The Twin Pines Grizzlies Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Twin Pines Grizzlies 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 123,010
4 Ratings (4.0)

In Powerful Alpha, determined to pull shy loner Danny Jones out of his self-imposed isolation and turn his kinky fantasies into reality, hunky linebacker Matthew Edwards has no idea of the power their joining will unleash.  

In Driven Alpha, driven to pull preppy quarterback Brandon Sanders out of the closet and turn his darkest needs into mutual fulfillment, hunky Derek Simmons has no idea of the repercussions he sets into motion.

In Kinky Alpha, a sexy voice on the phone convinces Ryan to engage in some wildly kinky sex, but when Ryan meets the man behind the cream-worthy voice, their attraction is downright explosive. But Phillip isn’t an ordinary man, and Ryan isn’t certain he can handle everything Phillip wants to give.

In Devoted Alpha, in high school, Tyler reluctantly let Evan go because he was too young, but Tyler never forgot him. Given a second chance, Tyler claims Evan, but their bond unleashes a madman’s fury. The only way for Tyler to protect Evan is by forfeiting his life for the man he loves.

In Wicked Alpha, determined to show insecure Anthony Reed just how hot he is, Kevin Henderson goes after the gentle giant with everything he’s got. But when things get too intense, and Kevin’s insecurities are exposed, he realizes they have more in common than just a need for kinky sex.


A Siren Erotic Romance
Anitra Lynn McLeod is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Twin Pines Grizzlies Collection, Volume 1 (MM)
4 Ratings (4.0)

The Twin Pines Grizzlies Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Twin Pines Grizzlies 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 123,010
4 Ratings (4.0)
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Danny Jones was surrounded by football players. Sweaty and randy and insatiable. Walls of muscular flesh encased him, and big, strong hands bent his body this way and that, using him in whichever way they saw fit. As soon as he satisfied one guy, another took his place.

It. Was. Heaven.

No matter how diligently he worked, Danny couldn’t keep up with their lustful demands. Cock after cock filled his hands, his mouth, and the tight channel between his cheeks. A chorus of dirty talk echoed in the locker room as the entire team used him to ease their relentless sexual needs. They called him the waterboy, but he was really the team fuck toy, and he was loving every second of—

“Hey, watch where you’re going.”

The snarled demand wrenched Danny right out of his most frequent and favorite fantasy. He didn’t respond. No point, really, given that the guy he’d bumped into was long gone down the hall. He slumped his shoulders a little bit more and lowered his head to hide his eyes behind long strands of brown hair. Daydreaming while walking to the gymnasium wasn’t the brightest idea, especially not when doing so made him so hard he had to lower his duffel to hide his erection.

The school mascot, a blond-brown grizzly bear, face caught in a perpetual roar, emblazoned the side of his black and green duffle. The bear’s open mouth was right against his boner. Just like in real life, the only thing that even came close to his dick was make-believe. Still, he wouldn’t want a real bear near his privates, so the cartoon emblem was fine with him. What he’d really like to find was one guy who wouldn’t mind trading a blow job for a blow job. Hell, at this point, being twenty-one and still a virgin, he’d settle for mutual hand jobs.

“You’re late.” Coach Miller tossed him a stack of Day-Glo orange floor markers, which he caught only because he dropped his duffel. “Set these up for drills.”

“Sure, Coach.” Luckily for him, the coach didn’t notice his hard-on since he didn’t even look at him. Rather than being insulted, Danny was relieved. His main goal in the new school, Twin Pines College, was to stay the hell off everyone’s radar. To go unnoticed meant the likelihood of getting the shit beat out of him for being different would be pretty much nil, which was exactly what he wanted.

“And don’t forget to set out the towels and water.”

Danny nodded, but the coach didn’t see that either. The lord on high had issued his orders, and therefore, they would be obeyed. Or else. Since his scholarship was in part tied to his work as equipment manager, which Mr. Miller oversaw, staying in his good graces was not only smart, but surprisingly easy. Much like everyone else, the coach didn’t pay too much attention to him as long as Danny got things done.

Once Coach Miller exited the gymnasium with his all-important clipboard tucked into his sweaty armpit, Danny rolled his eyes. He knew exactly what he had to do to prep the area for team training. It was the same thing every time, and yet the coach was always reminding him.

“For crying out loud, I am the waterboy after all. If I forget the water, that would be a primary failure of my most basic function.” Danny stopped talking to himself when two team members came in the gym. Well, more like flew in. Their sneakers squeaked on the pristine, clean floor, and they were already in mid-conversation. They talked so fast he sometimes compared them to squawking magpies.

Tyler Morgan and Kevin Henderson. Both of them were hotter than hell, and they knew it. The two men had a lot in common. They were both first-string defensive guards, both blond with blue eyes, and both of them were outgoing. Frankly, the two of them were so cheerful and upbeat they were almost annoying. Almost. If not for the fact they were genuinely nice to him, he might have despised them. But it was hard to hate two guys who made Danny feel like a real member of the team. They’d even stood up for him when Dylan Peterson freaked out on him. Christ, all Danny had done was accidentally bump into the guy while he was getting dressed.

Using the lines painted on the hardwood floor as a guide, Danny placed the Day-Glo stickers in a staggered V pattern. When he was done, it looked like a drunken ladder. Rubber backings gripped up on the thick layer of varnish, holding them in place. When the men of the Grizzlies got here, they would have to double-time it through the maze of stickers, darting and weaving their way almost like skiers doing moguls. He loved watching them move, especially through this obstacle course, since even the baggiest shorts bunched up around their junk and displayed their tight buns.

Danny finished setting up the other items for indoor training while covertly watching Tyler and Kevin interact. To him, it seemed they had what he most wanted—an easygoing grace and ability to relate without the crush of self-consciousness. Danny would give just about anything to spend one hour in their shoes. How would it be to live a life where he wasn’t afraid all the time?

“You’re just jealous because you just can’t get a date, loser.” Tyler yanked his body-hugging T-shirt over his head, twisting his sun-bleached hair into a sexy-messy tangle.

“You got a date?” Kevin plastered his hands to his face in mock surprise. “How much are you paying her?”

“Fuck you!” Tyler tossed his shirt at Kevin, who ducked.

“No, sorry, your mom has me booked.” Kevin managed to get his T-shirt about halfway up his bronzed chest before Tyler tackled him. Lucky for them both, the mats were already out, so when the two men crashed to the floor, they weren’t hurt.




Once they had the gear stowed, they headed back to their dorm rooms to gather their personal gear. Afterward, Danny made a detour into one of the off-season sports equipment rooms.

“You realize that once we’re on the road, we won’t be able to do anything?” Danny asked.

“We can sneak away.”

Danny shook his head. “It’s an honor code violation.” He lifted his right hand. “As a representative of Twin Pines College, I promise to uphold the spirit of the school and blah, blah, blah. No alcohol, drugs, or sex.”


“Really. I could lose my scholarship, and so could you.” Danny flicked off the light. “So, this is going to have to tide us over for three whole days.”

In the dark, it was difficult to see what Danny was doing, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what he was up to, not when he grasped the top tab of Matthew’s jeans and yanked hard, popping apart the buttons, right down to the base of his cock.

“I knew you knew how to do that.”

Danny chuckled. “I like watching you wrench your pants open. It’s so fucking hot.”

Velvet blackness encased him as he felt Danny ease down the length of his body. He knew he was on his knees because he felt his hot, moist breath against his cock. Matthew shivered. Danny didn’t suck his cock. No. Danny worshipped his cock. Teeth, tongue, lips, even the sharp spikes of his after-five shadow were used to heighten Matthew’s arousal. What made the event even hotter was that Matthew knew his was the first cock Danny had sucked. Apparently, he’d perfected his technique via his kinky daydreams.

“Was this ever in one of your fantasies?” Matthew threaded his fingers through the length of Danny’s hair without disturbing his wanton work.

In between openmouthed kisses that led Danny from base to tip, he said, “Not quite like this.”

“Tell me.”

As he teased his prick, Danny told him one of his wicked imaginings.

“He was big, like you, and his body was drenched in sweat from playing one of the most physically demanding games ever.”

Easing his jeans down until Danny could cup his balls, Matthew pressed against the wall for support. He loved his dirty talk, especially when it echoed his movements.

“Furious at having lost, but realizing his body couldn’t stand any more physical punishment, he saw me gathering up discarded laundry in the locker room.”

Danny left off his tale while he bobbed his head over Matthew’s cock. Just when he was getting to the point of climax, Danny stopped.

“He ripped my pants off and pinned me down on the bench beside his locker.”

Visualizing what Danny described added to the increased tension. A blow job and a lusty story were a heady combination. Danny was a master of both.

“Prying my buttocks apart, he spit between my cheeks, then slid his enormous prick along the cleft of my ass.”

“Aw, fuck.” Matthew saw himself doing that to Danny.

“As he leans over me, I realize how big he is, but I’m not afraid. He’s angry, but not at me. I’m the only one who can soothe him.”

“Soothe the savage breast.”

Cupping his balls, licking them hungrily, Danny whispered, “Beauty and brains.”

“You’re surprised I know that quote?”

“That you know the correct quote, yeah. Everyone always says it wrong.” Danny was silent again while he bobbed his head.

“The others, do they watch?” Matthew was right in that imaginary locker room.

“They help him spit on his prick, slicking it up so he can fuck me.”

Matthew could picture a dozen hot guys spitting to ease the passage of one big cock into Danny’s perfect ass. He had no idea why it turned him on, but it did, and Danny knew it. While Matthew pictured the scene, Danny pulled back and spit lightly against the head of Matthew’s prick.

Gritting his teeth to stifle a growl, Matthew clutched the wall behind him, digging his fingertips into unforgiving drywall to try to keep his hands off Danny. If he touched him now, he feared what he would do. Pushed beyond arousal, beyond rationality, Matthew wanted to do to him exactly what he was describing in his story. Matthew wanted to bend him over and slide his prick between Danny’s perfect cheeks.

Sensing his dire need, Danny left off his tale and concentrated on sucking Matthew’s cock in and out of his mouth. Using his hands, one against his balls, the other wrapped firmly around Matthew’s shaft, he mimicked a deep throat that he couldn’t possibly pull off. But this, what Danny did, was better. Slicking his fist by opening his fingers and spitting gave sound to the image in Matthew’s head.

“I’m picturing you bent over that bench, with me spitting on my prick,” Matthew said.

Danny swirled his tongue around the crown of his cock.

“Ah, yeah, and I’m watching my prick ease into that tight and perfect ass of yours.”

Danny clenched his fist, lowering it slowly down, as if Matthew were sliding into him.

“Fuck, yeah, and you do that thing where you tighten and release your ass.”

Danny mimicked the motion by flexing his fist.

“I’m going to come, Danny. I can’t hold on.”

Matthew came in a gushing torrent. Danny didn’t miss a drop. Hauling him up, Matthew pressed him into the wall, kissing him wildly as he yanked at his jeans.

“I want these off, and then I want your sweet cock in my mouth.”





“Dude, I thought you were straight.” Derek Simmons, who was sitting next to Brandon Sanders on the Twin Pines Grizzlies team bus, scooted away playfully.

“Liar. You’re just cheesed he didn’t hit on you.” Kevin shoved Derek’s shoulder, pushing him across the bench seat into Brandon, who wrapped his arms around Derek and tried to kiss him.

Rather than duck away, Derek planted one on Brandon. It was something he’d been wanting to do since he’d met Brandon at the all-male college. If this had to happen in the middle of a bus on the way to a football game, then so be it.

Brandon’s mouth gave against his. When Brandon parted his lips, Derek almost lost his mind. Brandon tasted so good Derek went from soft to hard in less than two seconds. This close, the scent of Brandon’s expensive cologne filled his lungs and increased his arousal. Brandon always looked good, smelled good, and now Derek could confirm that he felt good, too.

All around them the rest of the football team was watching, but Derek didn’t care. After dreaming of the drop-dead gorgeous quarterback for months, if he got to kiss Brandon by playing gay chicken, that was fine with him. When Brandon not only kissed Derek back but cupped his strong, capable hand to Derek’s bulge, he thought he’d died and gone to heaven.

Brandon fondled Derek’s erection with the same finesse he used on the field. There was a reason Brandon was called the man with the golden hands.

Not to be outdone, Derek eased Brandon’s zipper down, exposing a thick prick nestled in black hair. Derek wrapped his fist around Brandon’s shaft and started to pump. Brandon moaned low and sexy. Resisting the urge to lean over and take Brandon’s dick into his mouth took all of Derek’s willpower.

“Holy shit!”

Derek had no idea who said it, but he agreed with the sentiment. Not once in all his fantasies had he dreamed anything like this. Darting his gaze to the window, which reflected their images against the darkness, Derek realized they were a visually stunning pair.

Beautiful black-haired Brandon with his pale complexion contrasted perfectly with Derek’s platinum-blond hair and darkly tanned body. East Coast preppy meets California surfer. While he and Brandon were all over each other, their teammates formed a protective circle around them, blocking them from the view of the coach and the other players.

If Derek had known openly challenging Brandon was the ticket into his tightly packed pants, he would have done this a long time ago. Countless times Derek had reached under the covers to stroke himself into oblivion with thoughts of Brandon on his mind. But this reality was so much better than any fantasy.

Brandon’s hand was big, strong, and dexterous. He knew exactly how hard to squeeze his fist, how to ease his palm up for a tugging stroke, and just how quickly to swipe the pad of his thumb across the tingling crown of Derek’s cock.

Had the bus not hit a dip in the road and jostled them apart, Derek was pretty sure that kiss and their grasping hands would have led to simultaneous orgasms. But the bus bounced, and the moment was ruined. Derek wanted to roar with frustration.

Breathing deeply, Brandon met his gaze with heavy-lidded eyes. “Later,” Brandon promised, tucking his beautiful cock back into black jeans that Derek wanted to tear his way into. That particular pair clung to every muscle the man possessed. They looked like they were painted on, and Derek wanted to peel them off. With his teeth.

“Bring it,” Derek offered, adjusting the prominent bulge in his faded jeans. Even as he postured like what had just happened meant nothing to him, he was bound and determined to make the dazzling quarterback his.

Derek had always thought he had an uphill battle, what with the assumption Brandon was straight. In his time, Derek had seduced a handful of straight guys, or at least guys who were secretly bi, but Brandon had always presented himself as so damnably heterosexual that Derek thought conquering him would be the gay equivalent of climbing Everest. However, that kiss, and the interrupted hand job, said Brandon was anything but straight.




“You want to suck my cock, pretty boy?”

Brandon nodded. And he did. His mouth was watering he wanted to suck him so badly.

“I can’t hear you.”

“Yes, Boss, I want to suck your cock.”

Pushing the duffel off to the side and angling it so it rested on the round end, Derek blocked the view, should the guys across from them wake up.

Derek was indeed on the verge of climax. His balls were high and tight, nestled close to his swollen prick.

“Suck it, pretty boy.”

Brandon didn’t need to be told twice. Leaning over, he took Derek’s prick into his mouth, sucking gently.

“Ah, yeah.” Derek tangled his hand in Brandon’s hair. “That’s my pretty boy with the best cocksucking mouth in the entire world.”

In Brandon’s lap, his cock twitched. All he needed was a stroke or two, and he’d come in a torrent, but it was clear Derek had other plans.

“Lap at my balls, pretty boy.”

Obeying his orders, Brandon cupped Derek’s tight balls into his palms, lifted them, then ran his tongue along the hairy sac.

Derek moaned low and deep, his massive body shaking the seat a little as he scooted down.

At this angle, Derek couldn’t thrust, which was a good thing as his cock was massive. Brandon could barely take his entire length into his mouth. Still, he tried to take more, which rubbed Derek’s tip against the back of his throat, choking him lightly, the sound of which drove Derek into madness.

“Ah, yeah, pretty boy, choke on my cock. You want to milk me dry with those sweet lips of yours, don’t you?”

Bobbing his head, Brandon agreed with that assessment utterly. He wanted to feel Derek spew hard down his throat. He wanted to drink so deeply of him he would know him right down to his soul. Brandon eased his probing finger under Derek’s balls, pressing firmly on the spot between his sac and his ass.


Against his will, Derek climaxed. Brandon continued to massage that spot, knowing that it would indeed pump his master dry.

Muttering softly into his chest, Derek tightened his fingers in Brandon’s hair. Derek wasn’t forcing his head anywhere. It was more an instinctual reaction to simply hang on against an onslaught of such enormous pleasure.

Once Brandon had drained him utterly, Derek pulled him up and kissed him deeply.

“You and your sexy mouth.” Derek grinned, stroking his finger over Brandon’s bottom lip. “You could bring your master to his knees with that skill.”

Pleased, Brandon blushed. He never had been much of a blusher, but he was around Derek and wasn’t quite sure why.

“Oh, God, that look on your face.” Growling, Derek kissed him again with such passion Brandon almost came. Whimpering now, his prick so tormented he was almost in pain, Brandon gazed into Derek’s eyes with plaintive appeal.

“Look at my pretty boy’s prick.”

Following Derek’s gaze down to his lap, Brandon thought his dick had never looked bigger. He was so hard the vein along the side was pulsing against the tautness of his shaft.

Lowering his head to whisper directly into Brandon’s ear, Derek said, “Would you like to stroke your cock while I watch?”

“Yes, Boss. Please.” Brandon made the foolish mistake of lifting his hand.

“Put your hand back at your side,” Derek snarled. “I asked you a question. I didn’t give you permission.”

Frustrated beyond belief, Brandon returned his hand to his side.

“Aw, poor baby. That cock does look painfully hard. Why, look, there’s even a tear at the tip like it’s crying.”

A drop of pre-cum hung on the edge as if his prick wept with abject frustration.

“Rock your hips, Brandon.”

Knowing it would only aggravate his situation but desperate to please and possibly get off, Brandon rocked his hips. The movement jostled his cock, smearing the pre-cum over his belly. Brandon quickly realized if he thrust up just right, he could rub the tip against his abs. Unfortunately, the contact wasn’t strong enough to get him off, not when his pre-cum lubed all the friction away.

“Are you trying to fuck against your own belly?” Derek snickered against Brandon’s ear. “So hot and randy you’ll even fuck yourself!” Lowering his massive hand, Derek held his palm about an inch above Brandon’s cock. “Can you feel the heat of my hand?”

“Yes, Boss.” Brandon’s instinct was to ram his hips up and hit that source of moist heat, but he didn’t dare. If he didn’t do exactly as Derek wished, he could punish him by refusing to let him climax at all. It was the possibility of greater torment that held Brandon still.

“Such a good, obedient little pretty boy.” Derek held his hand perfectly centered so that the heat radiated down over Brandon’s entire shaft. “Beg me.”

Eyes closed, Brandon whispered, “Please let me come.”





“I saw what you did on the team bus.”

“Did you now?” Wearing only a pair of loose boxers, Ryan Stone was slumped on his dorm mattress, cell phone propped against his shoulder, his gaze on a poster listing the rules of Beer Pong. Pulling the phone from his ear, he checked the caller ID again, but it still just said, “TEAMMATE.” Putting the phone back to his ear, Ryan playfully asked, “Who is this?”

“A teammate.”

A teammate with a cream-worthy voice, Ryan thought. As a connoisseur of anything auditory, Ryan knew sexy when he heard it. “Come on, give me a name. Or at least a hint. I don’t recognize your voice.” But the low rumbling was hot as hell. If Ryan had heard this guy talk before, he would have remembered. “At least give me a clue about what bus ride you’re talking about.”

After a long pause, Mr. Sexy Voice said, “The one where you masturbated while listening to Brandon and Derek.”

Ryan almost dropped the phone. “You were watching me?” And he thought he’d been so very careful. Ryan had taken up the entire bench seat behind Brandon and Derek, anticipating they would get freaky. He hadn’t been disappointed. He’d heard some raunchy talk in his life, but nothing like the stuff coming from the bus seat in front of him. Crude didn’t even begin to describe the conversation between two of his Grizzlies teammates.

“I enjoyed watching you very much.” Mr. Sexy Voice sounded like a guy who liked to watch as much as Ryan liked to listen.

“Had I known you were watching, I might have made it more worth your while.” During the bus ride home, Ryan had slumped across the width of the seat with his back against the window and his feet at the end of the bench. Pretty much how he was sitting on his bed now. He’d covered up with a huge winter coat so that he could get his hand down his baggy sweats without anyone seeing. By leaning against the seat back in front of him, Ryan was able to pretend to be asleep while listening to the low conversation between the football team’s quarterback and center.

“I’d like you to make it worth my while now.”

Mr. Sexy Voice wasn’t in the room, but with the compelling power of his voice, he didn’t need to be. Ryan wanted to do anything he said as long as he kept talking. Moreover, the thrill of doing something illicit had Ryan’s cock snapping to attention. “Would you now?”

“Yes,” Mr. Sexy Voice said. “I would.” His low, slow chuckle filled Ryan’s ear then went straight to his dick. “I want you to open your laptop.”

Game for just about anything, Ryan cradled his phone while situating his laptop across his belly. After practically every guy on the team came out of the closet on that fated bus ride, Ryan was dead certain he was indeed talking to a teammate. The burning question was which one. God. All the Grizzlies were beyond fuck-worthy in Ryan’s opinion. He couldn’t really be disappointed.

So, as much as he wanted to know exactly who he was talking to, Ryan also decided to enjoy the mystery. Listening turned Ryan on. That’s why that bus ride would be forever burned into his mind. He’d heard everything Brandon and Derek had said. Rough commands, dirty stories, erotic torment—all of it ended in a mind-blowing orgasm for the three of them. Hell, it sounded like this guy had gotten off, too, and that would make four of them.

“I want you to enter this ISP address.” Mr. Sexy Voice reeled off a series of numbers and dots.

Ryan entered the numeric string into the laptop. “What am I looking at?” All he saw was black.

“My camera is off, but I want you to turn yours on.”

Grinning, Ryan activated his webcam and waved at the little black smudge at the top of his open computer. “Can you see me?”

“Yes.” Mr. Sexy Voice paused. “Place the laptop on the table beside you. Angle the cover down so I can see your cock.”

It was as if this man knew Ryan had narratophilia. Nothing in the world turned him on like listening to dirty words, crude stories, or other people having sex. To have any one of those things delivered by a man with the voice of a god was pushing Ryan into orbit. In fact, he was so high he was in orbit around a totally different planet.

“Can you see me now?” Ryan asked, hoping he got the angle right. He waved his hand in front of his boxer-clad cock.

“Yes.” Long pause. “Now, I want you to think back to that bus ride. Do you remember how you sat there quietly masturbating to what Derek did to Brandon?”

“Fuck yeah.” Best stroke talk he’d ever heard. And with his kink, Ryan had heard a lot. “I’ve been masturbating nonstop to what those two did since I got back”

“Would you like me to do that to you?”

“You mean talk to me the way Derek talked to Brandon on the bus?” Ryan’s eyebrow rose. Whacking off like that would definitely be just about the kinkiest thing he’d ever done.

“Yes. I want to command you,” Mr. Sexy Voice answered.

Ryan considered. On that bus ride, platinum-blond surfer boy Derek erotically tormented the quarterback, Brandon, who was tall, dark, and handsome with the pale skin of a vampire. It was West Coast meets East Coast wrapped up in dirty leather kink. And now a man who embodied Ryan’s ultimate fantasy wanted to expand on that kink with his own unique twist.

“I’m all yours, Mr. Sexy Voice.”




“Ah, fuck.” Ryan almost lost it right then and there. “Let me come.”

“No.” There was no mercy in Phillip’s voice, only self-assured mastery, which only made Ryan more crazed. “I want you to make a fist.”

“I already have.”

“You’re angry. Good. That should make you even more determined to do what I say so you can climax.”

“Just tell me what to do.” Like usual, a split second after he spoke Ryan realized how rude what he’d said sounded. Softening his tone, Ryan whispered, “Please. Tell me what to do, Phillip. Please.”

“You are indeed a quick study.”

“I’m learning.”

“Place your fist right on the tip of your delicious cock.”

Ryan did as instructed. All the pre-cum slicked around his clenched fingers.

“Slowly lift your hips. I want to watch you fuck your fist.”

Rather than doing his usual fast and furious hand motions, Phillip had him rising up. Unique, and totally hot. Ryan tried to lift himself up with finesse, but his hunger made his movements jerky and uncoordinated.

“Picture your cock going into the tightest ass you’ve ever felt.”

“Ah, fuck.” Ryan didn’t think he was going to last longer than one stroke.

“Sweet, hot, dangerously tight.” Phillip paused. “And all slick from your pre-cum.”

If Ryan were a cartoon, his dick would have exploded. He’d never been so turned on. If Phillip told him to fling open the window and scream a series of vulgar words, Ryan would do it without hesitation. Right now he swore he’d do anything to climax. His balls throbbed, his muscles ached, and he was going to make his lips bleed if he didn’t stop chewing on them.

“My gorgeous hunk wants to come so badly, doesn’t he?”

Ryan nodded until he remembered that Phillip could see his dick, not his face. “Yes. Please. I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” Phillip asked archly. “I do like the sound of that. Right now I want you to keep sliding your cock into your fist.” After a moment of watching him comply, Phillip sighed. “That’s perfect. Fuck your fist for me while I imagine I’m fucking your ass.”  

Every muscle in his body was taut, helping to lift him up so he could pump into his clenched hand. As the crown pushed through the top, Ryan uttered a low growl. When Phillip echoed the sound, Ryan jerked up, shoving his cock out the top of his fist.

“You are glorious.” 

“I can’t—I can’t hold back any more.” Cycling every boring trivia fact through his mind wasn’t going to delay this orgasm.

Phillip let fly a string of dirty words.

Ryan reacted by fucking his fist as fast as he could. Sweat poured off his body as he thrust up. In his fury, Ryan bounced the tiny twin bed under his massive frame. Whoever lived below him no doubt heard the entire thing lifting up and slamming down into the floor.





Without help, Tyler Morgan was going to fail chemistry. Every time he started to grasp the math involved, there was some new relationship between electrons or ions or whatever the damn things were that put him right back to square one. Tyler knew he wasn’t stupid. He wouldn’t have made it to his junior year of college if he was. However, if he didn’t get help with this class, he was going to fail, and then he wouldn’t graduate.

“And then where will I be?” His worst nightmare would be to become one of those eternal students who just kept plodding along but never really got anywhere. More than anything in the world, Tyler wanted to finish his schooling, graduate, and then start working as an arson investigator.

Fire absolutely fascinated him. Ever since a demonstration during his senior year of high school, investigating arsons had been his dream job. And he’d mastered everything that went with his chosen field. Everything, that is, but for the finer points of chemistry. What irked him to no end was that he needed this class to get his degree, but he would never use these ideas in his day-to-day work. Knowing the details of how the electrons went together didn’t matter as much as understanding the chemical components themselves—and that he grasped. It was those damn details that tripped him up.

What made Tyler more frantic was that if he didn’t keep a steady C average, he’d lose his first-string spot on the Grizzlies football team. Next to learning all there was to know about how fires were set and how they accelerated, Tyler loved playing ball. The thought of not being with his teammates, not ever putting on his jersey and taking up his position as defensive guard again, made him desperate. Tyler would do anything. Even something that wasn’t quite kosher.

“Well, I’m not there yet,” Tyler reminded himself.

Brandon Sanders, the team quarterback, had been the one to suggest Tyler hire his roommate, Evan. Brandon said Evan was smart as hell and twice as hot. Tyler had rolled his eyes dismissively. He didn’t care what the guy looked like. But at least Brandon hadn’t assumed like everyone else that Tyler wanted to hook up with Kevin Henderson.

Tyler and Kevin were about as tight as two guys could be, but they didn’t have the hots for each other. Which actually kind of amazed Tyler once he found out Kevin was as gay as he was. In fact, during the bus ride to the Grizzlies last away game, damn near every guy on first string had come out of the closet and openly admitted to being gay. As incredible as it was, it also caused a lot of speculation about who was going to hook up with whom. Everyone just assumed Tyler and Kevin were already slipping each other the salami and now would fess up since it was all out in the open. But they weren’t. Kevin was a great friend, but he and Tyler were far too much alike to ever work as a couple. Besides, Tyler had much bigger issues to deal with, like his grades.

“Evan’s really brainy, and he doesn’t charge all that much.” Brandon wrote out Evan’s cell phone number.

“If Evan can get me a passing grade, I’ll give him a card for unlimited free blow jobs.” Tyler was that worried, but his joke barely cracked a smile on Brandon’s perfect face.

“I don’t think you’ll have to go that far.” Brandon handed over Evan’s cell number. “I don’t think he’ll demand sexual favors in exchange for tutoring you.”

“I don’t care if I have to sell a kidney, I’m going to pass this class.”

“Just call Evan. I think he charges seventy-five bucks an hour.”

“Yikes.” Tyler hadn’t realized getting some tutoring would be so expensive. “Hell, I could hire a hooker for that.”

“I thought you liked guys.”

“I do. And for seventy-five bucks I could afford two male hookers.”

Brandon laughed. “With your looks, I don’t think you’d have to pay.”

“Thanks.” Tyler had always banked on his appearance. Having thick blond hair and big, innocent blue eyes had never let him down before. It also didn’t hurt that he had the body of a sculpted marble statue and the hard cock of a porn star. Not like he was full of himself. Well, maybe a little. 

“And if you’re really pressed money-wise, I’m sure Evan would be willing to barter. He’s a really cool guy.”

Tyler had stuffed Evan’s number in his pocket, rushed to class, then called Evan as soon as the last bell rang. In short order, Tyler had a meeting with Evan in the library.

As he jogged across campus, Tyler tried not to think of how sexy Evan’s voice had been, even over the speaker of his crappy cell phone. This was business, not pleasure. But there was something also strangely familiar about Evan’s voice. Tyler chalked it up to the fact he probably had the guy in one of his classes.

“Keep your head in the game,” Tyler told himself as he entered the library. Good advice. And he was going to need it if the dark-haired hunk at the center table was Evan.


His short brown hair was slightly tousled, like maybe he’d just rolled out of bed. Evan’s black T-shirt draped over his muscular chest like a long-lost lover’s caress. For the first time ever, Tyler envied a shirt. When he dropped his gaze, he changed his mind. Seeing the way Evan’s jeans cupped a prodigious bulge, Tyler envied a pair of pants. Hell, he’d like to be Evan’s entire outfit from the nape of his neck right down to the cup of his knee.

What was that word that Brandon’s boyfriend used? Fuckalicious. Yeah. Evan was totally fuckalicious. And according to Brandon he was smart, too. Shaking his head, Tyler reminded himself he was here to learn, not score.




Evan was almost holding his breath, waiting for contact, and that’s what settled Tyler on how to begin the erotic torture of his virgin lover.

Leaning forward, Tyler lowered his face to Evan’s balls and breathed out ever so slowly.

“Oh, God.” Evan’s hands rose from the bench.

“Put them back or I’ll stop.”

With a frustrated sigh, Evan put his hands back over his head.

“Every time you move, I’ll not only stop, I’ll start all over again.” Tyler pressed his face even closer to Evan’s sac to ensure his hot breath caressed him. “Do you understand?”

“Y—Yes.” Evan’s thighs tensed, displaying the power of his body. 

Tyler was so riveted with the idea of controlling Evan he didn’t even bother to check out their reflection in the mirror. His focus was on doing exactly what Evan said he wanted. Tyler was going to get him super turned on and then keep him on that edge for as long as he could.

“I like that you don’t wax your sac. There is nothing as sexy as a hot, hairy, and hung guy.” Each word caressed Evan’s genitals with Tyler’s moist breath. Evan squirmed deliciously but didn’t move his hands. “Such a sweet sac.” Tyler extended his tongue and licked his way from the edge to the base of Evan’s cock.

Evan exhaled a long, slow oh of pleasure and parted his knees a bit wider.

“Technically you moved, but I’ll let that infraction pass.” Tyler licked him again, loving the taste of his light, clean sweat and the almost imperceptible shiver that rolled through Evan’s solid frame. “Holding still is more difficult than you thought, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” Evan swallowed hard. “Remember when I suggested an hour of this? I don’t think I’m going to last five minutes.”

“You’ll last as long as I want you to last.”

Evan’s plaintive whimper was the sexiest noise Tyler had ever heard. When he licked his way up from his balls and got to work on his shaft, Tyler saw a thin thread of sticky pre-cum trailing from the tip of his prick to the edge of his belly button. Reaching up, Tyler teased his finger over the filament, breaking it in half. Placing a series of openmouthed kisses on his pulsing shaft, he also slicked his fingertip around the crown.

“Tyler...” Evan’s voice trailed off with a breathless, wistful note.

“Yes?” Tyler upped his torment by continuing to kiss Evan’s shaft while stroking his head, but he added the teasing of a finger between his tight buns.

A groan rumbled through Evan, shaking the bench they were on. No words could ever convey how obviously enraptured Evan was, but those animalistic sounds made his torment clear. Tyler couldn’t help but feel entirely justified in being a bit full of himself, at least as far as bedroom skills went. In a matter of seconds, he had Evan at the edge, and now he was going to hold him right there.

“I want you to lift and spread your legs. Hold them wide by cupping the back of your knees.”

Evan’s rippled abs went taut as he displayed himself to Tyler. His beautiful body was perfectly balanced and fully exposed to Tyler’s continued erotic torture.

“That made your ass so tight.” Tyler slid his fingertip around Evan’s pucker, edging toward the center of the starburst.

Evan panted, but not from strain. With his physique, he could hold himself wide for half the day without breaking a sweat. What was making him breathe hard and tremble was holding still for the thoroughly tormenting caresses of Tyler’s hands and mouth.

“Such a tight ass and such a hard prick.” Straightening Evan’s cock with his fist, Tyler worked his tongue around his mushroom head, thrilled by the way Evan groaned. When Tyler cupped and tugged on his balls, Evan murmured a series of nonsensical pleading words. “I’m sorry, what was that?”

Right as Evan parted his lips to speak, Tyler slipped his finger into his ass. Wonderfully tight and terribly sensitive, Evan’s rectum clenched down hard around his digit.

“You like that?”

There were no words to describe the sound that filled the locker room. Pleasure, rapture, longing, lust—all of those noises merged into a cry that twitched Tyler’s prick against the bench. Eliciting that sound from Evan made Tyler so proud he couldn’t help but grin.

Babbling in incoherent groans, Evan held himself so perfectly still that Tyler knew he was terrified to ruin the game and cause Tyler to stop. Knowing that he had Evan at his mercy was heady, and yet Tyler realized the responsibility Evan had placed in his hands. Evan trusted him. And Tyler wouldn’t break that trust.

For as long as he could, Tyler held Evan on the brink of climax. Evan was so close to tumbling over that edge, but right as he started to fall, Tyler caught him and brought him back.

“Let me come. Please.”

Over and again Tyler tormented Evan, loving the way his longing grew. Loving the way his penis twitched. But most of all, Tyler loved the way Evan’s mouth parted with unspoken words, then grimaced with determination, then puckered with the obvious hunger to wrap around Tyler’s cock. As much as Tyler wanted to indulge that need of Evan’s, he was having more fun teasing him from below.

“I’m going to let you come, Evan.”

“Thank you. God, yes, Tyler, thank you.”

“But not now.”

Never had he heard anything as hot as Evan’s disappointed whimper.

“What I’m going to do is plant my cock right against your sweet ass.” Tyler sat up until the tip of his dick nestled between Evan’s buns. “And then I’m going to stroke my cock and your cock.” Tyler gave Evan a moment to picture what he intended to do. “And then I’m going to cream all over your virgin hole.” A low whimper thrilled Tyler. “And you are going to sit there, with your legs spread wide, and let me.”  





Anthony Reed almost bailed on the second away game of the season. Almost. What got him on the bus was the hope that maybe this time he’d hook up with one of his teammates. Everyone else sure seemed to be clicking. Left and right, guys were finding not only a fuck buddy, but apparently, a soul mate.

“So what the hell is wrong with me?”

Checking himself out in the one full-length mirror that hung on the back of the upper hall dorm room entrance, Anthony decided he wasn’t hideous. As a linebacker, he was built big and wide, but not excessively so. Yeah, he was muscular, but he wasn’t a freak or anything. He didn’t have gross veins sticking out, not unless he flexed really hard, and he didn’t walk around doing that. He also wasn’t an ass who flexed his biceps, offering people tickets to the gun show, so clearly, it wasn’t his body or his personality that was holding him back.

Maybe his fashion sense?

Anthony gave himself the once-over.

His clothing was pretty basic. Nothing too flashy and nothing too cheap. Pretty much he wore middle-of-the-road T-shirts and jeans. His only major indulgence was expensive athletic shoes, but he just couldn’t find cheap shoes in size twenty. And then Anthony considered his military-short brown hair and his blah-brown eyes that dominated his square head.

“Yep, there’s the problem. I look like a fucking narc. Or a wannabe cop.” Anthony tried messing up his hair, but the strands were too short to do much more than stand straight up. The only way to change his eyes was to get contacts, but the thought of sticking something in his eye on a daily basis gave him the shivers. Maybe he could get glasses. “Aw, screw it. I’m never going to win any awards for my looks.”

Anthony realized he had a head like a jar, the big, soulful brown eyes of Bambi, and the body of Rambo. It wasn’t an attractive combination. Nothing he could do in the next five minutes was going to change that. Anthony grabbed his duffel full of gear, his puffy winter coat, and tossed both over his shoulder. He stomped his way down the stairs then across the quad to where the team bus was warming up.

There was the usual chaos when all the guys descended on the bus en masse. Catcalls and vulgar greetings were the norm for this group, but Anthony didn’t bother to join in. He didn’t feel like a part of the team anymore. Not that sulking was going to help matters, but right now, he wanted to be alone with his thoughts. By the end of this trip, Anthony was going to figure out what he was doing wrong. And then he’d finally get some action. Lord knew if he didn’t get any soon, he’d end up married to his left hand. Maybe that was the problem. Weren’t lefties supposed to be evil or something?

“This seat taken?”

Anthony looked up and frowned. What the hell was Kevin Henderson doing wanting to sit next to him? It must be a joke. Everyone knew Kevin and Tyler were an item. 

“Hey, no harm no foul.” Kevin flashed Anthony a disappointed grimace.

“No, wait, it’s free.” Anthony shoved over to make room for Kevin. Maybe if he asked nicely, Kevin would give him the 411 on why he didn’t seem to be attracting anyone. Although, to be fair, that might not be Kevin’s area of expertise. The drop-dead gorgeous blond probably had to chase off members of both sexes with a stick. Shit. Kevin was so fine he probably had to hire bodyguards to protect his considerable assets.

“Hey, thanks.” Kevin shoved his duffel under the seat then dropped his big body next to Anthony. Damn, but when he landed, Kevin made the whole bus shake. Talk about rocking someone’s world. As a defensive guard, Kevin was a big guy. Probably stood almost six-five and topped the scale at two-fifty. All of it bone and muscle. For once, Anthony didn’t feel gigantic. At six foot six inches and three hundred pounds, it wasn’t often that Anthony didn’t feel like snarling, “Fe fi fo fum.” Frankly, the only time he felt normal was when he was around his teammates. And then he only felt normal size-wise.

There wasn’t a lot of space left on the bench seat, what with their two massive bodies, but Anthony didn’t care. Kevin felt really good mashed into his side. Additionally he smelled fantastic.

Kevin Henderson had won the hunkalicious lottery. Incredible body, the blond-hair, blue-eyed looks of a teen heartthrob, and he smelled like he’d just walked out of a cologne ad. Additionally, with his straight-A grades, he was no dummy. If any guy on the planet had the whole package, Kevin Henderson was that man. And Anthony was sitting next to him. And damn it all to hell if he didn’t feel completely unworthy. Maybe that was his problem. Who the hell wanted to hook up with someone with his self-esteem problems?

“Hey, guys, we have a slight problem.”

The echo of the words with his thoughts turned Anthony’s head toward the back of the bus.

Danny Jones, the equipment manager, clapped his hands and said, “Guys? Hey, listen up. The heating system is a little wonky, but never fear, I’ve brought blankets.” Danny started passing them around, but it became obvious there wasn’t enough for each guy to have one.

“We can share,” Kevin offered, and Danny tossed him a blanket. “Right?” Kevin asked, hitting Anthony with his big baby blues.

“Uh, sure.” Frankly, Anthony didn’t mind. Sitting under a blanket with Kevin sounded like a lot more fun than sitting under one alone. Besides, if Anthony got really cold, he had his puffy winter coat. Or maybe he and Kevin could make out. Yeah, right, and maybe when they got to Lone Pine they were going to figure-skate rather than toss the old pigskin around.

Over their laps, Kevin fluffed a fleece in black and green, the team colors, and then settled his arms under the blanket.

“This won’t be so bad.” Kevin flashed him a smile that practically had the power to melt his underwear.




“Ah, look at your hungry eyes now.” Kevin let his trousers and underwear slide down to his ankles then kicked them aside. He stepped close so that Anthony was staring directly at his prick. “Now you have the eyes of a starving orphan. Obviously you love the idea of sucking my cock but dread the thought of trying to sleep with your balls throbbing.”

Anthony was almost in tears at the thought. He’d suffered through a four-hour bus ride, another hour at the pizzeria, and then the walk back with the plug teasing him. He was so primed he was surprised he didn’t blow his load as they returned to their room. After all of that, Anthony thought that once they were alone, Kevin would release him.

“On the other hand.”

Hope filled Anthony’s desperate body.

“Keeping you keyed up would not give you the best night’s sleep.” Kevin drew a deep breath as he considered. “If I let you climax now, I imagine you would sleep like a baby.”

Anthony held so still he held his breath.

“Would you like that, my boy?”

“Yes, my lord and master. I would do anything.”

“Ah, you are ever the willing wanton. Such an eager boy. Show me what you can do with your mouth. Suck on my finger and show me.” Kevin extended his finger even though his prick was right there. Anthony teased his tongue around the tip while looking right into Kevin’s eyes.

“That’s it. I want you to beg silently for my cock with your hungry eyes and mouth.”

Anthony gave his finger the blow job of the century. He even simulated choking noises since he’d read that men liked that. Frankly, he didn’t know. He’d never sucked a cock or had his sucked, so he was winging the entire thing. Anthony decided he was doing a good job when Kevin’s cock twitched and pre-cum pearled at the tip.

“You are most talented with your virgin mouth.” Kevin withdrew his finger then traced the wet tip over Anthony’s lips. “If you are a very good boy, who sucks my cock until I’m dry and cleans up every drop, why then, I might”—Kevin paused dramatically, his finger placed perfectly in the center of Anthony’s puckered lips—“I might release you.”

Anthony hadn’t been asked a question, so he couldn’t answer, but in his eyes he begged for the possibility of might. He would take the possibility of might rather than the definitive answer of no. Even if Kevin teased him for another hour, a might was so much closer to yes than a no could ever be. Right now, Anthony swore he would do anything to get closer to yes.

“Do you want to do that for me, my boy?”

“Yes, my lord and master, I want to do that for you.”

“What, exactly, do you want to do for me? You must be very clear when you are making promises. I will hold you to your word.”

“I want to suck your cock until you are dry, my lord and master. I want to clean up every drop.” 

“You want me to violate that sweet, virgin mouth of yours?”


Kevin parted Anthony’s lips with his finger and then slowly lowered his cock until the tip was a bare breath from his mouth. As much as Anthony wanted to close the distance, he didn’t. Kevin was in charge. If he wanted to drag this out for another hour, Anthony had to let him, even though the delay would probably make him certifiable.

Slowly, Kevin lowered his prick to Anthony’s waiting lips then eased the knob inside the hot hollow of his mouth. A burst of sweetness surprised Anthony.

“You thought I would taste salty.”

Unable to nod, Anthony blinked.

“Pre-cum is sweet.” Kevin’s smile turned positively masterful. “But the salty will come.”

Anthony couldn’t help himself. He cracked a smile at Kevin’s pun, which tightened his lips over his shaft.

“Ooh, you are sweet, my boy. So very charming with that smile despite a mouthful of your lord and master’s cock.” Kevin moved incrementally closer, which eased more of his length within. “Another piece of your virginity claimed.”

Relief and pleasure caused Anthony to blush madly. He’d waited so long for this moment, and found that Kevin was truly worth his long and lonely vigil.

“Now, my boy. You will do to my cock exactly what you did to my finger.”

Determination to please his master was all Anthony knew. He wanted to taste the salty bliss of Kevin’s release. He wanted to hear him utter inadvertent noises of pleasure. Anthony wanted to please him so completely he never would turn his gaze upon another. In this way, Anthony swore he would lay claim to Kevin. Despite the fact he was on his knees, his position terribly submissive, he would rule Kevin for the time he had his beautiful prick in his mouth.

Hungrily Anthony worked his lips and tongue over the head of Kevin’s cock, darting his gaze up to gauge Kevin’s reaction. For a long while Kevin watched him work with almost clinical detachment, but when Anthony lifted his hand and teased his fingers over his sac, Kevin’s lids lowered, and a blissful moan escaped his parted lips.

Slipping more of his length into his mouth, Anthony simultaneously teased his middle finger back behind Kevin’s tightening balls to rub his sweet spot.

“I should have known.”

Anthony’s uplifted brows asked the question.

“That you were smart enough to not only observe what I did to you, but apply those same tricks to me.”

Smoothing his finger around that spot caused Kevin to part his legs and stabilize his stance.

“Hold your head still for a moment.”

When Anthony did as instructed, Kevin rocked his hips, slipping his cock in and out of Anthony’s willing mouth.

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