Sin's Submission (MFMM)

Demon Twins 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,675
2 Ratings (4.0)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Fantasy Consensual BDSM Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, demons, public exhibition, spanking, sex toys, HFN]

Sin Kenna’s world changes when her twin brother removes the amulet she’s worn since birth. The dark passions inherited from her demonic father are awakened, but unlike her brother’s ultimate Dom status, Sin’s only desire is to be an extreme Sub. She is thrown into the world of BDSM, ménage, and mystery with three mature men when her brother’s further plotting drives her to trade her full-figured body for payments owed.

Devon Collins is a man with a painful past and a body that bears his scars. He compensates the beauties he takes to his bed by binding and blinding them to his deformities, allowing them to first enjoy the unmarred flesh of his friends, Timber Jordan and Kyle Shaw. He is unprepared for the storm that arrives with Sin. With her uncanny ability to read and speak into his mind, she is determined to reveal the horror of his past, secrets he is not ready to expose.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Sin's Submission (MFMM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Sin's Submission (MFMM)

Demon Twins 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,675
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Sin couldn’t suppress her squeal of surprise as Devon attached a long, slender chain to one of the loops on her collar. Humiliation and embarrassment made her want to dash right back into the car.

Devon tugged at the leash. “I will not tolerate disobedience, Sin.”

Her hair fell forward as she tried to hide her shackles and shame. Devon stepped briskly before her, pulling on the chain and not allowing her any choice but to follow. From beneath the curtain of her dark tresses, she scanned the dim interior. People stared unabashedly at them as they made their way to a table at the far corner. Granted not all of them were interested in the entertainment she was providing. There were couples engaged in heavy tongue-locking and very open petting. The atmosphere was erotic and sinfully exciting. Sin hung her head further. She knew she had fantasized about having her body dominated by a capable man, or perhaps two. But this public exhibition was not something she had anticipated. She could not say exactly how she felt about it.

The cover of hair only lasted until they reached their table. The scantily dressed waitress who had led them eyed her with undisguised envy. The look she bestowed on Devon, however, was one of pure hunger. Sin’s teeth ground together. What was it with all these skinny harpies? They were like tame pussycats lusting after a rutting with an alpha male mountain lion. Who could blame them? Devon was a raw, dangerous predator. Just a single look into his savage, silver eyes could make even a schoolmistress’s panties damp. Such power. It was stamped on every facet of his body and each bestial scar on his face. His body screamed “Man!” without him having to say a word. God, I just about freaking exploded in my panties from just that kiss in the car. Her fantasizing drew to an abrupt halt as her leash was yanked.


Sin plopped down in the chair, entirely automated, and noticed for the first time that the table was not empty. The heat of a large, solid-framed male body seared her side. She didn’t dare look up to see who the man was. There was no telling what the proper behavior of a pet was in company, and angering Devon was the last thing she wanted.

Devon toyed with his end of the chain as he sat across from her. “Sin, meet Timber Jordan. He is a man who I have invited to participate in our fucking.” Sin’s jaw dropped as Devon raised his brows. “Unless you have any objections.”

Sin could not stop staring at the devilish flecks of silver in his gray eyes. His lips were a firm, thin line. A slight tick on his strong jaw alerted her that she had better respond quickly. “Thank you, Master.”

His features softened. “I’m pleased with you, Sin.”

Sin could not understand the deep sense of pride she felt at his words. Why was it so important to her that she please him? It was not out of fear. And it was definitely not something forced out of her. But she had a genuine wish to see her master content, happy even. Smile? Don’t hold your breath.

His tone was commanding. “You can look at him, my pet.”

As Devon turned his attention to the waitress with his order, Sin shyly glanced sideways. What was supposed to be a quick, discreet once-over turned into a full-scale stare. The man was entirely too gorgeous to want anything to do with her. Probably clocking late thirties, Timber’s face and body were radiant with agility and vigor. His sun-bleached hair and dark tan spoke of a great deal of outdoor activities. The bulging muscles that rippled across his chest and arms screamed that those activities were anything but relaxing. Unlike Devon, Timber’s face was free of any blemishes. The dark shadow on his chin made him appear more darkly handsome. His midnight-blue eyes were filled with dark, sinful promises. The knowing twitch at the corners of his soft-looking lips made Sin blush.

Devon has just kissed me senseless, and now I’m ogling this new fine specimen of raw man. God, I must be turning into the real sluttish daughter of my demon father. And this was only one of his friends. Devon had definitely mentioned friends. What would happen when another arrived? Sin dropped her gaze immediately.

Devon nudged her, using her restraint. “Don’t play shy, my pet. You will allow Timber a sample of your body.”

Cringing inwardly, Sin steeled herself for a swift rejection. No man, let alone one of this demigod physique was ever going to want to feel up her abundant curves.

Timber’s hand landed on her thigh, and Sin almost leapt out of her chair. He addressed Devon as his fingers soothed her gently. “She’s as ravishing as you promised, Devon.”

Ravishing? Sin barely stopped herself from gasping at the preposterous description. Surely the man was a shameless flirt with a silver-lined tongue laced with lies. Either that or he was as blind as a bat.

Timber seemed to notice her reserve. He tenderly took her hand and moved it to his bulging fly. This time, Sin did gasp aloud. His cock was rock hard and jerked its invitation beneath her touch. His voice was low as he tilted her face until her eyes stared into fathomless midnight sky. “I think this speaks for itself. I can’t wait to get it into you, beautiful Sin.”

Neither can I. Lost in his dark, stormy gaze, Sin couldn’t help but feel beautiful and desirable. She inhaled sharply as his hand began to explore in her lap. Wiggling did nothing to lengthen the too-short dress. Timber’s hand was hot and hard against the soft skin of her inner thigh.

“Look at me, Sin.” Devon’s voice was compelling. Sin could not ignore his authority. “That’s a good girl. Timber is going to touch you. Spread your legs for him. Let him feel the fire of your pussy.”



Her teeth bit the inside of her cheeks as his hand came down again. The fast flow of the pussy tickler sent a hum of vibrations against her clit. Little, little, big, freaking huge. Sin mewled loud and hard as the last giant bead finally popped past her pulsing bud. Fuck but that feels good. The large protrusion piercing her side felt even better. “Please, Master.” She wriggled desperately.

“Shush, impatient wretch.” Devon grabbed a handful of hair and turned her head to receive his kiss. It was brutal and hungry, a punishment all on its own as her body threatened to erupt. As if sensing her climax close at hand, Devon swept his tongue into her mouth one last time before pushing her away. “Go to Kyle, my pet.”

Sin scrambled off his lap hurriedly. Kyle was sitting on the sofa, delightfully naked. He was a mouthwatering dessert, sprawled out especially for her ravishing. Her knees buckled, but she quickly padded across the luxuriantly thick carpet. Uncertain on where she should sit, she stopped before the delicious specimen and eyed his erect cock. Quickly he grabbed her and spun her around. Sin found herself once again on a man’s lap, but this time seated. The hot tip of his penis tapped her back impatiently. She needed to find to find a release to this pressure that had built up within her. But Kyle did nothing.

Annoyed, she turned to Devon. Thankfully he did not linger in his chair as he’d done in the past. She watched in silent appreciation as he stood up and began to undo his cuffs. Fuck, but that habit turned her on. It had done so right from the beginning.

“You’ve been such a good slave that I will reward you.”

Sin’s eyes bulged as his hand moved to his shirt front. Would he? God she prayed he would. “Thank you, Master.” Her whisper was soft and heartfelt. This could not be easy for him. God how she had longed to make love to him with her eyes open. How she wished to touch his body as he fucked her with his expert cock. Finally.

With rapt fascination, she watched as he peeled off his shirt and placed it carefully over the chair back. His movements were so controlled and precise, she could not help the shiver that raked through her. He was just as meticulous while screwing. The entrance to her womanly opening squeezed in anticipation.

His eyebrows lifted as though he knew. “Open your legs for me, sweet Sin. I have a present for you.”

Her thighs trembled as she spread her legs wantonly. Kyle played with the insides of her thighs as he nuzzled the side of her neck, but her attention remained on Devon. He wore no briefs. Sin understood. Her Master abhorred restraints or restrictions. He lived life as he pleased. The blood thundered in Sin’s ears as Devon approached her slowly. He looked like a dangerous, feral predator stalking his prey. Fluid gushed in her pussy from just looking at him. How could he ever believe himself abhorrent? He was magnificent, all power and might—pure male. She reached out and tenderly touched the larger gash across his abdomen. His muscles rippled as he clenched against the alien touch. Sin continued to explore his body, each dent and swell. Tears prickled at her eyeballs, but she swallowed them down. The time for pain was past. The healing would start.

She looked up and found his face etched in silent torment. His eyes searched hers, desperately seeking acceptance, a salvation he had been denied from birth. Sin smiled tenderly. “You’re beautiful, Devon. Every single inch of you is gorgeous.”

His tendons chorded along his arms as his fists clenched. “It is you who is beautiful, Sin. You make things better, even horrid things, with just a touch.”

“I don’t make anything, Devon. I can only see what is already there. I see you.” She looped her hand around his massive cock, which jutted out for attention as she smiled wickedly. “I also see something that needs relief.” Her hand stroked and caressed the bulbous head. The first dewy droplet formed, and she teased his moisture with her thumb.

His breath whistled through his teeth. “Demon spawn.” Sin gasped as he grabbed her legs. He threw each over a shoulder as he leaned down into her. His hands latched onto her generous hips. “And now, my evil slave, you will have what I’ve wanted to give from the day I met you.”

“Mm…” Sin’s mind reeled. Kyle pulled her back until she was against the wall of his chest. His hands circled her and rolled her large nipples to painful awareness. Sharp teeth nipped at her ear.

Devon’s hand anchored on the sofa back beside her head as he reached down with his free hand. He taunted her cunt and the taut hole in her ass. The blunt point of his cock prodded her pussy lips with a searing kiss. “To see your big, lush body being fucked by three large cocks.”



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