Dedicated Alpha (MM)

Twin Pines Grizzlies 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,794
20 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, light bondage, sex toys, HEA]

He was willing to suffer a broken heart to protect the man he loved… Getting a second chance at love is more than Luke could ask for, but discovering Dillinger is a cop has him running for the door. Luke has a secret that could destroy Dillinger's career, but keeping his distance from the sexy officer might be more difficult than Luke ever imagined. Dillinger was dedicated to uncovering the truth behind Twin Pines College, but when he reconnects to Luke, a man he never forgot, he is willing to let his goal slide. Luke is more than Dillinger could have ever hoped for, but just as suddenly as he reappeared, Luke vanishes. Each man is willing to suffer to protect the other, but when their resistance to their own fate puts an innocent man in jeopardy, the leader of the Twin Pines Grizzlies has to intervene. The only question is, will he be too late?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Anitra Lynn McLeod is a Siren-exclusive author.

Dedicated Alpha (MM)
20 Ratings (4.4)

Dedicated Alpha (MM)

Twin Pines Grizzlies 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,794
20 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Really enjoy this series, interesting storylines in each one
I've enjoyed the Gridiron Gods and the Twin Pines Grizzlies.
Professional Reviews

4 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Dedicated Alpha was in my opinion a great little read. I totally enjoyed this book and the relationship between “Dilly” and Luke. The love scenes were scorching hot and well written. Not to mention that the emotions between Luke and his man were intense. Ms. McLeoad created a very realistic relationship with this couple. In fact, if I wouldn’t have read some of the previous books in the Twin Pine Grizzlies I wouldn’t have realized this was a paranormal book. The only issue I had with this book was the fact that we didn’t know from the beginning that Luke was part of the grizzlie’s sloth. It seemed to take three-quarters of the story before being a shifter is even mentioned. I do realize Dedicated Alpha is the ninth in the series, but it’s only the second book I’ve read and if I wouldn’t have read the other first, it would’ve totally shocked me. That being said, I still found it unique, the way Ms. McLeod portrayed her shifters, particularly the bear shifters. I won’t give away her special little twist, but I’m sure other readers will find it as delightful as I did. It gives her bears a unique flavor that this reviewer hasn’t found in any other series as of yet. As usual the background of Dedicated Alpha revolves around the college life in the small town of Twin Pines and I love the secondary characters, particularly Dillinger’s boss, Betty, who has a beehive hairdo and all. She was truly a delightful character and one who I hope will appear in other books. So if you’re looking for a book which has a very sweet alpha who will do anything, including giving up his mate if it‘s what his mate wants, then Dedicated Alpha is for you." -- Dakota, Dark Divas Reviews

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Story excerpt


Something strange was going on over at Twin Pines College, and Officer Nicholas Dillinger was determined to find out what it was. He hadn’t been a police officer for long, but he didn’t need to be an expert to know things just weren’t right. After attending the academy in Denver and working two weeks in the heart of the city, he’d been shifted to Twin Pines to “better his outlook and approach to law enforcement.”

Dillinger thought that was a lot of bullshit. Much more likely was the revelation of his homosexuality freaking out his commander. What was it with some men who thought every gay guy desperately wanted them? Dillinger wouldn’t fuck that balding piece of shit for a million dollars. But the transfer went through, and there was nothing for him to do but suck it up and deal.

Ironically, the homophobe did him a favor. Life was pretty sweet up in the mountains. For a small college town, crime in Twin Pines was almost nonexistent. Just the usual petty theft, some drunk and disorderly, and the weirdness that all seemed to trace back to the college. Dillinger’s supervisor thought he was nuts but told him to feel free to investigate, as long as he did so on his own time. And then the body of Darnell Gary Cline showed up in a stairwell at the school. Dillinger thought for sure he’d be taken more seriously, but nope. Darnell’s death was ruled an accident.

“He fell. Case closed.”

Dillinger interviewed Darnell’s boyfriend, Aaron Ludden, but he claimed they had broken up a week prior. Concerned that his turtleneck was hiding marks, Dillinger had sniffed around and found out that Darnell was known for pushing Aaron around, but they said it was some kind of rough, kinky sex. As far as everyone knew, Aaron and Darnell’s relationship was consensual. For the life of him, Dillinger didn’t understand that kind of abuse being passed off as sex. Rough was one thing, but choking the life out of your lover? He got the shivers just thinking about it.

With the coroner’s report now in and his commander telling him to leave it, Dillinger dropped his investigation. Well, officially he dropped it, but on the sly he added the mysterious death to his list of general weirdness. Into his little spiral notebook went all the curious things that he’d taken notice of since he’d come to Twin Pines in August.

One thing that had set off some curiosity flags was that animal hair had been found in the stairwell. The medical examiner, on loan from Denver, suggested that perhaps one of the kids in the dorm had a pet. One look at the hair told Dillinger the strands hadn’t come from a dog or a cat. The stuff was thick, dark brown, tipped blond, and looked exactly like some other animal hair from some other odd scenes he’d encountered. Convincing himself he was simply doing his due diligence, Dillinger sent the hair off to the lab in Denver. With any luck, he’d have an answer before he reached retirement age.

Determined to keep his eye on the campus, Dillinger had decided to take a continuing education class devoted to public policy. It was utterly dull, but taking the class gave him access to the entire campus, and he hoped the students would see him as just another student. That didn’t pan out at all. Everyone knew there was a cop around almost as if he had a neon sign over his head. Still, Dillinger stuck with the class more from an inability to quit anything once he’d started than keeping up some charade.

On his way out to the parking lot after class, he saw a spot of brightness in the dark. As it moved toward him, his eyes widened. A blond. A hot blond. A hot blond with a very familiar face. When the man was within talking distance, Dillinger couldn’t stop himself from asking, “Luke?”

The man’s eyes narrowed but then went wide. “Dilly!”

“Fuck.” Dillinger glanced around, hoping to God no one heard his despised nickname. “Still just as annoying as ever.”

“Well, isn’t it good to know some things don’t change.” Luke McCall flashed a dazzling smile that managed to warm Dillinger right down to his toes.


Adult excerpt


“I can feel your ass trying to pull me in, just like that toy.” Luke edged into him, darting his gaze from where their bodies joined to Dillinger’s face. “Big, begging cinnamon eyes.”


“What manners.” Luke flicked his hips, grinning when Dillinger braced himself only to receive another incremental bit of his cock.

“Fuck me.”

“Ooh, bossy.” Luke tsked and pulled his prick all the way back out, which caused Dillinger to growl. “What happened to my sweet, mannerly, fastidious—”

“You better get your cock in my ass or—”

“Or what?” Luke tugged on Dillinger’s balls then wrapped his forefinger and thumb around the base again. “What are you going to do?”

Dillinger took a deep breath and met Luke’s gaze. “Have your fun, cowboy, because when my turn comes, and it will, I’m gonna make you holler uncle so loud we’ll wake the neighbors.”

“That sounds more like a promise than a threat.” Up went Luke’s brows. “Now, let’s see if this big old cock of mine will even fit in this tidy little hole.”

Anticipation just about made Dillinger crazy, but he knew if he tried to hurry Luke along, he’d just slow down again. Oh, but when the tables were turned, Dillinger was going to make him pay. Already the plans in his head grew ever more elaborate and darkly erotic. There were things that Dillinger had always wanted to try but had never quite felt comfortable enough to discuss. That was not going to be a problem with Luke.

“Look at your eyes. All hot and speculative. You’re gonna fuck me like a wild creature, aren’t you?”

“I’m gonna make you scream.”

Luke flicked his hips and buried half his cock in Dillinger’s sensitized hole. Dillinger’s eyes crossed, rolled back, and he would have bucked himself onto Luke’s prick, but Luke pressed his hips into the bed then lay on top of him.

“You gonna make me scream in pleasure or pain?”

“Both.” Dillinger kept his place on the pillows, but right now he swore he’d sell his soul to kiss Luke.

“You’re gonna cry for me.”


“Oh, yeah.” Luke rubbed his nose to Dillinger’s. “You’re going to beg me to fuck you.” Luke pulled back a bit. “Oh, wait, you already have.” With his lips tauntingly close, Luke whispered, “Ask me nicely, Dilly.”

“Stop calling me that.” Dillinger had always hated that nickname, especially when the upperclassmen changed it around and called him dill pickle or, worse, little gherkin.

“Now, is that any way to ask a man to fuck you?”

“Damn it, Luke.” Dillinger met his gaze. “Please fuck me.”

“You can do better.”

“Pretty please won’t you fuck me? With a cherry on top.”

Snickering, Luke flicked his hips, sliding in just a bit more. “Cherry on the bottom.” He pressed his lips close. “And I think that poor thing is just about gone.”

“You trying to break me?” Dillinger didn’t think Luke wanted him passive forever, but for right now, that was exactly what he needed. So that was what Dillinger gave him. Lowering his face, he looked up, making his eyes as big and innocent as he could. “Fuck me, Luke. I want you to take every last bit of my cherry. I want you to ram your sweet cock into me as deep as it will go, and then I want you to ride me until I scream.”

It was as if an explosion went off in Luke’s body. His lips captured Dillinger’s. As Luke traced his tongue along Dillinger’s mouth, he thrust his hips forward and buried his prick into Dillinger’s welcoming ass.

“Fuck!” Dillinger arched up into him, deepening the angle, intensifying Luke’s possession of him. No toy had ever felt this good. That it was Luke, and Luke bareback, was just pushing all the right buttons in Dillinger’s body and brain.

“You want more?”

“Give it to me.”

“Talk dirty to me.” Luke kissed him hotly. “Tell me what I want to hear.”

Dillinger wasn’t certain, but he had a gut instinct that Luke was a man who liked rough, raunchy talk. And he was more than happy to give it to him. But he didn’t quite know what to say. So he said the first thing that came to mind.

“Ride me, cowboy.” Dillinger kissed Luke. “I want you to pound my ass so hard I’ll be walking funny tomorrow.”

Luke grinned down at him. “You haven’t done a lot of nasty talk, have you?”

“Not really. Why, wasn’t that—”

“I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll be tasting my cock at the back of your throat for a week.” Luke snarled and bit Dillinger’s neck. Working his way back up to his ear, he hissed. “I’m gonna come so hard and deep I’ll make your belly warm.”

Dillinger couldn’t help it. He laughed. “I’m sorry. I’ve got the giggles suddenly.”

“Yeah? Me, too.” Luke untied the strap from his arm. “And I want to pin you down myself.”

“Think you can take me, cowboy?”

“I know so.” Luke flicked his hips. “I’ve already filled your tight little ass with my cock. That gives me a distinct advantage.”

Dillinger gave a halfhearted struggle, but he honestly didn’t want to dislodge Luke from his body. He liked him right where he was.

“That’s it, Dilly. Give in. Now spread your legs good and wide for me.”

When he did, Luke fell into a slow pounding rhythm that matched Dillinger’s heartbeat. Every time he went down, he dug into the bed just a little deeper, pushing himself in just a bit more.

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