Lily's Lessons (MFMMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,539
6 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, public exhibition, sex toys, HEA]
Lily met the Florentino men at a BDSM Club she was invited to attend with her cousin, who she learned was a Domme. It was a world she had been intrigued by for some time and she welcomed the opportunity to learn more. When four dominant men, the Florentinos, let it be known they want her as their submissive, she knows she has been given the opportunity of a lifetime for more reasons than one.
Her lessons begin with her naked before them learning patience and control, reward and punishment. She has suspected she was made for the world they have brought her into and they prove time and time again that their world is hers too. They are her teachers, her lovers, her dominants and all they ask for is her honesty, loyalty, and trust which she gladly gives to them, except for one little item she knows she will eventually have to tell them. Eventually comes sooner than she anticipates and so do the end of her lessons.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Kalissa Alexander is a Siren-exclusive author.
Lily's Lessons (MFMMM)
6 Ratings (4.0)

Lily's Lessons (MFMMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,539
6 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A good read right up until the end - the 'drama' was just glossed over and was disappointing.
Good but to short. I liked all the characters and particularly the steady, slow way the men handled teaching Lily. My only issue was that because of the slow & steady way Lily was treated, I felt like the ending was rushed. To me, the book should have been longer to go deeper into their relationship. The foursome's big conflict near the end of the book was abrupt and then resolved too soon after IMO. Still, this was hot, enjoyable read.




The following day dawned with Lily waking in between the gentle snores of Joshua and Robert. When she had fallen asleep she could have sworn it was in the arms of Anthony and Boyd. She looked around but it was just the three of them in what she thought was Anthony’s bed. It was a huge bed, bigger than any she had ever seen before. She felt happiness swell in her breast as she acknowledged that they hadn’t made her sleep alone in their guest room last night.

Removing herself as carefully as she could without waking the two sleeping men, she inched her way off the bed. Her bladder was full and she needed to brush her teeth. There was a bathroom off the bedroom, but instead, she left the room and looked for the bedroom where she normally slept. Finding it, she went right to the bathroom.

Feeling better, she walked out and opened the closet. She removed a pretty pink sleeveless blouse from a hanger. She found a pair of black shorts in one of the drawers. She had thought about bringing her own clothes, but since they had never mentioned it, she was sure they wanted her in clothes they had purchased.

Her stomach growled, telling her it was time to eat. She hoped breakfast was ready. Practically skipping down the stairs, she hurried to the dining room where she was happy to see a full buffet breakfast had been laid out already. Boyd and Anthony were sitting at the far end of the table with empty plates and coffee.

“Good morning, Lily,” Anthony said, eyeing her standing in the doorway. “Come in and eat.”

“Thank you, Sir. I’m starved.”

“Not surprised,” Boyd said, a grin on his face. “You certainly got your exercise last night. Did you see the cream I left on the nightstand? I thought you might be sore.”

“No. I didn’t see it, but I’m fine. It reminds me of last night and that’s a memory that I don’t soon want to forget.”

Anthony chuckled. “So I take it, it was worth the wait.”

Lily walked to the buffet and picked up a plate before she answered. “I don’t have a lot to base having to wait on, but if that was what made it so wonderful, then I guess it was.”

“It was like that for all of us,” Boyd said. “The wait was definitely worth it. You were worth it, although there were a few times I wasn’t sure any of us were going to be able to stick to our own rules.”

“You felt the same way,” she said, delighted. “Sometimes I wondered. You all seem so controlled. I felt like taking me completely wasn’t something you needed. That maybe…” She stopped herself.

“That maybe what, Lily,” Anthony asked. “Don’t tell me you’re still shy with us.”

Lily kept her back to them and took a deep breath. She hadn’t wanted to think about this, but it had always been there beneath the surface when they withheld themselves from her. The answer would hurt her, but she had to know.

“That you had someone else, like Leanna or Mistress Madeline to give you the release that you didn’t want from me.”

Neither Boyd nor Anthony spoke. She looked over to the table and was confronted with both men walking toward her looking angry.

“Lily, I told you,” Anthony said first, “that when we take a submissive the way we took you, we don’t take anyone else. Did you think we would lie to you, deceive you like that?”

“I’m sorry,” she breathed. “It’s just that I knew how frustrated I was and you’re men.”

“We’re men who know the art of control and trust in themselves as well as their submissive,” Boyd said, lifting her chin with his index finger. “We’ll always be loyal to you, protect you, care for you, and we’ll never take another submissive as long as our arrangement is mutually agreeable between us.”

“Now come here,” Anthony ordered, his arms open to her. “And don’t ever let your imagination run away with you. Come to us. Talk to us. That’s what trust is all about, Lily.”

Putting down her plate, she went easily into his arms. Boyd was right behind her, his lips in her hair. “What, oh, what,” he said, “are we going to do with you?”




“You have no idea what I want.” Lily moved her head back and away from his finger that pulled erotically on her bottom lip. “You’re supposed to be taking me home.”

“I think we know what you want better than you do,” Anthony told her. “Your body doesn’t lie. The last thing you want is to go home and lie alone in your bed while you masturbate that pussy of yours until you come.”

She sat up straighter, trying to keep her body from touching either man. He was talking dirty to her and she had to admit, it turned her on, but she didn’t want him to know that.

“How dare you speak to me like that,” she said, turning from Anthony to glare at Boyd.

“Take me home.”

“Calm down,” Boyd said smoothly. “We are taking you home.”

“And I mean my home,” she said, wishing she could allow herself to go to theirs. But she couldn’t just hop into bed with Boyd and his cousins without causing Dani to question her level of experience and good sense. Besides, it was important for her research that she be seen as somewhat of an innocent, like the heroine in her story.

“Of course,” Boyd said. “We’re not about to kidnap you. Although right now, it sounds like a good idea.”

She watched as he leaned in closer, his lips finding hers. She leaned back, but was stopped by Anthony’s hard chest. “No,” she breathed as her lips parted. The kiss deepened quickly as his tongue thoroughly explored her mouth. The feel of Anthony behind her, keeping her in place, made her want his hands on her while Boyd continued the kiss.  When Boyd raised his head from hers, he looked well satisfied with himself.

“You don’t kiss like you want to go home.”

“You’re taking advantage of me, of my inexperience with men like you.” That wasn’t a lie. She had never been with anyone remotely close in experience to these men.

“No one forced you into the car, and I certainly didn’t force you to respond to me. You did that all on your own. You were begging me to kiss you. Don’t deny it.”

She was hot for the kind of sex she knew they could give her, but she wasn’t about to let Boyd get away with thinking she was easy. Her hand shot up to wipe the smug look off his face, but before she made contact, it was roughly captured by Anthony’s hand as he jerked her body onto his. He brought her fingers to his lips.

“Not a good idea, Lily. I can see you need a firm hand,” he said seductively.

His hard-on pressed into her ass, straining against his pants. She couldn’t move as his other hand moved upward between her thighs that were slightly parted until he found her panties.

“Your pussy has soaked your panties,” he said triumphantly. She tried to move away, realizing she was in serious danger of being fucked right here in the car. She was playing a dangerous game with these men, and more so because she was behaving badly by encouraging them to touch her. She should have pulled away from Boyd when he kissed her, stopping him, instead of her halfhearted attempt to slap his face that Anthony had seen through immediately. Regardless of what she knew she should do, her body was betraying her in every way.

 “You want this. Admit it,” Boyd said, his eyes glued to her wet panties that Anthony had exposed.

She couldn’t stop the small moan that escaped from between her lips. “Yes. Please,” she said, as her thighs, with a will of their own, spread wider to give Anthony further access to the heat between her legs.

With one hand Boyd pulled down the low neckline of her dress while his other reached in and lifted both her breasts upward so they were lying high on the material that was cutting into her. She was now completely exposed to all four men.

 Joshua and Robert had left their seats. Joshua kneeled in front of her with Robert next to Boyd.

Anthony pulled her panties aside as Joshua slid two fingers into her pussy. At the same time Boyd and Robert each took one of her nipples into their mouths, pulling and nipping at her hard nubs with their teeth.

“Magnificent,” Boyd said, lifting his head before his mouth latched onto her hard nub once again to tease it with his teeth.

This wasn’t supposed to be happening. She was acting like a wanton and that wasn’t how she had pictured her heroine acting. She needed to get a grip on her emotions, but they were making that impossible. All she wanted was for Joshua to remove his fingers from her pussy and fuck it with his cock. She groaned with frustration.

Anthony flexed his hips, spreading her cheeks so his cock, still in his pants, could hump her ass. Why, she wondered, didn’t they just fuck her? She couldn’t have stopped them if she wanted to and she didn’t want to. Maybe her heroine was going to have to be a bit more wanton than she had anticipated. At this point she was losing sight of everything except the growing need that throbbed inside of her and drove her to open herself further to them.

“You want to come, you need to come,” Anthony said softly in her ear.

Boyd lifted his head from her breast. “Come. Come now. We want your orgasm, Lily.”

The orgasm she knew she should not be welcoming exploded inside her, making her body convulse and her mind scream as she gave them what they had demanded.

“Good girl,” she heard Anthony’s voice in her ear, as Joshua’s fingers slipped from inside her throbbing pussy. “You are a born submissive that needs to be trained. And we’re exactly the men to train you.”

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