Suddenly Bear, Too (MFMM)

Suddenly Bear 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,371
24 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, spanking]

Ruby Rickardson has everything—or so most people think. The only daughter of ridiculously wealthy parents, she parties hard, she drinks a lot, and she has a tabloid reputation for being a wild child. Unfortunately, that image also makes her a target for every greedy lowlife on the planet.

Nickolas, Levi, and Zeek Brockman are trying to live a quiet life. When they find a young woman suffering a drug overdose and dumped in the middle of the forest, they risk exposing their existence to save her. Yet saving her has a side effect—it makes her one of them—so discovering that she is mate to all three brothers is almost a welcome surprise.

But a quiet life and massive media interest in Ruby’s disappearance simply don’t mix. And it sure doesn’t help that whoever tried to kill her wants to finish the job.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Abby Blake is a Siren-exclusive author.

Suddenly Bear, Too (MFMM)
24 Ratings (4.1)

Suddenly Bear, Too (MFMM)

Suddenly Bear 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,371
24 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Another great shifter book.
Despite a really good premise, I'm disappointed with this one.

I hate the way Ruby is presented. She is painted as a ditzy party girl who sleeps around, but then she ends up a very wholesome girl who is *gasp* a virgin. There isn't even a middle ground with her, which makes her extremely boring. I mean really, every flaw that she supposedly has is a lie.

The men, however, seem to be much more well-rounded, although the sex scenes aren't distributed evenly amoung the three of them. They really hold up the story better than Ruby does.
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Abby Blake is a new to me author and definitely one I won't ever miss reading stories by again! I loved her work. She instantly hooked me with her characters, story line and twists. From start to finish, Ms. Blake took me on a whirlwind ride that I won't soon forget. SUDDENLY BEAR, TOO is a wonderful story of a woman and the loves of her life. I won't go into too much detail for fear of spoiling the story for you. I will tell you that Ruby, Nick, Levi, and Zeek were amazingly created and quickly stole my heart. The love between them, the sparks and the sizzle, it all grabbed me and kept me hooked till the end. The intensity of the bears' protection towards Ruby was astounding! I loved it. The twists of the story as the bears and Ruby hunt for her kidnappers kept me on edge and turning each page. When Ms. Blake revealed the! Totally NOT expecting that one to happen! Well done on that twist! I definitely recommend this story with high flying 4 stars. While it's the second book in a series, I was not confused and was able to be completely captured. The perfect blend of paranormal, scorching romance, twisting suspense and chiseled characters, this is one of my favorite shifter stories! Can't wait to read more by Ms. Blake. " -- ReviewsbyMolly, The Romance Reviews

4 HEARTS: "Nickolas, Zeek and Levi Brockman live far away from everyone and that is the way they like it. They can run as bears in the woods and no one can see that they are shifters. They hear this day as they are out and about a woman scream. As much as they want to ignore it they go to investigate thinking some silly woman saw a spider or something. What they find is shocking...Ruby Rickardson was at a party which she really did not want to be at, and that is the last thing she remembers. She thinks she is dreaming that she is laying out in woods which was weird as she is not the outdoor type. The next thing she sees are snakes and they are climbing all over her. Thinking this is a dream, she swats at one that is too close to her face and she feels the sting of fangs. She screams from the unexpected pain but is still sure she is dreaming and cannot wake up. When she opens her eyes she sees three bears coming at her and faints. Nickolas, when not in bear form, is a policeman so he cannot resist checking out the woman's scream. When they reach her, they see she is not dressed for camping but has a outfit more suited to be dancing at some nightclub. Levi changed to his human form and picked her up. She had several snakebites and Nickolas also changed back and called upon his healing magic to try to heal her. He soon realizes it will take all three of them to save her life. But in joining in to heal her, they turn her into a shifter like them. They will have to nurse her back and try to explain what has happened to her. Also they need to find out who is trying to kill her. They soon come to find out she is a mate to not just one but all three of them. What a pickle this will be getting her to come to terms, that they will not let her go. Loved this book the characters and the story was great! This is a must have for any library." -- Ronda, The Romance Studio

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“That’s right, princess,” Zeek said, stepping into the room, annoyed enough to not really think things through. “We’re terrorists who turn into bears.”

He felt a moment of satisfaction as Ruby’s face showed her confusion. She even shut up long enough to watch him shift into his furry form—tearing a good set of clothes in the process. She looked fascinated, and he was actually starting to feel pretty good about his way of telling her about bear-shifters. If she stayed calm and listened, maybe they’d be able to figure a few things out together without the name-calling and baseless accusations.

But it was the ear-piercing scream that assaulted his sensitive bear hearing, and caused him to back up and knock over the bookshelf behind him, that finally convinced him it probably hadn’t been such a great idea.


* * * *


Ruby couldn’t make her mouth form words.

There was a big fucking black bear less than three feet away from her. In a bedroom. In a cabin. In the middle of nowhere. How the fuck could there be a bear in the room? Shit, the thing was probably hungry. She wanted to run and hide behind one of the three men. Surely a bear would find their big, muscular, taut, sexy bodies very delicious—she certainly did. Except now there were only two of them.

The third brother, Zeek, was no longer in the room. She tried not to look at the shredded clothing. She knew for a fact that she couldn’t have seen what she’d thought she’d seen, so that meant that Zeek had stood in the room, shredded his clothes, dropped them to the ground, and…and…

“Zeek, knock it off. You’re scaring Ruby.”

…and turned into a freaking bear!

As the bear slowly turned back into a sexy, naked man, Ruby did the only thing she could think of—she screamed again.

Hey, there was a method to her madness—sooner or later all this screaming was going to wake her up.

It seemed like a solid plan. She was only dreaming.

Of course, it was more like a bizarre nightmare, but that was the only explanation. Men didn’t turn into bears, and bears didn’t turn into men, and starting first thing tomorrow no more alcohol, ever! She dragged in another deep breath, ready to scream some more.


Adult Excerpt


Excitement flooded every inch of Ruby’s body. She’d spent years masturbating to fantasies of being spanked and dominated by a man she could trust, but never in her wildest dreams had she thought she’d ever meet one, let alone three.

She wriggled her ass, moisture flooding her pussy as Nickolas caressed her through the denim. He swatted her through the thick material, the soft sting merely whetting her appetite for more. He smacked her again and again as she sucked harder on Zeek’s cock and moaned at the delicious but not nearly satisfying sensations.

She got the impression the brothers were conferring silently because Zeek tightened his fists in her hair, stopping her downward motion and holding her in place so that just the tip of his cock was in her mouth. She licked the bulbous head as Nickolas reached under her, undid the buttons on her jeans, and dragged the material down to her knees.

The denim made her feel trapped in place, her pussy pulsing, grasping at nothing as her arousal spun much higher. The first slap on her naked ass took her by surprise. The noise was so loud in the quiet kitchen that it seemed to bounce off the walls, mocking her with the unexpected sting. The next was even worse, tears filling her eyes as she grunted in pain and tried not to break the suction she had on Zeek’s cock. She panted through her nose, trying to hide how much she disliked what Nickolas was doing. Shit, she’d practically begged for this, and now she had no way of calling it off without looking like a completely naïve fool.

She gasped as the next slap landed lower on her thigh at the same time that two fingers thrust roughly into her pussy. Her muscles clenched around the invading digits, her body trembling with unexpected arousal. The next slap was even harder, but instead of the sharp pain she’d felt with the others, this one seemed to merely intensify the shaking.

Again a slap, again the wave of heat, again the shiver of excitement climbing up and down her spine. She cried out as Nickolas added another finger to her pussy, stretching her to the point of pain as he peppered stinging slaps up and down her buttocks and thighs.

Her clit felt swollen, needy. She squeaked a sound of protest when Zeek pulled his cock from her mouth and pressed her face against his hard abdomen. But then the spanking increased, the speed, the strength, her need.

Every muscle in her body was shaking. A low, keening cry escaped her mouth as energy exploded outward and climax overwhelmed her. She shook violently, grateful now that Zeek held her close. Nickolas still thrust his fingers into her pussy, but it was more of a gentle caress as he milked every last sensation from her orgasm.

She practically melted against the hard wood on the table and let Nickolas maneuver her any way he wanted. He continued to lazily stroke in and out of her very wet pussy as he caressed the heated skin of her ass and pressed her down until her bottom rested on her heels.

The gentle, slippery caress against her back passage felt far too nice to protest, but she jolted, trying to squirm away when he pressed the tip of his finger into her ass. He and Zeek held her still, both caressing her spine, shoulders, and ass, gentling her as she adjusted to the unexpected invasion.

She mewled a protest when he added a second finger and gasped as cold lube dribbled onto her skin. Nickolas worked it into her ass, his fingers making a scissoring motion as he stretched her opening and the muscles began to relax.

“That’s it, honey. Let me in. I promise you are going to love this.”

The loss of his fingers felt strange, but they were quickly replaced with the head of his cock. She grunted as he pushed in, her anus gripping the bulbous head, trapping him inside.

“Breathe, princess,” Zeek said as he pressed soft kisses to her face and ran his fingers through her hair. She tried to comply, the uncomfortable pressure in her bottom making her want to clench her teeth instead.

“Push out,” Nickolas said, sounding breathless. “Push against me. Let me inside.”

She forced her muscles to comply, nearly screaming as the motion let Nickolas slide the rest of the way in. He held still, letting her adjust, his hands sweeping up and down her back in long soothing strokes.

“That’s it, princess,” Zeek said in a voice that sounded very much like he was proud of her. “Relax and let Nickolas fuck your ass.”

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