Her Perfect Men (MFM)

Men of the Border Lands 18

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,898
4 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Menage Everlasting: Adventure Contemporary Futuristic Menage a Trois Romance, MFM, HEA]

Holly is instantly attracted to Jessup and Evers the first time she sees them, but is that enough to base the rest of her life on? She’s about to find out. She’s decided to go home with them as their woman.

Jessup and Evers are excited that Holly has agreed to return to their home with them and want to make a good impression on her. More than anything they’ve wanted a woman of their own. Now that they have her, they want to keep her and set out to prove that she made the right choice.

Together the three of them turn the Jessup and Evers’ place into a home where laughter and warmth prove that Holly chose the perfect men to complete her life.
Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.
Her Perfect Men (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.8)

Her Perfect Men (MFM)

Men of the Border Lands 18

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,898
4 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley

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Holly looked around as she gathered the apples in the field surrounding the small farm where she and several other people lived in the Border Lands. She couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching her. She and Lucille were tasked with gathering the apples that had fallen from the trees, so they could make apple jelly with them. David and Tom, the youngest of the group, would climb up and shake the limbs in a few days and hopefully cause a few more to fall.

“Lucille? Are you nearly finished over there?” she called out.

“Yes. Are you ready to head back?”

“Yeah. My buckets are full. I don’t think I can handle any more. We can come back tomorrow if there are any left on the ground,” she said.

Together they walked back to the main farmhouse where she, Lucille, Amanda, David, Tom, and Mr. and Mrs. Johnson lived. David and Tom were the Johnsons’ children. David was nine and Tom was ten. Both boys had been born after the seasons of catastrophes. Something had happened with David’s birth and Mrs. Johnson hadn’t been able to have any more children. She and her husband had taken in Holly, Lucille, and Amanda when their parents had gotten sick and died six years ago. Holly was the oldest at twenty-five while Lucille was twenty-three and Amanda was twenty-one. They’d been living with the Johnsons for nearly six years now.

Holly could remember some of what had happened all those years ago, but most of the time it felt more like a nightmare than something she’d lived through. Even now she hated bad storms and was always scared of being alone. She knew how there were bad men out there who would snatch her in a heartbeat given half a chance.

They made it back to the house without incident and set the baskets of apples next to the back door so they could clean up.

“Looks like a lot of apples to peel tomorrow,” Mrs. Johnson said.

“That’s what we were just thinking,” Lucille said.

“There’s still quite a few more out there and once the boys shake the trees we’ll have even more,” Holly said.

“Think we’ll make some apple butter as well then,” the older woman said. “Supper will be on the table in a bit. See if you can find the boys in the barn. They were helping their da with milking.”

“I’ll go,” Holly said.

She walked outside and strode across the yard toward the barn. She loved living with the Johnsons. They were good to them and had accepted them as if they were their own children. Never treating them like step-children forced upon them even though they essentially had been. She opened the door and walked inside the barn to find the boys milking the cows while their da watched.

“Supper about ready?” Mr. Johnson asked.

“Should be on the table in a little bit. It will be dark soon,” she said.

“Fall is coming fast now,” he said. “Hurry up, boys. We best be getting in afore your ma gets upset.”

Holly turned around and ran right into the chest of a tall man standing behind her. She yelped then jerked as he held her arms to steady her.

“Sorry, didn’t expect you to run into me,” he said. He released her just as quickly as he’d grabbed her and took a step back.

Mr. Johnson grabbed a pitchfork and walked closer. “Holly, come over here, missy.”

She slowly walked to stand behind him as another man walked up next to the first man. Both were handsome men with shaggy hair and bushy beards. One had dark blue eyes with black hair and broad shoulders standing around six two while the other one was only about six feet with dark brown hair and green eyes. Both men looked to be in good shape though they needed a trim and probably a bath.

“Don’t mean you no harm. Just need a place to stay until this first snow passes us by. Got our own place farther north but we won’t make it before the first snowfall. We can work for a place to bed down,” the first man said.

“What makes you think it’s going to snow?” Mr. Johnson asked.

“Can smell it in the air. Plus, the animals are hunkering down. Look at your cows out in the pen. They’re sticking close together. Figure snow will be here by tomorrow night at the earliest,” the second man said.

“Got no extra rations for two healthy men,” Mr. Johnson said.

“We’ve got our own and can hunt for you as well,” the first man said.

Holly couldn’t take her eyes off either man. They were handsome despite their bushy beards and shaggy hair. She was sure that without all that excess hair they would be easy on the eyes. It has been a long time since she’d seen grown men other than Mr. Johnson. The last men she’d seen had tried to rape her. She’d been lucky that Mr. Johnson had come along when he had, or she wasn’t sure what would have happened. She shivered at that memory.

“Stay in the barn. Don’t make a fire out here though. You’ll be fine tonight until we see what the weather is going to do.”

“Thank you. We’ll be fine with the shelter,” the second man said.

Both men looked at Holly for a long moment before they stepped back so that they could all pass through the door. The boys carried the four pails of milk with Holly between them. Mr. Johnson didn’t come in with them but stayed outside for a little while before returning to the house.

“Harold? Are you sure it’s a good idea to let them stay with the girls here and all?” Mrs. Johnson asked.

“Better to have them where I can see them than to tell them to go and not know where they might be hiding,” he said.

“I guess you’re right,” she said. “Do they need something to eat?”

“No, not tonight. They’re going to go hunting tomorrow. If they kill anything, we’ll cook it for all of us and share our vegetables with them,” he said.

Holly couldn’t help but hope that she’d get another look at the two men again soon. Something about them teased her. She was attracted to them and that worried her. Why was she attracted to them? Was it just that they were men and she was a woman? What if they were bad men? What did that make her?





“How long do you think it will snow this time?” she asked.

“Probably a good two, maybe three days,” Jessup said. “Clouds are heavy looking, and the wind isn’t blowing much at all to blow it off.”

“That means having a lot of shoveling to keep the snow off the roof and to keep a path open between the house and the henhouse and the barn,” Evers said.

“Do you need me to help with that?” she asked. “I helped a lot with the Johnsons. Especially before the boys were old enough to help,” she said.

“No need. We’ve got it. You have plenty inside to keep you busy, I’m sure,” Evers said.

“I do, but if you need me, just tell me. I don’t mind helping out.”

“You’re an amazing woman, Holly,” Jessup said.

She ducked her head and looked away. She was sure her face was turning red again even though her face was already hot from the heat of the fireplace.

They talked about the weather, what all needed doing around the house and land and about their plans for the place come spring. Finally, Evers said it was bedtime and they banked the fire for the night and climbed the stairs to bed. Tiny ants began running races inside her belly at what was to come.

Holly knew she shouldn’t feel so nervous about consummating their relationship, but she didn’t know quite what to expect with there being two of them. Would they take turns with her? Would one take her tonight and the other tomorrow night? How did it work? Maybe one would have sex with her tonight and the other would in the morning. She thought of all sorts of scenarios, but none felt any righter than the other.

“What are you thinking so hard about over there?” Jessup asked as she ran water in the tub for a bath.

“Nothing. Just thinking about everything we’ve talked about. I’m so used to the Johnsons running things that I’m having to remember that I make decisions now,” she lied as she dipped her head to hide it.

“You’re doing fine,” Evers said.

“You going to let us share that bath with you?” Jessup said.

“Um, I’m not sure all three of us will fit?”

“You and Jessup share it. I’ll take a shower when you guys get out,” Evers said. “Just don’t take too long.”

“Climb in, sweetness. Let’s get you clean so grumpy there can get his shower,” Jessup said, holding his hand out.

Holly giggled and allowed him to take her hand and help her into the tub first. As she sat down, he stepped over and sat down as well, pulling her toward him so that her back was to his front. He took the cloth from her hand and began washing her back. It felt so good to have her back washed. He continued down her arms then had her turn around so that he could wash her chest.

“Easy, Holly. No funny business here. Just washing you off is all,” he said as he used the cloth on her breasts.

“I can’t help it,” she whined as the delicious feelings had her pussy gushing.

He just chuckled and had her stand so that he could get her legs. He didn’t stop there either. He cleaned her ass and pussy as well. Holly had to brace herself on his shoulders as he spread her wide to get to her intimate parts with the cloth then when he had her lift first one foot then the other.

Finally, he deemed her clean and had her climb out of the tub where Evers had a towel waiting on her. While he dried her off, Jessup bathed then stepped out himself. The cold air hit her naked body as Evers removed the towel and swatted her on the ass.

“Go hop into bed before you catch a cold. Jessup is right behind you,” Evers said.

She didn’t need to be told twice. Holly climbed into bed and huddled under the covers so that only the top of her head poked out. Minutes later, Jessup climbed in behind her and pressed his only slightly warmer body against her back and pulled her tight against him.

“Relax into me, sweetness. You’ll get warmer faster if you do,” he said.

“Wish we had plugged up an electric blanket for a few minutes before we turned off the electricity.”

“Don’t have one that works anymore. If it gets much colder, we’ll be bedding down in the den with the fireplace.”

“Do you drag a mattress downstairs?” she asked.

“Yeah, we take one of the queen mattresses down. It’s cozy, but we sleep that way to keep warm anyway,” Jessup said. He kissed her neck. “Warming up any?” he asked.

“Yeah. I’m not shivering any more at least. That’s a plus.”

“A plus for me, too. You poke me with your elbows when you shiver,” Jessup said with a chuckle.

“Do not.”

He didn’t answer, just laughed even harder when she elbowed him on purpose.

“What’s so funny?” Evers asked as he climbed into bed on the other side of Holly.

“Nothing, Jessup is just acting crazy,” Holly said.

“Nothing new then,” Evers said.

“Asshole,” Jessup said.

Evers turned and pulled Holly into his arms. His cold arms.

“Whoa! You’re freezing. I just got warm.” She tried to pull away from him, but he laughed and tightened his hold.

“That’s why I need you. To warm me up, baby girl,” he said.

“Jessup’s right. You’re an asshole,” she grumbled.

He kissed her. As a way to shut her up, it was effective. His tongue delved into her mouth and painted every inch of her as his. She moaned and stopped shivering as another type of heat began to blossom deep inside of her and spread outward. When he pulled away, the lust she saw in his eyes had to be the same lust she felt inside herself.

“Still cold?” he asked in a hoarse whisper.


“Neither am I,” he said.

She pressed closer to him, the hard length of his cock bumping against her belly. She shivered at the knowledge of where that bulging length would go and didn’t see how it would fit.

“Easy, Holly. It’s all good. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. I wouldn’t hurt you for anything, baby girl,” Evers said.

He rolled her over to her back with him between her legs, pushing his body off hers with his arms so that he was looking down at her. His shaggy hair fell around his face, hiding his expression from her in the darkness of the room. Without being able to see him or anything really, she was anxious. Couldn’t help but feel like a cat in a room full of snarling dogs.

He spread her legs farther apart then he used a finger to spread her pussy lips then he rubbed lightly over her clit until she was wet for him. Once he had her wet enough that he could enter her pussy with his fingers, he fitted his thick cock against her slit and began to push inside of her.

“Easy, Holly. Try to relax. You’re so fucking tight, baby,” Evers said.

“Give me your mouth, sweetness. I want to taste you,” Jessup said.

As Evers pressed his dick inside her pussy, Jessup claimed her mouth with a kiss. As far as distractions went, it was an effective one. Instantly she was consumed by his exploration of her mouth by his tongue and wasn’t paying quite as much attention to Evers’s cock until he pulled out and thrust back in, going much deeper this time. She cried out into Jessup’s mouth.


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