Falling in Love with His Mate (MM)

Unwanted Mates 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,605
3 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Fantasy, Shape-shifters, Paranormal, MM, HEA]

Sammy has no time left. The leader of his new dragon clan wants him, a human, to take a new mate.

There's only one person Sammy wants, and though James is free and in no relationship, part of Sammy still feels guilty about choosing him.

About taking away his choices.

James does not love him, but they get along well enough, and maybe, in time, there is the chance they could be more.

James takes his responsibilities to his clan seriously, and now that he has a mate, everything must change. He will go to the ends of the earth to protect Sammy after what he's been put through, but when Sammy is hurt during a dragon fight on their first night together, it will test everything James knows about himself, and his new mate, before they can reach a place of peace together.

Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

Falling in Love with His Mate (MM)
3 Ratings (4.0)

Falling in Love with His Mate (MM)

Unwanted Mates 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,605
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“You shouldn’t be up here, little one.”

Sammy nearly pissed himself, and he wasn’t ashamed to admit it.

Turning, he saw a dragon shifter he didn’t recognize standing behind him. Tall, like all dragons, probably closing in on seven feet and with striking red eyes.

Red-eyed. That usually meant uncontrollable, extreme anger. The sort of anger that left Sam aching deep in his bones because he was definitely getting hit when a dragon had eyes like that

Hair dyes and contact lenses didn’t work on dragons, so it was his natural color. He wasn’t faking those eyes for the sake of the fight.

The male didn’t hit him. He didn’t yell at him, and he didn’t break his arm for daring to be in a place where he had no business being.

Except…his red eyes were kind, his expression calm, as though he worried Sammy would fall apart at any moment.

Maybe he would have.

The good-looking ones were usually the meanest.

“Are you all…gonna kill us?”

Some of Ian’s men were dead outside. Dragons could kill each other in proper dragon fights. It was known to happen, but Sammy wasn’t used to seeing it.

The male looked pityingly at him, and Sammy feared what his answer would be.

“No, sweet. Go back inside now. This is no place for you.”

The male brought Sammy indoors, made him sit on a chair he was never allowed to sit in and looked him in the eyes.

“You’re not going to try helping Ian, are you?”

Sammy didn’t know how to answer that. Was it a trick? If he said no and Ian found out, he’d be badly punished. But if he said yes and this male didn’t want him to, then he could be beaten or killed.


The male sighed. “Don’t answer if you’re afraid. I won’t hurt you. I know it’s not…ideal. My name’s James, by the way. Alex out there is the leader of our clan. We’re going to set you free.”

Sammy didn’t believe him, but it was a nice idea. He had to admit to that much.

Even if he wouldn’t know the first thing he could do with freedom.

James seemed to be waiting for something, and Sammy was lost in those strangely kind, red eyes. He wanted to sink into them, even if this was probably a trap and the man was faking his kindness. There was a side of Sammy that wanted to take the risk, that didn’t care, that wanted to throw himself at the man.

Could it be that not all dragons got red eyes when they were mad? He didn’t seem angry at all. No one could be that good at holding it back, could they?

“Thank you.”

That seemed safe enough to say. He wasn’t giving any particular amount of loyalty to anyone or anything, so he didn’t think he would get beaten up if the wrong side won.

James smiled softly at him, and Sammy’s heart fluttered in a way he didn’t know possible.

“Stay here. Or go hide. It’s up to you,” he said, then walked away.

He didn’t tie Sammy down to the chair. Didn’t threaten to break his fingers if he tried to leave. Didn’t even look back to make sure he did as he was told.

It was the strangest day of Sammy’s life.




“Sit down,” he said, gently pushing Sammy to do as he was told and sit on the edge of the bed.

James proceeded to get to his knees before him, holding on to the waist of his pants, and he felt an eagerness inside him that he’d never before felt when doing this.

“Lift your hips,” he said.

Sammy did as he was told, staring at James as though waiting for him to do something else. As if he couldn’t believe James would want to do this.

James had sucked off other males before, but it had always seemed like the polite thing to do. Something he would have to be a jerk to not want to do, especially when the deed had been done to him.

Because he always returned the favor.

But this was different. For the first time in his life, James was excited to give another male a blowjob.

Sammy’s breathing picked up when his cock sprung free from the confines of his pants, but he didn’t move otherwise. He didn’t touch himself.

“D-Dragons don’t normally do this,” he said instead. “Not to humans.”

That made James pause. “Would you see me differently if I did this to you?”

James wasn’t sure how he would feel about that, but he couldn’t have his mate believing

James was lesser for this, that he would be unable to provide and protect him just because he’d wanted to suck on Sam’s cock.

Sam blinked, his eyes suddenly a little clearer. “No! I just…dragons just don’t do this. I’ve never…no one’s ever…”

Again, James felt that aching sensation in his heart. He took Sammy’s dick in hand, slowly, steadily giving it long and teasing strokes.

From the head to the shaft and then a gentle touch to his balls to make Sammy’s head fall back and a pleasant sigh escape his lips.

“There’s a first for everything, isn’t there?”

Sammy was already thrusting his cock into James’s hand as though he’d lost his control the moment James touched him.

He didn’t even answer. Maybe he couldn’t. Perhaps he was already lost to the pleasure, and that was more than fine with James.

He leaned in, the sense of excitement still with him as he pressed his lips to the head of Sammy’s cock.

Sammy shivered and moaned, and James experimented by licking his tongue along the side, then the underside.

He tasted so good. James normally didn’t enjoy this taste, but he’d suspected Sammy’s cock would taste and feel wonderful.

He sucked the man down, deep throating him easily and without choking.

Sammy wasn’t small, but he wasn’t dragon sized either.

Which was fine. It was as though Sammy was made to fit perfectly into his mouth, for his tongue to slide along the shaft, to swallow down every inch of him that would fit.

“James, ohmygodJames!”

Exactly what he wanted to hear. Sammy’s hands came down and gripped tightly to his hair, his hips thrusting, losing all sense of control and that was exactly how James wanted him.

Loose and eager. Unafraid.

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