Mandy and the Cowboy Mogul (MF)

Colorado Dreaming 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,372
7 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Western Romance]

Everybody seems to think widow Mandy Parker is some kind of a Jezebel. Never mind that her two marriages to older men were never consummated or that her experience as a seductress is a myth. When a handsome cowboy happens into town, Mandy figures that if she's going to be cast in the role of the temptress, she might as well try to play the part in earnest and at least get the benefits. Aidan Munroe has just taken over the railroad his family owns. When Mandy seems intent on seducing him, he decides to play a part himself, pretending to be a simple cowboy looking for work and claiming he just doesn't believe in "having relations" before marriage. He doesn't know what he enjoys more—the incredulous look on Mandy's face or her blatant attempts to disabuse him of the concept. Will Mandy and Aidan ever stop playing their parts long enough to fall in love?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Mandy and the Cowboy Mogul (MF)
7 Ratings (4.4)

Mandy and the Cowboy Mogul (MF)

Colorado Dreaming 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,372
7 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
A great storyline I really enjoyed it!
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Aidan is a wealthy man. Mandy does not realize this. She just assumes that he is a simple cowpoke. Aidan is just fine with letting her go on with her misconceptions. Mandy has allowed Aidan to have a few misconceptions of his own. She is twice widowed, but she did not have sex with either of her older husbands. Aidan has just assumed the "Jezebel" reputation she has was well-earned. The fact that Mandy threw herself at Aidan does not help. She figured she might as well give into her naughty reputation. Truth be known, she was a bit tired of being nice. What is Aidan to think? How long will they continue playing their characters? This is a great book. The sex is uninhibited. The contrast of naughty and nice adds to the intensity of this historical, erotic book. However, the plot is also strong. Angela Claire achieved the perfect balance between sex and storyline!" -- Stephanie Rollins, Book Reviews R Us

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Story Excerpt


When she put both hands up to cup his face and pressed her lips, soft and fresh, to his, he jerked his head back in surprise.

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

She didn’t remember him and walked right up to a complete stranger and kissed him? Hell, even if she had remembered him, he would’ve been shocked down to his toes. And she had the nerve to ask what’s wrong?

He knew now what Jake’s wife had wanted to tell him when he spoke of Amanda, and he felt a tremendous sense of disappointment. The heartbreakingly beautiful, vulnerable girl he remembered seemed to have turned into…her mother!

While he was busy with that disturbing thought, she seemed to have had one of her own, suddenly pulling back in horror. “Oh, good Lord, you don’t prefer men, do you?”

He was speechless as she looked at him expectantly, and when he didn’t answer, she focused instead down in the general vicinity of his crotch. “I don’t know what I’m being so missish about here. There’s one way to tell about that in a hurry.”

To his astonishment, she reached down and ran her forefinger lightly along the length of cock, and the fledgling erection that he’d been fighting roared to the fore. She petted him distractedly for a second.

“No,” she muttered almost to herself, dropping her hand. “I see it’s not that.”

He held himself perfectly still.

Finally he said, with a little more drawl than his voice normally had, “That’s a might forward, ma’am.”

She put both hands on his shoulders and, still with shock, he felt her press her full length into his. He was shocked, all right, but his cock was fine with it, lurching enthusiastically toward her underneath his breeches.

“Look,” she whispered up to him. “We both know the game, don’t we?”

He did know the game. As one of the supposedly most-eligible bachelors in Boston, and certainly the richest, he’d been treated to a fair amount of female attention, from the platonic simpering of his ex-fiancée to the studied tutelage of every level of mercenary female from whore to high-priced mistress. They’d all wanted something from him. But it wasn’t sex. That’s what he had wanted from them, for the most part.

And from Amanda Munroe—or at least his idea of her—he’d thought he wanted more. That was really why he’d come up with the plan to seek her out. He could have just mailed the documents to her with an accompanying explanatory letter. If she had been anyone else, he would have. But he had insisted on coming out West himself. In his own probably sentimental mind, the girl who had wanted to finish school, who had fended off the advances of her stepfather, who had been sold to an old man…that girl was someone he might have wanted more from, although he hesitated to articulate what.

And now that he’d found her again, what did she want from him? Incredibly, a quick fuck, it seemed.

 A delicious idea occurred to him.

“Well, that’s just it, ma’am.”

“What?” Her hands wandered from his shoulders to up around his neck, running her fingers through the strands at the base. Despite himself, he shivered.

“I appreciate all the compliments and, er, this attention you been giving me.” He glanced down tellingly to his cock and then unwound her hands from the back of his neck. “But the truth is, I don’t feel right about such things unless the man and lady are married.”

Trying to suppress his smile at her astonishment was impossible. Instead, he gave in to it, and a wide grin spread on his face as he held her hands out to the side, as if to keep them away from him. She looked downright stunned. Into silence, apparently. Her mouth fell open.

So he said, “Now, I know that may sound funny—”

“In a man, it’s unheard of. A man that looks like you…well, I never.” She pulled her hands away from his, and he found he already missed the contact. “You’re not Catholic, are you?”

Her befuddled attempt to put a label on him amused him further.

“I mean, you’re not a priest, are you?”

Oh, he wished he’d thought of that one. Oh well, this was almost just as good. He put on as heavy an accent as he’d heard the farther west he got on the train and said, “No, ma’am. I mean, God and me, we’re pretty familiar with each other, but I’m not a priest. No, if I’m very lucky, someday I may find the right woman for me, and then I can enjoy the pleasures of the flesh.”

“So you don’t plan on…doing anything until then?”

“No, ma’am.”

This was priceless.


Adult Excerpt


God, she was fucking perfect, just as he’d always known she would be. He’d initially meant to have her undress for him in some tawdry striptease while he watched immobile, but the loveliness of her naked body overwhelmed him. He’d had to let his cock out or else he’d come in his pants. Breathing heavily, he wanted to have her straddle him and ride him to a well-needed orgasm. But somehow, the complacent look on her face as she came to the bed at his behest made him change his plans. As much as it killed him to wait, he wanted to tease her some more before he gave her what they both wanted.

So he pulled her facedown over his lap. Not her face in his cock, though that would have been nice, but rather so that her pert little ass was over his thighs in just the right position for what he had in mind.

He leaned over to whisper in her ear. “You know what else I’d like, Mrs., er, Mandy?”

She shook her head. “Not really, but there’s not much I can do for you in this position, Dan. Now if I wriggle a little lower…”

She proceeded to demonstrate, apparently envisioning giving him the blow job she’d never even gotten to get started on last time, but he clapped one hand over her soft butt cheek, keeping her firmly in place.

“It’s not what I want you to do to me. It’s what I want to do to you.”

She stopped wriggling and looked over at him. The surprise on her face coupled with the tensing of her butt almost made him laugh. He caressed her silky cheek softly. “I want to…oh, I shouldn’t say it.”

This time she didn’t prompt him to, apparently unsure of the direction of his thoughts. Instead she said, “If you let me up, Dan, I can—”

He brought the flat of his palm down on one cushy butt cheek, rather lightly actually, though from her squeal you’d think it was a lot harder. He rubbed her ass, following the slap, and whispered, “I want to spank you.”

“You do?” she asked weakly.

For all her experience, it appeared Amanda was a little naïve in some areas herself. Actually, he didn’t get off from spanking a girl, but he knew it was fairly common, and God knows it’d been offered to him often enough by the experienced mistresses he’d had in the past. Personally, he usually got off more on feeling a woman’s ass while he was fucking her than he did on slapping it, but somehow he felt like Amanda really needed a good spanking, and he didn’t mind giving it to her.


* * * *


Goodness, she’d created a monster. The slap on the bottom Dan had given her, whispering afterwards about spanking her, hadn’t really hurt. In fact, it was oddly invigorating. She was just so surprised, that was all. She should’ve guessed, given his natural take to this whole sexuality thing, that he had some strong appetites.

She just didn’t know it would involve—

Slap. This one came down a little harder, and she yelped, stunned when she felt his lips on her bottom, presumably making up for the slight pain his hand had caused. She settled a little as he kissed, running one finger along the crack and around to her vagina. Dipping in the wetness between her legs there, he thrust one finger in, swishing it around.

She moaned. That was more like it.


He’d pulled his hands out of her and spanked her again so quickly that she was startled by it. This time, his palm came down on her bottom lighter, but he did it a few times.

She noticed as he did that his cock remained hard and sticking up against his flat stomach. What was wrong with him that he appeared to find this arousing?

Slap, slap!

She squirmed. What was wrong with her? Because she surely did find it arousing, there was no denying it.

He rubbed the slight hurt he had created, and then dipped down between her legs again, no doubt wallowing in the evidence of her excitement, with two fingers shoved up her this time, his other hand holding her bottom to keep her still.

 “Yes, you’ve been a very bad girl,” he murmured, kissing the nape of her neck as his fingers stirred her below, “and you need a spanking, Amanda.”

She moaned. Then her head popped up in the sudden realization. “Amanda?” He’d called her Amanda.

He stopped then started again. “Isn’t that what Mandy is short for?”

She struggled. “Don’t call me Amanda.”

He didn’t spank her again but let her scramble off his lap, both of them breathing hard. “Did you want me to stop, Mrs. Parker?” he drawled as she came up on her knees beside him.

She hesitated, and his hand went to her bare hip, nudging her to straddle him now, her knees outside of his, as she’d originally thought she would do. He slid a hand under her hair to her bare back as he prodded her forward to take his kiss.

Frankly, in the hot excitement of his hard penis underneath her, poised to delve in, and his hands on her supersensitized skin, and his tongue in her mouth, she didn’t even know what her own name was. She sank down onto him, to their mutual sigh.

“I’m sorry I spanked you,” he whispered. “Should I not have done that?”

“No, no.” She moved up and down on his hard length, slick from her, putting her palms on his shoulders. “It was fine…oh.” She shuddered as he lunged up at her for a second.

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