and drew his hands up. Energy ran along the walls, effectively turning this room into a protected zone where whatever devices the artist thought were being used to spy on people for whoever had installed them couldn’t spy on him.

“Why’d you do that?” Hansel asked.

“I need you to do something for me,” Dallan said.

“It’s the reason you asked me to come to dinner,” Hansel said carefully.

“I wanted to see you,” Dallan told him, “but I need this favor.”

“Okay,” Hansel said. “What is it?”

“I know you’re going to be upset, but I need you to touch something in this house I can’t.”

“And you didn’t want Gretel to see it?”

“Not yet,” he said.

“Show me,” Hansel said.


He put a finger to Dallan’s lips. “I trust you. Now, show me.”

Dallan led Hansel from the room. The sounds of Aristotle talking to Dory about something he’d found drifted out into the corridor. Dallan ignored them and led Hansel down to the basement and the secret room.

Dallan took him inside. “There are books on the shelf. One must be the BOS.”

“The guy was evil?”

“He said I wasn’t evil enough to touch the book,” Dallan told him. “I met this guy years ago. He was an artist, and I bought a few of his works.”

“Did you sleep with him?”

“We didn’t sleep, Hans,” he said quietly. “It was a sexual affair. Six days when I was at a medical convention.”

Still, they’d connected in a way. They never would have been lovers beyond that. Maybe friends. However, life took them in different directions, and they were never in contact after that week.

“You actually went to one of those?” Hansel asked, studying him.

“I’m a doctor, Hans. By every human medical standard, with a license, degree, and internship to back it up. I belong to the AMA.”

Becoming a doctor had been the last thing on his mind. However, the fact that he had the healer’s gift and had been good at creating healing potions, ointments, poultices, and such had taken him to medical school.

Yes, he’d been the oldest man in his class, and since then, the early part of the nineteenth century, he’d had to alter his paperwork, so he appeared to have gone to medical school in this more modern era.

To his credit, he had actually gone to medical school in the 1970s to refresh his skills. Since then, he’d made it his business to take courses and learn to keep his skills up to date. However, most of his clients these days were poor humans and supernaturals.

His clinic was being run by two witches at the moment.

“I know,” he said. “I just didn’t know—tell me if this guy is going to be another problem.” Hansel’s blue eyes were filled with impending anger, his voice tight.

“He’s dead,” Dallan told him as he ran a hand up Hansel’s arm. “Don’t be so jealous of the life I had before us. I lived, Hansel. I took lovers, but I was never in love.”




Hansel leaned toward him and ran his tongue along Dallan’s collarbone before tracing kisses over the hard chest to a dark nipple. He swiped his tongue over it before curling it around the tiny point and catching it between his teeth.

Hansel gave it a tug, and Dallan let out a rough groan as his fingers gripped Hansel’s hip.

Hansel drew his tongue over the flat nipple again before scraping it with sharp teeth. Then, Hansel sucked the small bud into his mouth, and Dallan’s hand glided up Hansel’s back, nails scraping lightly.

Hansel blew over the erect peak before turning his attention to its twin. Then, he drew his tongue over it, flicked it, and sucked the tight point into his mouth. Dallan’s hand was in his hair now, his grip tight.

“Mmm.” The sound was soft but so full of pleasure it made Hansel harder.

Hansel licked the nipple again as he undid Dallan’s leather belt and then the button of his pants. He bit down on the taut berry and then sucked as he pushed his hand inside Dallan’s briefs. He wrapped his fingers around his thick cock, and Hansel pumped.

Then, he ran his thumb down the shaft to the tip and swiped away a drop of pre-cum. With a feathery caress, he stroked the head, and Dallan hissed out his pleasure.

Hansel knew just how turned on the slightest caress of that one spot got Dallan, so he did it again.

“Damn, Hans,” Dallan murmured. “Baby, I love how good you make me feel.”

Hansel watched Dallan. His eyes were half-mast as he continued to pump his cock, allowing his thumb to gently brush over the sensitive area.

Heat slithered up Hansel, pushing his own desire higher as he fed off Dallan’s pleasure. He released Dallan’s shaft to kiss a path over the hard plane of Dallan’s chest and down to his stomach.  

Hansel sank to his knees and pulled Dallan’s dick from his pants, and looked up at Dallan, eager to see the heat in his eyes, to continue devouring it. The hunger glittered there, bringing a smile to Hansel’s lips.

Dallan urged Hansel’s head closer, and Hansel opened for the thick stalk and swirled a warm lick over the head before drawing Dallan’s prick into his mouth.

“Oh shit, yeah,” Dallan rasped roughly.

Hansel licked down the shaft and back up. He pumped Dallan’s cock and ran his tongue down the shaft again to his balls.

He licked over the sac and back up the hard ridge of Dallan’s dick.

“Not now,” Dallan said and used his hold on Hansel’s hair to pull him up.

Hansel grinned. “Coward,” he whispered.

“Me? Take off your pants, pretty boy,” he urged.

Hansel laughed and did just that as Dallan undressed. Dallan shoved Hansel onto the bed and snapped his fingers. The bedside table drawer opened, and Dallan raised his hand a fraction, and a tube floated to him.

Dallan removed the cap from the tube, and it hovered. Hansel’s gaze was riveted by it for a moment.

“What? You’re more turned on by that cap or my ability to make it hover?” Dallan asked. “Damn, that could just kill the mood.”

Hansel ran his foot along Dallan’s leg. “You’re too sexy to compare yourself to a cap, and I’d still be worshiping your dick if you hadn’t stopped me.”

Dallan smoothed some lube onto his cock and pumped it. Hansel’s gaze hung on the motion.

“That’s more like it,” Dallan drawled.

“Fuck me, Dall,” he whispered. “Make love to me right now.”

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