Healing Hearts 6: To Love Again (MFMM)

Healing Hearts 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,707
12 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Menage a Quatre Romantic Suspense Romance, M/F/M/M, reverse harem, spanking, HEA]

Emma isn't ready to love again, but fate steps in and the attraction is too strong to deny, even with all the guilt she can muster. Losing Westin, an NYPD detective killed in the line of duty, made her fearful to love again. She won't let down her guard, and his partner, Martin, makes sure she always remembers Westin, and of course that Martin is the only man she can trust. 

When she meets Houston, Miller, and Eagan, the attraction is just too strong to deny, even with Martin putting her down and trying to make her question her men's commitment to her. 
Martin has a plan in motion. He's manipulated her mind for years, is responsible for Westin's murder, and is about to take her away from the three men she took a chance on and loves with all her heart. 
She isn't the timid, naive young woman of years ago. She has a fire in her, thanks to the men she loves and her strong belief in good over evil. Fighting for her life and honoring Westin's death makes her actions speak louder than words, and end the sadness, guilt, and fears once and for all.
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author
Healing Hearts 6: To Love Again (MFMM)
12 Ratings (4.4)

Healing Hearts 6: To Love Again (MFMM)

Healing Hearts 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,707
12 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Another good one. If you need a sweet love story then this is the book for you

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Emma jumped forward and gasped for breath. She felt the aches and pains and the concussion, too. It was a dream, a nightmare, one she had less frequently over the last year. Her abduction had brought those nightmares back. She swallowed and coughed, her throat dry, and she looked at her bedside table seeing the bottle of painkillers and the water. In her mind, she heard the music, the lonesome sound of the bugle playing, Westin’s mom sobbing, and other family members trying to console her. Martin held her by his side, but she was numb. She could feel that cold, empty numbness even now, awakened from the nightmare. She stared at the pills, refusing to take the painkillers but thinking back to a time when she would have welcomed death to be with Westin once again. Now that thought made her feel terrible, guilty, like she was a horrible person for even considering doing that to herself. Such action would destroy her family, perhaps her friends, as well. No, no, she was years passed thinking that way. If she were going to have done that, it would have happened right after Westin was buried, when the pain, the loss was so bad she lay there on their bedroom floor, exhausted from crying as she wished for death.

No, she was stronger. She refocused, regrouped, and made the decision to separate herself from the constant reminders of Westin, but to not forget him and what they’d had. It was sacred, and nothing would ever feel like the bond they shared.

And even though, many a times, she went back to that deep, dark, lonesome place, where nothing seemed to pull her away from taking her life, she felt that simmering in her gut. Her parents would be devastated, and so would Westin’s, the ones she kept in contact with, and of course Martin, his partner and friend. Ultimately, she believed it was Westin that kept her alive. Kept her going. Forced her to move on, to live the life God gave her until he chose her death. It wasn’t easy, but Westin’s military friends were supportive, as well. She still spoke to many of them. In fact, several didn’t live far from here, on a military base close by.

She wiped the tears from her eyes and laid back down. Looking around the room at her very large, upscale condo, she felt lonely and a little scared. Well, a lot scared. It had been only two weeks since the incident. Two weeks since she was taken, beaten, tied up, and her mouth taped closed by some dirt-bag criminals. Two weeks since she’d regained consciousness in the arms of Houston. She swallowed hard. She didn’t like that she found him attractive, and his brothers, too. Holy crap but his brothers were just as hot as Houston.

Eagan was retired Special Forces, though Casey said not really fully retired. Which meant he still did dangerous things. Miller was some sort of businessman, and Houston was a manager or something at Gordon’s. What a small world it was that they’d met only a couple of weeks before the abduction and he and his brothers wound up being good friends with Ice and his brothers. Such a small world.

She felt guilty when she thought about Houston. He took a protective role immediately over her, especially learning that she lived alone, had no family here in Mercy, and that they had met before and she had been a victim. She had to talk him out of coming to her place and watching over her. Emma’s friends were there, but so were Houston, Miller, and Eagan. Though Eagan didn’t say a word, just seemed to be on guard, watching everyone who came and went. Because of the concussion, it had been a bit of a blur, but Faith, Casey, North, Brook, and Melina filled her in. They were already trying to play matchmaker and plant the seed in her head that it meant more than just the men being chivalrous.

She got Melina, Brook, and Faith to come over and talk Miller, Eagan, and Houston into leaving by realizing that Emma didn’t need the constant protection any longer. They’d taken turns staying the night up until just last night. Emma needed to suck it up and get back to work despite the bruises and her fears. She was more jittery, definitely on edge, and she would need to get over her fears because there was no one to take care of her but herself. That had been something that bothered her the last few days. The realization that she was alone. That there was no one to protect her but herself. That brought on thoughts of Houston.

Any woman would fantasize about a man like him, like Miller and Eagan, as well. They were drop-dead gorgeous. Like total eye candy, yet different, masculine, unique in their own right. Houston looked at ease, yet commanding. The scruff along his cheeks added to the mystery about the man. Women threw themselves at him, but he seemed to ignore that. That night they’d met at Gordon’s, his eyes landed on hers. They’d locked, and that was it. He approached her, introduced himself, and they spent the next hour talking. She had liked him, but her fears, the guilt she had, came full surface, and when he disappeared for a phone call he received, she ran.

She felt a little embarrassed about that, but he didn’t ask, hadn’t asked why.

When she met Miller and Eagan, she was shocked at the instant attraction to them, as well. She hadn’t known they were brothers. As she gained consciousness and saw them there, as if keeping watch protecting her, she felt an instant attraction but thought it was simply their handsomeness.

Miller was clean shaven, had wide shoulders, a firm, defined chin, and dark green eyes that added to his intimidating demeanor. He seemed a bit stuck-up, or maybe confident, like not anyone could be in his league or at his level. Yet instead of that turning her off, it interested her. Especially when he looked at her with hunger in his eyes.

Then there was Eagan. Oh boy, did he remind her of Westin and his military buddies. Sexy, mysterious, quiet, strong, and with killer eyes that couldn’t be read. It was like he was solid as stone and nothing could penetrate his soul, his insides. He was a warrior and a hot, sexy, good-looking one at that.

Her belly reacted, and her nipples hardened. She was such an idiot. She could never entertain this attraction. There were three of them. Three.




Eagan watched as Emma swam around trying to avoid being grabbed by Miller and Houston. He was sitting on the edge of the step of the boat as she tried swimming faster, but then Houston grabbed her ankle and pulled her under the water. But then Houston’s eyes widened and he went under next, and she quickly swam toward Eagan.

Miller was following her, not chasing, just following when Houston yelled toward her.

“She pulled down my shorts.”

Miller laughed. When she got to Eagan she lifted herself up, and he stood to help her, but instead of letting her pass by dripping wet, hair clinging to her breasts and skin, he gave her a wink.

“She improvised and succeeded military style.” He kissed her softly on the lips. He kept a hand on her lower back, and she held on to his arms to turn and see how close Miller and Houston were getting to the boat.

“She’s going to get a nice punishment for that one,” Miller said.

“Punishment?” she asked and went to step onto the boat and to grab a towel, but Miller grabbed her and hugged her to him. “You are so going to get it for doing that to big bad Houston.” He caressed her ass. “And we’re going to love watching it.”

“Watching what?” she asked as he turned her and remained holding her.

Houston gave Eagan a wink.

“First spanking coming up.” He took her from Miller.

“I see another boat in the distance.”

“Well, good, then they’ll know she belongs to us and she got her first punishment. Nothing better than her bare ass being spanked by her man.”

She covered her ass. “You wouldn’t dare, Houston,” she said, sounding shocked, and Eagan saw that wicked grin.

“I wouldn’t?”

He lifted her up, and she screamed. “Houston, someone might see.”

He carried her down the stairs and into the small sitting area. Eagan and Miller followed, but before they got down the stairs, they heard the first spank of his hand to her wet skin.

“Oh,” she cried out.

“Pulling down my shorts was sneaky.” He spanked her again.

“Houston, oh God, what are you doing?” she asked, and then their brother slid a finger into her pussy. Her legs widened.

“Ahhh, someone likes it. I had a feeling our woman would.”

Eagan walked closer, knelt down, and caressed her sexy, round ass. “Holy fuck, she sure does. She’s getting the couch all wet.”

Emma gasped in shock and then looked up and tried to shove her wet hair from her face when Houston spanked her again.


“My turn. Fuck, look at this ass,” Miller said and stroked a finger along the crack and pulled off her bikini bottoms.

“Nice and wet, too. Feel,” Houston told Miller. Miller slid his finger into her cunt and stroked her. Eagan lifted her face and locked gazes with a very aroused-looking Emma.

“Feel good?” he asked, and her lips parted, and she nodded.

“Ever get your ass spanked?”


“That’s hot,” Miller said.

“Really hot,” Houston added as he continued to stroke her pussy.

“I think we need another taste of her sweet cream before lunch,” Houston said.

“Oh yeah, definitely.” Houston lifted her up and used his legs to spread her body wider as she sat on his lap, her back against his front.

“Oh God, Houston. Wait. Oh!” She cried out because Miller fell to his knees and began to feast on her pussy. He alternated tongue and then fingers, stroking her and thrusting them into her. Then he pulled out and began to arouse her asshole.

Eagan was standing there now, watching, waiting his turn, but he couldn’t wait. Houston suckled against her neck, and Eagan caressed her hair from her cheek, and then Houston spoke.

“Give Eagan a chance.”

Miller pulled away from her cunt and shocked them as Eagan stepped close to take Miller’s place, and Emma shoved down his shorts, gripped Egan’s cock into her hand, and then moved forward to suck on it.

“Holy fuck, Emma,” Eagan said on an exhale. Houston helped her lower to her knees and bent her forward so he could join in. She sucked on Eagan’s cock up and down as he thrust slowly into her mouth while caressing her shoulders. He was rocking in and out of her mouth when she moaned against his cock.

“Her asshole is so fucking tight. I can’t wait to take her together. To fill her with cock and make her all ours.” Houston thrust fingers into her asshole.

“Let’s do it. Let’s rock this boat and claim Emma as ours.” Miller stood up and started looking for the condoms in a drawer. Eagan’s heart raced. Would she let them in?”

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