[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Fantasy Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, vampires, M/M, HEA]
For Theron, the scars of his brother’s murder still run deep, a new alpha is in charge, and he doesn’t yet trust this dragon clan. With nowhere else to live, and his former alpha doting over a wolf omega of all things, he figures he’ll stick around, if only to protect his friend.
And there’s one little fox shifter who caught his attention. Someone who sneaks out every night. Someone who smells awfully good. Someone who needs protecting.
Angel spent his whole life a slave to vampires. He’s free now, or at least told that he’s free, but he’s never allowed to leave the mansion. So he sneaks out at night, wanting to see the world, wanting to socialize, never realizing the dangerous situations he’s putting himself into.
And a stolen kiss with a dragon, one who insists Angel is his mate, isn’t going to fly. Angel was caged once before, and even a gorgeous alpha dragon won’t cage him again.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.


Wounded Love (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




The little fox didn’t give off the vibe of someone who had been asked for sexual favors.

That was good, but it didn’t stop Theron from being utterly furious the man had put himself in that position in the first place.

The little fox wore a ball cap of all things, hiding his ears. He didn’t have a tail. Theron knew that much about him, even though he’d tried not to get too close, but even with those things either missing or hidden away, how could he simply wander into a bar like that? Was he not worried someone would see his ears?

A better question was, what was the little fox intending on doing in there?

Theron dropped down to the wet concrete beneath his feet. It had been drizzling on and off lately, and the air was damp. He shifted, his boots touching the ground before he straightened himself out and began to head for the bar.

Whatever the little fox was doing, Theron needed to make sure he didn’t get into trouble. He also had to make sure he wasn’t seen.


* * * *


Angel took in the sights and sounds and smells of the bar when he came in. He’d been here yesterday, and this was only his third time here, but every time he walked through those doors, it was a rush.

The bright lights from the game machines were off in the corner. He’d only played a couple of them, but they had been fun. Someone had given him some money so he could play with them, and yesterday someone else had invited him to play pool.

He liked those games, and he liked the humans here. They were nice.

He usually got offers for free drinks, as well, but he only ever accepted one, and so far he hadn’t ever finished even that one drink.

The drinks seemed to vary, but they were always strong, and he never liked them too much, but he’d been excited to try them, and he hadn’t wanted to be rude by denying them either.

He felt as though he was walking into his second home.

“Hey, look who’s back,” the bartender called. A man who had introduced himself as Martin Spink when they’d first met.

Angel waved at the man, coming over to sit at the bar. “Hello, Mr. Spink.”

Martin nodded. His mustache and beard appeared a little more combed today, not quite so scraggly as the last couple of times he’d been here. “How are you?”

“Very good, kid, very good.”

He had a thick accent Angel couldn’t place. Angel didn’t want to ask him why he spoke like that, it seemed rude, and he didn’t want to offend the people who were so kind to him in the first place.

“You look relaxed.” Angel glanced around, noting the lack of people, and he was disappointed by it. “It’s not so busy today.”

“It’s Sunday,” said Mr. Spink. “You came in on a Friday and Saturday. People have to go to bed early tonight, get up for work.”

“Oh, right,” Angel said, feeling stupid for not knowing that. “I guess I forgot the time.”

He just hadn’t known how people worked. He was going to have to learn these things, but this was the reason why he liked coming here. He liked being in this bar because, aside from the nice people and the free things he got, he learned about the humans.

He learned who they were, what their dreams and hopes were, their plans for the future.

It seemed a better way about learning of the real world than focusing on his alphabet.

“Anything to drink today?”

Angel glanced around. There was a small cluster of people in the back corner, a few people sitting alone in the booths. Two men played pool together, but that was about it. Otherwise it was quiet.

No one was someone he recognized. It seemed the people who came to this bar either never came back to it, or they just had yet to return on the days when he was here.

Which was fine. There was something nice about making new friends and bittersweet about knowing he was never going to see them again.

“I’ll wait, see if anyone wants me to join them.”

Mr. Spink snorted, pulling up a glass and pouring water in it. He slid it across the bar to Angel. “You be very careful playing that game, boy. Not everyone plays it the way you want.”

Angel didn’t understand. He just smiled at Mr. Spink, shaking his head and filing the information away for later.

“Thank you, Mr. Spink.”

He hated looking stupid, and he didn’t want to ask what the man had really meant. Half the time when he asked questions, they were usually met with strange looks. Angel didn’t like that. It was better to learn through observation and listening. That way he could figure out what people were talking about without making himself appear uneducated.

Still, as Mr. Spink walked away, mumbling something under his breath, Angel couldn’t help but wonder what the man had meant.

Everyone didn’t always play the way he wanted them to? But if it was a game, then that could only be a good thing. Games were fun, and if someone cheated at the game, well, then it was just a game and no harm done.

Maybe humans took their games more seriously than Angel thought they did.

Well, either way, he was glad to just be here, and as he turned in his stool, water in hand so he could watch the people, the guys at the pool table took notice of him.

They pointed, and the others in the corner stepped forward.

Angel smiled. He was going to make some new friends tonight.




“Exactly like that.” Lucian wanted to give his mate everything. He pushed his fingers inside that tight hole just as he leaned down, wetting his lips and putting them around the head of Sorin’s cock.

The reaction was harsh and immediate. Lucian felt it. He felt the way Sorin’s spine bowed. He heard the rush of air as he inhaled and exhaled hard, and he felt the pulsing of his mate’s dick against his tongue as he lowered his mouth farther and farther down.

He didn’t stop until he was as far as he could go and Sorin was gasping and panting for breath.

The man’s asshole clenched tightly around Lucian’s fingers, which was just what Lucian wanted from him, and it was perfect.

Lucian bobbed his head as he scissored his fingers, making love to his mate with his mouth and hands. He had a lot of time to make up for.

Sorin dropped one of his knees as he panted for breath. He didn’t seem to be able to control himself. Then Lucian hooked his fingers, found that sweet spot inside him, and he thought for sure that it would have been over.

No. It wasn’t. Sorin moaned. He bucked against Lucian’s hand and fingers, but Lucian didn’t feel the rush of warmth he was searching for.

He pulled back to look at his mate, observing the panting mess that Sorin had become.

And Lucian smiled. “You’re holding back.”

Sorin blinked blearily. He glanced down at Lucian, his chest flushed as it rose and fell heavily. “Y-yeah.”

“I like that.”

Lucian grabbed the bottle again, added some more lubricant to his fingers, and then returned to stretching and pleasuring his mate. He did it slower this time. He liked the fact that Sorin was holding back, that his legs were clenching and his toes curling as he tried his damnedest to keep from having the orgasm he so clearly wanted.

Lucian didn’t want his mate to come until he was balls deep inside him.

When he pulled his fingers back, Lucian realized that he probably hadn’t prepared his mate enough. Not considering what he actually wanted to do to the man.

But it was going to have to do because he was seriously starting to develop a severe case of blue balls.

Sorin apparently noticed this as he smiled up at him. “That looks painful.”

“It won’t be after another minute, so don’t you worry your pretty little head.”

Sorin snorted a soft laugh, but then he moaned as Lucian pressed the blunt and slick head of his cock against Sorin’s hole.

He pushed inside. There was only the expected amount of resistance, but Lucian still forced himself to go at it so much slower than he wanted to.

Though Sorin had welcomed him into his body, there was still the immediate realization of how tight he was.

With that realization came the knowledge that it was only that way because Lucian had been keeping his distance, and now his mate had a hard grip on Lucian’s cock.

Sorin moaned when Lucian couldn’t go any deeper. He was balls deep, their bodies completely joined, as Sorin’s cock was now trapped between their bellies.

And Sorin didn’t seem to want to keep his mouth still. He pressed frantic kisses to as many places on Lucian’s neck, chest, shoulders, and face as he could reach.

Lucian allowed it. He absorbed the affection as though he had been starved for it.

Maybe he really was because this was, by and large, the best feeling he’d had in a long time. He was going to implode with all the feels he was getting right now. There was no doubt in his mind about that.

“God, you kill me,” Lucian said.

Sorin smiled at him. His eyes, which had been brimming with tears a couple of minutes ago, were now dancing at him, as though this was the best moment of his life.

“I love you,” Sorin said quickly. “I didn’t get to say it the last time, but I love you.”

Lucian stroked Sorin’s hair. “I know. I love you, too.”

Sorin nodded.

Lucian thought his heart was going to explode.

He pulled his hips back ever so slightly and then thrust forward. He kept eye contact with Sorin when he did so. Sorin inhaled a deep breath as he took Lucian into him. And then again. And then again.

Lucian thought that the instant he was inside of his mate that he would start fucking hard and fast, that he wouldn’t be able to stop himself.

Apparently he’d been wrong. Now that he was here, at this point that he couldn’t wait to get to for so long, he could only take his time, looking into the eyes of his mate as he pumped his hips with slow precision. Again. And again.

They were going to be at this all night. Lucian could tell that right now, and he didn’t mind it one bit.

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