Nessa's Two Shifters (MFM)

Wolf's Pass Shifters 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,201
17 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, spanking, HEA]

Convincing his twin to help him claim Nessa Clemmons as their mate is one battle Jessup Shoewater plans to win quickly. Joseph thinks he is too broken to take care of a mate, with or without his twin’s help. Held captive and tortured, Joe thought he’d lost the human side of himself.

Nessa wants to believe Jess and Joe truly care for her, but pledging herself to two men, let alone wolf shifters, seems a little like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Having survived years of abuse from her step-brother, Nessa hesitates to trade one familiar situation for another one she knows nothing about.

Can she overcome her fears of inadequacy and the unknown to help Joe learn to trust himself and his ability to control his wolf, or will she turn away from the two men who open up a world of love and acceptance she’s never felt before?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

Nessa's Two Shifters (MFM)
17 Ratings (4.3)

Nessa's Two Shifters (MFM)

Wolf's Pass Shifters 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,201
17 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Loved this book. If you like book's about shifter's this is the one for you. Couldn't put it down until the book was finished. Look forward to more in this series.
This was a great read, shame it was longer, oh well guess I'll have to wait for more in the series!




The pulsing spray of the shower did little to relax him, but it did wash away some of the months of living in the wilds of Montana. As soon as he was finished washing, Joseph shut off the water and stepped out of the shower to dry off. He didn’t bother wiping off the mirror so he could see. He’d shaved in the shower and already knew what he looked like without the benefit of glass to reflect the features of his ruined body back at him.

No matter what scenario he came up with for why they needed him home, nothing seemed important enough. As shifters, they didn’t get sick and they healed most injuries without much difficulty. Nothing short of silver to the heart or decapitation could kill them. God knows he had proven that to be true.

His family was descended from a long line of wolf shifters. They were blessed to live close to two hundred years of age. His parents and his seven brothers lived on Shoewater land outside the town of Wolf’s Pass, Montana. Until recently, everyone had lived in the family home where he now stood, but two years ago, his parents had built a house a couple of miles down the road and moved out. They said it was time for them to retire and leave running the ranch to them.

The door to the bathroom opened and Jessup walked in. His twin’s initial smile slid south when Joseph scowled back at him.

“Morning. Did you sleep?” Jessup didn’t back away when Joseph stepped toward the door.

“Sure. I’m going to start coffee.” Joseph pushed past his twin and stepped out of the bathroom.

He stopped midstride when a strange scent caught his attention. Mate. And it was coming from his brother. He growled deep in his chest and turned back toward the bathroom. Jessup stared at him. A cautious expression filled his brother’s face. Joseph stared back at him for several long seconds, his jaw tightening. Drawing on all his strength, Joseph turned around and walked back to his room to drag on jeans and a shirt.

The entire time it took him to dress his mind screamed, mate, mate! Now he knew why he had been called back. Jessup had found his mate. They wanted to know if she was Joseph’s mate as well. It didn’t matter. He wouldn’t subject a mate to his volatile existence. There was a reason he stayed away from everyone. He wasn’t safe to be around. They had broken something inside of him back all those years ago and nothing could make it right again.

By the time Jessup made it to the kitchen, Joseph had the coffee made and was drinking his while staring out the French doors. They led out onto a patio and offered a view of the glorious mountains where he lived.

“Coffee’s good.” His brother leaned back against the counter, watching him as he sipped the black liquid.

Joseph grunted and turned back around to stare outside again.

“Do you need any supplies while you’re in town?”

“I’ll get them before I leave.”

“I knew I smelled coffee.” Levi walked into the room.

Joseph didn’t bother turning around. He could see his two brothers in the reflection of the glass. Levi, at just over six feet, was the shortest of his brothers, but he was the Alpha of the family. It didn’t matter that all of them had been born as alphas in the pack, his brother was the lead wolf and in line to rule when their fathers stepped down.

He and Jessup were third in age but the tallest of the brothers. At six foot five only a handful of others in town could claim that height. It served them well when they had been growing up. Being the tallest around gave them advantages the others didn’t have. Now all of that seemed so petty and juvenile. Height and weight didn’t make a man or a wolf. It only added a slight advantage. Skill and experience were the true measures of a man.

He and his brother shared the same dark eye color as well as their long black hair. Where his was past his shoulders, his twin kept his shoulder length. Since he spent so much time in his wolf form, Joseph didn’t see much reason to worry about his hair or appearance.

Aaron walked in and stood next to Levi. He was between Levi and them in age. He and Levi constantly argued good naturedly between them, but were close. When Levi took over as Alpha, Aaron would be his Beta. He and the rest of his brothers were the enforcers of the pack. 

His two youngest brothers burst into the kitchen next. Kindle and Galen were barely eleven months apart in age. Kindle headed straight for the fridge and Galen began pulling out skillets to start breakfast. Joseph continued observing through the reflection of the window and wondered how long it would be before Levi got down to business. He wanted to get to town as early as possible to load up on supplies. He didn’t see any reason to waste a trip when he could refill his larder again.

“Joseph. Did you hear me?” Levi asked.

Joseph sighed and turned around to face the others. Everyone was there now except his parents. He had a feeling they weren’t going to get involved unless things went bad. And they could go bad.




Nessa couldn’t believe she was sitting astride Jess with his amazing cock deep inside of her. Nor could she believe that she was letting his twin, Joseph, finger her ass to prepare her for his equally endowed dick. What had happened to her in only a few short days? Why did she trust these two men—wolves as she’d come to find out— in such a short time period? None of it made sense, but neither did her brother using her as collateral for his bets either. Anything was better than that.

Yet she couldn’t compare them to Derrick’s treatment of her. They’d been nothing but good to her, taking care of her injuries and treating her more like a princess than the worthless servant her brother had made her into.

And sweet Lord, Joe’s mouth had taken her to heaven and back twice. She would endure anything that made them happy after the way they’d taken care of her. Just the promise from Jessup that they would make it good for her was enough to strengthen her resolve to endure no matter how badly it hurt.

Joe added a second slick finger to her back hole, making her squirm at the fullness it caused. She couldn’t stop herself from squeezing her cunt muscles around Jessup’s thick cock. He cursed beneath his breath before groaning as she slowly relaxed around him. Joe slowly moved the two digits in and out of her ass, spreading them over and over as he did. The pleasure-pain kept her on edge until finally she managed to totally relax around them, letting the budding sensations expand until her body felt much like a live wire, ready for something to happen.

“Easy, baby. I’m going to add a third finger. It might pinch. Just breathe through it. Try not to tense up.” Joe’s strangled voice assured her that he was just as affected as she was even though it wasn’t his ass being invaded.

The pinch took her breath away, so she wondered how she was supposed to breathe through it. Then it all came rushing back at her as the pinch stretched into a slight burn. She moaned and tried to relax as he inched his fingers inside of her before pulling them almost all the way out again. Nessa was at the point of telling him to just fuck her already. Somehow she was sure that the buildup was worse than the actual event.

Just when she thought she would scream with frustration, Joe removed all of his fingers.

“That’s it, Ness. You’re ready, now. Remember, push back against me.” His gruff voice not far from her ear vibrated through her body, setting off flashes of heat all along the way.

She felt another shot of lube enter her back hole right before Joe’s rock-hard cock pressed against her opening. Pressure unlike anything she’d ever felt before had her gasping for breath before she remembered to push back and breathe through it. The pressure built despite her efforts to follow Joe and Jess’s instructions, but just before she thought she would scream for them to stop, the head of Joe’s dick popped through the resistant rings. Relief at the sudden release of pressure only lasted a few brief seconds before it began to slowly build again as Joe continued to press his way inside of her.

“Oh, God!” She hissed out as Joe cursed.

“Fuck me. You’re tighter than I could have ever imagined. I’m not going to last, Jess.” 

“Hell! Neither am I.”

“Do something. It’s too much.”

Nessa wanted to jerk both of them up by their hair at that point. They needed to move. She couldn’t stand the slow buildup as Joe eased deeper inside her dark hole. She squirmed between them, earning her a soft slap on her ass.

“Be still, Ness. I don’t want to hurt you,” Joe said.

“Not moving is hurting me. Fuck me already. I can’t stand it.” Nessa couldn’t believe that she was telling them to fuck her as if she always talked like that. This wasn’t her.

At Jessup’s strangled chuckle, she knew he, at least, understood her frustration. Joe cursed and pulled almost all the way out then slammed inside of her again. She yelped but met him halfway the next time he pushed back inside of her. With each glide of his dick into her tight passage, his twin pulled out of her quivering cunt then rammed back into her as Joe pulled out.

“Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God.” The chant started under her breath but soon grew to a near scream as both men tunneled in and out of her over and over.

Jessup managed to slip a hand between them at some point and was rubbing lightly over her clit in a circular motion. It added fuel to the fire growing in her bloodstream until suddenly it was all too much and a pleasure unlike anything she’d ever known before exploded throughout her body. Fire raced through her veins as bliss hovered at the edge of her vision, threatening to overtake her at any minute.

She stiffened all over, tightening down around the men’s cocks and squeezing their orgasms from them in loud shouts and curses. Before the power of their mutual climaxes had begun to wane, they each sank their teeth into her shoulder at the same time and the lights went out for Nessa as pure ecstasy took away her ability to breathe. Just before she succumbed she thought she heard the howl of a wolf.

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