Panthers' Prey (MFM)

Black Panthers 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 93,406
60 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Bailey Knox knew the good price she paid for her new bar came with consequences, but she didn’t count on nearly getting killed before she could even move into the place, which was also her new home.

Waking up to the two complete strangers who have saved her, she’s alarmed at her overwhelming response to both of them. Marcus Brand and James Archer are different from any men she’s ever met, but she didn’t realize how different. Shape-shifters don’t exist. Then they tell her something even more remarkable. She is their mate.

She fights the emotional pull, even while reveling in the passion that only seems to grow stronger, passion that just can’t be ignored. Neither can the attacks. When black panthers save her life once again, the trio must hide the truth from the rest of the world while struggling to come to grips with their own destiny—and overcoming the danger surrounding them.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Leah Brooke is a Siren-exclusive author.

Panthers' Prey (MFM)
60 Ratings (4.3)

Panthers' Prey (MFM)

Black Panthers 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 93,406
60 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I can't believe that I'm about to say this....but there was too much sex. Way too much sex, in the end I just skipped over the sex scenes!
I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Panthers' Prey was So AWESOME i feel in love with the characters that at times I wanted to smack Marcus and Bailey to just accept it as James did on being mates. I couldnt put this amazing book down. Truthfully I had to take a cold shower after reading it lol. There was such feeling and sexual tention you felt for these characters and even turned on by the words Leah Brooke wrote, now that is one amazing writer. I so look forward to reading the next books in this series to hear the other characters stories. BRAVO! and YEEHAW! This gal cant wait for more. I will be waiting for the next amazing story.
Barefoot Okie
Professional Reviews

4.5 STARS: "There’s an undeniably intoxicating scent blowing in the wind that can mean only one thing to a pair of black panthers, their mate is near and she swings a mean bat! I’ve always enjoyed a good shifter story where the hero (or heroes) find their fated mate. There’s just something infinitely sexy about the idea of knowing your true love, your destiny, by an unmistakable scent, very much like a pheromone. That mysterious and undeniable draw is the foundation of this first book in author Leah Brooke’s new series. I use the word “foundation” because, as the first book in the Black Panthers series, it sets the tone and direction for the books that will follow. Ms. Brooke sprinkles in bits of the panther’s history throughout the book but it’s obvious she isn’t revealing her whole hand in this first story. Someone attacked the panther pride when the boys (I met nine total but there may be more) were all very young. If it hadn’t been for Ed and Alice Tremaine they would have been massacred along with their parents. Ms. Brooke’s writing is so sharp and vivid. The story morphed from words on a page to a movie in my mind within a few pages. This book is very character driven. Bailey and Marc are both struggling with the idea of not having a choice in the matter of the “fated mate” bond. They enjoy, and I do mean thoroughly enjoy, the effects of the mating but simply can’t accept that it means more than sexual attraction. Bailey is terrific as the female lead. Her history gives her an automatic distrust of anyone trying to bend her to their will. This is a perfect foil for two dominant men who go to great lengths to protect their mate. James and Bailey connect on a level that she and Marc have a harder time finding. James realizes pretty quickly the difference as well as the trigger. It was one of those sweet “aww” moments when he and Bailey discuss it. Marc is determined and stubborn to say the least. He and Bailey are constantly butting heads and those high emotions inevitably lead to a bed. I could totally empathize with his desire to have a choice in the whole mating thing but at the same time I was relieved when he finally understands the choice was his all along. The supporting characters round out this story nicely and do their job (supporting without stealing the limelight) flawlessly. Ms. Brooke pairs off and sets up the future books in this series with the introduction of the other “brothers” in the pack. Together they offer Bailey the one thing she missed growing up and the one thing she thought never to have, a family. If you love getting in on the beginning of a series, you won’t want to miss Panther’s Prey. Ms. Brooke is known for her world building and it’s easy to get absorbed in this book as well. The panthers are just learning the extent of the power in mating and it’s an adventure I’ll gladly join them on again and again." -- Honeysuckle, Long and Short Reviews

4 KISSES: "Bailey has bought a bar dirt cheap and is eager to get started with her new endeavor. On her way to her new home, she is attacked. She gets away and runs through the woods only to be caught. James and Marc are black panther shape shifters. They come across Bailey being choked and know that she will change their lives. After saving her from death, can they convince her that shape shifters exist and she is their mate? Panthers' Prey by Leah Brooke is first in the Black Panthers series. Bailey was used to doing things on her own and she struggled as she dealt with unfamiliar emotions. She is a product of the foster care system and has gotten used to being an island. She has no friends or family, so she has little to no support system and she doesn't know how to be any other way. She struggled to accept her overwhelming passion for not just James but Marc as well. Her journey to acceptance was sometimes a bit torturous, but she finally found light at the end of her tunnel. Marc and James were used to trusting only their "family." They were so used to protecting their shape shifter heritage that when Bailey came along, they were not quite sure what to expect. James was willing to accept his need for Bailey. Marc's struggle to understand that he couldn't control his need for Bailey was much more interesting. He was so determined not to be controlled by his panther that he risked losing the future that he wanted. I found that at times the story dragged on a bit but enjoyed it nonetheless. I found the passion and chemistry to be believable. The sex was hot. And I am curious to see where Ms. Brooke takes us next with this series." -- Tangie, Two Lips Reviews

4 HEARTS: "Marcus and James are both feeling restless and that something is wrong. Their panthers want out and are being moody. They decide to go check out the woods and then hear a gunshot. They shift and head in the direction of the sound. Bailey is being chased into the woods by a man that is trying to rape and kill her. She is running as hard as she can but then she trips and falls. She starts fighting the man and then two panthers attack him and save her. She then passes out and Marcus and James take her back to their house. I loved the characters in this story. They were really well-written. Their personalities are all different but they mesh well together. I really liked the story line and the way it flowed through the story. There was plenty of action in the story to keep my interest and keep me guessing. There are surprising twists and turns in this story to keep the reader engaged and wanting more. The characters are full of antics that made me laugh as they try and build a relationship together. The sex was explicit but not overly frequent. Bailey is drawn to the men but she is not sure about them at first, or their relationship. The men have to convince her to give them a chance and the relationship that they want to build. Emotions are developed between them as the story goes on and they get to know each other. The dialogue was interesting and funny too. The story is fairly realistic, for the story line and paranormal aspects, and it was very believable. The characters are drawn to each other but they also have to work to make the relationship work between the three of them. I enjoyed the way that the story pulled me in and held me there until the end." -- Lexee, The Romance Studio

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Story Excerpt


After a while, the quiet began to soothe her and some of her panic subsided. She stopped jumping at every noise and only looked up occasionally as the sounds of the forest became more and more familiar. Concentrating on finding her necklace and retracing her steps, she blocked even those out. Making her way over the assortment of tree roots, leaves, and slick, muddy patches, she paused to look between the roots and kicked aside leaves, searching for anything that glittered.

An hour later, she’d found nothing but a few gum wrappers, a nickel, and several shiny stones.

Another officer had come into the bar while she’d been cleaning and remodeling earlier last week to tell her that they’d found the gun her attacker had dropped while chasing her, which meant that the police had disturbed leaves and foliage, making her search even more difficult.

With that in mind, she kept moving, using her bat to push against small bushes. The number of footprints going in every direction just made her search even more confusing. She didn’t know who’d walked where or if any of the tracks she saw had been made by her attacker.

She followed trail after trail of them, looking for her smaller ones, but they were so trampled and smeared from the rainstorm this week that she couldn’t make out one from another.

After a while, she glanced at her watch, surprised to see that almost two hours had gone by. Hot and thirsty, she wished she’d taken the time to grab a bottle of water, but she’d been in such a hurry and too tired and anxious to think about it.

She also hadn’t imagined it taking this long, somehow imagining that it would jump right out at her, but now she realized it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

She couldn’t quit, though, even if she had to come out here every morning before opening the bar to search. Today and tomorrow the bar would be closed, though, so she’d spend every minute she could here.

Maybe if she stayed out here long enough, she could push thoughts of Marc and James out of her mind.

They confused her, and she didn’t like it. She would have bet money that she would have ended up with James in her bed last night. She knew he wanted her, but after several hours of low conversation with Marc, he’d walked away.

Men. Who the hell could figure them out? What did they want to talk about that was so important that they couldn’t talk to her about it last night?

They probably wanted to make sure she understood that neither one of them wanted a commitment.

Arrogant assholes.

What made them think she wanted one?

Fuck it. The next time she saw them, she would make it perfectly clear that she didn’t want anything more than what she suspected would be the best sex she’d ever had.

Blowing out a breath, she propped the bat against a nearby tree trunk, dropping the flashlight onto the soft ground next to it.

Closing her eyes, she lifted her face to the sky, lifting her arms and arching backward to relieve the tightness in her back from spending so much time bent over and looking down.

She stayed in that position, enjoying the tranquility for a few precious moments and the chance to just be alone with her thoughts. She’d been too busy this week to even let herself think about the attack last week, keeping herself focused on getting her bar ready in time. She hadn’t wanted to think about it, hadn’t allowed herself to think about it.

Now, though, the fear she’d felt that night came rushing back, and she found herself gritting her teeth, blinking back the tears that formed at the corners of her eyes.

Damn that bastard for making her lose her necklace, and damn Marc and James for being so unforgettable.

Damned tears. She never let herself cry. It didn’t help anyway. It never did more than make her nose run and give her a headache.

She sighed and straightened, rubbing her stinging eyes with the heels of her hands and holding them there as though doing so would prevent any more tears from falling.

Damn, she hated crying, and more than that, she hated feeling sorry for herself.

She’d only been in town a little over a week and, in her usual style, had already made a mess of it.

Between her attack, the loss of her necklace, the missed opportunities with Marc and James that left her frustrated, and the thugs who continued to plague her new bar, things couldn’t get much worse.

Unless, of course, she got eaten by a panther.

Furious at herself for falling into a well of self-pity, she rubbed her eyes again, forcing back tears even as a sob erupted. Damn it. She could do this.

She could run her own business. She could finally settle in one place and make a home. She could sure as hell handle the troublemakers who came in.

Dealing with Marc and James, however, left her shaken.

She’d known what they wanted from her—at least she thought she had—until last night when they walked away from her.

Now she wasn’t so sure.

Blowing out a breath, she opened her eyes again, determined to do what she’d come here for, get back to her bar and get on with her life. She blinked, and then blinked again, not quite believing the sight in front of her. She froze, sucking in another breath, her heart in her throat.

Holy hell!

Swallowing heavily, she forced herself to remain perfectly still when every instinct screamed at her to run.

Two huge black panthers stood unmoving only about ten yards away, their unblinking stares sending chills up and down her spine.


Adult Excerpt


Her stomach muscles quivered as James focused on her clit, sending her over with a speed that never failed to stun her.

Coming to his feet, he took her by the waist and sat on the sofa with her straddling him.

Licking his lips, he lowered her onto his cock.

“All that sweet cream. You know how much we love cream, baby.”

Holding on to his shoulders, Bailey threw her head back, once again taken in by how completely he filled her.

“Oh, James! Oh God, it feels so good.”

A hard, hot hand settled on her back, pushing her against James. A second later, a firm, lubed finger pressed against her bottom hole.

Marc emitted another of those low growls.

“I never get enough of taking you, but when we both take you this way, it brings out the beast in me. Christ, I’m always afraid of hurting you.”

Bailey jolted as Marc’s cold finger entered her. She cried out at the sting and the too-intense pressure against her inner walls.

James groaned, his cock jumping inside her.

“Fuck. Hurry up.”

Bailey cried out again, holding on to James’s wide shoulders as Marc pressed the head of his cock at her opening and began to push forward.

“Are you okay?”

His voice, barely human, came out on a groan as he stilled. His harsh breathing told her how difficult it had been for him to stop, but she knew he would do anything to keep from hurting her.

Not wanting him to stop, and to relieve his worry, she admitted something she never had.

“Damn it, it feels good when it hurts just a little. Now move!”

James groaned, his hands tightening on her hips as Marc pressed deeper.

“We know that, my mate.”

Marc eased back and thrust again, holding her bottom cheeks parted wide.

“And we love that about you, love that you’re so adventurous, but I’d never forgive myself if I hurt you.”

The cocks inside her felt huge, the sensation of being taken in both openings always overwhelming her. On either side of James’s thighs, her legs shook, the pleasure and eroticism of the act growing stronger each time.

Now that she knew what to expect, she didn’t fear it as she once had, but had a healthy respect for the intimacy and care that went into having sex this way.

As always, when they took her this way, this beast in them came to the surface more than usual, which would have alarmed her if she hadn’t had the trust in them that she did.

Her bottom hole stung and burned, stretched to the limit and held open by Marc’s cock. She clenched on him as his shallow strokes took him deeper, making her inner walls feel stretched even more.

James’s tortured expression got even more stonelike as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her firmly against him.

“I swear, I could spend the rest of my life inside you.”

Turning her face, Bailey breathed in the scent of him—woods and clean male.

“God, I love when you—oh!—take me this way. It’s dangerous and exciting and—oh, dear God.”

Marc’s thrust stole her breath for several heart-stopping seconds as her body struggled to adapt to the dual invasion.

Her breasts felt heavy and swollen against James’s chest, her clit throbbing to the beat of her heart, already swollen and sensitive from James’s ministrations.

Holding her breath in anticipation of what was to come, she let it out on a cry of shocked pleasure as they started to move.

She never got used to it.

They filled her everywhere, their cocks so large inside her that she could feel nothing else.

Marc pulled her back against his chest.

“God, I love you.”

His hands went to her breasts, rolling her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers as he withdrew and surged deep again, setting the rhythm with James that she knew would drive her insane.

She knew she didn’t have much time. She never did, and the jolts of heat to her clit had the already-sensitized nub tingling already.

Holding on to James’s forearms, she threw her head back, closing her eyes as the tingling grew and started to spread. When she felt James move his arms, she knew what he would do and tightened her hold to stop him.

“No. Please don’t touch my clit. I want it to last forever.”

With a groan, James touched his thumb to her clit, sending a sharp, almost painful shock through her.

“You want it to last? Let’s see how much you can take, tough girl.”

Holding on to him, Bailey couldn’t hold back her cries as they took her in earnest, their thrusts coming faster and faster.

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