Submit to the Alien: M/M Mpreg Alien Romance

Etopia Press

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 60,329
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Nerren Ason was an omega human, a male capable of bearing children. I'd ordered him from Omega Consort Systems to bear mine. As a powerful, dominant Virikan lord, I could take any mate I chose to bear my young. But I did not want a mate. Mates proved costly, in more ways than one. I wanted only a child. I'd reached that point in my life when I wanted someone to share my wealth and knowledge with, who might carry on my legacy after I'm gone. Someone who might, if I was lucky, grow to love me. Virikan or hybrid, it mattered not, as long as the child was mine. And mine alone. In return, I, Lord Zhal Z'Voran, would give a young, submissive omega the most mind-blowing, soul-searing sexual experience of his life...


That's how it all began. Innocently enough, by all accounts. A simple transaction between consenting adults. But because of his duplicity, and my insatiable need for control, it's also how I wound up nearly killing the man I love. And with him, my own precious child...


Reader note: contains gay Sci-Fi Romance, M/M Mpreg romance, alpha aliens looking to breed, omega humans, D/S elements, hot SF romance, and a happily ever after

Submit to the Alien: M/M Mpreg Alien Romance
0 Ratings (0.0)

Submit to the Alien: M/M Mpreg Alien Romance

Etopia Press

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 60,329
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Dominion City, Imperial District

The moon Nova-6 of planet Phoros, Galapine System

Standard Date: 3168-9-10, Saturday, 12:45 p.m.


I was born human. I was born an omega, and tonight I would be bred.

Claimed. Taken. Impregnated. Or, as they said on Old Earth, knocked up.

I couldn’t suppress a shudder of anticipation and, if I’m honest, more than a little fear.

Was fear too strong a word? Apprehension, maybe? Nervous excitement?

No, it was fear. But it didn’t stop my cock from standing at full erection, clearly visible through the thin sylke of my expensive blue gensuit, making my walk through the Imperial District a challenge.

My name is Nerren Ason. And I was on my way to have sex with an alien.

But not just any alien. A Virikan. One of the most imposing, the most commanding of the alien races here on Nova-6. Some said despotic, warlike, overbearing. I said large and in charge. They stood over two and a half meters high and were built like hover tanks. Deep purple skin, almost black. Solid black eyes. Silver patterns on the skin of their bald heads instead of hair, each pattern as unique as a human fingerprint. Raw power in every muscle of their massive bodies. Raw dominance in every fiber of their being. A cock…well, let’s just say their reputation for being magnificent made me eager to see for myself.

And not just any sex. I was here to be taken. Dominated. Possessed. Banged into next Herasday. And I would submit to him eagerly.

The thought made my cock twitch, anticipating what he’d do, how he’d do it. If he’d be as good as he promised in the holovid he’d sent me.

He would be. I knew it.

I’d taken a shuttle to the address provided, which was an experience. And then I’d stepped off into a dream world. I unashamedly rubbernecked at the gleaming skyscrapers and glittering spires that rose higher than the clouds. I’d never seen anything like it. Not even in holovids. Not even in the OCS brochures.

Everything was clean. The air was clear and fresh, without a breath of wind, and it smelled faintly of something sweet and delicious. The people moving through the streets looked so…beautiful. It was all beautiful. Beautiful clothes, beautiful vehicles. Beautiful patches of colorful plant life sprouting up from large planters dotting the sidewalks.

An adorable round-looking woman of a species I didn’t recognize tapped past me in incredible transparent shoes, like Cinder Eva. Only this woman wasn’t dressed in rags and covered in soot. She wore a pristine white suit of some curly-furred fabric and a hat that sprouted long, droopy white feathers as big as my arm. She led two furry little six-legged bavas that snorted and darted about on leather straps set with sparkling stones that reflected light in shimmering prisms of color.

I couldn’t believe I was really here. But I was. It was finally happening. The fantasy I’d had for what seemed like forever.

The tingle of arousal deepened in my groin. Maybe I was off my nut. But my cock had been hard for Lord Zhal Z’Voran since I’d seen his message. And what it had promised.

If I wasn’t fucked senseless by the end of the night with his cum deep in my ass, I would be pissed.

Borra Tower was just ahead on the next corner. It rose like a giant shining monolith, an entire city block wide and so tall it pierced the clouds. I was lucky to be here, and I knew it. Dominion City was a megalopolis on Nova-6, the moon circling a gas giant called Phoros of the Galapine system, in the more populated central sector of the galaxy. Borra Tower was the most prestigious building in the city. A nobody omega like me was out of place here among some of the richest alien species in the galaxy.

Borra Tower was fancy. I was not.

But I did my best to keep my chin high. Fancy or not, I belonged here. I had been chosen. I’d been special-ordered by a big, needy Virikan noble who would breed me to bear his heir. Me, specifically. Out of all the other omegas at OCS, more experienced, more prestigious, he’d selected my profile and tapped Order Now.

The doors to Borra Tower slid open as I approached. I tried not to gape as I hesitated in the doorway, but I couldn’t help it. The floating sculptures of rare metals and light moved in a mesmerizing display around the perimeter. Fountains and waterfalls filled with a strange, not-quite-liquid filled the air with a musical sound like tinkling bells. On the floor, the gold veins of the black stone tiles slowly ebbed into new patterns in an ever-changing array.

If this was the lobby, what must Lord Zhal Z’Voran’s penthouse be like?

I tried not to sweat as I stood there, trying to find the courage to step through. Even though I’d passed the OCS security checks with flying colors, I couldn’t help fearing that as soon as I stepped over that line, the alarms would sound, the sentries would appear, and the entire jig would be up.

A rush of nerves made my cock twitch. Whatever happened, I had less than nothing to lose.

With a deep breath, I gathered my courage and stepped through the door.

I held my breath as some unseen security protocol scanned the ID chip under the skin behind my ear.

Nothing happened.

No alarms. No sentries.

Then a holovid of a human doorman in an elegant black tuxedo appeared in front of me, surprisingly lifelike, and nodded graciously at me.

“Welcome, Mr. Ason,” he said in Galapine Common. “May I verify your credentials?”

My palms began to sweat, but I couldn’t very well say no.

“Of course.”

“Nerren Ason of Dominion City,” he said. “Twenty-four years of age, born standard year 3145, 6th Decacycle, 20th Turn. Currently residing in Crimson District, Block 15, Lane 22, Building 5, Apartment 52. Formerly of Sendrion, on New Earth.”

He smiled politely, even as he said, “Crimson District,” which wasn’t something living people ever did. Living people frowned, made expressions of disgust, took a few wide-eyed steps back, that kind of thing. But this was the Imperial District. Where even holo-security was too polite not to smile.

“Formerly employed by Dominion Space Station,” he continued, “Mechanics Division. Currently engaged as an independent contractor by OCS, Omega Consort Services. Invitation to Borra Tower issued by Lord Zhal Z’Voran, Penthouse, beginning today and extending for sixteen weeks’ duration. Do you certify these facts?”


“Excellent, sir. Lord Zhal is expecting you. Take the phase lift marked P for penthouse. Have a very pleasurable stay.”

“Oh, I intend to.”

Yes, indeed.

The thought made me shiver with anticipation.

I crossed the stunning lobby to the bank of elevators in the center. Every move I made was watched by graceful dragonflies that flitted from the tall greenery to the fountains, which I realized were drones that saw all. I hated being watched; it was almost enough to kill my erection.

But not quite. There was no killing my excitement at finally getting to profit from being an omega.

It was only after I’d fled Sendrion on New Earth that I discovered that people across the inner systems thought we were a bunch of freaks. All except a certain very select group: rich, powerful males of several alien races. Aliens to me, anyway. I suppose I’m the alien to them. But our tinkered-with human DNA allowed for many viable hybrids among the other races. What they also liked was that our service came with no strings attached. No parental visitation, no desire to co-parent, no sudden demands for love and marriage and spousal support.

Just the way I liked it, too. I’d done fine on my own so far. Last thing I wanted was to be chained to the same person forever.

What I wanted was exactly this. A long-term career of short-term commitments and all the great sex I could handle.

Starting with Lord Zhal Z’Voran and his magnificent Virikan cock.

I’d never had the kind of hot, reckless, dirty sex I’d been promised by Lord Zhal Z’Voran, whom I was here to serve. But not just serve—I was here to submit. He had been very specific about that. He demanded his omega to submit to his every request, sexual and otherwise. I was to obey his every command and satisfy his every desire. And in return…

I was submissive by nature, I supposed. All omegas were. I could have gone to any of the sex palaces in the Poppy District to have some bully beat me up and call it dominance, but I wasn’t thrilled about winding up dead.

I couldn’t afford it, anyway.

OCS was the perfect solution. They’d been spamming me with their holovids for quite some time before the night I’d finally opened one. As a contractor for Omega Consort Services, I’d be able to experience the kind of sex I’d always fantasized about (“Please indicate your preferred sexual experiences below…”) with wealthy, exotic clients (“Please indicate your preferred physical traits in a client…”) in classy, exotic locales (“Please indicate how far you are willing to travel…”) and all I had to do in return was provide the client with his greatest desire—a child.

Rent-a-womb. That was me. As long as I didn’t have to keep the little brats, I was fine with pumping them out.

I would give Lord Zhal Z’Voran and his magnificent cock the offspring he wanted. And with one of the richest, most powerful men in Dominion City on my client list, I could charge whatever I wanted for my next engagements. Enough to put my shit mechanic job behind me. Enough to put the Crimson District behind me. To maybe have some life goals other than “try not to die today.”

That, and I’d finally get to live out the fantasies I’d never had the opportunity to explore. To have a big, dominant male command me. Possess me. Fuck me so hard I’d come for a week.

Omega Consort Services made me memorize Lord Z’Voran’s profile. He was a wealthy and powerful member of Virikan nobility, a nephew of their king. Intergalactic shipping magnate. He was also hotter than a blue star. His holo-pictures had my cock throbbing, even though he’d been fully dressed. But the image of Lord Zhal Z’Voran in his dark uniform and gold sash, dripping with colorful medals…Yes, sir.

Virikan were big and muscular, with smooth, dark skin that was actually a deep purple, their heads swirled with fine silver lines instead of hair. He had the most amazing deep black eyes that seemed to peer straight into your heart. A fine nose, a strong chin, a wide mouth with beautiful full lips. Big, strong-looking hands.

I’d been imagining those hands and lips on me for weeks now.

And this was it. This evening, and for how may evenings it took, I would be claimed. Possessed. Bred. For the few months until I gave birth—Bron from Omega Consort Services estimated three months for a Virikan-human hybrid—I would belong to Lord Zhal.

I had to reach down and adjust my stiff cock, cameras or no. It was hard—literally—to walk with this kind of erection, clearly visible through the expensive sylke outfit Lord Zhal Z’Voran had sent me and ordered me to wear. A genlock suit, self-adjusting to a perfect fit. The cut of the suit accentuated my lithe form and my decent height, and the deep blue color brought out the blue in my eyes and contrasted nicely with my silver-blond hair. Lord Zhal had ordered me to wear it down instead of in my usual braid. It felt provocative, brushing past my shoulders and teasing my neck. Similar to how the sylke kissed my skin as I moved. The self-adjusting suit was now much, much too tight in the groin.

The tuxedoed attendant at the lift marked P didn’t seem to notice. You couldn’t offend or embarrass an android. They never felt awkward or hesitant about anything. Sometimes I wished I could be the same.

Like now, when I felt electrified and half-dizzy with the mix of anticipation, desire, and fear, and I admit it—a little bit of pride. Nobodies like me always talked about the Imperial District with envy or yearning, knowing we’d never be allowed in. But I had an invitation. That meant I was special.

I’d been chosen.

Of all the omegas at OCS and at all the other breeder agencies, this powerful, important man had chosen me.

The synthetic attendant smiled at me graciously. “Good afternoon, Nerren Ason. How are you today?”

“Fine, thank you,” I said.

“Of course. Forgive my query, but are you feeling well? Scans indicate increased body temperature and heart rate.”

What, they couldn’t detect my raging hard-on? I blushed ferociously and told myself not to be embarrassed. He was only a machine. Like a garbage bot but with a nicer suit and feet instead of treads. But my whipsawing emotions were making me a little seasick. My cock wasn’t huge, so I couldn’t explain it away as too much blood going to my dick instead of my brain. And he was wearing a very nice suit.

“I’m fine,” I managed. “Just excited to be here.”

“Of course, sir.” He smiled at me again. All the smiles were starting to make me nervous. Did real people in the Imperial District actually smile this much?

“The lift will take you directly to Lord Zhal’s penthouse.” He waved his hand elegantly toward the lift, and the doors slid open. “Please enjoy your visit.”

I stepped into the silvery cylinder without saying thank you. My punishment for making me blush. A moment later, the doors closed, and the lift whooshed me up toward the top floor of Borra Tower.

Strange, foreign music played softly through unseen speakers. Only a small progress indicator over the door marred the gleaming surface. My stomach churned as the lift rose, and my feet felt heavy and glued to the floor.

I hoped I didn’t disappoint him. I wanted everything to be perfect. I could see my reflection in the silvery wall. I didn’t look like myself. The suit, the hair…I was fairly tall for a human, but I’d still be small compared to Zhal.

Why did that turn me on so badly? Being taken and fucked by a bigger, more powerful male. Being dominated and driven to a state beyond ecstasy? Being claimed and impregnated and…

Was I asking for too much? Getting my hopes too high?

Probably. But I’d come for something raw and primal. Sex that would devastate me. An unforgettable experience. I wanted someone to dominate me with pleasure, control me, tell me what to do and what to feel, take complete charge of my body and my ecstasy. And so far, this was the only way I knew how to ask for that.

In return, I would give Lord Zhal what he wanted: a child. Eighteen years of duty and responsibility and thankless service to a whiny, sniveling kid who’d grow up to be exactly the opposite of what was expected and break his father’s heart.

I knew all about that. If fathers could have seen what I’d become the last few years…

And people thought my needs were weird.

My thoughts drifted to Lord Zhal’s message. I’d replayed it at least a dozen times. Most of those times, I’d had my cock in my hand, furiously beating off as his deep voice seduced me, aroused me.

“I won’t waste time on flowery words,” he’d said, his piercing black eyes seeming to stab right into my heart with their heat. “You’re coming to me to be taken. Owned. Dominated. You will not be disappointed. I will teach you pleasure beyond your wildest fantasies. I may even break you utterly.”

Here, Zhal had flashed an arrogant smile. It was a smile that nearly buckled my knees.

“But that’s the risk you take,” he went on. “To be given the things you want most in the world. The things you could only ever dream about at night with your cock in your hand. But I will make those dreams come true. Over and over again…”

His eyes flashed. “I take very good care of what’s mine.”

He’d stood with military straightness in that dark uniform, big shoulders thrown back, power radiating from him, even in the holo.

Desire in those piercing black eyes, blazing hotter than the heart of a star.

The elevator began to slow, and then it came to a stop. The door slid open.

I swallowed hard.

Then I stepped out into an elegant foyer. There was no one there.

To my right was a thick window. Even from where I stood, the view commanded me, drew me in. It was breathtaking. I could see nothing but clouds below, a thick blanket of them as far as the eye could see. Several other towers pierced the cloud cover like thin conical needles, but none as tall as Borra Tower. I felt like the boy from the story, Jarek, who’d climbed the beet-stalk to the giant’s castle in the clouds.

I turned back to the foyer. The area was filled with exotic plant life I’d never seen in real life. Glow fruits and thick, blue thick-leafed palms. Strange, silvery vines flowed along the ceiling, their diamond-shaped leaves shimmering and swaying in time to the gentle music playing in the background.

Across the foyer stood a large vertical fish tank, lighted from within to display a variety of slowly moving exotic fish. I stepped closer, mesmerized by the gentle motion of the creatures and their amazing variety of colors and shapes. A sandy, rocky bottom hid a few strange hard-shelled creatures with large claws. Smaller fish darted between the rocks. Higher up, bunches of bright green fuzzy weeds bobbed on their thin stems and blew bubbles into the water. Colorful fish of all sizes and shapes swam in graceful patterns up and down the bubbly currents.

I was mesmerized. I put a finger against the glass, and two little pink fish raced over and tried desperately to bite it with remarkably sharp little teeth.

And then a melodic tone sounded, and the fish tank swung out toward me.

A door?

So he knew I was here. I don’t know why that surprised me. I’m sure he’d been informed the moment I entered Borra Tower. Maybe even the Imperial District.

Was he watching me from somewhere right now?

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. I stepped into the doorway to take in my new surroundings, hopefully without looking like a gaping tourist.

The place was pure luxury. Glass floors with some silvery liquid running in quicksilver patterns below the surface. Furniture like nothing I’d ever seen—flowing patterns and curves that appealed to me. Soft shapes, soft colors, soft textures. I wanted to reach out and touch it all. Feel it against my skin.

Glass-like pillars enclosing live flames gave off a warm glow. The enclosed flames danced and twisted and writhed inside the pillars like living creatures. I’d never seen anything so magical.

And romantic.

I grinned. So under all the uniformed arrogance, Lord Zhal was a romantic.

I must have taken too long to enter because a deep, unseen voice sounded from within.

“Welcome, Nerren. I’ve been waiting for you. Please come in.”

Heart pounding, I obeyed his command and stepped through the door.

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