Sir's Intern (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,943
10 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, HEA]
Three years ago, Ben Hines turned to Grant Jeffries for help. After his stepfather stole his dead father’s business, Ben was in desperate need of money for college. Ben became an intern at Grant’s company, Jeffries Enterprises, despite the fact that it was his stepfather’s biggest competitor.
When his family brutally attacks Ben for his betrayal, Ben again turns to Grant. While recovering in Grant’s home, Ben discovers the desire he feels for the older man is returned and goes beyond anything Ben has ever experienced. Ben begins to explore his deepest fantasies while building a life with Grant, a man he calls "Sir."
Now, years later, Ben finds Grant growing distant. He is stunned when Grant demands that he sit in on an interview for a new intern, a position that Ben still holds. Is Grant trying to replace Ben?  
Note: This book is written in one point of view.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Sir's Intern (MM)
10 Ratings (4.2)

Sir's Intern (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,943
10 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Professional Reviews

"Oh, the angst! Ben’s story starts with a shock when Grant asks him to sit in on the interview for Ben’s replacement, then is told in a flashback, gradually approaching the starting point of the book again. It was interesting to follow the events, by the end of which I understood much better why Ben was so upset when Master Grant interviews a new intern. This is a story full of sweetness, despair, and aforementioned angst, and a great modern-day fairy tale that shows how hardworking subs are rewarded by their benevolent Masters. I really liked the humor as well as the heat between Ben and Grant as their relationship develops – but the best part was definitely the resolution of the mystery and the ending! Ben is a hardworking young man, trying to earn enough money for college. His stepfather is a controlling a**hole who treats Ben worse than dirt. Taking away his college trust fund is only a small part of what he makes Ben suffer. Ben ends up turning to Grant, a friend of his dead father’s who also happens to run the biggest competitive company. Ben has been in love with Grant for years, but his job comes first and only when he is severely attacked by his stepfamily does he get close enough to Grant to find out there is more between the two of them than a working relationship. Grant becomes his entire world. Grant is a powerful businessman, but a very lonely Dom. He can’t find the kind of sub/partner he is looking for in clubs, so he gives up. He is not harsh but definitely strict, and has enough specific ideas about a relationship that very few men would be able to fulfill or like. He is also a very caring man, and the way he treats Ben when the younger man is in need shows that. I liked that he remained a bit of an enigma (the story is told entirely from Ben’s point of view). It makes the mystery around what the heck is going on better and heightens the suspense. If you like BDSM stories with an emphasis on the kinky bedroom activities and not a 24/7 situation, if a plot with some mystery and some twists and turns is your thing, and if you’re looking for a read that is as hot as it is sweet and funny then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Ben physically jerked himself away from those thoughts and tried to refocus. He adjusted the crotch of his pants, trying to relieve the ache his fantasy had created. The ashen faces of the previous interviewees flashed through his mind, helping to cool his blood. The voices of his stepfather and brother echoed through his head and he pushed those aside, too.

Steeling his nerves, Ben reminded himself that he had just as much right to interview for the intern position, and he was definitely qualified. He had worked in his stepfather’s office since he was sixteen, performing various tasks from mailroom to all around office slave. He had learned things usually relegated to executive assistants, but had done them both for the experience, and because his stepfather was too cheap to actually hire assistants. He was a greedy bastard.

And it was that man’s greed that put Ben in his current predicament. Ben felt the familiar frustration well up inside of him and he forced it back down. There really wasn’t anything he could do about it now, and getting worked up in a posh office before a crucial interview was not the way to go into this.

Ben closed his eyes and pulled in several long deep breaths through his nose and forced them out through his mouth. He reached for the quiet, internal calm deep inside, and pictured himself drawing it forward, like water from a well. When he felt his heart slow and his tense muscles release, he slowly opened his eyes. When his vision focused, he jerked, then quickly controlled himself.

There, standing in his office doorway, was Grant Jeffries. Ben felt his heart give a hard thump and heat prickle his skin, the same way it always did whenever he saw the older man. Licking his lips, Ben saw Grant’s jaw tighten as he crossed his arms over his broad chest. His dress shirt strained against the movement, drawing Ben’s eye for a moment.

Swallowing, Ben waited for the man to speak. He knew that Grant Jeffries was in control of this situation. Power, strength, and determination radiated from him. Every motion was planned and executed beautifully from his hard muscled form. Despite working behind a desk and running a large tech company, the man’s body made Ben’s mouth water.

Ben knew that underneath those dark pressed suits, Grant had the body of a marble statue. Broad shoulders and long limbs were barely concealed beneath the expertly tailored fabric. Soft looking dark hairs covered his chest and limbs, matching the dark hair on the man’s head and the heavy stubble on his jaw. One of Ben’s favorite memories was of Grant climbing out of the pool at his house. The man had eased out of the water and shoved his dark hair back. The sun caught the moisture dripping down his chiseled frame. Grant had locked eyes with Ben for a moment, as if he knew Ben had been studying him and given him fuel for his late night fantasies for years.

The thing that drove Ben crazy, though, was the determination in his dark blue eyes and the hard edge to his voice. Just hearing it made Ben’s body react. When Ben had gotten the call from Grant to come in for this interview, Ben had gone hard in an instant, and nothing would relieve the ache.

Now, waiting for Grant to speak to him, Ben felt himself react to the older man’s presence, and forced himself to stay still. Ben felt his body grow taunt when Grant took first one, then two steps closer to him. Ben swallowed and remained immobile until Grant was directly in front of him. He kept his gaze down, waiting to be addressed. For several long, tortuous moments, Ben remained silent and still, his head down and his gaze directed toward the man’s feet.

Finally, Ben felt the soft brush of fingers through his hair, and he couldn’t control the shudder that rolled through him. Closing his eyes and inhaling deeply, Ben took in the older man’s scent, and then felt the stir of air as Grant drew back. Ben bit his lip to keep from crying out in disappointment.

“Follow me,” Grant ordered, not bothering to ensure that Ben did. Ben hastily stood and walked behind the man into a large, plush office. “Stand here,” Grant stated. Ben stood in the middle of the room, eyes down as he waited for his next order. He felt Grant circling him, but remained still as his heart thundered in his chest.

Ben saw Grant’s shoes stop in front of him and tried to stay relaxed. He shifted until his feet were apart, and he loosely clasped his hands behind his back, in a modified at ease position, hoping to release his tension. He jerked his head up when he heard Grant’s sharp inhale.

“Eyes down!” Grant snapped, and Ben automatically followed the order, shifting back into his stance. The image of Grant’s eyes blazing a hot deep blue, pupils blown wide, was burned into his mind. Ben felt his cock twitch in his dress pants and fought for calm. Not for the first time, Ben resisted the urge to sink to his knees and beg the man to take him.




Ben moaned as Grant’s tongue slid over his lips. He opened when Grant nipped at his bottom lip. Grant’s tongue dominated his mouth, sliding in deep, and teasing his tongue and gums. Ben couldn’t hold back the cries of pleasure and fed them into Grant’s mouth.

Grant released Ben’s hands and curved his hand over Ben’s hip, then gave a fleeting caress to Ben’s crack before cupping the mound of muscle. Grant guided Ben onto the bed and followed him down. A low moan tore through Ben’s chest as Grant aligned their bodies. He parted his legs so Grant’s body could settle between them. He cried out again as Grant’s shaft slid against his own restrained cock.

Grant drew Ben’s arms up over his head, and Ben heard the snick of cuffs as they were linked there. Breaking the kiss, Grant checked the restraints and sat back for a moment studying Ben. He did his best to hold still under Grant’s intense dark blue stare. “So good, Ben” Grant praised and Ben felt happiness swell inside his chest.

Then Grant bent his head and kissed him again. Grant broke their kiss and moved down Ben’s body. Grant teased his jaw and neck with is teeth and tongue, then moved lower. Grant stroked his fingers over Ben’s collarbone, then over his pectorals. Ben whimpered when Grant passed his nipples to trace his abdominals with his talented tongue.

 “Let me hear you, Ben,” Grant ordered before latching onto Ben’s nipple and biting down. Ben screamed out his pleasure and knew if it weren’t for the cock ring holding his orgasm at bay, he would have exploded. Grant continued his torture over the sensitive bud, while his hand plucked and squeezed the other.

Ben was so hard the throb in his dick matched his heartbeat. Ben watched Grant tease his body, finding places that would make Ben moan and places that would make Ben cry out in need. Finally, Grant eased lower between Ben’s spread legs and pressed tiny love bites into his thigh. Ben gasped, the tender skin aching from the tiny sting. Grant teased the sensitive flesh behind his knee and Ben’s lips twitched. “Ticklish?” Grant asked, even though he already knew the answer. He still wanted Ben to respond so he nodded. “Yes, Sir,” he answered.

Grant teased the area again, making Ben’s leg twitch before moving on. He stroked the strong muscles in Ben’s legs, commenting again on the lack of hair, before moving ups his body. Grant suddenly bent and drew Ben’s sac into his mouth. Ben’s body arched as he screamed. Grant suckled his balls, teasing them with his tongue before licking behind them. Grant spread Ben’s legs wide and settled his feet onto Grant’s shoulders. Grant lifted his hips and held him while he lowered his head.

Ben gasped at the first touch of Grant’s tongue on his twitching hole, his breath coming hard. When Grant licked him in a slow curl of wet tongue, then teased the puckered flesh with the tip, a long tortured sound echoed throughout the room. It took Ben a moment to realize the sound was coming from him. Then Ben lost the ability to think as Grant teased his star into opening, and thrust his pointed tongue inside, starting a flickering dance into Ben’s body.

Grant continued to tease Ben with his tongue, then slid a fingertip in beside the slick appendage. Ben savored the burn as Grant continued to penetrate him with his finger, his tongue teasing his opening. When Grant slid another finger alongside the first, scissoring them to stretch him, Ben moaned low in his chest. Grant backed away and slid up Ben’s body, licking the sweat from his torso on his way up.

Grant kissed Ben quickly, flexing his fingers inside of Ben. Delving his hand under the pillow, then pulling out a bottle of lube, Grant eased up and started down at his fingers slowly moving inside Ben’s body. Withdrawing them, Grant coated them with slick before plunging them back inside. Ben cried out at the sensation of Grant’s thick fingers deeply penetrating his body.

Ben watched Grant’s face. The man stared down as he moved his fingers in and out of Ben’s body. Grant began shifting his angle, finding Ben’s prostate, and stroking against it. Ben’s body felt tight, pleasure zipped through his nerves making his body tremble. Grant added a third finger and scissored them, stretching Ben wider. He thrust them deeper, angling against Ben’s gland as he moved them in slow thrusts.

Ben couldn’t think. He could only feel the thick heat of the man’s fingers teasing the inside of his body, stretching him wide and delving deep. He couldn’t look away from the intense expression on Grant’s face as he watched his digits sinking into him over and over. Ben felt the heat of the man’s hard cock pressing into his thigh. A long, slick trail of pre-cum slid down Grant’s length to drip down Ben’s thigh.

Ben cried out as Grant eased his fingers from his body. He clenched his ass, trying to keep them inside. “Ben,” Grant said, his voice rough. “Relax. I will be inside you in a moment.”

Ben felt his dick try to explode at the words, a shot of cum managing to shoot out despite the ring binding him. Grant quickly sheathed his cock then covered it with slick. He licked a hot path up Ben’s stomach, making the muscles quiver.

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