[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Fantasy Menage Paranormal Science Fiction Romance, Reverse Harem, shape-shifter, vampires, werewolves, M/F/M/M/M, HEA]
Avi is working for the gods and trying to help other women like herself displaced from their original packs. The last thing she expects is to join one of the largest packs around and also be the mate to three of their Alphas.
One of the few friends she has is Buschool, the vampire. She saved his life and he watched over her, so when he is caught by a witch and held captive, it isn't until he is out of danger that she realizes their bond is stronger then friendship and may cause a problem with her wolf mates. Sometimes it takes the power of the mating bond to bring out a wolf's full powers.
As Avi realizes who she is and how capable, she sets out to not only free the women and children who are being forced to do the unthinkable, but also find them a place to live, a safety they can count on, and a pack to truly belong to.
Note: This book contains double and triple penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.


Hunters of the Gods 4: Belonging to a Pack (MFMMM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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“What is it? What’s wrong?” Preston asked Alexandra. He knew that look. That expression and distant gaze elsewhere. He glanced at Heracio, Saunder, and then Cab, who just got out of the shower.

Preston’s phone rang. “Shit,” Heracio whispered.

Preston grabbed his phone. “Hello?”

“One of the Alpha’s mates from Merker pack has been found along with three children—a girl and two boys, heirs to the pack,” his cousin Lodge told him.

“By the gods, it’s a miracle. Everyone thought they were all dead, or sold off and shipped elsewhere.”

“I know, but it seems these members were in Italy.”

“Italy? There were still Merker pack members there?”

“The pack was destroyed there first before the ones here in the states began to destruct. We believe there is a connection. Some of our men were there on a mission from the Hunters of the Gods. They were investigating a lead, then heard of a situation in a pub. End result, a woman warrior, and a team of five men are bringing them here to Texas, to our territory. Apparently, they have information that more of Merker pack were taken prisoner and shipped off somewhere in the United States,” Lodge said to him.

“By the gods, we’ll need to form a team to assist. What about the ones coming here from Italy then? Are you sure that’s wise, with everything that’s going on? We’re still weeding through our people and building the new homes for the families displaced.”

“Preston,” Alexandra interrupted. He looked at her, the phone on speaker so Lodge could hear.

“They belong with them on the shared land between Saint pack and Keuric pack. Lodge, Corporal, and Toby need to oversee the transport. There will be danger on their travels here.”

“What was that?” Lodge asked, obviously hearing her.

“Alexandra said there will be danger, and you and your brothers need to be there to assist.”

“Great. Okay. We’ll prepare now. I’ll contact you when we’re closer. We’ll need support in bringing in about two dozen women and children.”

“You got it. We’ll be waiting for your arrival,” Preston said, and then Alexandra looked at Cab.


He nodded at her and then walked to the bed, knelt on it, and cupped her cheek, tilting her chin up toward him.

“Anything for you, my pet.” He pressed his lips to hers. Preston heard their thoughts. He saw what Alexandra wanted them to see. A battle on the open road, seven miles of darkness. People were going to die.


* * * *


“Is she the one Lodge was looking for and asking about? The one who disappeared?” Bider asked Viper as Bider’s other brother, Scor, was talking to Luna, the woman they were discussing. Bider couldn’t take his eyes off of her, and she definitely got the full attention of all the wolves, both male and female. She wore her long brown hair pulled back in a braid, her eyes were a stunning green, and her body was curvy and sexy. Her scent was appealing, as well, and she had an air of leadership and compassion about her as Bider watched her take charge of the situation and prepare for transportation of two dozen displaced wolves. They were going to be brought to Keuric and Saint land. She was in charge on that end, but Bider and his brothers were the ones who led a small pack of Hunters of gods to assist. To find her and her team of five male wolves had it covered was a shock.

“Who is she talking to on the phone?” he asked Viper.

“I heard the other guy, Pices, say their uncle,” he replied, and Bider listened as she walked to the side. He could hear what she was saying.

“I understand you’re upset that I didn’t even visit, but there are greater concerns here at the moment. Yes, it is my responsibility to ensure these women and children get to where they need to go. No, I am not returning to Italy immediately following the transport, and no, no one else can handle this. I can’t talk now, Uncle. I’ll have Pices inform you when I return.” She ended the call and handed Pices her phone. Pices looked serious as he crossed his arms in front of his chest and stared down at the brunette.

“Don’t look at me like that. You know we need to handle things and figure out his agenda. I hate to say it, Pices, but I don’t trust our uncle or where his allegiance lies. I’ve handled things alone this far—it will work out. I will not rest, fall into my “place” as Uncle likes to call it, until all these women and children are reunited with members of their packs and these disgusting acts of violence and torture are stopped.”

“It isn’t right for you to continuously engage in these physical confrontations and battles. You don’t belong out there. I’m worried about your safety, Luna. If anything were to happen to you, the entire pack would self-destruct, and there is way too much at stake. Your dangerous missions must come to an end. I don’t think you should go back. Leave it to them.” He looked right at Bider and Viper, but then Scor interrupted them.

“Pices, Luna, we have everything set. Are you ready?” he asked, eyeing Luna over.

“I’m ready,” she said, Pices covered her shoulder with his hand.

“Luna?” he asked, and she turned and smiled at Pices.

“I must do this. It’s what the gods want me to do. It’s my job as the elders have informed me. I’ll be back, and I get the feeling it will be sooner rather than later.”




“That’s it, mate. By the gods, tonight is going to be just the beginning,” Lodge said and then licked along her nipple as Corporal pressed his mouth to hers and kissed her while Toby feasted on her cream.

Every swipe of his tongue made this itch deep in her core grow stronger. She widened her thighs and tilted her hips so he could plunge his tongue deeper, and he did just that. She felt the change, the length of his tongue push into her cunt. The feel of Toby’s palm against her thigh as he raised it up over his shoulder so he had better access to her pussy drove her wild. She thrust against his tongue. He slurped and licked her cunt. It was overwhelming. He was big, muscular, and all wolf. She inhaled their combined scents, along with the mating musk that seemed to ease that tightness and fear that this wasn’t right, that the timing wasn’t correct.

She moaned some more. She felt desperation, need like never before. She knew that the only thing that could ease that itch was their cocks. Her mates’ cocks as they fucked and claimed her fully. She moaned and thrust up, pushing her breast against Lodge’s mouth, and then Corporal released her lips and cupped her breast and tugged on the nipple. Toby’s tongue slid out of her pussy and along her asshole.

“Oh, please. Please.” Luna begged for it.

“Are you ready for us? Do you submit and accept our claim of you, mate?” Toby asked her. The itch grew stronger, and in her mind she heard the word yes despite the confusion about her destiny and what she was meant to do.

“Yes. By the gods, I am yours.”

Toby lifted his mouth from her cunt, gripped her hips, and pressed the tip of his cock to her needy pussy.

“Yes, you are,” he said and slid right into her cunt, breaking the seal, being the first man, first wolf to ever fuck her. She cried out, and his eyes widened and he gripped her shoulders. Corporal and Lodge released their hold on her, and Toby breathed rapidly.

“Luna?” he whispered.

“My first. No others but you ever. You are my firsts,” she admitted.

Their expressions were indescribable. She wasn’t certain if they were pissed that she had been a virgin or aroused by it, but then she heard them as Toby lowered himself, cupped her face between his hands, and slowly rocked his cock in and out of her cunt.

“You are so very special. Never fear us, or this bond we have for eternity. To know that you are truly only ours—”

He didn’t finish. He closed his eyes and lifted up and began to thrust into her faster, deeper, his one hand on her shoulder, the other on her hip as he claimed her fully. “Incredible, and only ours. Always ours,” Corporal said. The itch lessened with every stroke, and she understood it. She got that this was her destiny. That she was meant to be their mate and they hers. She closed her eyes, moaned, and raised her arms above her head in submission, which earned her a nip to her neck.

“Perfection,” Toby said and then came inside of her. He grunted and then licked and kissed her skin. He nuzzled close, and she relaxed her body under his. When he lifted up and eased out of her, he gave a soft almost smile as he looked over her body and ran his palm along her throat, then down over her neck. “Amazing,” he said to her.


* * * *


Corporal took his brother’s place. He lifted her thighs over his and then leaned over her. He took in the sight of her body—full large breasts, flat defined abs, sexy thighs, and a gorgeous smile. She was stunning, exceptional, and he felt possessive and protective of her. She stood out, and with her good looks and sexy body, she would need major protection. He gripped her hip and aligned his cock with her pussy while holding her gaze. “You need looking after. There will be rules, and you will abide. Understand?” he asked her, but then eased the tip of his thick, long cock into her cunt.

“Yes. Oh, by the gods, yes.” She moaned, and he slid all the way in and lost his breath. Nothing compared to the sensations he felt. To the instant depth of emotions, the bond, the connection so surreal he paused in awe as she arched in uncomfortable need. The mating musk was strong, and she needed to be satisfied.

“Round one will be fast to ease that ache. Round two, back at the house, will be slow and pleasurable,” he said and then thrust fully into her, making her gasp and reach for his shoulders. He gripped one of her hands and held it above her head, then leaned on that hand and rocked his hips into her. He used his other hand to grip her hip for leverage to fuck her deeper and to ease that itch. In and out he stroked as she moaned and counter-rocked her hips in response. Over and over again he thrust until his cock felt about ready to explode.

“Please, oh, by the gods, I can’t take it. I need more,” she said, and that was it. He stroked into her faster and faster and then felt his body’s, his wolf’s need to fuck, mark, and claim her. He came inside of her, and when he went to bite into her shoulder to seal the deal, she gripped his head and kissed him instead. The juices flowed, their bodies shook in the aftermath of their lovemaking, and they kissed long and deeply.

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