Shadows on Ice (MM)

Warriors of Sage 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,264
6 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, M/M, HEA]

Ice, a white Siberian tiger shifter, finds love in the most unlikely place after returning home to Siberia to exterminate a madman. Dima, an Arctic fox shifter, is the brother of Ice's first love, who was killed by Dimitri Petrovsky...the head of Stronghold, and a deadly enemy.  

Between them they must unravel the plot to wipe out shifters in Russia and rescue a group of shifters in need before Dimitri's sick plans become a reality.  Ice has a secret, though...Dimitri is his father, a man who threatened to murder his own son when Ice came out as gay. Fifteen years later, Ice is determined to find out what Dimitri's problem is and stop him from his murderous plot.  Can Ice and Dima succeed?  Their journey takes them to the heights of passion and utter terror as their investigations uncover even more disturbing details. 
Is Dima's love enough to cast light over the shadows on Ice?
Shadows on Ice (MM)
6 Ratings (4.7)

Shadows on Ice (MM)

Warriors of Sage 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,264
6 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Ice gently eased Dima off him, laying the fox shifter onto a bedroll beside the fire. He stared at the younger man, bemused by him, feeling conflicted. He was here on a mission. Possibly a suicide mission, since he was here alone and tracking someone who had a serious arsenal at his disposal. He was also going against Ryder’s orders.

Getting involved with someone, as he just had with Dima, was a huge mistake. But he couldn’t help himself. Dima was…delightful. A balm to his soul, a drug to soothe his lonely heart. He thought they might be mates. He couldn’t believe how much he wanted that to happen. To claim Dima as his.

He couldn’t believe, either, how sexy the man was. Silken skin, an ass that had clutched him like a velvet-coated vice, and those amber eyes, big enough to drown in. He shook himself, scowling. He was letting himself become distracted, but he didn’t want to let the man go either. He’d almost claimed Dima, had been so close he’d had to pull back. It would leave Dima vulnerable to be mated to him. Ice. Aka Viktor Petrovsky.

He’d already lost one good friend, and his first lover, Yuri. It had left deep scars on his heart. On this mission there was a very real chance he’d be losing a lot more. If this assignment was already compromised, despite the secrecy, then they had a traitor in their midst. Which meant he and Dima were very much on their own right now, since they couldn’t call in any back up until they figured out who the mole was. And then silence him for good. Ryder and his fellow Warriors were trustworthy, but they couldn’t save him out here.

He readied their meals, heating the MREs they’d ditched earlier for the hottest sex Ice had ever enjoyed. Dima was responsive as fuck, and gorgeous to boot. Ice still tingled from the force of his release and was eager to repeat the experience…many times over.

He heard Dima awaken and smiled at his lover. “Hey, sleepy, dinner is served.”

Dima sat up, looking confused, then he froze, wincing in pain. He glanced at Ice sheepishly and blushed furiously. “You pack a punch,” he said, rubbing his ass ruefully.

Ice laughed at him and leaned closer, kissing his lover hungrily. “So do you,” he retorted, grinning. “Grab a pile of snow, and sit on it,” he suggested. “That’ll help.”

Dima grimaced. “No, that’s okay. I don’t fancy frostbitten nuts,” he said. He looked at himself, now clad in black sweatpants and a fleecy shirt. “Thanks for the loaner.” The arms and legs of his outfit were rolled up several inches to accommodate his shorter reach. He was warm, but looked a little ridiculous.

“Least I could do since I ruined your trousers,” Ice said with a wink. “Here, eat this. We need to wait here for a while longer. Until nightfall.” He glanced outside. “Should be about an hour or so.”

Dima dug into the stew, eating quickly, then patted his flat belly once he’d finished. “Thanks again.”

“I usually feed my dates.” Ice grinned. “Usually before sex.”

Dima looked hurt. “That’s what this is? Just sex?”

Ice returned the look, now serious. “That’s all it can be for now. My mission here is exposed, and I have no idea who our leak is. This was supposed to be off the grid, but those guys back at the compound knew. No way they realized I was there otherwise. I can’t risk you being hurt if you’re linked to me.”

Dima searched his gaze. “Does that mean that if we weren’t in mortal danger, we’d be exploring a longer relationship?”

Ice blinked at the question, tilting his head as he contemplated his answer. “I don’t know,” he responded truthfully. “I’ve been alone for so long, I don’t really know what it’s like to have a relationship. Usually it’s one-night stands. No commitment.” He stared hard at Dima. “I feel…different with you.” He smiled wryly. “I’ve never made love to anyone before you. It was always just sexual release. Nothing more.”

“You and Yuri dated, though, didn’t you?”

Ice laughed. “No, sweetie. Yuri and I fumbled around, not knowing what the hell we were doing, after watching a couple of gay porn movies on the sly.” He shook his head. “We were more friends with benefits than anything else. Best friends.”

“You’ve graduated,” Dima teased, rubbing his sore butt again. “I’m glad it was good for you.”

Ice lifted his lover right off the ground, into his lap, and began kissing him again. “It was fantastic for me,” he retorted, eating at Dima’s lush lips greedily. “You’re sweet and delectable and highly addictive. Dangerously so,” he whispered.




They fell to the cold ground, Ice cupping Dima’s taut ass, kneading the firm globes urgently. Their mouths were fused together, bodies humping as they fought to get closer still. “Need you,” Ice muttered, scoring a hole in Dima’s black pants, right up the back crease, baring Dima’s backside.

“No lube,” Dima said, then cried out as he felt himself lifted. His pants were ripped off and his legs spread wide before Ice began to jack off furiously. A moment later, with a low grunt, Ice came, spattering cum over Dima’s buttocks and groin. He scooped up thick loads of cream, smearing it over his fingers, then along Dima’s crease. Another scoop, and Dima’s hole was anointed, then a thick finger probed gently at his rosebud.

“You’re tight, baby,” Ice growled, chest heaving, his face flushed with passion.

“Don’t talk,” Dima begged. He needed this. So much. He wanted Ice inside him, like in his dreams, but so much better. He felt the pull and wanted the man more than anything. Then, if the worst happened, he could die happy.

Ice laughed a little, stretching Dima carefully, gently. His other hand pumped Dima’s cock languidly, creating a delicious friction, his fingers slick with natural lube. Dima’s hips moved in time to Ice’s fist, and he made tiny mewling noises, undone by Ice’s care and attention. Minutes passed, with Dima lost in the intimacy of what Ice was doing to his body. Leaning down, the big shifter began kissing him again, urging Dima to relax. The blunt tip of Ice’s cock, already plumped up again, pushed at Dima’s hole, and he winced as it punched past the ring of muscle guarding his entrance. Slowly, carefully, Ice maneuvered deeper, all the while murmuring soothingly, as he would a nervous colt.

Dima whimpered, his chute burning as Ice pushed deeper still. He felt as though he was being split in two, the pain almost too much. Ice was packing, and Dima had been through a dry spell…a long one. He buried his face in Ice’s neck, inhaling the man’s scent, trying to relax.

“Easy, baby,” Ice said, pausing. “Try to push out,” he added. “It’ll make it easier.” 

“I’m sorry I’m being a wimp,” Dima said. “It’s just…”

“I’m your first?” Ice asked shrewdly.

Dima nodded his head helplessly, feeling tears threaten, then overflow, soaking Ice’s skin. He had been scared of what he was, terrified he’d be discovered. Dimitri and his kind had done their work well, drumming into everyone what would happen if they found any filthy gays. Dima had lived rough for years, and in the closet all his life. There had been few opportunities for anything like this. The fact that he’d been living in the wilds for so long, isolated from society, had meant opportunities to find love had been sparse to say the least. Not to mention he’d dreamed of being with Viktor. He’d fantasized that Viktor would return.

Ice let loose a sigh and shifted Dima so their gazes could meet. “Little one, you should have told me. Are you okay? The pain will ease, I promise you.”

Dima licked his lips, feeling Ice so deep and filling him to the hilt. “It’s just that I dreamed of this, for so long. And now you’re here. I’m overwhelmed.”

Ice stared at him for a long moment, then blinked slowly. “I didn’t know,” he said carefully, tilting his head a little as he contemplated Dima’s flushed face. “You were only a child when I left. My friend’s little brother.” He grimaced. “I certainly didn’t fantasize about you in this way.”

Dima giggled despite himself. “I’m glad,” he replied, gasping as Ice gave a short, sharp thrust. Pleasure filtered through the pain, and he moaned, dragging Ice in for another kiss. “Stop talking,” he ordered, feeling Ice’s chuckle against his lips.

Ice obeyed, moving slowly, languidly, making love to Dima in a way that had the fox shifter’s eyes crossing, his senses completely attuned to his lover’s as they writhed together, ignoring everything but these stolen moments of pleasure.

“I didn’t expect to find this in darkest Siberia,” Ice muttered, nipping at Dima’s lips teasingly as he surged against Dima, filling then retreating, continuous as the tide. “You’re amazing. Gorgeous, sexy, and so responsive.”

“Ditto,” Dima retorted, sighing in blissful torment as Ice nuzzled down Dima’s throat, his fangs grazing the tender skin there. Dima held his breath, then released it on a gasp as Ice began to move faster, angling his thrusts so he nailed something inside Dima that had him crying out. Damn! 

“Ready for the finale?” Ice asked, not waiting for a reply before he spread Dima even wider, his hips surging in powerful strokes, nailing Dima hard each time, then gave a low, throaty growl and released his load, deep inside Dima’s clenching chute.

Shuddering, Dima felt his lover jerk against him, felt the warm fluid filling him, and cried out again as he came as well, painting Ice’s abs with semen. Rolling, Ice let Dima sprawl along his bigger frame, stroking Dima’s back gently, still joined.

“Are you okay?” he asked huskily, kissing Dima’s forehead.

“Never better,” Dima responded drowsily, utterly sated. “Can we do that again, soon?” He felt the rumble of Ice’s laughter again before tumbling into slumber.

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