Two Wolves and a Librarian (MFM)

Werewolf Castle 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,743
4 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, fisting, spanking, flogging, whipping, sex toys, HEA]
Magnus Adler and Kiril Engel have spent two years searching Germany for their mate. Is Flynn Jensen, a librarian with untidy brown hair and pale blue eyes hidden behind glasses, The One? And how can they find out without letting her know that they’re werewolves, and where they really live?
The Alpha has sent them to Stuttgart to prepare a house for him to attend the inauguration ceremony for the new Supreme Alpha of Europe. How can they obey their Alpha and still spend enough time with Flynn to see if she is their mate? They’re desperate to get to know her, but so much is happening all around them it’s hard to find the time. And there is danger, too. The Alpha values his privacy very highly and other packs want to know more about him. Will their time here run out before they know for sure?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Two Wolves and a Librarian (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.0)

Two Wolves and a Librarian (MFM)

Werewolf Castle 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,743
4 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This book started so well! It was full of promise & I thought the girl in it would at least stand up for herself & want detailed answers to her questions but nope! Argh!




She liked the look of the big man walking up to her desk right now, too. He wasn’t a local. Or, at least, he wasn’t a regular to this library. There was no way she’d have forgotten him if they’d ever met before. He was definitely over six feet tall, with a solid muscular build, broad shoulders, slightly waving black hair, and deep blue eyes.

“Can I help you?” she asked, thinking of ways she’d be very happy to help him, and he could help her, too.

He focused his gaze on hers and sent blood rushing to her cheeks. “I’d like to look at some tourist information please. I need to find accommodation for some friends of mine who don’t want to stay in the heart of Stuttgart, but the information bureau has no brochures left and sent me to you.”

Flynn cast a quick glance around the library, but there were no people wanting to borrow books right now, so she left her place and took him across to the local history section, showing him the information they had. She wished she could stay with him while he searched. Likely she could find the information he wanted in a few minutes, but she wasn’t supposed to leave the front desk for extended periods so she sighed internally. “I have to go back to the desk, but if you need any more help, please just come and ask.”

“Oh, I’ll be back. You can count on it,” Mr. Handsome replied.

Flynn knew he was just being polite but she couldn’t help smiling at him anyway.

Today was Tuesday so the library closed at seven. Thursdays to Saturdays it closed at nine and Sundays it only opened from ten until five. As well as rotating through each of the workstations, the five librarians also shared the extended hours and weekend shifts, each taking their time off in turns so there were always three of them at work, as well as a couple of library technicians. Flynn didn’t mind the shift work. It didn’t bother her to work on weekends. It wasn’t as though she had much of a social life. Apart from a few friends who she’d meet up with for lunch, or coffee, or a movie, from time to time, all the rest of her activities only required her e-reader, her sex toys, and her imagination. Although she did return to the national park at dusk, wondering if she’d ever see them again sometimes.

Them. Two most amazing wolves. Wolves with golden-brown coats and liquid black eyes. Wolves so stunningly beautiful and so self-possessed they could have been people. Wolves that encouraged her to believe all the paranormal shape-shifter romances she’d read were real. Nothing could convince Flynn that the wolves she’d seen that day were not people underneath the fur. Oh, yes, she knew the difference between fact and fiction. And she also knew people who were convinced their companion animals were smarter than most humans. They could be right, too, for all she knew. But these wolves, her wolves, had to be people. She was convinced of it. Convinced enough to return every few weeks to where she’d seen them in the hope she’d see them again.

Flynn shook off her thoughts and checked that the staff door of the library had shut itself properly behind her. She was the last to leave, Ann being in a hurry for some reason tonight and having left with Dave ten minutes early. It hadn’t mattered. As soon as she’d dimmed the library lighting fifteen minutes before closing time, the last few people had packed up their things and gone. It was different in midwinter, of course. Sometimes a few homeless people tried to hide so they could stay in the library overnight. She felt desperately sorry for them but had to ask them to leave. If it had been up to her she’d have let them stay, but, of course it wasn’t her decision and she had to set the alarm, which meant they had to go.

Now that it was almost dark it was getting cooler, but it wasn’t really cold. It was early fall, and the days were still very nice although she could tell winter was coming as the leaves were turning color. She glanced across the parking lot, noticing that both Ann’s and Dave’s cars were gone, as she’d expected, although there were half a dozen cars besides hers in the parking lot. That was normal. One road farther over was a high-rise apartment building and the parking lot there was always full. The library management ignored people parking in their lot at night, even though technically the apartment dwellers shouldn’t park there. But since it wasn’t being used overnight, it was silly to make trouble for them. They had to park somewhere after all.

Flynn was aware some people would say she was too soft-hearted, but she really did believe in a “live and let live” policy. She shrugged her thoughts off, along with the cool breeze, and hurried to her car. Poor old Oscar was looking rather sad. He was almost as old as she was, but she didn’t drive far and she didn’t need a shiny, sparkling, expensive vehicle. As long as he kept running, it was fine by her. She patted Oscar’s trunk as she walked to the driver’s door and slid her key in the lock. Oscar didn’t have central locking. He didn’t have power steering, airbags, and a whole lot of other things either, but he still went, so that was all she needed.

“Excuse me, miss.”

Flynn turned around, startled. She hadn’t seen any people in the parking lot. She rested one hand on the car horn, so all she needed to do was press the heel of her palm down if there was trouble. Then she smiled. Mr. Handsome was coming across the parking lot toward her, and one pace behind him was another man, just as well built and good-looking, but with dark brown hair instead of black.

“My name’s Magnus—”

“And I’m Kiril—”

“We wondered if you’d agree to have coffee with us, or a meal, to say thank-you for your help this afternoon.”




Magnus had turned the water on in the shower and Kiril stuck his hand under it to check it was warm. He nodded to Magnus who guided her into the shower, putting his own back to the tiles and settling her in front of him. Kiril stepped behind her, drawing the curtain along the length of the tub in the hopes the floor wouldn’t be completely flooded by the time they’d finished arousing Flynn. He was sure Magnus intended this to be the scene of her first orgasm.

“Now we wash you,” said Magnus.

“Only if I get to touch you both as well,” she replied.

“Hell yes,” said Kiril. His dick was already so stiff it was aching. He pressed against her back, resting it in the crack of her ass, letting her feel how very aroused he was since she couldn’t see him.

Flynn leaned back against him, rubbing her ass over his cock and her shoulders over his nipples. Damn that felt good.

Magnus took the little bottle of body wash and handed it to Kiril. Kiril wondered whether he was to use it on her ass. This first time seemed a bit soon to him, but he supposed he could touch her there and see what her reaction was. If it seemed to frighten her he could wash her legs and her back instead.

He squeezed some lotion onto his hands, placed the container on the side of the tub, and began massaging Flynn’s ass, gently rubbing the cheeks in a slow, soothing, circular motion. He glanced down and saw Magnus had widened her stance by inserting one of his legs between hers. They were kissing and Kiril remembered how very good it had been to kiss her. But now that Magnus had distracted her he needed to move his fingers lower, to touch her tiny puckered rosette and to see how she would react.

First he tipped a little more lotion on his hands, then he held one delicious round ass cheek to open up her entry while he stroked a finger around her anus. She neither flinched nor tried to stop him. Taking this as assent, he circled the ring of muscle with his finger, making sure the entry was coated with lotion, and then inserted just the tip of his finger inside her. Instantly she pushed back on him, forcing his finger deeper, and wiggled her ass, demanding he give her more.

It seemed as though she was totally onboard with this plan. He coated his fingers with lotion again and began massaging her entry, and the muscle ring then the tissues inside the entry, opening her, stretching her, preparing her for a cock, either his or Magnus’s.

Magnus was on his knees now licking her cunt, and Flynn’s hands were on Magnus’s shoulders to balance herself. She’d widened her legs farther and was pushing back on his fingers as well as forward into Magnus’s face.

“It’s not enough. I need more. Oh!”

Her ass clenched around his fingers as she came, right on the heels of her request. Kiril wondered if Magnus had bitten her clit or something, because he hadn’t done anything extra. But whatever it was Magnus had done, it had obviously worked as she shook and rippled most enticingly, then sagged forward into Magnus’s arms.

Kiril leaned forward and turned the water off, then stepped out of the tub grabbing some towels. He wrapped one around Flynn and he and Magnus rubbed her dry, then he hastily scrubbed the worst of the water off himself with a second towel.

Kiril held Flynn while Magnus dried himself roughly, then carried her into the bedroom. Magnus pulled the quilt off the bed, then stepped across to his luggage and rummaged around inside it. Meanwhile Kiril tucked her against his chest, stroking her back and loving the rounded softness of her in his arms.

Magnus climbed onto the bed and drizzled lube into Flynn’s ass, then handed Kiril a condom before rolling one on himself. “Is this what you want, Flynn? Both of us? Because we both want you, but we won’t do this if it’s not what you want as well.”

“I do want this. I want you, both of you, so very much.” She lifted her head from Kiril’s chest and her eyes were shining with sincerity. Her lips were plump and pink from being kissed, and her nipples, pressing into his chest, were as hard as his cock. Kiril knew she was being genuine in what she said. Whether she had any idea what it’d be like with two men was something else again, but he trusted Magnus to guide them through the choreography.

Magnus lay flat on his back on the bed and touched Flynn’s shoulder. “Come and sit on my cock then, Flynn.”

Kiril watched as she climbed onto him moving almost silently and so gracefully it was hard to believe she was human, not shape-shifter. Every little action she made was neat, efficient, and she almost seemed to glide across the bed, whereas he was certain he’d have been lumbering like a bear.

Kiril had to force himself to close his mouth and breathe regularly as he watched Flynn hold Magnus’s cock to her pussy entry then absorb him into herself. She wiggled across Magnus’s hips until the other man’s dick was fully inside her and their bodies were pressed tightly together. Magnus wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her down on top of him and nodded to Kiril.

Kiril heaved a sigh of relief and crawled behind them, covering his sheathed cock with more lube before placing his head at Flynn’s back door. As gently as he could, reining in his desperate need to be inside her right now, he pressed his cock at her entry.

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