Let it Go (MFM)

Oakdale 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,691
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Suspense, Small Town, Contemporary, MFM, HEA]

Nova Lopez ran to Oakdale to get away from her cheating ex. She needed a new start. What she didn’t need was to get involved with another man, or in this case two brothers.

Trey Johnson fell hard for Nova. He knew his brother, Dylan, also wanted her. He fought against it.

Dylan wasn’t sure he was ready to settle down, yet he couldn’t stop thinking of his sexy neighbor, Nova. Would he be able to prove to her he was prepared for a real commitment?

Would they both lose her before they could even begin?

Let it Go (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Let it Go (MFM)

Oakdale 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,691
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Trey was a little shocked at the instant wave of lust he felt as soon as their eyes connected as she walked toward him. As she stepped close to him, he noticed her eyes were dark brown and surrounded by thick, dark lashes. Her skin was tanned, and her chocolate-brown hair was long, wavy, and flying with the breeze. Her faded jeans molded to her shape, showing off long legs and a small waist but nice round hips. She wore a plain gray T-shirt tucked into her jeans, but he could see her generous bustline. There were plenty of pretty girls around town, but for some reason, this one made his body respond in an instant. He felt a shock vibrate throughout his body. He felt a little taken aback by it.

Robert held his hand up in a wave, making Trey blink out of his stupor.

“Hey there. I thought I’d bring the girls by to see the horses. Especially the city girl over here.” Robert gestured to Sonia’s cousin with a teasing grin. “She’s never seen a real horse before. Can you believe that?”

Sonia’s cousin laughed, not at all offended by Robert’s words.

Trey cleared his throat and tore his gaze away from the new girl. Maybe that’s all it was. He hadn’t been out socializing in months, hadn’t dated in god knows how long. He smiled, trying to focus on not looking like a doofus. His cousin would never stop teasing him if he noticed Trey drooling like a schoolboy. Then Dylan would know too.

“Sure, no problem. I was just brushing my horse Midnight down,” he said, trying to sound cool and collected even though his pulse was racing like wild.

The woman stepped closer, giving him a hesitant smile as if she was shy. She gave him a small wave in greeting.

“This is my cousin Nova. Nova, this is Trey.” Sonia made the introductions, leaning against Robert.

“Hi, Trey,” Nova said softly, her gaze looking him over too. His body filled with heat and excitement, seeing the matching heat in her dark eyes.

He automatically shook her hand, and her eyes widened as if she also felt the instant spark. Trey couldn’t ever remember feeling desire so deeply. They stood staring at each other as if absorbing all the good vibes happening between them. Her chocolate-colored eyes held a hint of sadness and weariness as she looked him up and down. Was she intimidated by his size? He was six two, and she was a tiny little thing, maybe a foot shorter. He could see the resemblance between Sonia and Nova. Sonia’s dark brown hair was short and layered, and she was thin like a runner. Nova had shoulder-length hair and curves that made him take notice right away.

“Welcome to Oakdale, Nova, and the Triple J Ranch.” He was relieved his voice came out even. He knew Sonia wanted Nova to stay for a while, so he needed to get his act together and not act like he never met a girl before.

“Thanks.” She smiled, her pink lips curling upward. He was entranced by her sweet smile, rounded cheeks, and cute button nose. “I was telling Robert I have never been around horses before, but I sure am curious. I’m a total city girl, I admit it.”

He gestured behind him, leading them into the stall. It was dimly lit in there, but open window spaces allowed some natural light in. A few horses neighed as they walked by, and a few just ignored them completely. Midnight was patiently waiting for Trey to finish up.

“This is my horse, Midnight. He is getting on in years, but he can still run fast.” He couldn’t keep the fondness out of his voice as he petted Midnight’s nose softly. Midnight had been his for ages, and he had grown attached to him.

“Wow.” She looked over to Midnight, her eyes wide with curiosity. Trey studied her face, seeing the sincerity in her gaze. Her eyes sparkled with excitement, and he wanted to grin back at her excitement. He couldn’t sense any snobbishness or disdain in her. “He is so big. Can I touch him?” Her voice held wonder in it. He led her closer by touching her arm gently. He could smell her perfume; it was light and flowery. He wanted to touch her hair to see if it was as silky as it seemed. “Of course. He is as gentle as they come. Although not all horses are, so make sure someone is with you if you’re ever around them,” he cautioned, not wanting her to have a bad experience and be scared. He wasn’t sure why he wanted her to stick around town, too, but he did.

“Okay.” She kept her eyes on the horse and reached out to touch his head softly and carefully. Her fingers wandered slowly, cautiously over Midnight. Trey took the opportunity to observe Nova. She had a soft smile on her face as she touched Midnight gently and carefully. She had a cute, pert nose with a few scattered freckles across it. Her lips were full and plump.

“Oh wow, he is soft.” She turned to look at him, her brown eyes glowing with joy, and right then and there, he knew he was a goner. She was appealing in every way, from her curves to her beautiful, angelic face. She wasn’t turning her nose up at the barn smells or acting like a scaredy cat. What the hell was happening? This was unexpected. He wasn’t sure how he felt about it, but he couldn’t deny he liked the feelings she inspired. When was the last time he felt like this for a woman? Possibly never.




“Are you sure you feel ready, Nova?” Trey had his hands on her waist, looking at her amused expression. Of course, he wanted to make love to her. He had from the moment they shook hands. He just didn’t want her to feel pressured. Nova had cooked them a nice Mexican meal, and they were now in the living room sitting on the couch. He had expected to have a steamy make-out session and a cold shower right up until she made her announcement. His cock twitched beneath his jeans as if to say, yes, we are ready too.

 “Most guys would have already stripped naked,” she huffed. Trey could see the hunger in her eyes, and it excited him immensely. He wanted her so much. She fit in flawlessly with them for being a city girl. Even her cousin had taken a while to relax and fit in.

Dylan hopped up off the couch and quickly took his shirt off, twirling it in the air and throwing it at her, making her laugh. “Like this?”

Nova caught the shirt with a wide grin at Dylan’s antics. Even Trey felt himself loosen up. He was overthinking. They spent a lot of time getting to know Nova and letting her get to know them too. Things had been great, and he felt himself falling deeper and deeper. It was time.

 “Yes, you sexy hunk. I want, no, I need to make love with my men.” She pouted.

“You don’t need to ask me twice then, pretty girl.” Trey stood, grabbing her hand and pulling her chest to chest with him. She gasped at his sudden movement. He nibbled on her neck, making her giggle. Her hair was loose and tickled him. “Let’s go.”

 He led her down a dark hallway, opening up the first door. “This is my room. I have a king-size bed, perfect for us.”

Nova took a moment to look around the neat and tidy room. He didn’t have a lot of furniture, just what he needed, but he liked it that way. An old but comfy armchair sat in the corner next to a bookshelf. A dresser was against the wall. A large bed was placed in the middle of the room. Simple and uncluttered.

“Dylan’s room is probably a mess and a danger to us tripping and injuring ourselves,” Trey teased his brother.

Dylan frowned but didn’t argue against it. He was always messy. “I’ll clean it next time.”

Nova looked nervous, her hands folded in front of her. Trey could see the arousal in her eyes, but he knew first times were always filled with nervousness no matter what. And this meant something to all of them. This wasn’t just sex. It was a new beginning.

“Relax, it’ll be fine.” Dylan whispered with understanding. “We all feel the same desire in this room. We can go at your pace, Nova. It is only us in this room.”

She grinned, her shoulders relaxing. “I want this, been thinking of it for a while now.”

Trey cupped her cheek, kissing her lips while Dylan lowered to his knees. She moaned in his mouth, and her body was soft against his. The intense sensations running through him made feel lightheaded and dizzy. He felt her body give a full-out shiver and knew she was just as aroused as he was.

“Is Dylan touching your pussy, baby?” Trey asked, letting his lips move down her neck toward her cleavage visible to his eyes. He lifted her shirt, taking it off her and letting it fall to the floor. Next, he unclipped her white silky bra. Her breasts were firm, her tips already hard like pebbles.

“Beautiful. Perfect breasts and pretty pink nipples.” He cupped them, letting his thumb swipe over them. He let his fingers trail down her smooth back, feeling her shiver in delight. He could see Dylan’s hands squeezing her ass while his mouth was buried between her thighs.

“Mmm,” she hummed, looking up at Trey with a heated gaze. His breath caught in his throat. She was so beautiful, so open, showing her true feelings. She was ready for them to take this relationship to the next level.

“I feel the cool air hitting my bare skin down there,” she gasped with shock and a hint of shyness.

“Your pussy is bare and so smooth. So sexy Nova,” Dylan said, allowing his fingers to trace her folds slowly, inch by inch. Nova clung to Trey, and he liked that she trusted him to uphold her.

“I have to taste your cream, or I will die,” Dylan groaned, sounding excited. She closed her eyes, and Trey worshipped her breasts, suckling on them and tweaking her nipples.

“She is soaked, bro. I think she likes our touch,” Dylan sounded smug.

Trey felt Nova’s hands land on his shoulders, holding on to him as if she couldn’t stand without him. He liked the feeling that she needed him. He wanted to care for her and make her happy. He wanted to satisfy her sexually. It was a lot of pressure.

“I feel so much already.” Her warm breath hit his neck, making him feel goose bumps on his arms. The connection of their eyes only increased his passion. He feasted on her breasts like a starving man, and he had been starving for weeks now. She was alluring and sensual. She responded beautifully. Her moans and cries added to his own excitement, taking him higher. His tongue swirled around the tip of her breast, sucking. She moaned, her hands going into his hair and gripping him hard. “Oh, Trey, it’s too much.”

“Never enough, pretty girl.”

“I need both of you inside of me soon. My two sexy cowboys.”

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