Choices (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,385
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Ménage and More: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, public exhibition, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]
Someone is stalking Caiden Hollier.  She’s tried to keep quiet about it to protect the others around her. When things intensify, she is forced to turn to Tyriq Bryant Silva and Micah Trace Allee for help.
Tyriq and Micah have been waiting for the opportunity to make her theirs. While they want to keep her safe, they are also determined to convince her that this isn’t just a fly-by night relationship. They want her for keeps.
As Caiden’s stalker gets more and more violent, her protectors are feeling the heat. Ty worries that the past will repeat itself and questions his ability to protect their woman. Micah fears that Ty won’t let the past go, and Caiden isn’t sure about anything, including the two men that are determined to dominate her every move. Can she trust not only her body but heart and soul to them?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Choices (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Choices (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,385
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




“What’s wrong with our girl?” Micah asked his partner as they watched all the color drain out of her face.

“Apparently, she didn’t like the note she just read. Wonder what it said.” Ty watched her. He’d been obsessing over her for a while now, though when it first started he couldn’t put an exact date on. She’d gone from a shy kid to a beautiful woman, and somewhere in between she’d captured his attention.

Not that she wanted it, Ty reminded himself. She couldn’t stand to be near him for any length of time. If he came into the center, she found an excuse to leave. He had his own ideas of why she kept her distance but none that he could prove.

“Maybe one of us should investigate?” Micah added.

“Are you volunteering?”

“Bro, you know if I was volunteering for something, it wouldn’t be to read some damn little note she had. Where in the hell did she get that dress?”

“What little of it there is, don’t you mean? God, she’s got my dick so hard I can barely stand up straight.” Ty tried to nonchalantly adjust himself, but it wasn’t any good. When his soldier was at attention, there wasn’t any way he could hide it.

“You and me both. Have you decided when you’re going to ask her out, or are you going to pussy out and leave it up to me?”

“I’m not ‘pussying’ out, asshole. Maybe she doesn’t want two men in her life—you know, not all women do.”

“We won’t find out if you don’t quit your damn lollygagging. Dammit, she could be sleeping between us tonight, but you’re too damn afraid to try.”

“How the hell am I supposed to bring it up to her, Mike? Caiden, Micah and I want to fuck you nine ways to Sunday. At the same time. How about it?”

“You’ve got to have more swag than that,” Micah insisted. “I’m getting tired of waiting on you, though.”

“Then why don’t you…”

“If I recall correctly, and you know I do, you told me under no uncertain terms that you were going to be number one. I had to settle for number two.”

“I hate you.”

Micah gave him a big, toothy grin. “I know you do, bro! I know you do. Now, think about marriage or granny porn, or something else that will make your dick go down so you can go talk to Caiden.”


* * * *


“Caiden, is everything okay?” She heard Ty’s voice before she saw him. She could feel the heat of his body soaking into her as he stood close to her. The aroma of his cologne was so light that she mostly smelt the man underneath. His black suit did little to offset the ruggedness he possessed.

“Uh, sure.” She gave him a half smile. “How about you?”

“Why do you look like death warmed-over?” he demanded.

Her heart broke a little at his comment. She knew she wasn’t classically beautiful like Hope. She wasn’t blonde, which she knew he preferred. Her eyes were a dark, forest green instead of Hope’s sparkling blue ones. Caiden’s figure was more luscious instead of the willowy figure of her sister. Her darker hair made her complexion appear even lighter. “Unlucky, I guess,” she answered shortly.

“What does that mean, baby girl?”

She cringed at the sharpness of his voice. Oh Lord, he made it sound as if she was in the wrong. He didn’t look like a happy camper! “Well, we can’t all be beautiful!” She watched her feet, not daring to look him in the eye. If she did, she might just have to smack him a little.

“Baby girl, you’re going to push me too far one day. I’m going to have you bent over my knee paddling that curvy ass.”

While the idea was very titillating, she couldn’t prevent the words that streamed out of her mouth. “You and what fucking army?” she snarled.

He actually laughed at her. The rich timbre drawing as many eyes as his attractive face did. “I won’t need an army, Caiden.” Long, brown fingers traced down the side of her face, smoothing a few loose tendrils behind her ear. “If I can’t handle you on my own”—he brushed his mouth against her ear—“then I’m sure Micah will help me.”

She felt her nipples harden as he touched her. He was adding fuel to the fantasies that kept her up at night. “Sure he would.”

 “I know that it excites you, doesn’t it? The idea of being between the two of us while we fuck you senseless and control your pleasure makes you wet for us, doesn’t it?”


“Liar,” he teased. “We’ll wait for you, baby girl, but don’t wait too long. You might not like the consequences.”

“What? You’ll beat me?”

“No, Caiden. You might not be able to walk when we’re done, but it won’t be because of a damn spanking.” His large hand rubbed over the cheeks of her ass before he slipped away. Just that little contact with him had her breathing heavy. How the hell was she supposed to stay away from them if he kept this up? She didn’t want anyone to get hurt!




Her head lowered, unable to focus on anything now but the continued blows that rained down on her ass. He wasn’t being gentle now. Tears began to trickle, but the pain was turning to pleasure with each new slap. Her body trembled and burned as she rubbed her pussy against his leg.

The rough touches were replaced with a softer rub. “Ah, baby girl, your ass is so red and pretty.” She was still trembling when his hands dipped lower, between her legs where he discovered what she already knew. Her pussy was soaking wet and her clit was hard.

 “So sexy, baby girl. You’re drenched,” he stated hoarsely as he slid a thick finger between her pussy lips. He stroked lightly over the slick flesh. He traced his finger around her clit then rimmed her entrance before sliding deep inside her.

“Please Ty,” she chanted as she neared an orgasm that seemed so far out of reach.

“Get up, Caiden.” When she refused to move, he delivered another short but stinging blow to her pussy. “Now!”

She struggled to get up on knees that shook to the point that she wasn’t sure that she’d be able to stand. Before she realized what was going on, Micah was at her back, holding her up while Ty shed his clothes.

Micah’s fingers seemed to have radar as they zeroed in on her nipples. With his arms wrapped around her, his fingers were free to pluck at her nipples. She could feel every inch of his hard cock at her back. She rocked back toward him, eager to feel more of him against her.

His mouth nuzzled her neck. “Love, you’re asking for more than you can handle. You’ve got two men ready to fuck you senseless, and you’re teasing both of us.”

“Paybacks,” she moaned as he nipped her neck.

“You’ll think paybacks when we’ve got you between us.” He stretched an arm down until his hand cupped her pussy. He lightly brushed his finger across her clit before sliding his finger down between her inner lips. Gathering her moisture on his finger, he didn’t stop until his digit was tapping at her anus. “Have you ever been fucked here, love?” He growled into her ear.

She shook her head wildly. She couldn’t speak right now. Thinking wasn’t even high on her priority list because at that moment, all she could do was feel.

“Look at Ty, Caiden. See how much he wants you?”

She struggled to open her eyes, but what she saw made her even more hungry for Ty. His long, black cock was as hard as marble. Wetting her lips, she watched him stroke over the swollen flesh. She longed to feel it in her mouth, to taste him as he fucked her mouth.

“Caiden, come here,” Ty demanded in a gravelly voice.

All at once, she realized that Micah was no longer holding her, but gently pushing her toward Tyriq. She knelt before his widely spread thighs. “Sir?” she asked as she watched his cock flex as he registered her submission.

His fingers cupped the back of her head as he drew her up to him. His mouth covered hers in a heated kiss. There was no gentleness now, but she didn’t want it either. She wanted him to overwhelm her with his passion for her, to dominate her like he did in her dreams. She lost herself in his kiss as his tongue thrust in and out of her mouth tempting responses she had no desire to deny him.

There was so much that she wanted to do to him, but he wasn’t allowing it. She wanted to taste his cock, to feel the length of him in her mouth, but he had other ideas as he drew her up until she was bent over and standing in front of him.

“Turn around so that Micah can watch us, baby girl.” He directed as he slid his hands between their bodies so that he could quickly roll a condom down his cock then held it up for her. “Sit right here.”

Her eyes caught Micah’s, and she gave him a sexy smile as she hovered over Ty’s big erection. “Like this, sir?” She wiggled her ass back against him, waiting impatiently to feel him fill her.

He rubbed his cock down her pussy slit, collecting her juices as he teased her before positioning himself at her entrance. He felt so big against her. Her toys didn’t come close to matching the length or width of either Ty or Micah.

She looked at Micah as she pressed down against Tyriq, barely letting him enter her before rising back off of him. She heard him curse, and it encouraged her to do it again.

Ty’s hands clasped her hips, his fingers holding her tight enough that it would probably leave bruises. She didn’t fight him as he pulled her until he was fully seated in her pussy. Whimpering, she’d never felt as full as she did right now, or so hot with Micah watching them.

“Play with your clit while Micah watches,” Ty whispered against her ear.

She hesitated for a moment, but as he slowly began to thrust into her, she let her fingers slide forward from her hard nipples to her even harder clit. She rubbed in feathery circles over the taut flesh while Micah watched her.

“Do you want to taste him, baby girl? Wanna feel his hard dick in your mouth?” Ty breathed against her ear.

She didn’t think of the possible consequences. “Yes!” Closing her eyes, she moaned as her arousal sparked even harder. “Please!” I need something in my mouth. She slowly moved up and down on Ty. She wanted to feel stuffed to capacity in any way they were willing to give her.

“Open up, love,” Micah demanded hoarsely.

Her eyes slowly slid open, and as they did, she found him standing in front of her. His cock was there, waiting for her. With a moan, she opened her mouth and sucked him into her mouth. The first taste of him had her groaning as she rubbed her tongue across his head. She swept up the bead of pre-cum before sliding him further into her mouth.

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