The Billionaire Partners Unmasked (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,218
5 Ratings (3.8)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, HEA]
Elissa meets three men at Club Mask that bring out a side of her she didn't know existed. Then they unmask! Shocked and turned on by the discovery that she already knows them, she puts her doubts aside.
However, new information comes to light that forces her to confront them concerning who they really are and their motives. When she realizes her best friend, Cora, was in on their subterfuge, she makes a decision that will end their relationship. She knows she has no choice—she can’t be with anyone she doesn’t trust, especially her Dominants. Their betrayal broke her heart and her spirit. Now she finds herself alone again, with nothing but a memory of what could have been.
Forced to see them one last time, she finds their demands more than she bargained for and more than she thought they would ever ask of her...
A Siren Erotic Romance
Kalissa Alexander is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Billionaire Partners Unmasked (MFMM)
5 Ratings (3.8)

The Billionaire Partners Unmasked (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,218
5 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This was a good book. I would have been pissed at them all also but in the end, she forgave them.
Super hot book. Pretty unrealistic, but who cares? The story was about fantasies--Elissa's most importantly, but also the heroes'. I do wish there had been a stronger, better plot. There was an insignificant attempt to add a bit of drama with a vengeful ex of on of the peripheral characters, but that was pretty weak. I found myself liking the heroes more than Elissa, even though the men weren't very defined themselves. Elissa was OK, just a bit too wishy washy for me. Overall, I can always count on this author to write a super hot book. I'd love it if she could create deeper plots and characters too.




A few minutes had passed when a door from the back of the room opened, and the three men that Elissa had seen downstairs walked in together. She felt her breath hitch at the sight of them wearing black jeans and nothing else. Their muscled torsos were hairless, and they were barefoot. All three were beautiful specimens. She wished they weren’t wearing their masks. She would have liked to see if they were even remotely as handsome as she imagined.

 The tallest of the three, although they were all at least six foot tall, carried what looked like a riding crop. He was wearing a black mask rimmed in gold. The next man held what looked like a small whip with tails, and the third had what appeared to be a black Ping-Pong paddle. They also both wore masks, but theirs were larger, one dark blue and the other dark green. They circled the girl. She immediately lowered her eyes, and if Elissa was seeing correctly, she began to tremble slightly.

Elissa wondered if the poor girl was scared, but when the three men moved so her front was once again exposed, there was no doubt she was excited. Her pussy was glistening, and it hadn’t been before the three men had arrived in the room. Again, Elissa felt her breath hitch, but this time she also felt a slight ache in her own pussy.

“Are you okay?” Cora asked, her voice low.

Elissa just nodded. She wasn’t sure she could have spoken without clearing her throat. It felt dry. She took a quick gulp of her drink. What she was seeing was just the beginning, and she was already overcome with anticipation for what was going to happen next. She knew Cora’s question was out of concern, and if she said she wanted to go, Cora would leave immediately. However, there was no way she was leaving. She needed to see more.

She heard the snap of the paddle against the girl’s bare cheeks before she even realized the man in the dark-green mask had moved his hand. She jumped slightly in surprise because she hadn’t realized that she was not only going to see the scene but was going to hear it, too. Again the paddle landed across the girl’s ass, and this time the girl cried out in what sounded like a groan.

As Mr. Green Mask continued to administer the paddle, the man wearing the black mask moved to the right side of the girl, ran the riding crop along her breasts, and lightly flicked both of her nipples. She arched her back, pulling against the ropes and moving the bar.

The man wearing the dark-blue mask stationed himself at her left, took the whip thing with the tails, and ran it between her thighs. She arched again, her expression one of pure bliss. Elissa felt the ache in her pussy intensify as he used the tails to whip the woman’s exposed pussy and clit. The woman cried out in agony and pleasure.

Each man took his turn punishing a part of her body. Over and over the paddle smacked her ass cheeks as the crop came down across her nipples and the tails of the whip lashed her exposed pussy. After a few minutes they stopped, stood back, and observed the woman. Her thighs were soaked with her juices, her breasts were a warm pink, and her nipples were hard and elongated.

Elissa knew she was breathing heavier than usual as her eyes stayed glued all four of them. She wondered what it would be like to be that woman, to be hung naked like that and feel what she was feeling.

Cora’s hand on her arm startled her.

“If this is too much for you, tell me.”

She looked over at Cora with a tight smile and simply shook her head. Cora nodded and released her arm.

When she looked back at the scene, two of the men, Mr. Black Mask and Mr. Dark-Green Mask were on their knees. They were caressing the girl’s ass, thighs, and stomach. Mr. Dark-Blue Mask had stopped whipping her pussy and now was fingering her while he licked the juice from her pussy. It was the most erotic thing Elissa had ever seen, and she realized with a moan, which she somehow stifled, that her body was responding to every lick and caress these men were giving the woman.

Mr. Black Mask, who was standing, began to massage the woman’s breasts with both hands, kneading them roughly as if he were making bread.

The girl cried out, “I need to be fucked. Please fuck me.”

In answer, he used her nipples to lift her breasts that he lifted high before he smacked the huge orbs back and forth with his hands. She watched as he descended to her nipple which he sucked on hard.

Again the woman screamed to be fucked. At this point Elissa had soaked her panties. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was and how much she wanted to be fucked and by those three men. She was jealous that the woman hanging naked in front of her would have that pleasure while she would be left frustrated, at least until she could get home to her vibrator.

The man licking the woman’s drenched pussy stopped as the man who had been rubbing what appeared to be a salve onto the cheeks of her ass stood and picked up the whip with the tails. He handed it to the man still kneeling in front of the girl’s pussy.

Elissa felt her breath leave her as he shoved the handle into her wet pussy and began to fuck her with it harder and faster until she screamed out her orgasm as she shook uncontrollably. The man in the black mask sucking her nipples didn’t stop until she calmed, and then he stepped away from her. The woman couldn’t even open her eyes. She seemed almost comatose. And then as quickly as they had opened, the drapes dropped back in place. Elissa continued to stare, only now all she saw were the burgundy drapes, not what she craved to see.

She couldn’t believe what she had just witnessed and that she had enjoyed it more than having sex. I enjoyed sex with Parker—or at least I thought I had…until now.




“Before we come right here from just looking at her,” Jason said huskily, “we better get in there and into character. We should use the same toys we did with the waitress.”

Seth could see Elissa’s shoulders tense when they entered the room. She took his breath away even with the mask. He knew what lay beneath it and could imagine her beautiful face turning upward to his. One of the things that he had instructed Cora to tell her was that they would not speak. One word and she might connect the voice to who they were, and for right now it was best that she not be any more anxious. It could ruin everything.

Jason bent down in front of her and ran his hand over her trembling lips, down her throat, past her breastbone, over her flat stomach, and stopped just above her sex. She remained silent and still. From behind her, Roman ran his hands down over her shoulders and back, caressing her. Seth saw her lips part and heard the sigh that escaped from between them.

He stood back as Jason drew her off the floor and lifted her until she was standing flush against him. This time she let out a small gasp but didn’t move as her breasts were pressed firmly against Jason’s chest. Roman stood behind her. Seth handed him the flogger. He ran the tails down her back and over her ass cheeks.

Seth stood for a moment drinking in the sight of her. He couldn’t help that his hand was slightly shaking as he brought the paddle down gently across her rounded ass cheeks. He heard her indrawn breath. Roman once again trailed the tails of the flogger tails down her back and over her slightly reddened cheeks. She trembled in Jason’s arms. He moved his hands from her waist to put one between her legs, holding her by her pussy, and the other behind her head. This time she groaned.

Seth refocused on her beautiful ass as he let the paddle go a second time, this time harder, but still he restrained himself. Between each of the ten paddles he administered, Roman ran the flogger tails gently over her sensitized skin. He wondered if she would use her safe word, but it never came. With the last paddle, she cried out as she clung to Jason for support.

Jason smiled at Seth as he turned her around quickly so she was now facing him and Roman and her reddened ass was pressed against Jason’s jeans. He held both of her arms to her side while Roman lightly whipped her breasts, making her pretty little nipples harder. Her mouth opened and closed, and her breath came in short gasps. Still she didn’t use her safe word. Seth felt pride swell inside him for the courage she was demonstrating as well as the desire that dripped from her pussy.

Seth put down his paddle and stood beside Jason as Jason eased her into his arms. He ran his hands over her breasts and downward until he cupped her wet pussy.

“Please,” she whispered. “I need more.”

He nuzzled her neck and kissed her. He wanted more, too, but they had to be careful with her. He looked up to Jason walking back toward them with the crop he had retrieved from the corner where he had left it when they entered the room. Standing in front of her, he gave her pussy a quick snap. She cried out but also arched her body towards him, a sign that she meant what she said when she said she wanted more. Over and over Jason snapped her thighs, her nipples, and her pussy. Seth knew that he was taking it very easy on her, but nevertheless, she was taking so much more than he could have anticipated.

Jason snapped her pussy harder, and she gasped just before he knelt in front of her and licked the juice from inside her thighs. When his tongue found her pussy, she melted in Seth’s arms, moaning.

“Please,” she whispered. “Please…that feels so good.”

He felt relief flood through him. She was so responsive and needy. How was it possible she had never been played with like this before? How frustrated she must have been in vanilla relationships.

Jason continued to lick her pussy as Roman flicked the tongues of the flogger across her swollen nubs. She was leaning into him, her ass pressing against his hard-on that needed release. She was driving him crazy with need.

He couldn’t contain himself any longer as he slid down to her ass and began to run his lips across her smoothness of her cheeks. Opening her cheeks, he licked her tiny puckered hole before he began to finger her. Roman was holding her arms above her head as he nipped at her sore nubs.

“Oh my God,” she cried out. “Please…I’m going to come.”

He felt her orgasm take hold of her as she was held between the three of them. She cried out with desperation as her body shook. When she finally calmed, he pulled her down so she was lying between his legs. Jason and Roman watched as he wrapped his arms around her until her breathing became more normal.

“That was…” she whispered, appearing to look for the right word, “unbelievable. Thank you.”

Both Roman and Jason knelt beside her and stroked her gently. He felt her relax against him as they continued caressing her from head to toe.

He knew they should leave her now, but he didn’t want to go. Would she be up for more, and if they did continue with her, would they be able to control their own lust? The truth was she was probably spent. As much as he wanted more with her, it would have to wait.

He eased himself from behind her, leaving her on the floor, and stood. He nodded to Roman and Jason, who also stood. Together they walked toward the door but turned quickly when they heard her cry.

“Don’t go, please. We haven’t…you know,” she said, looking downward. “I know you won’t talk to me, but I…please.”

He felt his heart rate spike as he watched her pull herself into a kneeling position. “Please, Sirs. Fuck me. Please, I beg you. I want to feel your cocks inside me…in every way.”

This was too much. He looked at Jason and Roman, whom he knew were feeling exactly the way he was. They were all hard and in need of a good fuck. Only he hadn’t thought it would be Elissa filling that need tonight.

“Fuck it,” Jason breathed out so only they could hear. “She wants us.”

He could have walked away. But seeing her like this—kneeling before them, begging them to fuck her—was exactly what he had dreamed so many nights. As a Dominant, he needed control, but right now, nothing mattered to him but the need to be inside her.

In unison, the three of them walked back toward Elissa purposefully. She was theirs, and they were going to give her exactly what she needed.

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