Steam-Driven Seduction (MMF)

Steampunked Lust 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,882
3 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Steampunk Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Kassandra McGuin's attempt to run from her fears has brought her full circle, forcing her to face not one, but two dominant men who think they know what’s best for her. Can she defeat her fear of giving up control and stop fighting the passion flaring between the three of them?

Julien Kincaid is tormented by the dangers Kassandra insists on confronting alone and hates feeling out of control. He wants her back in Atlantis where she'll be safe. But unknown dangers await them before they can embrace the ménage they all crave.

Miguel de la Vega loves Julien and Kassandra and wants them both. He’s had enough of living dangerously and wants to explore the excitement of passion with two dominant lovers. He recognizes the dangers haunting them and will use every talent in his personal arsenal to protect those he loves.

Can this passionate trio set aside their struggles and find a love that will span the skies and seas?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Corinne Davies is a Siren-exclusive author.

Steam-Driven Seduction (MMF)
3 Ratings (4.0)

Steam-Driven Seduction (MMF)

Steampunked Lust 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,882
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Is this the taming of the shrew? Kassandra is no red haired vixen. She is a raven black haired runaway wife. Her husband Julian Kincade finally gave up on chasing her after a few months. Two years later, he's back and he wants Kassandra to return. Julian is a dream. He's sexy, dangerous and he owns a vessel named Atlantis which is usually underwater. And he's a Dominant who knows how to wield a whip. Why in heavens does Kassandra-call-me-"Kass" run from him? Because she is STUPID. Yes, she is. She eavesdrops on a scene, misunderstands and rather than communicate like a rational human being, she flees. Talk about lack of trust and faith in her husband. Julian is too good to her. He should have pulled her back in chains and tan her ass raw. Kass's inability to communicate effectively aside, she's now an independent woman who works with the rebels to free slaves. She's grown a lot in two years and she's ready for Julian. Too bad she's not ready for both Julian and a delectable new lover, Miguel. This is where Ms. Davies kicked up the heat. She writes steamy ménages and this latest book in her steampunk series is just as hot. Her threesomes are truly triad where there is a connection between all of them. They love each other and fully sexually ravish in every combination. Miguel is a perfect addition to Julian and Kass's relationship. He balances them out and brings them together. Ms. Davies creates marvelous fantasy threesomes. This latest book focuses more on the relationship than the world building and conflicting factions. In fact, there is very little to move the war between the Old and New World forward. The one little piece about the warfare is almost an afterthought rather than an integral piece of the puzzle. Instead, the pursuit and capture of Kass by two hunky men drives this story into a smexy paced erotic delight. Kass's fears and the reason why she ran away is finally laid out in the open. If Julian and Miguel lance the wounds, perhaps the relationship can start to heal. Between the steampunk devices and D/s undertones with light SM whipping, I thoroughly enjoyed this tale. My absolute favourite is Julian's home base. He lives under the sea on a vessel like city named Atlantis. People living in Atlantis can watch marine life swimming by at any time. How cool is that? This book is recommended to steampunk lovers who also enjoy a kinky ménage." -- BookAddict, The Romance Reviews

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“Get the hell off my ship!” Kass pointed her pistol at the man who currently sat in the captain’s chair of the ship. Her chair.

It’d taken her years to finally make it through a day without thinking of him every moment. Now, he merely invaded her thoughts every other moment. Finding him here on her ship was more than she could handle. Especially after the raid she had just managed to get through.

She and the crew had been up before dawn to raid a slave den, which had gone all sorts of wrong. The original plan was for her to meet the Apollo, after she finished with raiding the slave den with the raid, and the ship’s crew was going to give her a lift out of there. A garrison of soldiers had separated her from the Apollo’s captain Liam, and his spouses, Tristan, and Yzzi. Those soldiers should’ve been protecting the people but instead had been placed there to protect the monetary interests of a crooked government.

“I’m afraid it would be a rather long drop.” Julien Kincaid nodded at the large window, drawing her attention to the fact that they’d already flown up and away from the city.

“Be sure to grab a pair of wings before you leave, or not. Either way is fine with me.”

Julien looked up at her for the first time, and it took everything she had not to lower her eyes under his intense violet gaze. “Still as defiant as ever, Kassandra?”

She gave him a tight-lipped smile and lowered the gun. It was pointless to stand there pointing it at him when he knew as well as she did that she wouldn’t pull the trigger. Not yet anyways. She matched his tone and placed a hand on her hip. “Still as arrogant as ever, Julien?”

His reaction wasn’t anything like she expected. He tilted his head back and laughed. A loud, robust sound that made her long to fling herself in his lap and feel his arms around her. She actually took a step forward, and then she forced herself to stop and turn away. She’d fought long and hard to quash any memories of their life together. All this time and it felt like she’d left him yesterday.

“What are you doing here, Julien? More importantly, where am I dropping you off?” Kass glanced around and realized she didn’t recognize any of the men in the room. The moment she’d entered Julien held her complete attention, which had always been her greatest weakness.

“My men?” Please let them still live. Julien was completely capable of killing anyone who got in his way. He didn’t have a taste for cold-blooded murder when she knew him, but that was a long time ago. She’d left the Aphrodite and her crew on the outskirts of town and flown in with the Apollo. No matter how talented the pilots were, having two large air ships in close proximity would be too dangerous.

“Kassandra, I’m shocked you would think I’m mercenary enough to kill your crew simply because they follow your orders.” He brushed off the arm of her chair. “They’re very loyal. The moment they learned that your survival depended on their obedience, they followed orders and removed themselves to my ship.”

He flicked his gaze down to where she gripped the pistol still holstered at her hip. His expression looked cold and furious when he looked back up. “Other than a couple bruised egos, they’re all fine.”

She’d been relieved when she saw the Aphrodite pause overtop of her and drop the emergency harness. She’d been trapped behind a barricade and knew a dozen soldiers were about to find her. Thankfully, someone destroyed the entrance to the alley and stopped the soldiers from entering. She’d been trapped, but only for as long as it took her to strap in and be lifted out of there.

“Julien, I don’t know why you have decided to lower yourself from your ivory tower, but I have no interest in anything you have to say.” Having him on this ship was too much of a temptation. She longed for the safety she’d felt in his arms, but she wanted someone who loved her as much as she loved him, and Julien wasn’t capable of that.

“You can hold your petty insults to start.” He glanced over at one of his men and nodded. “Since I’m now in command of this ship.” He leaned back in the chair and stretched his feet out in front of him. “I’d say I’m taking you wherever the hell I want.”

“You wouldn’t dare! Aphrodite is my ship, Julien.” She needed it. This ship allowed her to help those who couldn’t help themselves. She spent all her time raiding slave dens, attempting to rescue those who’d been captured and sold.

“I gave it to you as a wedding present.”

His low voice sent shivers down her spine. She couldn’t be here with him right now. The memories she’d buried deep threatened to bubble up and leave her in a confused heap.

“So, to your point it is still mine.” She placed the pistol on the sideboard and started unbuckling the harness she was strapped into. She felt dirty and grungy and vainly wished that if she was to have this kind of face-off with this man, she could’ve been clean and dressed up. Clothing was her armor in more ways than one. “I don’t have time to play your games, Julien. Tell me which port to drop you off at and I’ll get you there safely.”

“I’m afraid, my dear, I’ve commandeered this ship for my own purposes. You will be going where I take you and closing your lovely mouth before I gag you.”

With practiced ease Kass pulled her second pistol out of her holster and pointed it at the man in the chair.




“Kassandra.” Julien’s voice sounded like two rocks grinding together.

She took pity on him and sucked the broad head of his cock between her lips. Miguel made quick work of the buckles that held her corset together, and the leather dropped to the floor. Her silk dress floated to the floor around her knees moments later.

With her lips wrapped around Julien’s cock she couldn’t see what Miguel was up to. As her clothes dropped away, one by one, she felt his hands on her skin. His hands weren’t as callused as Julien’s, but his fingers were strong as they rolled her nipples, creating a hot pulse in her breasts.

She relaxed her throat and took Julien to the very back, swirling her tongue as best she could around his length.

“Oh fuck, yes.” He groaned above her.

“Good girl.” Miguel cupped her breasts and then slid his hands downward. One hand gripped her waist as the other slid between her legs. He teased the delicate lips and slipped through the copious amounts of wet heat. “You’re dripping, mi corazón.” His fingers swirled and stroked over her clit. Kass shuddered with the intense blast of pleasure that light touch created.

“I wonder if I can make you orgasm before you make Julien?” Miguel whispered into her ear. “We need to level the playing field though.” There was a shuffling noise behind her, and then she felt her knees being pushed apart as Miguel slipped on his back between them. His hands gripped her hips and anchored her cunt over his mouth.

“He’ll have you creaming in no time, Kassandra.” Julien ran his fingers through her hair, spilling pins everywhere. “You have met your match.”

We’ll see about that. Kass sucked Julien to the back of her throat and cupped his balls with her fingers. She lightly scraped the sensitive orbs as she drew him back into the back of her mouth.

Miguel’s inquisitive tongue stroked her pussy lips, and Kassandra cried out around Julien’s length. The intensity of this moment almost swept her away. She’d understood the technicalities of why life with two men would be more intense and pleasurable. Yzzi always walked around with a glow and a smile, and at this moment Kass truly understood. It wasn’t simply the physical sensation. It was the sense of intimacy. Each of them was gaining pleasure by this moment.

Julien panted above her, one hand resting on the back of her head while he caressed her cheek and jaw with the other. “Kassandra, I’ve missed you.”

She swallowed around the tip of his cock at that moment. She wouldn’t admit it, but she’d missed Julien as well. Every other moment of every day her body ached to feel his touch, and now she knew he was drawing her in again. This time though, Miguel was on his side. She didn’t know what to think of the enigmatic man, but he was intensity personified, and she feared she could as easily fall in love with him as she had with Julien.

Julien’s cock twitched, and his fingers tightened on her hair. He tried to slow her movements but she refused to let him win. A tremor rippled through her body as Miguel pressed a finger up inside of her. The dual sensations on her pussy were destroying her concentration. Unable to stop herself, she rocked her hips, grinding her pussy against Miguel’s mouth. He hummed his approval and she shuddered again as the vibrations tickled her clit.

“Take her over, Miguel. I want to feel her screaming around my cock.” Julien gasped for air as he tried to talk.

Miguel slid out from under her at that moment. Kass mourned the loss but knew that she would be able to shatter Julien’s control now. What she didn’t expect was to feel Miguel lifting her to her feet a moment later. She was bent at the waist, sucking on Julien’s length, when she felt Miguel’s cock pressing between her legs.

Mi corazón, let me in, please. I need to feel you.”

She relaxed her stance and angled her pelvis. The broad head of Miguel’s cock pressed against her pussy entrance. He gripped her hips and entered her, a bold, brazen push into her body. She didn’t have time to adjust to his girth. Her muscles stretched almost to the point of pain at his invasion, but it only added to the sensation.

She gripped the base of Julien’s cock with her hand and gasped around it. “Oh, god. Too much.”

“You can take him, Kassandra. Let Miguel make you his.”

Miguel retreated and then pressed forward, igniting a burning inside of her that quickly raged into an inferno. Kass continued to minister to Julien’s cock, but her control had been stripped away. She was a creature of sensation.

The slap to the side of her ass was a surprise, but the shock jolted her system. The slight sting didn’t hurt but added to the riot of feeling rocketing through her. Miguel smacked her on the other side, and she cried out around Julien’s cock.

Julien’s trembled beneath her, and his cock spurted a bit with each slap she received. He was so close, but she wasn’t certain how to push him over that final line. Miguel stroked his hand down between her legs. Spearing his fingers between the swollen lips, he opened her, exposing her clit to the cool air. “Her cunt is getting a slap next, Julien. Her pretty little clit is begging for attention, and she’ll feel the sting until she comes all over my cock.”


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