Steamed Up Memories (MMF)

Steampunked Lust 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,277
11 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Steampunk Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, light consensual BDSM, sex toys]

In a misguided attempt to atone for her mistaken loyalty to her father, Yzabeau Gifrator branches out on her own to find the truth and ends up in more danger than she ever faced before.

Liam McKenna never forgot the girl he failed to protect from being taken from their village, and now his days are filled with missions to locate women sold in the slave pits.

Tristan has loved Liam ever since the day he heard stories of a thirteen-year-old boy trying to fight an entire New World garrison in an attempt to protect someone he cared about. But their relationship has been built on the present without any true thoughts to a future.

Together, will the three of them find a love strong enough to face the bitter memories that shaped them, or will their pasts blow them out of the sky?

Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Corinne Davies is a Siren-exclusive author.

Steamed Up Memories (MMF)
11 Ratings (4.0)

Steamed Up Memories (MMF)

Steampunked Lust 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,277
11 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I love this series.
Fantastic sequel to Steam Powered Passion !!
Tina D
Professional Reviews


4 STARS: "Do you want to do what's right? Are you sickened to find out the loving father you've been protecting is actually not who he seems? This is probably the worst betrayal you've felt, finding out that your father who's loving and standing for what is right turns out to be undermining against your cause is the worst that can happen, right? You would be wrong. Try being naked, beaten and sold at a slave auction because your father sold you out--this is the worst for Yzabeau. STEAMED UP MEMORIES started with angry fury generating plenty of steam--steam coming out of Yzabeau's ears for getting caught and basically left hanging out to dry. Surprisingly, two other men are also steamed up about the situation. Tristan and Liam are the ones who find Yzabeau by chance on the auction block. Furious with her since they previously had her under their protection, they rescue her. The conflict is not over because someone is leaking information to the enemy. This places Tristan's ship and crew in jeopardy. Two women are suspected of this treachery, and unfortunately, Yzabeau is one of them. She's keeping a secret for fear of damaging the fragile trust between her and the two men. While the subterfuge is going on, Tristan is oblivious to the shenanigans of a spoiled princess tearing his burgeoning triad apart. Tristan is also keeping a secret of his past from Liam and Yzabeau, which ends up biting him on the proverbial butt. Ms. Davies's second installment of her steampunk series caused me to have fits--fits of uncontrollable desire to hit a couple of her characters. I liked Tristan. He's a man's man. He's hot and sexy. I can see what draws Liam and Yzabeau to him. He has a white knight complex that is the worst I've seen in a long time. He wants to protect everyone and he takes all burdens on his shoulder. I want to slap him upside the head for his insistence to do what he thinks is best for everyone. Liam, I want to cuddle and reassure him of his worth. He is deserving of love and a complete treasure. Yzabeau who is supposedly so smart, I also want to slap her upside the head for some of the antics she pulled. I guess it's true that love sometimes makes a person stupid. Still, these characters pulled me in and I wanted to warn them when they made a relationship faux pas. This is a sure sign of me enjoying a book. I'm invested in both the characters and their plight. We do learn more about this steampunk world Ms. Davies is creating. She reveals more about the two opposing forces. While this is all good information, the real fun of the story is the tasty threesome. The sex scenes were smexy and the steam factor was definitely there. It also provided some new characters who I hope star in the next story. Kass and Julian intrigued me. I'm hoping for a flaming fight between those two that would end up in a bonfire of sexual release. I recommend this book to others who like steamy threesome with some nifty steampunk elements." -- BookAddict, The Romance Reviews

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Story Excerpt


The vibration of Tristan’s strong steps as he ran pounded through her body. She clutched tightly to his shoulder and buried her face in his neck. The solid pounding turned into a hollow banging as he sprinted up a ramp. Screams and gunshots faded away, replaced by the hollering of a crew getting their ship ready for battle. Silence descended around her as the angry noises muffled. She jerked at the sound of a loud explosion echoing outside the walls around her.

“It’s all right. We’re returning fire and didn’t sustain a direct hit.” Tristan’s voice soothed her ragged nerves. He’d stopped running but continued along at a brisk pace. “You can open your eyes now, mo stór.”

Yzzi slowly opened her eyes, blinking in order to focus. “Where am I?” They moved down a hallway. Stained wood trim lined the lower half of the walls. The upper half above the wainscoting looked to be metal. Tubes ran the length, occasionally disappearing through a small hole on one side of a doorway, only to reappear on the other side and continue on. 

“Welcome aboard the Apollo.”

Yzzi had heard stories about this ship. Unlike her brothers-in-law’s ship, the Apollo traveled the air currents and could only land on solid ground. She had always wanted to board her for a flight. Despite the situation surrounding her arrival, she felt a small thrill course through her.

“May I see the engines?”

Tristan gave her the most incredulous look and then shook his head and looked back up. “No. You need rest and time to recover.”

“Ridiculous. I’m perfectly fine.”

“Fine.” He stopped and set her down on her feet. As soon as her bare feet hit the cold tiles that lined the floor, her knees buckled. All her sense of security fled, and the cold seeped through her entire body. She gripped wildly for the handrail but never had a chance to grab it. Her feet were swept out from under her, and a strong arm gripped her under the knees and around her lower back.

“I can walk!” she said, not that protesting mattered a bit to the man carrying her.

“Willful chit. You’d have landed on your pretty ass.”

She wanted to argue and not admit that he was right because acknowledging a weakness meant she wasn’t as strong as she believed. If she stopped believing in herself then she might as well curl up and dissolve into a sea of tears. Her conscience, which often sounded like her sister’s voice, reminded her of her lack of manners.

“Thank you for saving me from that place.” She expected Tristan to acknowledge her thanks, but what she didn’t expect was a kiss pressed against her forehead. Such a simple touch, but she felt its warmth spread over her like a caress.

“Do you know if anyone else escaped?” She hadn’t seen many others, but she heard their cries during her incarceration.

“We were hired to rescue one particular victim, but our goal was to help everyone escape. I have no reason to believe we weren’t successful.”

“Because you and Captain Liam never fail?”



Adult Excerpt


Tristan brushed aside Liam’s kilt and dropped to his knees in front of him. Gripping his cock in one strong hand, he stroked Liam from root to tip. Tristan’s large hand felt hot against his skin. The movement sent a shiver along his body. He reached back and gripped the table edge he leaned against.

“I am yours, Liam. I pledged this to you long ago, and I still stand by my word.” Tristan leaned forward, engulfing the head of Liam’s cock in his mouth. The hot suction caused Liam’s hips to jerk involuntarily. Tristan took him deep into his throat and then slowly retreated. “I will fight by your side in defense of our family. I am yours as you are mine.” Tristan ended the vow by sucking Liam into the back of his throat. Hot, wet, and harder than a cylinder of granite, Liam gripped Tristan by the hair and jerked his hips. Tristan kept up the pressure, driving Liam closer and closer to losing his mind.

Liam felt Tristan nudge one leg, and he widened his stance for him. He gasped for air now, unable to draw enough in. Moans escaped his throat as his hips jerked in unconscious activity. A white hot sensation burned its way up his legs to his cock. Tristan had an uncanny ability to know when Liam drew close to finishing and could send him over the edge much too quickly.

“Stop it.” He gripped Tristan by the hair and pulled him off. In a practiced movement, Liam dropped his kilt and pushed Tristan over the table. He flicked open the buttons that ran down the front of his trousers, straining under the pressure of his hard cock. “I have to get you to wear a kilt more often. It makes this so much easier.”

“Why would I make it easier on you when I know you thrive on a challenge?”

Liam pulled the fabric down Tristan’s muscular legs and then slid his hands up to grip the tight globes of Tristan’s ass.

“Sweet mother of all, Liam.” Tristan kicked one leg free of his pants and then relaxed his stance, giving Liam the room he needed to kneel between Tristan’s legs. Scoring Tristan’s ass with his nails left lovely red lines on his skin and caused Tristan to jerk his hips forward. “Hold still.”

Pressing his thumbs into the tight muscle of Tristan’s ass, Liam exposed the sensitive rosebud with his tongue. A tortured moan escaped from Tristan, but Liam refused to be distracted. He licked the tight bud with long strokes, nipping at the sensitive skin behind his testicles.

“Blessed...sweet…mother…” Tristan shook under Liam’s hands.

He swirled his tongue against the puckered skin and felt a tremble echo under his fingers.

“Stay there. Don’t move.” Liam walked over to a drawer and retrieved a crystal vial from inside it. He popped the cork, and the scent of tropical oil and patchouli scented the air. He liberally covered his fingers as he returned to where Tristan bent over the table edge.

“Fuck, Liam, don’t tease like this.” Tristan’s voice shook slightly, and Liam laughed to himself. After all the years together, Tristan still had no patience.

Mo cariad, always in a rush.” He stroked the crack of Tristan’s ass then pushed closer with his slippery fingers, pressing two then three past those tight rings of muscle. His own cock pulsed hard between his legs knowing what awaited him. He dribbled more oil down Tristan’s crack as he fingered his ass, making certain that tight hole became well-lubricated.

“Now, please, Liam.” Tristan pressed back counter to the stroke of Liam’s fingers.

Convinced he used enough oil, Liam stood and pressed his cock against the tight ring of muscles. Tristan took a shuddering breath, and the muscles relaxed, allowing Liam to slip within. Tristan’s body gripped his cock like a molten glove. The exquisite sensation radiated through his body as he pulled back and then slipped deeper within his lover. Tristan grunted and pressed backward, wanting Liam to bury his cock deep into him. Home. That is what this feels like. Liam reached around and wrapped his fingers around Tristan’s thick cock, stroking the velvety length to the same rhythm, matching his movements in his ass.

“Mother of all, Liam, if you keep this up, I’m not going to last.”

“Good.” Liam withdrew and then plunged deeper, faster. “I want to feel you tighten around me.” He ran his thumb over a tear of moisture perched on the tip of Tristan’s cock.

As Tristan looked over his shoulder, Liam lifted his thumb to his own lips and licked the drop off. Tristan reached back and gripped for him, pulling him forward. Liam gladly followed his unspoken request. He claimed his lover’s lips and pressed his tongue between his lips to dance with Tristan’s. It was a wild kiss, each fighting for more from the other.

Liam broke away first. Leaning back he slid his fingers down Tristan’s spine and around his hips, feeling the muscles shift under his caress. “I want you to hold me tight when you come, Tristan.” Liam arched his hips and pressed deep into Tristan’s ass. His entire world narrowed down to the two of them and the heat surrounding him. “Hold me tight, Tristan.” He flexed and drove deep again. “Never let me go.”

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