[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, vampires, M/M, HEA]
Josh Peterson couldn't stop thinking about the dragons who spared his life when they seized the vampire mansion where he worked. Knowing they're his only hope to live a normal life, he and his brother flee their master and run back into the dragon stronghold. Only for Josh to be captured by the most handsome dragon shifter he has ever seen. A man with a beautiful body and a flame tattoo on his cheek. A man who claims Josh is his mate.
Josh doesn't believe in mates, but he can't deny the intense pull of lust he feels. It's physically draining, and yet he always wants more. But little by little, as much as he is falling in love with his protector, it's looking as if he may have made a mistake.
Unless Dimitri can prove otherwise, their fragile relationship will end before it can begin.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Running to Dimitri (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Dimitri, get out of my way. I’m going to slit their throats.”

“What?” Josh couldn’t believe it.

Zane groaned. “Oh fuck, Jesus Christ, fuck!”

Dimitri didn’t move. “No, we can use them. You’re just being stubborn.”

“Even if Varrick knows our backstories, it’s too late to do anything about it now. He would have read all those files. Short of getting him alone and killing him, we can’t force him to unlearn anything about what we’ve been doing all this time. He’ll still know about Andrei’s dead wife, he’ll still know that he was the one who killed Stefan’s and my parents, and he’s going to use that information however he sees fit to psych us out. Besides…”

Sethraghck leaned a little to the side, his sneer harsh as he stared at Josh. “Those two fucks get zero sympathy from me. They can talk about how scared they are and how they don’t want to work for monsters anymore, but they were still working in this house when they knew what was happening to Miles, and all the other pleasure slaves. They were around when Jesse was getting beaten for not doing his chores right, when Miles was forced to share a bed with Varrick, and they might have even been in on the planning that took Taylor from this house. I say fuck ’em. I’ll kill them both myself, take their bodies outside to light them on fire, and piss on the ashes for all it should matter.”

“We’re not evil,” Josh said. There were some words that would make this go away, that would make the alpha dragon see reason and spare him and his brother, but Josh had no idea what those words were or how to summon them. He was well and truly fucked.

“What if you gave one of them to me?” Dimitri said.

Josh blinked. What?

“What?” his brother said out loud. “Fuck you! You’re not taking us for slaves!”

“Only one of you,” Dimitri said, and the way he glanced over that perfect shoulder, his heated gaze landing on Josh, made him tense.

He knew exactly what the man was getting at now.

Holy shit. No fucking way.

The worst part was the way Josh’s body vibrated at the thought. Which was insane! He shouldn’t be listening as this dragon spoke about turning him into some sort of pleasure slave for his own use and getting excited by it.

But he was. It was happening, and when his dick twitched twice, heat rushing south and filling his cock, he didn’t know how to stop it.

He wasn’t going to.

“That’s fine by me,” Josh said quickly. “If he wants one of us”— though he knew which one Dimitri was after—“then I’m more than fine with it. You want me for a bodyguard? I’ll do it. You want me to tell you the layout of Varrick’s other homes? I’ll do that, too. I’ll even scrub your toilets and do your laundry if that’s what you’re really after.”

He knew for a fact that was not what Dimitri would be wanting him to do.

Josh could feel the heat of his brother increasing next to him, an enraged aura that was getting ready to explode. “None of you are touching either of us.”

Right. Zane was apparently not going to play along with this lie Josh had tried to set up to protect him.

One of the dragons sighed. “Whatever. I’ll take the other one, but you’re fucked up, Dimitri. I won’t be using him for that!”

Dimitri flipped off his friend. “Screw you. I can already tell he’s more than ready for it.”

Dimitri grinned down at Josh with such a look of triumph on his face that it made the heat increase in Josh’s body, though not in a good way.

Uh-oh. Had he misread the situation? Fuck.

“What makes either of you think I would go along with this?” Sethraghck asked.

Dimitri looked at his alpha. “Seth, come on, you can totally tell why I would want him.”

He could? What were they talking about?

Seth lifted a brow at the man who appeared to be more of a friend than a subordinate.

If anyone beneath Varrick had spoken to him the way these dragons spoke to Seth, there would have been major hell to pay.

It was strange to watch, but when Seth shrugged and sighed, that hope rekindled in Josh.

“Fine, whatever. Just make sure you keep control of him. Marxus, if that other one doesn’t take to you—”

“Christ! I’m not going to rape him, fuck!” The one called Marxus looked down at Zane with interest. “I guess he can scrub my toilet. I could use a valet.”

“Fuck you,” Zane sneered.

At least his bravery was returning.

“Fine, then it’s agreed, but make sure you guys keep them leashed. I’m not taking any risks on this.”

Josh blinked. That was it? It was over? There was no more threat to his life?

Dimitri pumped his fists. “Yes!” he said with a low hiss, turning and looking down at Josh. “Guess we should get to know each other, right?”

If it had been anyone else other than this man, Josh would have been freaking out. The fact that he was on his knees and Dimitri was standing above him, inches away, put Josh’s face right in line with the man’s crotch.

Had he not bothered to put pants on after bringing Josh back, Josh would have been lined up perfectly with the man’s cock.

Dimitri reached down, helping Josh to his feet. “All right, let’s get out of here.”

Zane positively flipped out when the dragon named Marxus hauled him over his shoulder.

Holy Jesus. Josh really hadn’t thought this through when he’d come up with this plan.




Being fucked by a complete stranger, a sexy-as-sin stranger, while his hands were tied behind his back was definitely on the kinky side, and his balls tightened into eager, quivering little masses at the thought.

God, that would be amazing, and he wanted it, but at the same time…

“How about another time?” Josh laughed. “As good as it sounds, I just got out of a room where people were talking about killing me.”

This would be it. The moment when he found out if he could or couldn’t trust anything that came out of Dimitri’s mouth. If he was about to be assaulted here and was under some strange high.

Mate. Right. That didn’t exist.

Dimitri sighed. “I was hoping you would go along with it.”

He said it as if he was pouting over it, and with a sudden snip, Josh’s hands were free.

The heat that rushed to his shoulders was immediately painful as he was able to put his hands back around him. He groaned as he gripped the bedsheets.

“Are you okay?” Dimitri touched Josh’s shoulder, looking at him with a worry in his eyes that Josh honestly hadn’t expected to see.

“Shit, I guess they tied you up a little too tight, huh?”

“I can handle it.” Josh rolled to the side so he was sitting on his ass at least, his back pressing against the side of the bed as he decided to just say fuck it, and reached out so he could grab onto Dimitri’s face.

The man seemed to know exactly what Josh was thinking and going for, as he had that grin back on his face as he leaned over Josh, their mouths coming together.

Hot, hard, and wet. Those were the only proper ways Josh could think of to describe a kiss like this. Oh God, it was so good. He had to pull away for a minute to catch a breath, and he looked down just to make sure there wasn’t a hand on his crotch.

No. Dimitri wasn’t touching him. Not like that and not yet, at least. It was just the kiss. The kiss itself was enough to make his cock throb like this, to make his body want to implode with heat and pleasure.

To make him forget all about his brother, why they had been running, and absolutely everything else that had been wrong in their lives.

“I’ll take good care of you,” Dimitri promised, stroking Josh’s cheek and looking at him as if Josh were someone important.

As if he were precious.

Fast, so fast, but Josh couldn’t resist.

Whatever spell he was under, he was more than happy to stay there. He reached out for Dimitri again, and he moaned when their lips crashed together.

Heat and strength in that mouth. He might have even eaten something spicy before kissing Josh because now Josh’s lips were tingling as if there were something on his mouth that was getting ready to make him spontaneously combust.

More. He wanted more. Josh thrust his hips forward, blindly searching for friction. He hadn’t even been aware he’d been doing it at first, but he was. It was there, and it was good. Better than anything he’d ever experienced before.

When Dimitri pulled back from the kiss, Josh groaned.

“Christ, every time you do that it feels like you moved ten feet away.” Which took all his body heat with him.

“Not quite,” Dimitri said, adjusting himself so he was between Josh’s legs, his body spreading out nearly flat on the floor behind him.

Josh shivered.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” Dimitri moaned. He pulled at Josh’s boxers. After he’d been stripped and searched, the only clothes he’d been left with were his boxers and the black T-shirt he wore beneath his uniform. They were entirely too constricting in that moment.

When the black boxers were pulled over his dick, it sprang free as though it had been waiting years.

The sudden air in the room touching his heated cock pulled another low moan from Josh’s throat.

“I…Christ, I’ve never been this horny in my life.”

Dimitri snorted, his hand barely grazing the shaft. “You’re telling me you were never a teenager?”

Now it was Josh’s turn to smile down at him. “It was never this bad even then.”

The answer seemed to please the dragon shifter. He continued to smile, but this time there was a light in his eyes that was clearly excitement.

Josh didn’t care because, in that next moment, Dimitri’s mouth sank down around the head of Josh’s cock.

He moaned as that wicked mouth sucked and teased him. Dimitri was…incredibly good at this. Either that or this was another side effect of being so in lust with a man he barely knew.

Dimitri might give him the worst blowjob in the world and Josh might think he was being sucked off by a professional.

“Oh yeah, fuck, that’s good,” Josh moaned.

Dimitri smiled around Josh’s cock. The light touch of teeth Josh felt made him nervous, but then they were gone, and so was the smile.

Ah, thank God. So even Dimitri knew not to use teeth.

That made him feel better, and Josh was able to quickly sink back into the pleasure he’d been desperately searching for as Dimitri’s wet lips moved down, down, down until his nose was right in Josh’s public hair.

Josh’s eyes flew wide. He grabbed the back of Dimitri’s head and thrust forward, no control, no finesse, just wild and wanton desire.

But he couldn’t go any deeper because Dimitri deep throated him as if he’d been practicing for this moment, waiting for Josh his entire life.

“Oh God, oh fuck yeah.” Josh panted for breath, still humping forward, desperate for more of that touch, for more of that mouth and tongue.

So close. He was already so close, and he wanted it. Josh could feel his orgasm right there, the heat ready to burst.

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