Love on the Run (MFM)

Oakdale 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,002
1 Ratings (3.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Menage, Contemporary, Small Town, MFM, HEA]

Sasha Moore wanted a fresh start away from her abusive ex-boyfriend. Men were not on her agenda. Starting over wasn’t easy. However she found Sheriff Case Gordon and his brother Rourke hard to resist.

Case and his brother Rourke both knew what heartache felt like. Sasha was irresistible to them both. All they wanted was a chance to prove they were nothing like her ex.

If she could trust them with her heart, could she also trust them to protect her from harm?

Love on the Run (MFM)
1 Ratings (3.0)

Love on the Run (MFM)

Oakdale 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,002
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Her heart stopped when she spotted Sheriff Case Gordon walking in with a swagger. He knew women checked him out, and he knew he was good-looking. Despite that, he seemed genuinely friendly, but she did not trust her instincts. The man was as handsome as any movie star in California and immensely fit too. His short black hair was always neat, short, and gleamed in the sunlight. His emerald-green eyes always seemed to land on her, making her feel antsy and jumpy.

 Since he came in a week ago and recognized her from the incident at the shopping square, he’d been back twice trying to engage her in conversation. He affected her body in ways she didn’t like. After the drama with Landon, she was determined to stay away from trouble. There was no denying the man was hot, but she did not need any trouble in her life. She was just getting settled and comfortable here in Oakdale. It was a shame to keep resisting him but necessary for her peace of mind.

Taking a deep breath, she greeted him in what she hoped was a casual voice. She ignored the butterflies in her stomach. “Afternoon, Sheriff. Did you want a table or a booth?”

His green eyed gaze roamed over her pale mint-green old-fashioned uniform and white collar. She knew it wasn’t very flattering, but it was a requirement. The diner had a fifties feel to it, and the owner, Rita, thought the girl’s uniforms should match that era. Why did she wish she had more attractive clothes on? She didn’t want to date. She kept to herself and was trying to recover from the debacle back in LA. She was just getting back on her feet. Staying with her cousin was nice, but Sasha was used to living alone and having privacy. Plus, she was sure Natalie missed having the apartment to herself too.

“A table, darling. I’m meeting someone today.” His deep voice sent shivers throughout her body. This man was dangerous to a woman’s heart. How was he still single? Briefly, she wondered if he was meeting a woman. A spurt of jealousy washed over her, but then she dismissed it. None of her business. No more men for her. That was what got her in trouble in the first place. Men couldn’t be trusted, and faithfulness was a foreign word to them.

She nodded and showed him to a small table for two by the window. “Is this okay, Sheriff?” She was surprised she could put two words together. He made her so nervous and shaky. It was a miracle she hadn’t dropped food on him yet. Oh great. Another thing to worry about.

“Sure thing.” He pulled a wooden chair out and sat. He peered up at her. He looked tempting in his law enforcement uniform that showed off how fit he was physically. His star over the chest shined brightly. He seemed like he was a caring officer, nothing like Landon, but she’d been fooled before. Landon had seemed like a sweetheart, almost perfect. That should have sent up red flags.

“Can I get you started you with a drink?” She had to focus on work only.

“Sweet tea.” He winked, grabbing a plastic-covered menu. What a flirt, she snorted silently. Definitely not for her. With those good looks and flirty personality, why would he want just one woman? 

She walked away and got his drink for him, wishing he would sit in another section. The girls here always talked about how handsome he was. Apparently, he didn’t date anyone in this town, and the rumor was he had a mystery woman in another town.

Just as she set his drink down, the bell above the door rang again. The lunch rush had just finished, so she had hoped to catch a small break and sit down for a minute. Her feet ached already, and she had two more hours to go. She had promised Natalie she would do the grocery shopping this week. She was tempted to skip out on that chore, but she knew she couldn’t. Natalie had been so good to her.

“That’s my brother, Rourke,” Sheriff Gordon informed her. Sasha looked into an identical pair of green eyes. The sheriff’s brother was a tad taller, and his black hair was shaggier, but he was still as attractive as his brother. Her heart nearly jumped out of her chest. Her polite, practiced smile disappeared quickly. Feeling desire for both of them almost made her knees buckle. It was unexpected and sent her off-kilter for a second. She knew menage relationships were the norm here. Natalie had told her, but she wasn’t in the market for one man, let alone two or more. No way.




She was a goddess, Case thought to himself as he observed Sasha lying nude across the brown comforter of his bed. Her pale skin against the darkness of the cover was a sight he would always remember. Her long, toned legs were enticing. She looked as if she belonged there. 

He used his hands to open her thighs wide, so he could see her pretty pussy. Dark curls covered her entrance. He leaned in. The smell of her arousal only added to his. 

His tongue caressed her folds and tasted what he hoped was his forever. He already felt so much for her. She was sweet tasting. His cock felt ready to explode, but he had to make this last. He was not coming fast like some novice schoolboy.

Sasha was perfect in his eyes. Sweet. Sexy. Fun. He was filled with feelings of obsession already, and this was their first time together. He wanted to go slow, but it would be hard. He ached for her that bad. He wanted to embed himself in her and never leave. It was a crazy, out-of-control feeling.

Rourke lay on her right side, cupping her breasts in his hand, making her moan with pleasure. Her body didn’t stay still as Case feasted on her pussy. She arched upward, gripping the comforter with her fists.

“Oh, Case,” she whispered. “You’re going to make me come. Both of you are.”

“That’s my goal, sweetness.” He chuckled, letting his tongue lick up the wetness. She was dripping with cream, and he used his thumb to caress her puckered hole. He pressed his thumb against the hole. She wiggled around a little, clearly unused to this action.

“You have a nice tight ass, Sasha. Are you going to let us fuck it?” He hoped so. His cock twitched with excitement at the thought of him and Rourke taking her together. Maybe not tonight, but soon.

“Oh god,” she mumbled with shock, making him smile. “I’ve never—”

“A virgin ass. Shit. Now I am going to come before I even get inside of you,” he swore.

His sweet angel would soon learn he had a dirty side to him. He licked across her pussy lips. His cock was so hard. He inserted the tip into her entrance and felt the muscles stretch to accommodate him. He groaned, grabbing onto her hips. Sasha was about to become his lover. 

Rourke had his cock between her lips, stopping her from talking anymore. Rourke looked as if he were in heaven with his eyes closed as she used her hands and mouth to work him into an orgasm. 

He was about to make his dream girl truly his. He slid into her pussy, feeling like he was leaving this world and entering somewhere magical.

“Tonight, you officially become ours,” Case spit out as he pushed in deeper. “Our woman, our lover.”

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