[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, ManLove, Alternative, Fantasy, Paranormal, Demons, Romantic Suspense, MM, HEA]

Dr. Amir Nadeem has only been in Brac Village for six months, moving there after his partner of ten years died. He’s trying to put his life back together, be a good father to his two little children, and even opens his own a practice in town. Things seem to be looking up until he runs into Deandre, a man who claims to be a demon, a protector of a city Amir isn’t even sure exists. 

Deandre met Amir on a hiking trail in Colorado, and is shocked when he discovers Amir lives in Brac Village. He becomes infatuated with Amir, and can’t seem to stay away, even when Amir pulls a shotgun on him and calls the cops. When sinister plans are put into place, involving Amir’s home, Deandre fights to keep the human safe, while exploring the deep attraction he feels toward Amir, and a family Deandre is hoping to be a part of.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Deandre (MM)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole
It’s always great when children are included. Dahl and Flynn are great, resilient children that help Deandre mate into a ready made family. To keep seeing the demon warriors finding their mates is heartwarming.


He froze when he heard the cocking of a shotgun.

“Tell me why I shouldn’t blow your brains out.”

Nothing came to mind, at least nothing the homeowner would believe. Telling the guy that he was there looking for a supernatural being would most definitely get him shot.

Not that Deandre would die, but it would hurt like a son of a bitch. He raised his arms and slowly turned around.

Mother fuck.


His hazel eyes widened as his jaw dropped. “You!”

Deandre shrugged. “I was after a ghost.”

The person he and Donny were looking for might as well have been a ghost since they knew shit about him.

“I’m calling the cops.”

“That’s probably a wise decision.” Deandre knew the cops in Brac Village, knew they were shifters. They’d understand why Deandre was there but would have a hard time explaining it to Amir.

He looked toward the little girl’s room to make sure she was still in bed and not witnessing her daddy ready to shoot the tooth fairy.

“Don’t you dare look into her room. You keep your fucking eyes on me.”

After the way Deandre had treated Amir on the trails, he was surprised Amir hadn’t shot him already, but he did lower his arms when they started to cramp.

Where the fuck was Donny? Deandre glanced toward the woods and saw his friend standing just inside the trees, watching them. Knowing Donny, he was getting a kick out of this.

Ten minutes later Sheriff Orlando Werth pulled up, getting out and looking between Amir and Deandre. “Lower your weapon.”

Orlando was a big, muscled sheriff with skin the color of creamy chocolate and an ease about him that made him a popular guy in Brac Village.

Amir took a step back and let the shotgun rest with the muzzle pointing toward the ground. “Caught him snooping around my house. Says he’s hunting ghosts.”

One of Orlando’s brows arched. “Is that true?”

Deandre was glad the sheriff hadn’t used his name. He didn’t want Amir knowing they knew each other. “Sort of.”

Deandre held his hands up, palms out, as he moved past Amir and met Orlando by his car. “Hunting some powerful creature who’s been helping the unseelie. Got intel he was here. Guess that intel was wrong.”

“Shit.” Orlando scratched as his bearded jaw. “How am I supposed to handle this?”

“Arrest me. It’ll put Amir at ease and get me out of here without getting shot.” He nudged his head to the side. “Donnchadh is with me. He’s in the woods. As soon as Amir goes inside, he’ll join me at the station.”

“And here I was hoping for a quiet evening. Turn around so I can cuff you. I’m gonna have to use zip-ties since your wrists are so thick.”

“Sorry for bothering you,” Deandre said to Amir, who had been watching them closely.

“How did you even find me?” Amir asked.

“Trust me. It was a coincidence. I won’t be bothering you again.” Next time they saw each other, Amir just might shoot. He had a family to protect, and Deandre didn’t blame him for arming himself.

Once the zip-ties were on, Amir approached, his steps cautious. Deandre was a big son of a bitch, towering over the guy, intimidating as fuck. He wished he could shrink down to remove the look of fear in Amir’s eyes.

“You need serious help, Deandre. You’re delusional, and more than likely dangerous. Please get the help you need.” His eyes hardened. “And if you ever come back on my property, the cops will be hauling your dead body away.”

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that.” Orlando opened the back door of his cruiser, and Deandre ducked down, cramped in the backseat. He had to lean his head to the side and his legs were pressed to his chest.

Thank fuck the ride was quick. Deandre peeled himself out, whacking his head several times. “You need bigger cars.”

“You need to be more careful.” Orlando slammed the back door. He spun his finger in a circular motion and Deandre turned around so the sheriff could cut the ties from around his wrists. Deandre rubbed where the plastic had dug into his skin. “Now tell me about this threat that led you to Dr. Nadeem’s house.”

Well, at least Deandre now knew Amir’s last name, for what good that did. “Phoenyx’s mate had an unseelie after him. But the fairy was too damn powerful to be working alone. We suspected he had help, and are trying to track down the person helping him.”


“Don’t know.”


“Don’t have a clue.”

“Then how in the fuck do you plan on finding him?” Orlando demanded. “If you have no clue what or who he is, how did you even get any intel? How do you even know it’s a he?”

“Now do you see what I’m up against?” Deandre leaned against the hood of the car and then quickly moved away when he heard metal denting.




Amir turned and looked up at Deandre, those soulful hazel eyes. “Do you think my house will be safe since you got what was there? Not that I want to continue living there, but I have to until I move.”

“I’ll have Panahasi put out the word that we retrieved the treasure.”

Amir chuckled. “I wish it had been treasure. That would’ve been fun.”

Deandre was trying his best to behave, but having Amir so close, those perfect lips right there… He dipped his head halfway, waiting for Amir to close the distance.

The human waited a few beats then pulled Deandre down by the nape of his neck into a full lip lock with tongue, groaning, and fuck, Deandre curled his arms around him and yanked him close.

When Amir jumped up and wrapped his legs around Deandre’s waist, it was a done deal. He moved swiftly through his apartment and went straight to his bedroom. He fell to the bed, taking Amir down with him.

Deandre hadn’t planned on seducing Amir, not tonight, anyway, not after the craziness at his house, but he sure as shit wasn’t turning him down, either.

“What’re we even doing?” Amir kissed along his jaw as he yanked at the hem of Deandre’s shirt. Deandre wiggled around until his shirt was off.

“I’m pretty sure you know what we’re doing.” Deandre scooted down the bed then removed Amir’s shoes, socks, pants, and underwear. He groaned when his lover’s cock sprang free, hard, thick, slapping against his stomach.

“I know what we’re doing,” Amir argued. “I mean, should we be doing it?”

Deandre didn’t answer Amir. He didn’t want him changing his mind. Not when he had a hard dick right in front of him that Deandre planned to devour.

“Should we be doing this?” Deandre curled his fingers around the base, Amir’s musky scent invading his lungs, as he parted his lips and drew Amir’s cock into his mouth.

Then he backed off.

Deandre began to toy with him, lightly stroking the man’s shaft, teasing his balls with just the tips of his fingers. Amir let go of a shuddering sigh as Deandre let his hands roam over the smooth, naked skin.

“Oh my god, yes! We should be doing this.” Amir writhed beneath him. Deandre looked up, and he saw Amir yanking his shirt off and tossing it aside.

When he slipped his fingers into the crease of Amir’s ass, he felt his lover’s moan vibrate deep inside his own body. His arousal throbbed with the need to bury his cock inside Amir. Deandre’s blood went molten, desire hot and possessive in his veins.

“Feed me your cock, sweetheart.” Amir’s hands were clumsy as he grabbed the base and held it firmly in his hand. That wasn’t exactly what Deandre was talking about, but at least the man was trying.

Poised over Amir’s erection, Deandre took the stiff cock into his mouth. He had to grab Amir’s hips and hold him down when the guy began to buck wildly. Deandre sucked at the broad head and delighted at Amir’s strangled moan as he slid his mouth all the way down to the base. Amir felt so good against his tongue, hot and earthy, as soft as velvet wrapped around a column of solid steel.

“D–Deandre,” Amir said on a shaky tone right before his entire body jerked and he came down Deandre’s throat. Deandre threw Amir’s legs back until his knees hit his chest. He sucked his lover’s cock until Amir was spent.

But he wasn’t finished.

Deandre worked his lips down to Amir’s balls, lapping at the wrinkled sac. He mouthed each one before his tongue smoothed over the flesh between balls and asshole. He glanced up to see Amir’s eyes dark with passion, throwing off an intense heat. His transformed gaze was hungry.

Using his saliva, Deandre inserted his index finger to the first knuckle. Amir’s body arched into his finger as Deandre moved it slowly in and out of the man’s ass. His human moved as if greedy for Deandre’s touch.

“I want to find out if you’re my mate,” he said, his voice rough and dark, almost unrecognizable. Deandre slipped a second finger into the man’s ass. Amir cried out, his hips jerking, his thighs trying to tighten around Deandre’s head.

He used his shoulders to keep Amir’s thighs spread wide apart. Amir’s face was wild with torment.

The sight of Amir falling apart was devastatingly sexy. Deandre’s cock began to throb as he thought about Amir becoming his. He leaned over the guy, his fingers still tucked tightly in Amir’s ass, as Deandre used his tongue to explore Amir’s mouth. Amir opened his mouth wide, feeding his tongue to Deandre as he thrashed around.

The man was unraveling Deandre’s senses as he shuddered and shook, his hands clawing at the sheets. The coil of need wound tighter as Deandre thrust a third finger into his lover’s ass.

He wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out. The pressure in his cock was becoming unbearable. He needed release.

Deandre removed his hand from Amir’s tight, hot ass. He slid from the bed long enough to finish undressing before joining Amir again. Amir’s hands slid up above his head as his fingers curled around the headboard. He opened his legs wide, a blatant invitation.

Locking his gaze onto Amir’s smoldering eyes, Deandre pressed the head of his cock against Amir’s tight ring of muscles, letting his natural lube do the rest.

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