Sergio's Obsession (MM)

Darkfall Mountain Pack 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,396
12 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA] 
To strengthen the Darkfall Mountain pack, Alpha Sergio Esteban must marry a she-wolf from the enemy pack. Too bad Sergio plays for the all-male team and is more interested in his bride-to-be’s half-blood brother, Ron. Sergio has always placed the needs of his pack before his own. But this time, he intends to claim his obsession, no matter the stakes.
As the weakest omega on the roster and the runt of the litter, Ron Silverback is used to being abused and kicked around. When Sergio unexpectedly shows interest, Ron finally has a way out. But choosing Sergio might mean making an enemy of his own family, and starting a war. Sergio’s love, a future, and his freedom…are three things Ron never envisioned having, but they’re something worth fighting for.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Sergio's Obsession (MM)
12 Ratings (4.4)

Sergio's Obsession (MM)

Darkfall Mountain Pack 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,396
12 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Ron felt the tension mount the moment they entered the receiving room. Brendan Silverback remained seated on the couch, surrounded by his most trusted wolves. The party seating opposite them must be Sergio and company. Sergio’s back faced them, so Ron couldn’t see the Alpha’s face.

Even before anything started, some of Ron’s pack members bared their teeth. Others glowered at Sergio and the five shifters with him, clearly stating their intent. If this meeting went downhill, Sergio would meet his end. Sergio’s men didn’t were on their guard as well, their eyes taking stock of their opponents.

“Ah, Diana. Took you long enough,” Brendan said in his cold familiar tone.

Their father didn’t look once on Diana. Brendan never bothered telling her how pretty she looked, or shot her an assuring smile. Typical. In front of Ron, Diana started to tremble. To Ron’s surprise, Sergio Esteban rose and turned to his new bride.

 Ron licked his lips. Sergio was one beautiful dark-haired and gray-eyed bastard. Fucking huge and built like a rock with every inch of him made of muscle. One look told Ron this Alpha didn’t need words to tell the world he’d seen his share of battles.

Sergio would have been handsome, an eye-turner if not for the tiny details that would make most hesitate. Sergio’s slightly crooked nose looked like it had been broken a couple of times. Tiny nicks and old scars marred his face, making him hard. An unreadable expression crossed the Alpha’s silver gaze when he caught sight of Diana.

“Brendan,” Sergio said. He exhaled, as if trying to control his breathing or most likely his temper. “How old is Diana?”

“She’s twenty-two this year. That a problem?” Brendan asked.

“She doesn’t look past eighteen.” Sergio neared them. Crossed the distance in a couple of long-legged strides and it didn’t help Diana flinch away. He grabbed her wrist. Diana let out a squeak. “Look me in the eye, girl.”

Diana began shaking so badly. Instead of testing her further, Sergio let go of her in disgust. That pissed Ron off. He swore he wouldn’t intervene. Hell, he’d been warned numerous times by Brendan’s enforcers not to screw this up. Ron even had the bruises on his arms to show for it, but he couldn’t just stand by and let this arrogant Alpha push Diana around.

“Hey, you. Fucker.” The words slipped out of Ron before he could stop them. Diana looked at him in horror. Dee Dee looked smug, as if she expected him to cause trouble.

Sergio turned, eyes narrowed. Ron didn’t see the Alpha move. Sergio’s figure blurred. Air whooshed out of Ron’s lungs. His back hit the wall and he found Sergio’s callused hand, wrapped around his throat. Sergio didn’t apply pressure or break his neck. Not yet, at least. To Ron’s dismay, he saw his pack members tense, but they didn’t move or bother to defend him against Sergio’s attack.

“And who the fuck do you think you are, little wolf?” Sergio’s voice sounded like gravel and dripped with scorn.

They locked eyes. Time halted. The world came to a sudden stop. Ron didn’t hear the rising growls and voices behind Sergio. The sound he heard was their panting breaths. Sergio’s silver eyes looked like frigid chips of ice at first glance, but Ron saw hints of amber bleeding into the Alpha’s pupils, Sergio’s dangerous beast peering at his scrawny wolf.

Ron couldn’t understand the emotions Sergio riled up in him, or why Sergio began sniffing the side of his neck. It didn’t escape Ron this was the kind of gesture horny shifters did when they scented a potential lover or mate.

“You smell so fucking good, little wolf,” Sergio whispered, his breath warm against his neck. The sound of his voice, full of want and dark promises, started Ron’s heart into a fierce gallop.

“Father, do something!” The sound of Diana’s voice startled Ron back to reality. “He’s going to kill Ron.”

You’re dead wrong, little sister, Ron wanted to say, except he couldn’t say the words. He looked at Sergio with desperate eyes. Hoped the Alpha understood the silent message Ron tried to convey. Every shifter knew the first rule of survival. Never show weakness, and if Sergio showed Brendan he wanted to mate Ron as opposed to killing him—Ron shuddered to think the consequences of that action. Lucky for him, Sergio had sense than most. Sergio shoved him way, the passion in his yellow gaze turning back to indifference.

All an act, Ron knew, but he couldn’t help but shudder at Sergio’s next words.

“Get this idiotic Omega off me before I rip his throat.” Sergio backed away, placing some distance between them.

He said one thing, but Ron read something else in his body language and his powerful wolf—the seductive promise of a next time. Ron was certain his next encounter with Sergio wouldn’t have this many obstacles. An Alpha of Sergio’s repute wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. That wasn’t what scared the shit out of Ron though. It was his compliance. His willingness and inability to refuse Sergio, because although he couldn’t make sense what just happened, Ron knew their first meeting unlocked something in him. Something base and primal he didn’t know he had.

“Father!” Diana shrieked.

“Take the runt away,” Brendan said.

Ron didn’t like the thoughtful look on his father’s face, or the way he watched Ron being taken away by two werewolf grunts. Normally, Brendan didn’t give a fuck about Ron. Most days, Ron didn’t exist in his eyes. Did Brendan know their secret? Dread filled his insides at that thought. One brush with Sergio had been enough for Ron to know. To understand the black rumors surrounding the Alpha hadn’t been all true. Beneath that armor was a beating heart, capable of speeding up the moment their flesh kissed.




For the first time in his life, Ron wanted to turn rotten. To see what it was like, breaking the rules with a man who genuinely lusted after him.

“I know the risks,” Sergio said after a moment of silence. “This, whatever this is, will ruin both of us. Create friction between our pack, but enough fucking politics.”

Ron stared up at him, shocked. “Excuse me? We haven’t even done anything.”

Sergio’s eyes gleamed with mischievous intent. “Exactly my point. Shouldn’t we at least commit the crime?”

Ron let out a nervous laugh. “Being with me is a thrill. It’s a crime? Does that get you off?”

Sergio growled in warning. His silver gaze turned a slight shade of amber. A chill crawled down Ron’s spine. Reminded him it wasn’t just any shifter with an ego he was dealing with, but an actual Alpha.

“This isn’t a game, Ron. I don’t have a tolerance for them.”

Ron swallowed. “Okay. What is this then?”

“I don’t know, but I intend to find out.” Sergio dispensed with words and finally took Ron’s lips.

He took Ron by storm, and Ron stopped fighting. His insides melted. The searing heat and rich taste of Sergio flooded down his throat. Ron felt Sergio’s hands roaming across the length of his body, hungry as his mouth.

Christ. No one ever made Ron feel sexy about his body like Sergio did, or so desired. Sergio grinded his body against Ron’s, refusing to let Ron’s mouth go. He nipped and sucked, kissed tender and rough, like he couldn’t decide how he wanted to take Ron—so he became greedy.

Ron reached out, traced the firm planes of Sergio’s pectorals, the brickwork of his abs, the fine hairs disappearing to Sergio’s hard member. Before Ron could close his fingers around that massive dick, Sergio gripped them, finally releasing his mouth. Ron drew out a shaky breath. Sergio imprisoned his wrists above his head.

“Keep them there. Don’t move, or do I have to tie you up?” Sergio demanded.

At those words, the image of Ron restrained and helpless against Sergio’s attentions surfaced in his mind, an unbelievably erotic sight. Sergio’s lips tilted to a smirk, as if he could read Ron’s mind.

“You’re full of surprises, little Omega.”

“Is that a good or bad thing?” Ron asked.

“Very good. Will you keep your hands there?”

“Why?” Ron couldn’t help but ask.

“Because I asked.”

“Okay,” Ron said, blowing out a breath.

Sergio let him go. It was incredibly hard to keep his hands still, especially when Sergio continued where he left off. Sergio pelted kisses down the length of his throat, his collarbones, and finally took one of Ron’s nipples in his mouth. Ron buckled when he felt that delicate balance of teeth and heat. He groaned when Sergio bit down, silver gaze fastened on him, enjoying his reactions.

What was this man, this Alpha, doing to him?

The answer came to Ron a second later, when Sergio left his teeth marks on his other nipple. Sergio wanted, no, Sergio would certainly claim him, inch by inch. Each kiss, each bite Sergio left behind weren’t just souvenirs for Ron to remember after. They were permanent scorch marks, so Ron wouldn’t forget only Sergio could reduce his body to a panting mess.

Ron couldn’t keep his hands still when Sergio’s mouth began moving downward. Sergio wouldn’t, would he? In Ron’s experience, dominant males, Alphas especially, didn’t give. They took, sometimes without asking, so it shocked the hell out of him when Sergio kissed the tip of his cock. Even licked the pre-cum gathered there.

That one gesture made Ron’s entire body shudder. Jolted his entire body and made him aware how incredibly aroused he was, how full. Close to bursting even before they started—God, Ron couldn’t have that. He refused to react like some horny pup who couldn’t even keep it in.

“Sergio,” Ron whispered. He bit his lip when Sergio palmed the inside of his thigh.

“Don’t you dare come without my say-so, little Omega,” Sergio warned, voice hoarse and rough.

“I—yes, I won’t.”

“You better, or else.”

“Or else?” Ron asked, defiance creeping back into his voice. “Are you going to smack some sense into me?”

Sergio’s smile widened. “No. I’m going to suck you over and over again, until you can’t take it anymore.”

“Oh Christ, you can’t be serious.”

“Try me.” Sergio’s dark look told Ron he’d do just that. Reduce Ron to a quivering mindless doll. Sergio licked him, root to tip, taking his time. Oh hell, Sergio was serious Ron squirmed. He was terrified of wanting more, because he knew where this was going.

“You haven’t given me an answer, Ron,” Sergio chided. “Do you need me to demonstrate?”

Ron stubbornly shook his head.

“Good pup.” Sergio took Ron’s dick in his mouth, the sensation of his tongue, and the suction he created, felt incredibly. Jolts of pleasure rammed into his chest and thickening member. The pressure inside him continued to build, threatened to crest over each time Sergio came out for air and dove back in.

Shameless moans spilled out of Ron’s throat. Unable to keep his hands still, Ron sunk his fingers into Sergio’s thick crown of hair because he needed to hold onto something. Sergio didn’t seem to mind.

“Sergio, please,” Ron murmured. The hard ground and the forest fell away. All that mattered was Sergio’s hot heat sucking his tender shaft in. Sergio pulled his lips away from his shaft.

“Give it to me, Ron. Your release,” Sergio commanded, his warm breath tickling against his throbbing erection.

Ron let out a shuddering gasp, as he spilled his load over Sergio’s chest and stomach. He saw stars, but the world righted itself back again when he saw Sergio on top of him, watching him with hungry eyes.

“Fucking perfect,” Sergio said, making him blush. “But we’re not done yet.”

“Yes,” Ron agreed, feeling languid.

His gaze fell on Sergio’s rock-hard dick. Never before did Ron want to service another man’s cock so bad. To hold a powerful Alpha’s intimate part captive in his mouth and wrangle sounds of pleasure from him.

A smile found its way on Ron’s lips.

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