Scarlet Suasion (MFMM)

Fang Fest 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,835
2 Ratings (4.0)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, public exhibition, consensual BDSM, paddling, sex toys, HEA] 
Nice guys—a "Hell no" in Scarlet Donnelly's book. Fleeing her Laird father and three brothers, she stows away to America. Her stranger fiancé, product of an arranged Gaidhlig, is out to make her life miserable, forcing a confrontation. Expecting a number-cruncher in spectacles and tweed, what she gets is a wolf-shifter who drops his manners as fast as his pants. She is bound by dark pleasure, BDSM, voyeurism, and a virile pack. But Scarlet never gives without taking. She always gets her way and she will have love.
In Raelyn Stark's business world, everything is for sale. When his top client refuses to seal the deal unless his wayward daughter is tamed, he pounces at the challenge. With his pack, Shay Clayton and Griff Chase, a well-stocked sex toolkit and dirty imagination, he will not just tame the hellion. He will own her. As for her nice phobia? He will teach her nice comes in many shades.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Scarlet Suasion (MFMM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Scarlet Suasion (MFMM)

Fang Fest 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,835
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Ye’re an enigma.” She touched her lips. “Ai-yaiyai, I said that aloud, didnae I?”

“Afraid so.”

“Stop being nice.”

“Would you rather I throw you off the roof, Scarra?”

I wonder what color his eyes are under those dark-framed glasses. His lips were succulent, grin slightly lopsided. Boyish or naughty, she couldn’t decide which. Did that one incisor have to overlap its partner so enticingly? She wanted to taste the imperfection—all of them. “Doonae smile as weel. Tis distracting.”

“Grumpy, ill-mannered jerk. Got it.”

“Ye arenae a good mon. I ken it. Ye ken it. At least tell me ye spent a load of cash ruining mae life.”

“Anything worthwhile costs money. Are you worth it, Scarra?”

“Ye tell me. Ye interrogated all my past lovers. Did it give ye a rise? Was my affairs kinky enough fer ye?”

“Engaged women don’t sleep with other men.”

Ah-huh. The cold, serpentine tone she’d been expecting. He wasn’t half as dispassionate as he pretended. Operation “Get dumped” is a go. “Just because my father arranged this engagement doesnae mean I’m in agreement. Some people arenae fer sale so stash ye plastics. I doonae find that appealing in a mon.”

 “Poor, I can’t do.” He cocked his head to the side. “What does appeal?”

“The kind that wouldnae creep behind a woman’s back with a carving knife. A mon should speak his mind and be done with it.” The kilowatt grin dimmed. She was getting through, so she kept rolling. “Tis wouldnae be a bad thing if a mon had a body tae heat a woman’s flesh. I like a good tup just as much as any hot-blooded woman.”

“I take it by ‘tup’ you mean fuck?”

The glasses magnified twin silver sparks. A low growl rumbled. Scarlet gasped. It happened so fast, passed so quickly, she couldn’t be sure if it had been reflection and imagination. The only remaining evidence of tension was his hands—large workman hands—fisted on his desk. Slowly, he unfurled them, one long finger at a time.

Could it be? No. Her father would have mentioned it, warned her. She recognized that electric charge that crackled in the air. The fine hair on her nape stood on ends. But that’s as far as the similarity between what she witnessed now and what she’d grow up being surrounded by went. The current fizzled and winked out leaving behind hollow silence. If this man possessed the same dominant gene as her father and three elder brothers, he’d learnt something they hadn’t. He’d mastered controlling his beast. It was unique and more than a little unnerving.

She went on, but with less bravado, “Aye. Ye havenae any right over me. We doonae ken each other. We havenae even agreed tae this—” She waved her hand, “—thing. Surely ye didnae expect me tae fall intae line just because the men in my family are overbearing brutes.”

“Respect your father. He is a man.” He said it so softly. “As to the matter of waiting. Your station should have compelled you to act more responsibly, first as daughter to a Laird, and second as future wife to me.”

“Wait just a damn minute—”

“No.” His voice never raised above the calm cadence. It didn’t have to. His power was not something that required shouting. It simply was. “I gave you two years to enjoy your freedom. And a nice long leash to tangle yourself in. Time has come for you to take your place—by my side.”

“Ye cannae tell me what tae do.”

“I can. I will.” He leaned sideways and unlocked a desk drawer with a key that dangled from a chain around his neck. He placed the pristine envelope on the surface with the same aggravating countervailing attitude that both doused and ignited her temper in equal parts. “An agreement. Physical and mental evaluation. Read it. Sign it. And hand it to Missy. That would be chickpea outside.”

“Evaluation? Do I look like a heifer tae ye? Will ye check me fer ticks and worms tae? I’m nae a wench ye can control, Stark. Best ye ken that from the start.”

He smiled. “I’m a negotiating man. Shall we try again? Please read, sign and return the documents if you are amicable.” He steepled his fingers and grinned cockily. “As I guessed. No difference.”

Scarlet wanted to grab the envelope and cosh him over the head with it. “This isnae some business deal.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Scarra. You are very much a business deal. Now check the shelf to your left. Consider it another dotted line, if you will.”

Curiosity steered her to the little bag. She peeked in before upended it in her palm. The ring was exquisite, a solitaire rock perched high upon an intricate tower of twisted gold. The band was plain—humble dignity—not distracting from the masterpiece it reverently held up. “It’s in a brown paper bag.”

“It’s real. Tiffany certificate’s in there.”

“Tis yer idea of a proposal? Do I whip out the bagpipes and jump for joy now?”

“Proposal implies asking.” He shrugged. “I could do the on-bended-knees-pretty-poetry thing but as you aptly said, ‘Let’s begin as we plan to go on.’ I will treat you with respect and care, Scarlet, because you’re a woman. So long as you remember that is a reason, not an excuse. I will not be made a fool of. No more men.”

“Aye. Tis excludes ye. Ye’re a monster.” She stuffed the items in her bag. “I will take ye offer under consideration.”

“One more thing.” His tone, placid once again, stopped her at the door. “Why the dislike for nice guys?”

“They always finish last.”

“Only because they always wait for the woman to finish first—multiple times.”




“Enjoying yourself.” Raelyn gave Griff a stern look while Scarlet sputtered. “Beware, Scarra. They may be kin but, to a wolf, territory overrules everything.” She sobered. He tested her binds. She shivered.

“Thought you said you weren’t scared.”

“I said shocked. Watching and doing is nae the same.”

Raelyn smirked at the screens. “Not the same at all.”

“Magnificent.” Shay’s voice was a deep, sexy rumble. He leaned over her from the opposite side. His hair tickled as he inspected. Her nipples pebbled. The walls of her tummy clenched. Finally her pussy tingled under his intrusive midnight gaze. “You chose well, Raelyn.”

“Aye. And tis all my own teeth.”

His grin grew wicked. “Needs discipline.”

“Ow. Oh. What are ye doing?”

“Taming.” Raelyn secured another nipple clamp. A third latched onto her sensitive clitoris. Her thigh muscles burned, straining helplessly. He could not be shut out. Iron teeth bit into her. The attached leash wrapped around his hand. “Misbehave. I punish.” He yanked slowly.

“Oh God.” It was torture. It was exquisite.

He toyed with an evil-looking cane. “When I’m finished you’ll be a well-trained pet, won’t you? Then and only then will I fuck your sweet pussy. If you’re a good girl, Shay and Griff will fuck your tiny ass. Would you like that, my pet?”


The cane struck her exposed clit. The leash jerked. Erotic pain laced through her. Her womb contracted. Griff licked her scalding flesh. His tongue hot and wet, was soothing relief. Scarlet arched into his suckling mouth. Shay’s hovered above her tormented nipples as he squeezed her breasts together. “Please.”

Raelyn’s eyes shone. “Manners? You disappoint me, my little savage.”

“Just do it. Fuck me, ye miserable runt. Bastard. I’ll cut out ye bollocks—”

Their huge mouths descended, swallowing the stretched morsels being offered. Scarlet screamed. He was ruthless, but talented. He moved his reins in tight circles, making Shay and Griff’s tongue chase after. The cane came down. One. Two. Three. She lost count. Pain tangled with pleasure. The butt end of the cane filled her hungry pussy. Her senses spiraled, reaching higher and higher, seeking release. Scarlet arched. The ropes dug into her flesh. She exploded.

“Your juices are dripping off my hard cane. Look. The men’s pricks are drooling. They want a piece of your sweet cunt.”

Droopy lids lifted. Truly the gawking audience pumped their engorged cocks. Fangs protruded as they watched her being eaten and cane-fucked. Instead of shame, she felt desire. So many men, heated eyes, raging cocks, all just for her. “Stark.”

He brought the stick to his tongue and tasted her essence. It was the most sensual, “un-nice” sight. He stood over her in his dull clothes and steamed spectacles. But he had a filthy mouth. “Tasty. My cock wants to be in your pussy. I want to fuck your cunt until every man watching you dumps his load.”

Shay and Griff stripped off their clothes. Raelyn deftly untied her fetter and bent her knees until her fingers circled her ankles. “Don’t move, Scarra.” His teeth clamped over the leash he possessively refused to relinquish. He retied her. Her hands wrapped around her feet. The muscles at her back and thighs screamed from exertion.

He held out his hands to the sides. The pack reacted. They peeled off his clothes. The brown bag unwrapped. Dullness stripped away to unveil the true treasure—a diamond in the rough. He stood proud, all sinew and corded muscle, bared for only her hungry perusal, her salacious pleasure. Their erections were huge and throbbed. Here was what made man truly a man. The proud appendages jutted out, wedged between muscular pistons, reinforced by lean hips.

“Our savage pet is greedy for dick.”

Scarlet licked her lips. Raelyn’s lithe frame covered her. He chewed at the bit in his mouth. The action titillated her areolas and clitoris. His bulbous tip worried her pussy entrance. With a toss of his head, his glasses went flying. The reins pulled taut. Her imprisoned womanly parts shrieked in agony. He plunged into her just as the pain reached its pinnacle. She gasped. Tears leaked down the sides of her face.

He tasted. “Sweet.”

Shay took up his position behind. He sucked his fingers and lathered her delicate anus. His bulky chest glistened with sweat. Her impaling was slow and excruciating. Scarlet yelled. He was massive. She was being torn apart.

Oh Lord, Griff. He watched her intently, hesitated. Scarlet frowned. Veins and muscles bulged as her tormented lovers battled the instinct to pump. Eyes squeezed shut, the crowd stroked their rigid cocks, each teetering on their own fragile lisle. They waited.

The leash fell from Raelyn’s hold. He bellowed and angled around. Scarlet tensed. Hot gazes locked—held—silent communication between brothers, a battle of wills. Griff demurred. Raelyn’s attention never wavered. Griff advanced. His blunt head tested her tight crevice. Shay retreated a little, inviting his brother. “It’s penis heaven.”

Scarlet’s nails dug into her instep. They entered, expertly rocking in synchrony, with every invasion submerging tiny bit deeper, stretching her brutally. She was filled to capacity, impaled by three enormous steel rods. They hammered at her, fucking her with frenzied abandon.

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