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I’m a cliché. Fourteen years ago, I was a poor, small-town girl who fell hard for Saxton Cavendish, the richest man of the county. But what I thought was the beginning of my fairy tale was just a summer fling to him. Saxton is Were, a Direwolf soon to become the alpha of his very secluded pack. I didn’t know it at the time, but now he’s exactly the person I need to find the Great Sorcerer. The man I’ve been living with and the most powerful Meteran known to mankind.

After fourteen years, Jade Channings walks her mouth-watering scent into my security firm and has the nerve to ask me to find the man she left me for. I don’t care much for magic-weavers, but since she vanished, I have questions. And Jade Channings owes me answers.

Be Warned: anal sex

Reunited (MF)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

After getting ready for the day, I grab the last two mini beef Wellington from the fridge and slide them in the microwave. After the reception, someone delivered sixteen yummy bites. There was no card, but I know Saxton sent them. I had two every day, and today are my last two, so I savor them slowly and to the last crumb. I don’t know how to forget him. He wants me. I’m a virgin, but I’m not a nun nor an idiot. My chest tightens as I wash my plate.

Maybe it’s for the best. Saying we’re not from the same world doesn’t even begin to cover it. Our suns are not from the same orbit. I wipe off my tears, splash cold water on my face, and take a deep breath.

It’s my day off, so I do what I usually do and head to the library.  As I step inside the old building, the AC makes me shiver.

I wave at the willowy woman behind the counter. “Hi, Mrs. Green.”

She grins. “Hi, Jade.” She peeks at her watch. “I’m closing in a couple of hours, but…” Her smile widens as she grabs three thick books from under the counter and slides them toward me. “… I’ve got you these. I think you’ll like them.”

The librarian is one of my favorite people. She’s kind, funny in a nerdy way, and we both share a love of reading. The library—deserted as usual—is one of the few places where I can breathe, diving in stories and worlds where I can be someone else.

My steps are muffled by the carpet as I stroll to the back of the old building. I head straight to the hidden nook where a well-used armchair stands under the window most people don’t know exist.

After kicking my tennis shoes off, I curl into the comfortable armchair, set the alarm on my cell, and open my book, ready for my next adventure.

Page ninety-one. My skin breaks into goosebumps. Someone’s here. I whip my eyes up, expecting Mrs. Green. And my heart stops for a second before charging against my ribs. Saxton.

He stalks toward me, and my heartbeat is so fast, it’s all I can hear. He kneels before the armchair and strokes his fingertips from the top of my cheek to the corner of my mouth, leaving a heated trail that makes me shiver.

His voice rolls between us. “Jade, baby.”


My whole being crashes against the magnetism of his, and I lose my breath. I’ve missed him. So much, my heart hurts. I jerk forward and mash my mouth on his.

When he shifts back, and cups my cheek, tears press behind my eyes.

“Saxton, please…” I don’t know what I’m asking for. I just want him. Need him.

“Baby, fuck.”

His hand wraps around my nape, and I barely register the thump of the book hitting the carpet. Scooting to the edge of the armchair, I curl my legs around him. He thrusts his tongue in my mouth and licks mine in slow, deep motions while I cling to him, quivering as my skin burns.

When he pulls out of the kiss, I claw into his shoulders. No. Please.

His breathing is as rough as mine as he cups my face, and his voice fans on my lips. “Baby, I can’t. I fucking can’t.”

As he leans back, I fist his t-shirt and shake my head. “Why not? Saxton, stay…”

The next second, he’s on his feet and walks away from me.

I leap from the armchair. “Saxton. Wait.”

When he stops, desperate to keep him with me, I throw my arms around his waist. “Tell me why we can’t be together. Is it because I’m poor?”

He shakes his head while his jaw clenches, but he doesn’t push me off, so I tighten my arms and try to smile.

“All right. My name’s Jade Channings, I graduated top of my class. I’m a Gemini and my Moon’s in Scorpio. My favorite dessert is anything chocolate. My favorite color is orange, and I love that it doesn’t rhyme with any other words. I’m not really into sports, I prefer reading. I have no artistic talent, but I love singing badly. And dancing.”

Saxton’s lips twitch a tiny little bit, so I take a breath.

“You have the most amazing eyes I’ve ever seen. Your turn.”

His gaze drills into mine, and my heartbeat takes flight. “Jade—”

I grin. “Yes, that’s me. But your name’s Saxton Cavendish. You’re twenty-six and you drive a black truck.” The small smile curving his sexy mouth makes me brave. “I like you. I really do. And you must like me a little, because you’re here.”

His warm hands frame my face, and as he leans in, I hold my breath.

“Baby, this can’t happen. You and I—”

No. I smash my mouth on his and pour everything I feel into the kiss.

He groans, plasters me against him, and the salt of my tears mixes in our kiss. He rips me off him. Again.

As he strides away, I wait until my heart stops breaking, then pack my books, and put my shoes back on. Numb, I make my way out and wave goodbye at Mrs. Green.

Once home, I burrow under my thin duvet and cry myself to sleep.

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