[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, vampires, M/M, HEA]
Sethraghck Dimitriu has dreamed of the day when he can wage war on the vampires who ruined his life and killed his parents two hundred years ago. Now, he will take his vengeance.
Except the master is not home. But his favorite slave is, and Seth plans to take his vengeance one way or another. However, one look at Miles—a small, cute, omega fox shifter—and all thoughts of blood fly away. His mate, his fated mate, is here, a prisoner of the vampire Seth has hated his entire life. And now his desire for revenge, as well as a lust so powerful it cannot be ignored, runs deeper.
Miles doesn't understand the pull he feels toward the red-haired dragon, but instinct compels him to let Seth do as he wishes with his body. Miles can't remember ever feeling free, but in the arms of a dragon, he feels it deep in his bones…and he wants more.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Dragon of a Problem (MM)
15 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Tell me where it is,” Seth growled.

Micah swallowed hard. “It’s…it’s in the master bedroom.”

Seth rolled his eyes. Of course it was. “Varrick is in there?”

Micah shook his head.

“No, his son and personal bleeder are.”

Seth’s heart soared as though it had just grown eagle wings. “His son? And personal bleeder?”

Micah nodded.

“Was he affectionate toward his bleeder?”

Sometimes vampires were known to fall in love with the omegas who gave blood to them. Giving blood was almost sexual in nature to a vampire.

And if Seth killed Varrick’s son, as well as his lover, then that would be the world’s finest vengeance.

Varrick would have to come to him at that point to seek out his own revenge, and Seth would be there to meet him, and to kill him.

“I…I think so. He favored Miles well enough,” Micah said, and his eyes widened. “But please don’t kill Miles! He’s my friend! He—”

“I’ve heard enough.”

Seth pushed the omega out of the way, back into the small group of bleeders and human guards.

“Watch them. I’ll return,” Seth snapped.

“You’re going alone?” Andrei asked.

“It’s one bleeder and a vampire cowardly enough to hide away in a safe room. What trouble could they cause?”

“How will you get them out of a safe room when we couldn’t even break through the metal plates over the windows?” Lucian called.

Seth stopped. That was a good point. He pulled out the key cards.

“I got these earlier.”

He turned back to Micah, who had just admitted he was a friend of the bleeder upstairs. “Will these work?”

The poor omega looked torn, and frightened. “You…you need a password. The keycards don’t do anything for those rooms.”

Fucking great. But he might have something else at least.

No son of Varrick would open the door at the threat against a bleeder, but another omega might.

Micah stayed frozen when Seth grabbed him by the back of the neck.

“Hey!” Stefan snapped, following after him. “What are you doing?”

“Leverage,” Seth answered, growling at his friend and not stopping his stride toward the stairs. “I thought you didn’t like this omega.”

Stefan’s eyes flew wide, color blooming across his cheeks as he growled all the way up the stairs.

“I just think there has been enough killing for one day without dragging an innocent into this, even if he is a filthy bleeder.”

Micah made a small, frightened choking noise.

Seth smirked.

Perhaps now he understood what was up Stefan’s ass. Sometimes when a male became affectionate toward another, he didn’t know how to show it other than through frustration.

“I won’t hurt him, so don’t get your panties in a bunch, but the ones in the safe room don’t need to know that.”

Stefan blinked at him, as though only now understanding what Seth was getting at.

He shook his head. “Whatever. I’m going with you.”

“Suit yourself.”

It might help if there was another dragon in the room to scare those two out.

It wasn’t difficult to find the master bedroom. As it happened, it was on the outer corner of this massive home and one of the few rooms that did not have a hole in the ceiling.

That explained how the pair had managed to get into the safe room to begin with.

They were likely calling for help at this very moment. Most humans didn’t know of vampires or dragons, but private companies could be somewhat knowledgeable.

Or they could have called for Varrick.

And wouldn’t that be delicious? 

When they entered the room, which was more of an apartment than a bedroom, Seth immediately started looking for a camera and a wall that could possibly lead to the safe room.

Most likely the wall at the far end of the home. An illusion of sorts.

There was no camera that Seth could see, but there was a small hole in the far corner where the wall met the ceiling.

A hole that did not look as if it should be there.

“Don’t come out!” Micah shouted.

Seth slapped his hand over the omega’s mouth.

Right. He now had his entrance to the safe room.

He and Stefan looked at each other. Stephan went to the wall and began feeling around it. There was a coat hook, again, something that also looked out of place on that wall, and the bookshelf didn’t look exactly as if it was touching the ground.

Stefan pulled against the hook and bookshelf, and the entire wall began to move, swinging outwardly revealing a thick metal door.

Seth grinned. “Now we’re getting somewhere. Sorry about this,” he said to Micah, just before digging his claws into the man’s shoulder until he shouted beneath Seth’s hand from the pain.

“Come out now, or I will kill your friend in front of you. You have three seconds.”

“What?” Stefan asked, his voice deadpan.

Seth ignored his friend. He did not have the ability to calm him right now.

He clenched his fingers hard into the barely there muscle and bone of Micah’s shoulder, listening as he cried out his pain beneath Seth’s palm.

“Two seconds!”

The door hissed and slowly opened. A young omega with orange-and-black-tipped ears pushed himself through the crack in the door before it had the chance to open all the way for him.

“Wait! Stop! Please!”

Stefan grabbed the door before it could fall shut on him again, and he pulled it open while the omega ran to him, stopping right in front of Seth and staring up at him as though hypnotized by what he saw.

And Seth, well, getting kicked in the balls, stomach, and head would have felt better than this, this sudden icy shock that hit him in the face the instant he caught sight, and scent, of the man in front of him, the brave little omega that rushed out into danger to save a friend.

Varrick’s bleeder.

Seth’s mate.




“Say my name,” Seth commanded, pressing his thick cockhead against Miles’s pucker.

And Miles swallowed hard. “S-Seth,” he said, those pretty eyes of his flying wide when Seth added some pressure to his forward push.

Miles was tight. He hadn’t been taken in some time, and Seth could already tell he was going to need to use more strength than this.

“Say it again,” he commanded, gritting his teeth against the urge to simply shove away, regardless of the pleasure he knew he would feel.

Just because Miles was the sort of omega whose body was made for this sort of sex did not mean it would go well for him if Seth didn’t take some care.

Seth gritted his teeth against the sensation that his mate’s body was fighting against him. “Say it,” he demanded.

And his cockhead popped through the ring of muscle.

Miles’s head fell back. “Seth!”

Seth groaned, his cock sliding forward into that warm, deep space. The wet clench around his cock was wonderful, and he growled against the sudden building of heat and pleasure in the bottom of his belly.

He wanted to come. He wanted to give his mate all the pleasure he possibly could, but it was a fight even to let his cock slide all the way inside his lover, and when Seth was finally, blissfully, balls deep, he barely stopped himself from collapsing on the smaller man.

He held himself up by his trembling elbows, and even that hardly felt like enough.

“God,” Miles said, his eyes screwed tightly shut as his hands trailed over the scars on Seth’s back. “Move, please move.”

Ah, so now that Seth had made it clear to his mate that he wanted the man to speak, it seemed he wouldn’t allow himself to keep quite.

Seth liked that.

“I worried I was too rough with you just now,” he admitted, pushing himself up so he could stare down into those half-lidded blue eyes.

He would do a lot of staring into those eyes for the rest of his life. Seth never particularly liked the color blue until just now.

Now he could see how utterly perfect a color it was. Or perhaps it was this particular shade?

Miles’s answering smile made Seth’s patience all the more worth it.

“I thought you would break me, too. You’re…really big.”

Miles spoke with another cute blush on his cheeks. It was possible he was not used to freely giving compliments. Whenever a vampire master demanded compliments, well, they weren’t exactly freely given at that point.

Seth couldn’t stop the way the corner of his lips pulled up. “I like it when you compliment my size,” he admitted, canting his hips forward, pushing as deep into Miles’s body as he possibly could.

Miles sucked back a hard breath through his nose, his eyes widening when Seth pulled back again and then thrust forward.

They were shallow thrusts, made mostly to tease, and to prepare his mate for what was to really come his way in just a moment, but Seth was liking them all the same.

Seth liked the way Miles clenched his asshole around his cock, the way his body shivered when Seth did it again and again, and how small claws produced from his fingers suddenly dug into the flesh of his shoulder.

Seth grunted. The pain coupled with the pleasure spurned him on. His hips pushed back and forth harder and faster this time. There was no longer any room for small, shallow movements when he felt his orgasm right there, ready to be snatched out of the air and taken.

And from the loud shouts coming from Miles, and the way he tried to cover his mouth again, it was clear he was on his way.

“No,” Seth growled, grabbing Miles by his wrist and removing his hand from his mouth once more. “Let me hear it.”

“Oh God, I can’t,” Miles moaned, pressing his forehead against Seth’s neck and shoulder. Right in that sweet spot where the two met, where his pulse raced the fastest.

“Come for me. Don’t stop yourself,” Seth demanded. “When you come, you’re mine.”

“I’m…I’m almost there,” Miles gasped, and then every muscle in his smaller body seemed to tense. Because of their size difference, it took Seth a moment before he noticed it, though his cock was the first to feel the clench of his mate’s hole around him.

Seth groaned. The sudden grip on his cock was like an electric shock that hit him all over his body. He couldn’t stop it, the way it shook him as the most powerful orgasm he’d ever felt in his life sizzled through him.

The sweet heat of Miles’s cum as it struck him in the stomach and even on his chest, and the way he spilled his seed inside his mate, it was enough to make his inner dragon roar.

His hips canted back and forth against his will. He had no control over his body, not until he milked the last of the pleasure from his body, and even then, the strength sapped from him was massive. He trembled uncontrollably when that grip finally released.

Only then did he feel as if he could breathe, and the dragon within him rumbled, high on the pleasure and affection.

Seth kissed his mate, pressing his lips along the smooth flesh of Miles’s neck, his chest, and he couldn’t help himself from letting his tongue slid against the slim body beneath him, licking away some of the cream that had shot high on Miles’s chest.

Miles’s fingers threaded through Seth’s hair, his tiny claws scratching pleasantly against his scalp in a way that made him purr.

And he wasn’t even a cat.

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