The Doctor Takes a Mate (MF)

Colorado Dreaming 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 48,094
10 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Western Romance]

Cowboy doctor Jack Scott is kidnapped to treat a wounded outlaw, and then shot for his trouble and left to die in the desert. When a beautiful blonde appears to rescue him, he assumes he’s hallucinating. Maybe the majestic white bird he had seen as he lay dying had been a good sign. It had brought this Skye to him.

Skye is alone in the world, with a mysterious secret and now a cantankerous doctor-turned-patient to nurse back to health. In her cabin high above the mountains of Colorado, Skye heals the handsome doctor even as she tries to tempt him into teaching her to become a woman. With the outlaw gang intent on returning to Jack's town to wreak vengeance, Jack can't get back home fast enough. But can he bear to leave the wild, seductive beauty who rescued him behind? Or will he rescue her in turn?

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Doctor Takes a Mate (MF)
10 Ratings (4.4)

The Doctor Takes a Mate (MF)

Colorado Dreaming 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 48,094
10 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
An excellent read
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "Jack is a straight-laced country doctor who lives in the time of horse-drawn carriages and corsets. He is abducted, and he wakes in an isolated cabin with only Skye. Skye nursed him to health. She is what I can only describe as a mountain girl. She raised herself in the outdoors, but she has read every medical book she could find in town. Skye is a virgin, and she desperately wants to "mate" with Jack. Jack is trying his best to resist her temptations. What good guy takes advantage of such an innocent? Will he be able to hold out? Jack has a need to protect her. Will he remain on the mountain with her, or will she agree to return to civilization with him? The sex is just so amazing! The contrast between lust and innocence is amplified in this story. The love between the characters is tangible as it grows. This is an awesome book!" -- Stephanie Rollins, Book Reviews R Us

4 STARS: "No good deed goes unpunished. Jack Scott is the town’s only doctor and his failure to save a life results in him being shot and left for dead. He is saved by a naive, beautiful and mysterious blonde named Skye. Jack is attracted to Skye, but he can’t abandon his responsibilities or the family he has waiting for him. Even the temptation of her body won’t make him forget. But after surviving alone for so long, Skye is determined to have her man, even it means following him and leaving her sanctuary. But even Skye’s mysterious ways may not save them from the outlaws determined to see Jack dead.The Doctor Takes a Mate is actually a really exciting, fast paced story. It keeps the reader both entertained and highly involved with its many intrigues and plot twists. The story is equally driven by both Jack and Skye as well as the typically dumb but determined villain and his much put upon sidekick. I don’t know if Ms. Clare intended for them to be a comedic duo, but they most certainly are! Along with the many surprises, readers will find very well portrayed emotional bonds between not only Skye and Jack, but the supporting cast as well. The paranormal aspect actually takes backstage to the basic boy-meets-girl theme. Jack is the laid back, gentle type and the perfect counterpoint for Skye’s more inquisitive and slightly impatient nature. She isn’t some simpering, helpless waif. I think readers will enjoy Skye’s determination and deviousness. Though sexually innocent, she is just as tough as Jack. She calmly forces Jack to do her bidding, without him even realizing it until it’s too late. Jack’s not some stupid hillbilly quack of a doctor. He is highly intelligent and more than a little stubborn. As with many men, this is what leads him down the path of trouble and into a rousing adventure. There isn’t as much sex as you would expect in an erotic romance. What there is builds from an exploratory passion to a sensual fire that suits the characters. Despite this, readers will find The Doctor Takes a Mate hard to put down." -- T.S. Peters, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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Story Excerpt


There needed to be some plain speaking about the body. His body, specifically. “Skye, sit down for a minute.”

She looked at him in surprise but complied.

He stayed standing, hands clasped behind his back, trying to muster up some dignity, which was pretty darned hard in a blanket and boots and, despite his best efforts, still sporting a hard-on. “I am extremely grateful to you. I am. If you hadn’t found me and brought me here and taken such good care of me, I’d have died. I know that. But now that I’m getting better, I have to draw some lines about our interaction for as long as we’re alone here.”


Her big blue eyes were as wide and as innocent as a babe’s. Not a hint of understanding of what he might be talking about. Dignity be damned. He was frustrated. “For Christ’s sake, how old are you?”

“I don’t know.” No hesitation there.

“Well, you’ve got to be in your twenties at least.”

“Maybe. Probably, if I had to guess.”

“Haven’t you ever had a beau, Skye?”

“A beau?”

“A suitor? Someone who fancies you?”

She laughed. “No. Although the preacher’s wife in town said I inspired lust in the menfolk. Is that what you’re talking about?”

Hell, yeah. Admitting she inspired it in him, too, however, was not how he wanted to run this conversation. Lust sounded too explosive and like he was assigning blame, to either her or himself. And he wasn’t. Nature was what it was. Attraction to the opposite sex was normal and natural—and totally unwelcome given the present circumstances.

He needed to be more matter-of-fact here.

He was a doctor, after all. He could talk clinically about this kind of thing. Of course he’d never been called upon to do so with a hard-on and while speaking to the object of his cock’s affections. “You know the mechanics of human sexuality, don’t you?”

Human sexuality?”

The emphasis on the first word took him back a little. What did she think he was talking about? Sheep?

“Yeah. Human sexuality.”

“I’ve read about it some.”

He didn’t stop to wonder where. He was just grateful for it. “Fine. Excellent. So you know that in order for, er, mating to take place, a man must be aroused so that his, er, masculine organ fills with blood and becomes hard.”

“An erection,” she said simply.

His lips pursed. Well, she might have stopped his stumbling sooner if she knew what he meant anyway.

“Yes, an erection.”

Her eyes never left his, as if she wasn’t connecting any of this to the tentpole sticking straight out below the blanket at his hips.

“So, what I mean is, when a man gets an erection and doesn’t need one, so to speak—”

“Need one? Why would he need one?”

“To mate.”

“Oh, right. He needs to do that, right?”

If he didn’t know better, he’d think she was egging him on, trying to draw this embarrassing discussion out further.

“Yes, of course. It’s a basic drive to do so.”

“For just the male or for the female, too?”

She seemed to be warming to the subject.

“Both, actually, regardless of what the God-fearing Timmses may have told you.”

“Oh, they didn’t tell me anything. But I have been wondering.”

She was paying close attention to him now, elbows on the bolt of fabric, lost scissors forgotten.

Now where was he? Oh, yes, the inadvisability of giving a man an erection when there were no plans to fuck, er, mate. “So if a man is in a constant state of arousal and does not mate, it can be quite painful, not to mention a real nuisance.”

She suddenly honed in on the evidence of his erection with the same expression of detachment she’d worn when she was measuring his bare waist with her hands. “Oh, I see.” She nodded. “So you’re proposing to mate with me?”

Well now, he wasn’t proposing anything of the kind—not that he hadn’t thought about it quite a few times—but something about her bland reaction just rubbed him the wrong way.

“I’m not even sure it’s possible,” she added before he could react.

Annoyed, he abandoned his professorial stance to lean aggressively forward, palms on the rough, scratched surface of the table. “Oh, it’s possible, Skye. Believe me.”

“Well, if you want to try, I guess we could.”

Oh for Christ’s sake! “No, I don’t want to try! Don’t go saying something like that to a grown man. Look, mating isn’t something to be so calm about. If you go asking any fellow in town if he wants to mate with you, I guarantee you’ll be getting a line right back up to this mountain. So be careful what you say.”

“I didn’t say it. You did.”

“I did not—” This was going all wrong. Jack took a seat across from her at the table, taking a deep breath to slow himself down. “I mean, it would be very wrong to take advantage of your hospitality and what I know must be your innocence by making untoward advances toward you.”

“You haven’t.”

“No, I haven’t. And I don’t want to.”

“You don’t?”

“No. Now you may not have a mirror up here, Skye, but I got one in my medical bag, which I’m going to pull out very soon to shave this stubble off my face. And I’ll show you then if you like. But mirror or no mirror, you have to know what you are.”

The bland expression she’d been sporting veered into a look of dismay, mouth dropping open, eyes wide and startled, her complexion suddenly turning fiery red. He was taken aback for a minute, but he ignored it and continued. “You’re an extremely attractive young woman, and I’d be blind if I didn’t notice that.”

She swallowed, and the bland expression was back. “Oh. That.”

“Yes. That. Now, I want to be a gentleman, and I will be—don’t have any worries about that—but you have to meet me halfway.”


“Don’t be so literal.”


They were getting off the subject here, which was her cooperation in endeavoring not to give him an erection with all her casual touching and such.

Unless she planned to do something about it, of course. Which she didn’t. She most definitely didn’t. So he could just put that right out of his mind.




Jack’s blue-green eyes stared down at her, and she could feel his erection throbbing against her thigh, but his talk of stopping when he was finally giving her what she wanted galvanized her. “No, don’t stop. I know what I want, but I don’t know how to get it. Tell me what to do.”

She ran her hands lightly along his bare shoulders and then buried her fingers in his hair while he kissed her and murmured to her.

 “You don’t have to do anything. You’re already nice and wet for me, aren’t you my little angel? My little virgin angel…”

His fingers wandered up into her woman parts again, but slowly and gently now, so that by the time he’d worked one long finger into her passageway, he’d created some magic in the act. Her thighs fell farther open at his coaxing, and when a second finger joined the first, she felt full but not uncomfortable. Very, very not uncomfortable.

“Mmm,” she hummed.

“Do you like that?”


“Tell me you like it,” he whispered urgently. “Tell me you want my fingers up your pussy. That it feels good. Tell me.”

My, she was learning all sorts of new words. She guessed in the context, she could figure them out easy enough. “It feels good, Jack.” She was surprised how low and funny her voice sounded to her own ears. And she hadn’t even had any of the hard cider, as a matter of fact. She was drunk on him.

He kissed her full on the mouth, sucking her tongue in some kind of coordination with his fingers below, and she cried out at the sensation, clenching his shoulders as he loomed over her.

He slid his fingers out after a moment and massaged the moisture from between her legs into her nipple. She groaned at the feel of it as he bent his head and lapped at the feast he had created. He held her legs farther open as he lifted his head. “I can still stop. Tell me to stop, Skye.” In contrast to his words, he kissed the side of her neck slowly as he caressed the insides of her thighs, and she registered a poking below.

“Don’t stop.”

He took one hand to himself and slowly, gently worked an inch or two of his shaft into her. She stiffened, not sure whether she liked the sensation. Then that hot, hard penis slid in a little bit more, and she gasped. She decided. She liked it very, very much.

“Can you take more?” he asked, tentative.

Her “yes” was instantaneous.

“God, I have to remind myself you’re a virgin,” he groaned. 

An alarming thought occurred to her, and eyes that were dreamy and half closed with the pleasure shot open. “Why? Don’t I feel like a virgin?”

His laugh sounded pained. “Yes, angel, you feel tight and hot, but since you’re a virgin, I should go slow.”

“What if I wasn’t?”

“If you weren’t,” he said, low and fierce, “I would ram my cock into you right now, like I want to, and fuck you so hard—”

The pull toward him was so powerful that she surged up while her hands slid around to his bare buttocks and then tugged. “Yes, Jack, yes…do it!”

At her probably unwise encouragement, his body mindlessly obeyed.

He rammed into her, and she sucked in her breath at the sudden pain.

He was lodged up into her so far she could feel his hipbones against her own. She struggled initially, palms coming up to his muscular shoulders, but he had her pinned so tightly beneath him she didn’t make much leeway.

He slid his hands under her bottom to cup her and gently kissed the side of her neck. “God, I’m a shit. I’m sorry, Skye. I shouldn’t have done that. I was too rough again.”

His voice had more of a drawl under the effects of this mesmerizing sexual spell than it usually did, and he whispered endearments along her throat, her jaw, her cheeks, with his light kisses until she shivered with the pleasure of his petting and relaxed beneath him, despite the overwhelmingly full feeling.

“There. Is that better?” he whispered, and his hips began to move, slowly.

She nodded then gasped, and he laughed.

“Now comes the nice part.” 

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