Vice's Domination (MFMM)

Demon Twins 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,787
2 Ratings (4.0)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Fantasy Consensual BDSM May-December Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, demons, HFN]

Divorced and full-figured Claudia Slater is a Texas woman in need of sexual healing. On arriving in Scotland, after undergoing a bizarre interrogation, she is led down the path of BDSM, voyeurism, and strange folklore. Why does Vice Kenna have such power over her mind and body? With the help of Troy McBride and Neil Travis, the dashing friends of Vice and in kilts no less, she will reveal all his dark secrets.

Vice Kenna has a very real, very physical problem. Since unleashing the demon within him, having women obey his every command has gotten old. He must find one who will submit to him willingly or he faces a lifetime of impotency. The intriguing new arrival is certainly enticing in her cowboy boots, dusty jeans, and attitude to match. But what will she say about his demon blood? And can he refrain from tainting her with his dark domination?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Vice's Domination (MFMM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Vice's Domination (MFMM)

Demon Twins 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,787
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Claudia was caught up in the dazzle and glamour of prestige as she entered the Theatre Royal. She stared at everything at once, trying to absorb as much as possible to take back with her when she finally had to leave this bubble of illusions. The high dome glittered like the golden sun at high noon, with glorious lights affixed to its radiant center. Heavy-paneled balconies, painstakingly intricate with detailed patterns, towered over her. She blinked in awe as they tread slowly up the plushy-carpeted stairs. From the first pier, in a private box no less, she could see the full scope of the magnificent interior. The rich red walls were bright like ripe cherries. It was a striking contrast to the deep blue luxuriantly upholstered chairs. And everything was lined and trimmed in bright, shimmering gold. Claudia had never seen such a perfect blending of nature’s primary colors. Exquisite.

“Not the third pier?” Claudia teased lightly as Troy pushed her seat closer to the balustrade.

“Not for what we have planned.” He left his ambiguous answer hanging in the air as he turned to pour champagne from an ice bucket.

Her attention was so raptly focused on the curtained stage, she failed to notice the arrival of a third party. He whispered a greeting in the soft Scottish lilt she recognized immediately as he held his hand out for hers.

“You look ravishing enough to eat, Claudia. Were you to trust me with your hand to kiss, I would be hard-pressed not to keep it forever.”

Claudia burst out laughing as she held her hand out willingly. “Neil, you sly devil. Try your syrup-coated words on someone who believes you.”

Neil’s blue eyes twinkled wickedly as he first kissed then placed her palm over his heart. “Never doubt the words of an earnest gentleman.”

Gentleman indeed. Claudia stared at him shocked. In slightly less formal attire, he wore a crisp, pale-blue shirt that complemented his eyes and accentuated his fair complexion and mop of red curls. But the thing that caught and held her attention, as had been the case with Troy, was his neatly pleated blue-and-white kilt. In lieu of the evening coat, a broad strip of the plaid was instead tossed over one shoulder. Not one delicious man in a heavenly kilt, but two! Damn. Whichever fairy godmother was responsible for this deserved a lifetime of her gratitude.

She continued to ogle his strong legs as the fabric flared out when he threw himself negligently into the seat next to her. Heat rushed to her face as Troy took the seat on her left side. She could not keep her eyes off the simple yet naughty-looking kilt pin that seemed to wink an invitation to her under the multitude of soft lights. He handed her a glass of fortification with a knowing grin. God help me, but I need a whole bottle of this. She gulped down the flute’s worth without blinking. Her voice wheezed either from the icy chill of bubbly or just plain disbelief. Things like this never happened to women like her. “Is there some occasion we should toast to for this intriguing dress code?” She tossed a quick glance over her shoulder, half expecting Vice to turn up in his own variety of Scotland’s finest invention. Hell, kilts were by far the world’s best discovery as far as she was concerned.

“Vice is still prowling.” Neil chuckled beside her. “The repertoire for tonight is classical ballet, so”—he gestured to his glorious attire—“why not look and feel the part.”

Fuck. All Claudia was feeling was damn horny. She muttered softly, “It’s a blessing you don’t make it a habit.”

“You don’t like the kilts?” Troy’s question was so serious Claudia gaped at him, flabbergasted.

Not like? Is he kidding? “I think I like too much.”


Yes, oh. Now how the hell was she supposed to concentrate on anything with these two manly men sandwiching her with their hot, steamy presence? What did they wear beneath those things anyway? Oh dear. True Scotsmen? Why did I even think about that? But it was too late. Her first time in an actual opera house, and she was going to be leaving just as ignorant. She stared blindly as the curtains opened and female dancers in tiny fluffy tutus and traditional Scottish Aboyne dresses intermingled with agile men in skin-tight leotards as they came whirling out. Soft, sweet music of perhaps a thousand bagpipes filled the hall. But all Claudia could see were the images that had formed in her head of tight, flexing ass cheeks, and deadly, ready-to-strike cocks beneath coarse kilts. All she could hear was her blood thundering in her ears.

“You know, Claudia, the prima ballerina is always in the spotlight. There is something so special about her that as she stands there, the soloist, all alone in the spotlight, one cannot help but stare at her, transfixed.”

Claudia turned to Neil as he spoke and gasped in surprised. He was not even looking at the stage. He was staring at her. “Really?” She swallowed the thick lump that had formed in her dry throat.




“What are you afraid of?” Troy leaned closer until his breath fanned against her lips. “Passion? Lust? Hunger?”

All of those things. “I fear…” Her gaze shot once again to the surrounding crowds.

“An audience?” Troy’s lips were warm and smooth. “They can see nothing. However, if by chance any do spy us, how can they blame us when such a ripe, tasty morsel is inflaming our cocks with liquid fire? Just know that we will not leave you wanting.”

Claudia sighed into his mouth as it claimed her. His tongue dove in, hungrily seeking her deepest, darkest secrets. She squirmed in her seat, trying to get closer to him. Neil would not allow it, however.

He held her pinned as he slowly lowered the convenient elastic sleeves down her shoulder. “This time I will not be deprived of seeing.” He tugged until only her sheer shift covered her breasts. “Beautiful.” Claudia jerked in her chair as his hand covered her breast. He plucked and tweaked her erect nipple through the thin fabric. “This time I won’t be denied your taste.” His hot mouth latched onto her straining nipple, wetting the obstructing fabric immediately. Claudia broke free of Troy’s kiss to gaze down at the head of flaming red as he suckled hungrily at her breasts.

Her apprehensive glance once again perused the crowds even as her fingers clutched possessively at his fiery locks. The thrill of being caught, watched sent an electric current of excitement through her. “This is too much.” She panted harshly as Neil moved to lave attention on her depraved nipple.

“It isn’t nearly enough.” Troy’s heated whisper had her redirecting her focus to him. He lifted her dress all the way until her uncovered pussy was gloriously revealed. The flaring within his smoldering green eyes showed her his appreciation for her daring lack of panties. “God, honey, if I’d known you had nothing under that dress, I would have fucked you in the car.”

Claudia bit down the scream as he ran a finger up the sinful straps holding her stockings up. He pulled on the flexible band and allowed it to fall back into place with a loud, stinging snap. Claudia convulsed so violently at the blissful pain that raced up her thigh that Neil had to sink his teeth into her nipple to stay latched on. All the confusing signals, with watching Troy torture her nether region, and Neil feast of her bosom, as well as the frantic glances she kept tossing at the surrounding hordes of people, sent Claudia mind spinning into a dizzying void. The different stimulations, biting, sucking, and stinging pain as Troy pulled on the other suspender, cruelly collided into a single driving force—need. There had to be an escape from this tension within her. There had to be release.

As if sensing the shriek building in her, Troy once again sealed her mouth and swallowed her lusty cries. Neil pulled her shift up, and the heat of his hands and mouth directly on her skin sent shards of chaotic impulses straight to her throbbing pussy. She lifted her ass urgently, begging for Troy’s hovering hand to touch her. “Please,” she panted in his mouth.

“Please what, sweet Claudia? You want me to fuck you with my fingers? My cock?” He smacked her pulsating cunt lips with a controlled cupped hand. “Or do you want me to suck your minge until your cries drown out the orchestra?”

Everything. She wanted everything he had to offer. She wanted to feel his fingers deep in her pussy. She needed his cock to extinguish the flames within her. But now she needed something more erotically wicked. She clamped her thighs together in desperation.

“What? Say it, Claudia,” Troy demanded softly in her ear as he bit the sensitive lobes.

“Eat me, damn it.” There. She’d said it. It was a liberating experience having her desire aired verbally. “Eat my pussy, Troy.”

Troy drew back with a satisfied smile. “I said you would demand.”

“You said you would deliver.” Claudia was past the point of senseless teasing. She grabbed his still-damp hair and pushed his head down between her spread thighs.

His hot chuckle vibrated through her oversensitized clit. His breath heated her as he spoke. “Silence her, Neil.”

In one smooth move, Neil grabbed her hair and took her mouth with a feral kiss. His tongue stroked just once before she felt Troy’s tongue do the same below. Her delighted mewls remained trapped as Neil ruthlessly imprisoned her lips. Troy was on his knees, spreading her cunt lips wide open. Her thighs slammed together, capturing his head in a death hold as his wet tongue ran the length of her secret valley. He growled and sucked her taut bud hard. On and on he ravaged her with his tormenting tongue as she writhed and moaned wantonly.

Neil clasped restraining fingers on her puckered nipples and pinched them with painful admonition. “Behave, you wild filly.”

Troy’s thick fingers suddenly slipped into her soaked pussy as he continued to lap at her swollen bud. Each flick of his hot tongue sent welcoming juices down her constricting channels. It was too much. It was more than she’d ever experienced before. Yet it was not enough.



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