Ryan's Lost Mate (MF)

The Ward Brothers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,704
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Contemporary Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/F, HEA]
Ryan Ward and his brothers are wolf shifters. He has just had his Prime birthday, which means he is finally allowed to claim his marked mate. There's a problem, though. Ryan doesn't know where Leah Smith is, and it isn't an accident. She's hiding from him.
Several years ago, Ryan lost her trust and maybe her heart. He needs to find Leah and claim her, showing her that she is made to be his slave. Ryan's brother helps him in his search and when they do find Leah, she's engaged to another man. Ryan needs to convince her that he's changed and that he's the only one who can really make her happy.
Just when things are looking better for their pairing, the Dark clan resurfaces looking for revenge. Ryan is taken captive, and Leah must now help his brothers find him.
Can they save him before it's too late? Can Leah happily live as Ryan's slave if they do? 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Ryan's Lost Mate (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Ryan's Lost Mate (MF)

The Ward Brothers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,704
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Ryan headed away from Leah’s apartment building feeling lighter than he had in years. Their connection and pairing were very close to being solidified. He could read it on her face that her anger was fading and her love was growing.

He realized that their encounter had been rushed, but he couldn’t help it. He had needed to see her so badly, that he couldn’t stop himself. Now, however, he needed to get his brothers. This would give Leah time to really reflect on their future. Ryan was confident that him leaving her alone would only strengthen her desire for him.

She did come find me in the woods earlier. Ryan smirked to himself as he continued toward the edge of town. He was ready to get his brothers to help him and Leah.

The sighting of a Dark wolf in his marked mate’s town was disturbing, to say the least. It was possible that it was a coincidence, but Ryan wasn’t willing to bet his slave’s safety on it. He would return home, inform his brothers that he was in the process of claiming his mate and that he had spotted a Dark clan member.

He was sure that they would insist on returning with him to help watch out for any enemy shifters while Ryan got Leah and her things back to his house. It was very useful, sometimes, being a triplet.

Ryan shook his head, smiling as he thought about what Brody would ask first about Leah. He’s going to ask me how many times I’ve mated with her.

He laughed under his breath, walking toward the forest. He was just about ready to shift when something caught his eye. A black wolf was running away from him, toward the gravel road.

“Fuck.” Ryan started to sprint in that direction.

The wolf disappeared behind a shed that stood between Ryan and the road. He continued to run after it, and when he finally made it to the gravel road, he slowed, stopping in the ditch.

“I know you’re here!” Ryan spun in a slow circle.

Ryan held in his growl as he continued to scan the area and then the black wolf revealed himself. Out of the opposite ditch, there appeared the head of the wolf. He snarled as he emerged, walking up onto the gravel.

Ryan was unsure which Dark clan member it was. He hadn’t been around them too often, thankfully. The black wolf walked into the middle of the gravel road, but Ryan stayed put for a few minutes, watching.

The other shifter looked calm which was spiking Ryan’s anxiety. What was this shifter up to? It couldn’t be a coincidence that he was in this small town at the same time as Ryan. Not since he’d seen a black wolf twice now. He stepped fully onto the road, and the held growl came from his mouth.

The black wolf snarled once more before shifting. Ryan recognized him immediately from their last run in. The cocky, young shifter took a few steps toward him, raising his arms out to the side as if he was saying, “Look at me. I’m awesome.”

The man wore white jeans and a matching white baseball cap with a flat bill. He wore no shirt but wore an overly cocky smirk on his face. Ryan was pretty sure his name was Evan. Ryan took a few steps toward him.

“Well, well. I was wondering if the coward would seek me out.” The Dark shifter stopped walking and finally lowered his arms.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Ryan stopped also.

“Did you know it was my Prime birthday two days ago?”

“What are you doing here?” Ryan repeated louder.

Evan shifted his weight while twisting his baseball cap around. “I’m looking for extra slaves. You know, a shifter can never have enough. Do you know of any shifter slaves that are available?” He snorted. “Maybe one that is running and hiding from her master. A redhead, maybe.”

“Fuck you! Get the hell out of here.” Ryan balled his hands into fists knowing that if this conversation lasted much longer, it would get physical.

“Actually, we were just getting ready to leave, but we had to pick something up first.” Evan placed his hands on his hips.

What did he mean by “we”? “What?”


Ryan folded his arms over his chest but had little time to ponder the other shifter’s game because he heard a distracting noise behind him. He started to unfold his arms and turn around but was quickly grabbed.

“What the hell?” Ryan twisted violently, but there were too many of them.




Ryan grabbed Leah’s hips and pulled her lower body away from the tree some more. She tried to open her legs wider, but her pants were preventing it. I should just pull them off.

Her lover wasn’t going to wait for that, however. Ryan pressed the head of his dick to her pussy opening. Leah scratched her fingers against the tree bark in anticipation.

“Leah, I love you.” His tone was tight and stress-filled.

Leah’s whole body stiffened, and her heart squeezed a bit harder. You can do this. You can enjoy this man and not lose yourself.

Leah was afraid to answer, so she just whimpered, wagging her ass against him. She hoped he wouldn’t be offended by this. She hoped he would take it as a sign that she was just beyond words and dying to be with him. That second part was absolutely true.

Ryan gripped her hips harshly and started to force his cock inside her. Leah’s head flew back as she moaned loudly. His cock was thick and hard. A small tremor went down her legs as he stalled partially inside her.

“Whose girl are you, Leah? Who does your pussy belong to?”

Her mark instantly heated. It felt as if her skin could burst into flames at any second. The heat then started to bleed into her chest, surrounding her heart. She knew she was doomed then. Her arms shook against the tree.

“Yours, Ryan.” A small sob worked up her throat.

“You are my marked slave, Leah. Call me by my deserved title.” Ryan pressed his cock further into her cunt.

Leah went up on her tiptoes, whining loudly. Her pussy stretched, and pain ran down her legs quickly before dissipating. A deep breath rushed from her, and it seemed to be carrying some of that unnatural heat from inside her.

Leah knew exactly what he was referring to. When she was younger and lovestruck, it had felt like a naughty game. Now it felt like the gravity of the world rested in this situation.

“Master.” Her mark went ice-cold, almost numb.

“Yes, pet.” His tone was finally light again.

Ryan squeezed her hips as he pressed his cock all the way inside her. Leah turned her head so she could cry out against her shoulder, muffling her noises. They were in the forest, and the sun was fully off the horizon now. Pain rippled through her but didn’t last long.

Her pussy spasmed around his large cock and her clit was throbbing. That orgasm was close. Leah looked forward again, panting wildly.

“The first time is always harder. I’ll go slow, love.”

“No. Take me.” She wanted it hard and rough.

Ryan groaned behind her. “You won’t have to ask me twice, love.”


* * * *


Ryan’s cock twitched inside his marked slave. She felt wonderful, like a wicked heaven. His possessive instincts were off the chart, and he felt his eyes slip into their all-black animal form for just a split second. This woman was his and his alone. Anyone who would jeopardize that would soon regret it.

A crow cawed overhead, spiking Ryan’s animal senses. He was suddenly aware of how bright it had become. He looked around the surrounding forest but didn’t see anything worrisome. Still, for his girl’s sake, he wanted to bring this to a swift but wonderful end.

He slowly thrust in and out of Leah, causing sweet whimpers and moans to come from her. He watched her arms shake against the tree. It was a primal sight. A sight that had his whole being alive.

Ryan reached around and rubbed her clit. He wanted his pet to come first, and he felt his climax not so patiently waiting.

“Leah, come for me.” He clenched his jaw tightly. He couldn’t hold himself back much longer.

There was a rustling of leaves off to their right. Ryan moved only his eyes and saw the squirrel from earlier. He growled deep in his throat before turning his full attention back on Leah. He jiggled her clit harshly, and she arched her back.

Ryan increased the speed of his cock, now pounding into her. She reacted with a loud moan, and he got the feeling that he was on the right track.

“You like that, pet?”

Leah whimpered beautifully, and he took that as affirmation.

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