[Siren Menage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, HEA]
Johnathan Davis is a legendary movie director, but his bitter past makes him possessive and clingy. He's used to dating men who crave the notoriety of being seen with him. When he falls in love with Alvin Kitt, a struggling scriptwriter, his feeling runs deep. He's even more astounded by his attraction toward Ivan Murray, a semi-retired model who also owns a diner. The three men lose their inhibitions after a night of drinking, ending up in bed together. Then, they start meeting up for casual dates.
Ivan and Alvin find themselves in a web of misunderstanding. Alvin's low self-esteem prevents him from being openly affectionate toward Ivan. Ivan has his own fear of being abandoned by his lovers. They both rely on Johnathan to glue them together in the relationship. Both men are also afraid of losing their places within the relationship.
Can they resolve the misunderstanding? Or is happily ever after too elusive and unattainable for them?
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance


Sanctuaries (MMM)
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Johnathan did his best not to wince as Alvin stood a few feet away from him. He focused on his conversation with Darren and Casey instead. The three of them were getting ready for the audition process, but he wasn’t certain what Alvin was up to. His boyfriend squirmed and grimaced once or twice as if the man was experiencing stinging pain in his buttock. He felt really guilty at the moment. After all, Ivan and he were responsible for Alvin’s current state.

They didn’t have a sex marathon or even anything close to that, but Ivan was a beast in bed, waking up from their naps in the afternoon on the previous day and proceeding to fuck Alvin with so much brutal force that it aroused and frightened him at the same time. Ivan and he ended up taking turns filling Alvin’s mouth and ass before they were pushed over the edge one after the other. However, he hadn’t meant to be that rough with Alvin. He was caught up in the intensity of the moment, spurred on by Ivan’s energy. He left Darren and Casey to their own device a few minutes later and approached his lover on the other side of the room.

“Hey, babe,” he whispered into Alvin’s ear as he embraced his boyfriend from behind.

“Hey, what’s up? Are we ready to start auditioning?”

“Not yet. We’re still waiting for Jerry and Leo to get here.”

“That’s fine. I’m still arranging the audition schedule for the remainder of the cast anyway,” Alvin informed him.

“You’re all set for the lead characters, eh?”

Alvin nodded at him. “Yeah. I’ve watched a few of Casey’s cameos on TV shows and I consider him as a raw but unpolished talent.”

“I agree, babe. Casey definitely has the potential. Darren, on the other hand, is a huge question mark.”

“I know, but he’s very expressive. His acting in some of his music videos is quite good.”

“You’re biased.”

Alvin shrugged at him. “I guess, but I like that guy.”

“Not judging you. Acting is just like any other jobs. It’s all about networking and having the right connections in the industry.”

“That’s true,” Alvin agreed. “By the way, I’ll pass the schedules to the casting team that we’ve chosen. They will be in charge of auditioning the remainder of the actors and actresses.”

“Great idea. I trust the casting team. Besides, I prefer to spend more time with Ivan and you.”

“So, we’ll be slacking off on dates?” Alvin teased.

“Well, think of them as foreplay instead,” he countered before winking at his lover.

Alvin didn’t respond for a minute or so, and he thought that he might have uttered something that offended his lover. Before he could question Alvin, his boyfriend turned around to face him with a serious expression. “Do you think that we’re doing it all wrong?”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“The sex with Ivan.”

His heart sank immediately. “Do you regret everything that we’ve done with Ivan, babe?”

“No, I just…I just don’t know what to think.”

“About you and me? Or about the three of us?”


He breathed in and out a few times as he pondered his answer to the question. “I was attracted to you from the moment we met. I was so crazy about you that all I could think about was holding you in my arms and making love to you. Then, we met Ivan. It was frightening at first because my feeling for him was so overwhelming. I wanted him that night, but I also craved to possess you. I guess I’m one sick motherfucker.”

He ended his statement with a deprecating chuckle, but Alvin touched his cheeks so tenderly that he couldn’t help the bubble of hope rising deep within him.

“Don’t say that. I have strong feelings for both Ivan and you. You’re well aware that I really like you, but what I feel for Ivan is almost on the same level, which is definitely more than lust. I believe that someday I can fall as hard for Ivan as what I feel for you.”

He nodded and hugged Alvin tighter in his arms. The two of them were so engrossed with each other that they jumped apart when Darren and Casey yelled out their names. They faced the other two men with sheepish smiles. They were teased by the two men about their relationship. Casey even mentioned that Ivan was walking with a limp at the diner the previous evening. Alvin and he blushed upon hearing that. His cock hardened some as the memory of the last time Ivan, Alvin, and he made love to one another came to the surface of his mind. Alvin might be the one getting fucked by Ivan and him, but the man was no passive lover. Ivan’s limp must have been caused by Alvin’s overenthusiastic scratches all over Ivan’s lower butt cheeks and back.




Ivan’s eyes darted between Johnathan and him. “We should have talked about this earlier and I don’t know if it’s love or lust at first sight for me, but I’m very attracted to both of you.”

“I feel the same way,” Johnathan admitted.

“Same for me,” he added. “I…I trust you, too, Ivan. I want to feel you both inside me.”

“Okay, after Johnathan is done, I—”

“At the same time,” he chimed in, cutting Ivan off midsentence.

Both Johnathan and Ivan stared at him in shock. “Babe, are you sure?”

He gauged the similar sizes of his lovers’ cocks and hesitated for a moment before making up his mind. “Yes, John. Just…just take it easy.”

“Of course. How…how are we doing this?”

The three of them looked at one another for a few seconds before laughing simultaneously. It took them a minute or so to calm down.

“Maybe Johnathan can lie down on his back,” Ivan suggested. “Al, straddle John’s waist. I’ll guide you both.”

Johnathan and he complied immediately. He shivered a little when Ivan rubbed the lube into his hole. It was rather cold at first, but it didn’t stop him from heaving out a sigh of contentment as Ivan pulled his ass down onto Johnathan’s hard cock. The sensation was even better when he finally took it all inside him. Johnathan and he groaned aloud at the same time.

“Take your time, babe,” Johnathan whispered into his ear while caressing his back and neck.

He inhaled and exhaled multiple times, trying to get himself to relax further before moving his ass up and down his lover’s cock. He could feel it hitting that perfect spot inside him each time he bottomed out. It felt fantastic and he didn’t ever want Johnathan to stop making love to him.

“My turn, Al,” Ivan reminded him from behind.

He turned around and locked eyes with his second lover. He shuddered in anticipation as Ivan pressed his hard cock into the rim of his hole. His body tightened up for a few seconds, but Ivan and Johnathan spoke encouraging words into his ears. The pleasure intensified when Ivan kissed him on the lips, entwining their tongues with each other. The heat in his guts burned hotter. By the time Ivan pushed his body down against Johnathan’s, he was more than ready for Ivan to penetrate him.

The initial intrusion was both painful and amazing. He felt as if his hole was being split in two, but Ivan and Johnathan kept on licking his neck and playing with his nipples as they caressed his body tenderly with their fingers. He didn’t know who whimpered louder when Ivan eventually managed to push his cock all the way inside him. It was probably all three of them.

“Relax, babe. Ivan and I are both inside you.”

“We won’t start moving until you’re ready,” Ivan added.

He nodded his head and willed his hole to loosen up. It felt so full inside him that it was as if he had a gigantic baseball bat lodged inside his ass. He didn’t know how long it took him, but the painful sensation turned into pleasure for the most part. Hence, he began pushing back against the two hard cocks inside him. The three of them were uncoordinated for a moment as they attempted to sync their movements. When they found it, it was the best feeling in the world for him.

“Fuck me harder,” he muttered out loud, panting from the exertion.

The three of them perspired even more as they moved faster and harder. Johnathan’s movement might have been limited, but his boyfriend rutted into him as deeply as possible. Ivan was rougher with him, pounding into his hole while breathing harshly into his ear.

“You like that, baby? Do you like my bare cock fucking your tight, sweet ass?”

He whined louder at Ivan’s words and squeezed his ass even harder, causing both of his lovers to pump into him at an even faster pace. He dug his nails harder into Johnathan’s shoulder and chest. His cock was rubbing up and down on his boyfriend’s chiseled stomach as Ivan and Johnathan drove their hard cocks into him. Soon, he could feel the base of his balls pulling up, signaling that he was about to be pushed over the edge.

“I’m…I’m going to…”

He didn’t get to finish his sentence because his vision whited out for a second as his cum spewed out between Johnathan and him. His scream grew louder when Ivan suddenly hammered into him much harder than before and buried himself all the way inside his ass before stilling and filling him up with warm cum. Ivan’s gasps and growls were answered by Johnathan’s, who pushed into him one last time before climaxing inside him. Their orgasms seemed to last for a long time, but he was certain that they were only seconds. Nonetheless, he was completely sated by the time he slumped down onto Johnathan’s sweaty body.

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