Madame Joly's House of Passion Collection (MFM)

Madame Joly's House of Passion 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 215,905
3 Ratings (4.3)

Box Set #76: Madame Joly's House of Passion Collection (All 4 books for $3.99)

In Julia’s Double Chance, Lady Julia Ormond needs an heir. Charles Tait and Snowley “Snow” Mason need Julia. Together, they find a love worth fighting for. If Julia does not conceive an heir in the next two months, she will be left penniless. Charles and Snow want to help, so they take her to Madame Joly’s House of Passion and show her ecstasy beyond her imagination. Julia falls in love with both men, but she must be scrupulous and beyond suspicion for her child’s sake. She can’t have both Charles and Snow, no matter how much she longs to. But Charles and Snow won’t let her go that easily. Still, the question remains: how will they keep Julia while retaining her reputation and keeping their business thriving?

In Drusilla’s Gentlemen, Drusilla Glove takes a job as a governess for Lord Dalythrope. However, upon arrival, the Lady of the house throws her out. Apparently, the job had been a set up for Lord Dalythrope to take Dru on as his mistress. After finding work as a maid at the House of Passion, Dru catches the eyes of Scottish aristocrats Lord Malcom McAllister and Cameron Gilligan. The attraction between the three is instantaneous, and passion quickly turns to love. But Lord Dalythrope is out for revenge and gives Dru an ultimatum: either she becomes his mistress and lets him bed her, or he will ruin the financial and social standings of her men. Dru has an impossible decision to make. Will love win out?

In Carlotta’s Two Lovers, Lady Carlotta Denny is a wealthy widow of thirty-four. Her seventeen year old daughter Lavinia attracts two suitors, Lord Piers Moore of Somerton—a widower of thirty-six—and Oswyn Waterston—a wealthy lawyer of twenty-six—but in fact, the two men want Carlotta. She meets with them in private, and after making love with each of them, she decides she wants them both. The two men also fall in love with Carlotta, and they want to marry her but, unable to decide between them, Carlotta rejects them. However, when her daughter makes trouble, Carlotta is forced to make a decision and marry one of them, but she is unhappy without both her lovers. Can they solve this situation before they must part forever?

In Hannah’s Husbands, Gil Southwick has loved Hannah Southwick for years. When his best friend, Lord David Helmsby, meets her, he falls for her two. However, Hannah’s father declares she must give up her inheritance and marry one of his friends. Disparaged, Hannah runs away only to be rescued by Gil, who takes her to Madame Joly’s House of Passion. There, Gil proposes to her and tells her that David has not been with a woman since he returned from the wars two years ago. Together, the three of them explore their new found passion and vow to stay together. But Hannah’s father threatens to lock her away in an asylum. If she does not marry soon, he will still have the power to do so. Hannah must chose a husband, but she’s afraid that it will tear the three of them apart. Can love prevail?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Madame Joly's House of Passion Collection (MFM)
3 Ratings (4.3)

Madame Joly's House of Passion Collection (MFM)

Madame Joly's House of Passion 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 215,905
3 Ratings (4.3)
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 “We worked hard for that,” he said, “And it’s something we never compromise on. Your terms were fair. But, my dear, you might have saved yourself with that.”

“Simpson was surprised when I asked for the contract to be in the name of the Earl of Ashcott,” she said, “But I honestly had no notion it would help. I–I—”

“What is it my dear?” His softened tones nearly brought her to tears.

She had come this far, she might as well tell him the truth. “I don’t believe I’m expecting. In fact, I’m sure I am not. John visited me regularly”—flushing, the heat rising under her skin, she hurried on—“and I never conceived. John had a wife and a son before me, but they died of the smallpox ten years before he married me. A tragedy. He told me not to worry, that he had an heir in his cousin. The new earl visited us from time to time. I didn’t like him. I still don’t.”

“He’s a slimy piece,” Snow said. “Tries to wriggle out of every bargain and will not give an inch. We don’t do business with him.” He gazed down at her. “He’s a bully. Did you know that?”

She nodded. “Yes, of course I know.” She glanced away, and blinked away the tears that never did any good.

When he tugged on her hands, she went to him, resting her head against his coat. New and sweet-smelling, firm muscle under the fine cloth, she’d never felt anything so wonderful in her life before. But she would not let the tears fall, just take comfort in this powerful, kind man and move away. In just a moment. Nobody held her like this, not even John, whose nocturnal visits were taken in the spirit of duty. John appreciated her, but he was too much the gentleman to impose his presence on her for longer than was necessary, or so he always told her. She’d never wanted to be this close to a man before. When he brought up his hand to undo the ribbons of her hat she let him, and it fell away, to land with a soft thunk on the bare boards they stood on. He cupped the back of her head. “Let me tell you a little about us. You may trust Charles and me with your life. I swear it. You need a friend and we would like to help. Once they discover you are not carrying the next earl, what will they do?”

“My father will find me another husband. With my portion intact, instead of invested, he may do with it as he wishes. I was never allowed to touch it.”

“And did you not make investments for yourself while you were helping your husband?”




“Kissing my—kissing my cunny.”

“Good.” He smoothed back her hair, drove his fingers in and pulled her mouth back to his, kissing her fiercely but briefly. Then his gaze went to where Snow was crouched between her upraised thighs, his hands grasping her, his mouth busy slurping the liquid she was making, forcing her to cry his name. Watching him, knowing someone else was watching too, observing the heights of her arousal, drove her to a level she hadn’t known of before, despite Snow’s introduction to this practice on Tuesday. “Can I do this to you?” she managed, her voice breathless.

“Oh yes.” Charles groaned. “I have never seen anything so wonderful. Never. You can certainly do that, but not now, or I’ll come in your mouth. I take it you’ve never done this before?”

Dumbly, aware of what a tyro she was, Julia shook her head. She panted.

“Tell me what he’s doing?”

“Can’t you see?” She could. The way his mouth pursed when he sucked, and he flicked glances at her face.

Charles growled, most unlike his usual mellifluous tones. “Tell me anyway.”

“He’s sucking—sucking my clit.”

“Keep talking,” Charles said. “Say it aloud. What’s happening to you?”

Charles took that moment to push two fingers inside her and open her.

“Oh! Oh sweet God, save me!”

A detonation of sensation exploded within her and she squirmed, but Snow held her steady while he took his fill. Then he moved aside and swiftly, Charles shot down the bed and took his place, lapping eagerly at her juices, drinking her.

Snow turned her face to his and kissed her. Tasting herself on him, she jerked back in shock, but he had her. One palm secured her head, sealed it to his while he licked into her mouth and Charles licked at her cunny.





“Come and eat,” her new friend said, smiling. “We can talk later.”

She felt dreadfully crumpled and untidy, but more than that, hunger hollowed out her stomach. As he said “eat,” a rumbling came from low down in her belly and he laughed. “Food first.”

She felt numb, but as she recalled her position, and what had happened, she grew afraid. “I’ll lose my job.”

“No you won’t.”

Swallowing, Dru looked from one of the men to the other. Respectably dressed, but for how long? At least they hadn’t undressed her while she’d been unconscious.

The one who’d helped her spoke. “No harm will come to you, I swear it. We spoke to Madame, and she has agreed for you to stay here until you feel better. She will not hold this against you.”

They’d helped her when she’d gone into that shocking fit. She didn’t know what to call it or why it had happened. When he came close, she allowed the man to help her from the bed, despite the contact between them sending tingles right to her toes. Her stockinged toes, although thanks to the rugs beneath their feet and a blazing fire, she wasn’t at all cold.

With the exception of the occasional warm summer, Dru had spent most of her life cold. “Why would you do this? Help me, I mean?”

“To make amends,” the other man said. He was sitting by the fire, dressed informally but respectably, his long legs stretched before him under the small, round table groaning with food.

She’d spent much of her life hungry, too.

“Amends?” She wasn’t sure what he meant until she recalled the sight of him, his erection jutting proudly toward her, scaring her half to death.

“Yes, for that.” He didn’t look away. He had blue eyes, startlingly blue, unlike her own slate-blue ones. Eyes like his belonged on a beautiful woman, but instead they were set in a smoothly handsome face, cheek and jaw lines delineated sharply. And familiar. She came to a halt and stared at him, as he stared back. “I know you,” he said suddenly. “Where have I seen you?”




Dru shook her head. “It wasn’t that. Not just that.”

“Shh.” He touched a finger to her mouth. “Enough of that. We want to make amends for that behavior. Let us.”

Yes, she would. This was in the nature of penance, since they were only doing what she longed for them to do. Only these two, though. Together they were perfect. She wasn’t even sure if they’d be acceptable to her separately, but she wasn’t about to find out. They would take her as a pair.

To be introduced to intimate relations in this way! It passed her understanding how this could happen, much less how she could accept it but she did. Heeding Cam’s advice, she gave herself up to Mal, let him do what he would, putting her trust in his capable hands. If she consulted her deepest needs, ignoring the strictures that she’d learned by rote but never fully subscribed to, then this was what she wanted. More than anything else.

Mal stroked her from breast to hip, watching her carefully, his eyes almost black with passion, his mouth full from kissing her. He was more rugged than his friend, but to Dru’s eyes, no less handsome. He had more body hair than Cam, but not so much that she would feel like she were touching a fur coat. She wasn’t sure she’d like that. Mal had dark hair, which he wore long, and tied back. She wanted to touch it, and now she could. As he bent his head to kiss her, she tentatively lifted a hand and touched the back of his head, threading her fingers into the dark, silky mass.

“Does he feel good?”

She couldn’t answer with Mal’s mouth on hers. He kissed her with an exquisite softness, totally unlike his hungry devouring last time. Cam didn’t seem to need an answer. “I love to see that. You’re so responsive, Dru. So sweetly trusting. We won’t betray that. Let us take you.”





If Lavinia didn’t take this man, she’d be insane. Carlotta would be equally insane to allow it. Lavinia couldn’t handle him.

She mustered all the cool society behavior she could manage. “You wished to see me privately? I can’t offer you very long, but I think I know why you’re here.” Forcing that mask, she should find it easier to deal with this situation.

He raised a dark brow. “I’m glad to hear that.” His voice purred along her skin, raising goose bumps. “I waited as long as I could, but I burn for the answer.”

“Explain.” She tried for a graceful wave of her hand, but it came out clumsy and stilted. Quickly she restored her hand to its place in her lap.

“I shall.” He moved, turned toward her. “My dearest Lady Denny, you cannot be unaware of how I feel.”

She forced a polite smile that felt like a grimace. “I have some idea.”

Nervousness shortened her breath and tightened her throat. She’d never imagined she’d feel like this when a man proposed to her daughter. She hadn’t been as nervous when James had proposed to her, but then, she’d expected it for a month and their parents had already drawn up the marriage contract. At the time it had been no more than an agreement with someone she liked. This was different. As far as she knew, her mother had never had feelings like this for James.

“Lady Denny, are you feeling quite well?”

That was all she needed. Now he’d think her a frail widow with a sensitive disposition. “Perfectly, thank you. You were talking of my daughter, were you not?” She tried to regulate her breathing.

He frowned. “Was I? Lady Lavinia is a charming girl to be sure, if a little young, but no, why would you think that?”




Still kissing her, Wyn stroked down her flank, shaped the curve of her waist and hip, grazed the side of her bottom, and then one finger idly traced her thigh, up to her hip, along the line between her hip and her belly. She shuddered, and Wyn sighed into her mouth.

A three-way response. Interesting. But Carlotta was too far gone to think properly. She could barely remember what she’d agreed to, except those few words from Wyn. Go with it. She’d made up her mind then. This once, she’d follow her instincts and not her intellect.

Her nipples hardened even more, and she moved from side to side, the better to feel them, agitating instead of soothing them. Piers’s voice came to her. “You are so sweet, so ready for us. Can you take me now?”

When he stepped back, cool air swept over her back, even though the fire was blazing merrily. Wyn held her closer, responded to her sinuous movements with several of his own, then with a swift, unexpected movement, pushed her back into Piers’s arms. “Take her like that,” he said. “Let her watch me strip and ready myself for her while you fuck her.”

“With pleasure,” Piers growled.

He touched her thighs, impelling her to take a step to the side, opening them for him. Her cunt was wet, enough to dampen her legs, and Piers’s approval came as honey. “You look wonderful, Carlotta. Sweet enough to eat. Which I will be doing in the course of time.”

Shuddering, she sank back, trusting him to support her. His cock nudged her folds, and then she felt his hand slide down between them so he could control it. He held one of her hips, keeping her steady for his first thrust.

“You’re tight.” He pushed harder. He couldn’t get inside her at this angle, surely. He must have bent his knees in order to get down to her level, but he felt rock-steady as he drove until her body gave way, and her passage embraced him as he forged deep.





Her father had always allowed her to write to Gil, because she’d been circumspect. He wanted Gil on his side. “Yes, I think I can do that.”

“Good. I’ll come at once, I promise.”

He bent and delivered one swift, hard kiss. She would have lingered, but he pulled away, staring at her, eyes bright. “My house is close by. I can go there and return in a day, maybe two. How would it be if you visited my mother?”

Hannah blinked. “My father would never allow it.”

“We don’t have to tell him. Until you’re there. Then you’ll be beyond his reach.”

Fear clutched at her throat. He’d kill her if he discovered her. “It’s not possible.”

“Yes it is, Hannah. What isn’t possible is you staying in your present condition.” He glanced at the clock above the mantelpiece. “We need to go. Will you be all right for the time being?”

Forcing brightness, she nodded. “Now I know I have help.”

After a moment’s silent regard, he added, “More, I think.” Then released her.

The rap on the door sounded harsh. Three quick knocks followed by a pause and two more. In the act of snuffing the candles, Gil let out a sigh of relief. “That’s my friend, David. He promised to keep a look-out.”

He opened the door and Hannah caught her breath.

Standing in the doorway was the most handsome man she’d ever seen. Lit by the candles illuminating the hallway behind him, she could see high cheekbones, strong, decisive lines. As if an artist had delineated a face in a few perfectly angled slashes of his pen. This man was dark, from the stubble on his chin to the black hair peeking out from his wig, set perfectly straight on his head. “Lord Helmsby,” Gil said, in swift introduction. “Hannah Southwick.”

Dark eyes gleamed at her then paused to peruse her more thoroughly. “Lord Southwick is asking the servants if they’ve seen his daughter. Come this way.” He reached for her and, as if he had a right, Hannah slipped her hand into his. “I’ll take you up the back stairs and into the ballroom. We’ll join the dance as if we’ve been doing it all along. They’re halfway through a set.”

A set, Hannah recalled from her early years, would take half an hour. Plenty of time for her father to miss her and find her again. It would excuse her absence nicely. But the man facing her had more than the veneer of respectability in his hard gaze. He was suspicious. And, if she wasn’t mistaken, interested. It wasn’t as if she’d seen that expression very often, merely that something inside her recognized the spark of awareness when she saw it. She didn’t recognize the tingle that thrilled down her, as if he’d reached out and dragged his finger down her spine. Except he hadn’t moved.

She took a quick breath and was about to force a smile when she realized she was already smiling. “Yes, all right.” She had no choice, really.

When she touched him, the tingle increased and concentrated in her groin. Did this happen every time she touched a man? She spared a thought to the minister, the last man to touch her. No, it most certainly did not.




“Damn you, this isn’t some doxy, this is Hannah!”

“Molly,” said the woman in the bed. “In this house I’m Molly.” Her hand shook as she released her convulsive clasp on the sheet and allowed the material to slide to her waist.

Gil’s heart warmed. Her bravery passed his understanding. “Beautiful,” he murmured. “You’re so beautiful.”

“And likely never to have such an opportunity again.” Tears trembled on her lashes and Gil wanted nothing more than to hold her and comfort her. But her fierce determination kept him away. He could taste those luscious nipples, see them in his mind’s eye, plumped by his hands. And one other. David’s. “I want this, Gil. I really do.”

David stared at Gil, and then he dropped his breeches. His attention went from Hannah to his hard, straining cock. “She’s respectable, a virgin—”

So they hadn’t done it yet. Gil could hardly believe that he was about to see a miracle. The savage slash marking David’s body from hip to thigh confirmed what he’d suspected, but that didn’t matter now. They’d have time to discuss that later. “She’s no virgin, but she’s unpracticed. Do it, David. She wants it, I want it. Do it.”

Hannah’s gaze met his. “Yes,” she said, and pushed the sheet the rest of the way off her body. She opened her legs, revealing her wet cunt. “I do want it. Fuck me, David.”

David closed his eyes and let out a tortured groan. “Do you know what you’re doing to me?”

Gil knew. He’d guessed more than David had told him. And he could see his way clear for once. The answer to their problems. “Fuck her, David.”

David seemed to lose the battle with his conscience. He turned back to Hannah, his cock bobbing against his belly and climbed back on to the big, high bed. He settled between her thighs. “Oh, sweetheart,” he murmured, loud enough for Gil to hear. “What you do to me.”

Taking his cock in his hand, he guided it to her.

If they’d asked him to leave, he would have done it, but since they didn’t, Gil stayed where he was, watching with an attention his old tutor would have envied. Latin never held the fascination of this encounter.

Without taking his gaze from the couple in the bed, Gil slipped off his coat and sat on the chair next to the bed. He started to work on the buttons of his waistcoat. From this position, at their knees, he could see everything. And it looked wonderful. David had his cock poised at her entrance and he was delivering a series of shallow jabs, barely breaching her. Easing his way, making her wet. Gil wondered if she would mind if he took a hand.

He put one hand on her calf, low down. She didn’t flinch, didn’t stop kissing David, though she had to know whose hand was touching her. He stroked, tentatively spreading his hand over her silken skin, firming his touch.

She moved into his caress. She accepted them both.

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