Dakota Firestorm (MFMMM)

Dakota Heat 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 68,002
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Western, MFMMM, HEA]

Danielle Marsh takes a job as a police officer in Aberdeen, South Dakota, where her sister, Veronica, is a student, when she can’t get in touch with Ronni. When she meets her new boss, she finds herself more than attracted to him, but when she discovers Ronni is, in fact, missing, Danni finds herself embroiled in far more than she expected in the college town.

Travis Branson hired Danni, never expecting that she would change his life and those of his brother and cousins forever. With an influx of drugs creating mayhem at the university and his own cops on the take, Travis has more than enough to deal with. But his desire for Danni, along with the interest from his brother, Mace, and his cousins, Drake and Zane, is impossible to ignore. They know immediately that she’ll belong to them.

After Veronica is rescued, Travis settles the women at the ranch the four men share and launches an operation with the FBI to catch the drug dealers, never suspecting Danni is in danger.

Leah Brooke is a Siren-exclusive author.

Dakota Firestorm (MFMMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Dakota Firestorm (MFMMM)

Dakota Heat 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 68,002
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Travis reached over to touch Danni’s hand. “What did Andrew tell you about your sister?”

“He said that she’s out with friends. Doesn’t know who she went with, where they were, or when she’d be back. So, I’m waiting.”

“We’re gonna go check it out. Come on. Let’s go fuck up this guy’s night.”

Danni scrambled from the SUV, more than willing to go knock on this asshole’s door again.

As they crossed the street, the man who came out the front door saw Travis, still in uniform, and took off toward his car.

“I’ve got the back.” Drake ran around to the back of the house, while Travis easily caught the other man and cuffed him.

Using another set of cuffs to secure the man to his car door, he looked back at Danni. “You and I are going to talk later.” He slammed the other man, one screaming for Andy, against the car door. “Shut the fuck up.”

Danni nodded and stood just outside the front door, suspecting that the loud music kept Andrew from hearing his customer.

Moving to the front door, Travis placed his hand over his weapon and knocked loudly on the door. “Stand so he can see you.”

Travis stepped to the side and, when the door opened, nudged Danni back and stood in front of the door, his gun pointed at Andrew’s chest. “Where’s Veronica Marsh?”

As Danni expected, Andrew, although slow at first, probably due to his own merchandise, quickly realized that he might be in some sort of trouble.

Especially when the coffee table behind him was covered with an assortment of drugs, a nine-millimeter handgun, and a scale.

Andrew turned, but before he could bolt, Travis grabbed him by the back of his shirt and yanked him toward him. “Well, what do we have here?”

“Fuck you!” Andrew’s dirty T-shirt ripped as he managed to jerk away from Travis and went for the gun on the table.

Travis caught him again, yanking his hands behind his back and using a zip tie that had been secured at his side, secured his wrists behind his back.

“Looks like you were right about the drugs.”

“I don’t give a shit about the drugs. I want to see if I can find something that’ll tell me where the hell my sister is. I know she lived with him. I— Jesus! Ronni!”


She leapt toward her sister, studying her bruised and swollen face just as Drake came in from the back. “That asshole did that to you?”

The music suddenly stopped, and Danni blocked out the curses and threats coming from the other side of the room where Travis had tossed Andrew into a chair. “I need to get you to a hospital.”

“No. I’m fine.” Veronica’s blood-shot eyes filled with tears. “I’m just so glad you’re here. When you came earlier, I was in the bathroom. I didn’t hear you. When you left, Andrew told me it was you.”

She glanced at Andrew and seemed to shrink into herself, pissing Danni off even more. “When I heard you were in town, I knew it was almost over.”

Both enraged and relieved to tears, Danni wanted to hug her sister but didn’t know the extent of her injuries. She wrapped her arms lightly around her and rubbed her back. “Christ, I’ve been so scared.”

Drake approached, easing back when Ronni jolted. “I’m gonna take one in while Travis takes the other. Mace will drive you in your car to the hospital. We’ll meet you there unless you leave earlier. Then we’ll see you at home.”

“At home?” Ronni blinked and wiped her wet cheeks.

“I’ll explain everything. Let’s go.” She glanced at Travis, giving him a stony look as he spoke on his radio to the police station, asking for two officers by name to come to the scene.

Drake opened the door for her and escorted her outside, where Mace stood, standing guard over the guy still secured to his car door.

With a look of horror, Mace rushed forward, glancing at Danni. “What the hell? Is this your sister?”

“Yes. I need to get her to the hospital.”

“I don’t want to go to the hospital, Danni. I want to get my stuff. I packed almost everything up except for my clothes.”

Drake lightly touched Ronni’s shoulder. “Where is it?”

Ronni smiled, wincing and touching her lip. “I have two big blue bins in the garage. I hid them under a piece of tarp. My clothes are in the first three drawers in the dresser and in the closet.”

Nodding, Drake looked into Danni’s eyes. “I’ll take care of it, okay? I know you have no reason to trust me, but I’ll get your sister’s things together and bring them to the house.”

Mace bent and lifted Ronni. “Let’s get you to the hospital. I’m Mace, by the way. You must be Veronica.”

“Ronni.” With fear in her eyes, she held out a hand to Danni. “I recognized the chief, but I don’t know any of these men. How long have you been here?”

Danni grimaced and opened the back door of her SUV. “A couple of hours. Mace here is Travis’s brother. Drake and Zane are brothers and their cousins. I want to hear about how the hell you got tangled up with this asshole and what he’s done to you.”

She closed the door behind her sister, turning and stopping abruptly when she found Mace directly in front of her.

He lifted her chin, his dark gaze steady on hers. “She’ll be safe now. Both of you will.”

Even scared and pissed off, she couldn’t deny the slam to her system. “I can take care of myself and my sister. But something’s wrong in the department. I don’t trust anyone. I can take her to the hospital myself.”

“No. Sit in the back with her. I’ll drive.”




Every inch of her body seemed to shimmer with sensation, especially her pussy and ass, as Zane worked his way down her body.

With the feel of his lips and tongue tracing over her lower back and then to the cheeks of her ass, Danni squirmed on Mace’s cock, gasping when she accidentally took it too deep.

“Easy, baby.” Lowering her onto his chest, Mace ran his hands over her upper back. “I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

Stiffening at the sound of the bottle of lube clicking open, Danni tried to sit up, but Mace’s hands firmed on her back.

“No. Stay where you are.”

Feeling his sharp gaze on her, she fisted her hands on both of his shoulders, her toes curling at the feel of Zane’s lubed finger stroking her puckered opening. “I can’t believe I’m allowing this.”

Mace tilted his hips, slowly moving his cock inside her. “You can stop it at any time.”

“Don’t let me.” Squeezing her eyes closed, she tried to tighten her bottom hole against Zane’s slow, gentle massage, but her position made it impossible. “Please don’t let me stop.”

Gripping Mace, she cried out when the tip of Zane’s finger entered her. “Oh God!”

“Slid his finger into you, did he?” Mace’s tone had become raw and gravelly.

“Yes.” Danni struggled to catch her breath. “It feels so strange. It’s …it’s scary.”

Zane leaned over her, cupping her jaw and turning her face to his to brush his lips over hers. “You have no need to fear any of us. I have to prepare you. By the time I finish, you’ll need to be filled here.”

He held her gaze and slid his finger deeper, pressing against her inner walls and making her opening burn. “You’ll want it so much you’ll be close to begging for it.”

His eyes had darkened to nearly black. Brushing his lips over hers again, he continued to move his finger, lifting his head to stare down at her again. “Trust me.”

Releasing her, he moved to kneel behind her again, caressing her while moving his finger inside her, withdrawing it to add more lube and doing it again and again.

“Easy now. I’m gonna add another finger, It’s gonna burn a little because it’s gonna stretch your tight opening.”

“Oh God!”

Mace ran his hands up and down her sides. “No. Try not to stiffen up, baby.”

Danni cried out at the burning sensation as he worked his fingers inside her, her breathing ragged. Struggling to adjust, she squeezed her eyes closed and focused on trying to relax her bottom.

“Breathe, baby.” Mace’s husky voice told her that this affected him more than she would have thought.

Zane groaned and touched his lips to her shoulder. “I’m gonna slide my fingers out and add more lube. You’re doin’ so good, darlin’.”

Each time he withdrew his fingers, the awareness heightened, and when he slipped them back into her again, she found herself arching back to take them inside her again.

Every nerve ending he touched came alive in a way that created a yearning inside her that demanded satisfaction.

“Easy, baby. I need to stretch you a little.”

“Please! I need more!”

Mace nuzzled her temple, keeping her against his chest. “In just a minute, darlin’. He’s gotta make sure you’re ready.”

“I’m ready!” Nerves and arousal had her shaking uncontrollably.

“Just a little more lube, baby.” Zane’s voice sounded as if he’d swallowed glass.

A whimper escaped, the need so intense it bordered on pain. “I can’t. It’s too much.”

“I’ll stop moving.”

“No! I need too much.” A sob escaped. “Please!”

With a hand in her hair, Mace tilted her face to his. “Shh, darlin’. Almost there. Hurry up, Zane.”

Her cries and moans filled the room, mingling with their groans and soft encouragement.

Hearing the lube being closed and the rip of foil, Danni stiffened. “Oh God!”

Mace held her, kissing her hair and running his hands up and down her back and shoulders, firmly holding her in position and slowly rocking his hips to move his cock inside her. “I’ve got you.”

Zane pressed his cock against her puckered opening. “Hold on to her.”

Using his thumb, Mace lifted her chin and nipped her bottom lip. “I’ve got her.”

The head of Zane’s cock touched her puckered opening, making her jolt, but the hand Zane flattened on her lower back and Mace’s firm grip on her kept her in place.

Instinctively clenching and tightening her bottom as much as she could, Danni cried out at the unfamiliar sensation, but her position kept her open and vulnerable.

“Hold on, darlin’.” Zane applied pressure, the copious amount of lube he’d used allowing him to push past the tight ring of muscle and into her.

The burn and the feeling of being stretched both alarmed and thrilled her.

“It burns!”

“Son of a bitch!” Despite Zane’s harsh groan and the firm grip of his hands, he moved slowly, pushing his cock a little more into her with every stroke. “I can’t go any deeper. I don’t want to hurt her. Ready?”

Mace bent his neck to kiss her. “Absolutely.”

With Mace’s hands closed on her thighs and Zane’s on her hips, Danni sat up slightly and let them move her on their cocks, their steady rhythm filling her with every stroke.

The fullness startled her.

The friction against the inner walls of her clit and bottom proved unnerving but incredibly arousing.

Experiencing something erotic and wicked that she’d never thought to experience took her to a place where thoughts didn’t exist.

Just pleasure.


She could feel the walls she’d kept so securely in place fall to pieces around her.

The praise and tenderness of her lovers was like a fist around her heart, and when the pleasure exploded, the vulnerability scared the hell out of her.

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