My Maven, My Everything (MM)

Sons of Thanatus 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,438
95 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, public exhibition, light bondage]

Madden "Mad" Forrest is a Son of Thanatus, a secret order rumored to be descended from gods. The members possess the ability to hear the souls of the dead, and they travel the country speaking for those without a voice, helping to lay them to rest. After a particularly stressful job, Mad heads to New Orleans and picks up a hot twink in the hotel bar.

Josh McGreggor is out for a night of pleasure before heading off to a new job. The perfect man who invites him over to his table is the answer to his desires. What neither expects is the strength of their feelings after one night's passion or that, come the light of day, they can't bear to part.

Can these two men navigate through the minefield that arises from their roles to find love, or will they be destined to continue their lives all alone?

A Siren Erotic Romance


My Maven, My Everything (MM)
95 Ratings (4.4)

My Maven, My Everything (MM)

Sons of Thanatus 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,438
95 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Another enjoyable story from Ms Flynn and I recommend it if you're a sucker for romance like me. LOL. The bound/marriage ceremony I found a bit weird not to mention Raven preparing Josh...LOL...I dunno but ok..whatever works, I suppose. I actually laughed on that part but I don't think it's suppose to be funny. Oh well! It was pretty excellent read altogether not to mention scorching sexy sex! *grins*

So, is the next installment Raven & Finn? I can't wait to read that one. Great job, Ms Flynn!!
Professional Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: "Madden, like all members of the Sons of Thanatus, has the ability to hear the souls of the dead. It is the job of the organization to help those souls find their final peace. After finishing his latest assignment, Mad heads to New Orleans for some rest and relaxation. Deciding to stop off at one of the bars in the hotel, Mad picks up Josh, thinking the twink will be just another one night stand. Little does he realize just how wrong he is. Sons of Thanatus is the new series by prolific writer Joyee Flynn. This series is different from many of the paranormal series out there, as it does not center around vampires and shape-shifters. Instead, this series is about a secret organization believed to be connected to the gods. At one time, the group was strong but as times changed, many of its members went into hiding. Now most of the Sons of Thanatus no longer realize who they really are. This of course gives the author the opportunity to add new stories to the series as new members are found. As for My Maven, My Everything, the first book in the series, the opening scene will pull you right in. Madden is a strong individual who’s good at his job. After the death of his wife and unborn child, he has kept a tight rein on his feelings. Josh has just finished his initial training and is ready to begin his apprenticeship with his new maven. After a night of passion, which burns up the pages and shows the reader just how strong of a connection these two have already formed, the two men are shocked to discover that they are maven and apprentice. While the author does a wonderful job showcasing the feelings Mad and Josh have for each other, she does just as well tossing in the angst. I found myself close to tears more than once as these two struggled to overcome the obstacles that presented themselves. There are many wonderful secondary characters, some of whom will get stories of their own. The story is evenly peppered with love, suspense and angst." -- Critter Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

4 CUPS: "I found the secret order that Madden and Josh belong to a fascinating and interesting facet. I like how Madden and Josh feel about each other even before they realized they were going to be working together. The sex, passion, danger, and overall storyline are red-hot and unique enough to keep me reading. I also like how Ms. Flynn included other characters which led me to believe I will hopefully see the other characters get their own tale in the future. My Maven, My Everything is a book that I enjoyed reading not only due to the spicy scenes but because of the many different elements that were intertwined throughout this novel." -- Danielle, Coffee Time Romance

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“And people wonder why I demand witnesses,” I grumbled to myself as I ran my fingers through my shoulder-length black hair. I knew I was so gonna tie one off when I got back to my hotel room after this shit.

“Fuck you!” Mike made a lunge for me, but I stepped to the side as Tim grabbed his arm. “You’re just a fucking nut job who thinks he sees dead people! Next you’re going to tell us that you can talk to them, too.”

“No he’s not, Boyle,” Chief Handly said calmly as he joined us with Officer Sanchez right behind him. “I called him in here. Are you questioning my orders and ability to be a cop?”

“No, sir.” Mike got himself under control then as Handly gave him a nod and then waved me to follow him. We walked about twenty feet away before the Chief turned to stare daggers at me. He was shorter than me, but only by a few inches. I was six-six, which helped people not fuck with me often, given what I did.

“Start talking, Forrest.”

“I need to know a few things before I risk you killing me for what I’m about to tell you,” I said slowly, eyeing the man over. He raised an eyebrow as he crossed his arms over his chest before giving me a nod. “How did you find out about me, or I guess who to contact for help?”

“A buddy of mine who works for the FBI. He and I served together in the Army years ago. When I told him about my missing officer, he told me who to contact and what you guys did. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I’m buying what you can do. But if he believes it and he’s one jaded son of a bitch, I’m willing to take a leap of faith.”

“Did he tell you that we can do more than just find a body?”

“Yeah,” Handly answered slowly, his eyes starting to go wide. “He said you can hear the last thought the person had before they died. Something like the soul repeats it over and over and cannot rest until it’s heard.”

“That’s about right,” I said, rubbing my hands over my face in frustration. “How long have you had Mike Boyle in your department, Chief?”

“A long time. Are you getting at what I think you are?”

“Yeah, and it’s not just Garrett over there, it’s his wife too.”

“Why would Boyle—” Chief started to ask but then cut himself off. “He was banging Garrett’s wife, wasn’t he? Did Garrett find out?”

“Garrett walked in on them and Boyle killed them both so he didn’t lose his plush life when his wife divorced him. I guess she’s got a nice prenup.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Handly swore, his voice raising in volume each time. “I can’t prove this off of what you’re saying, Madden.”

“No, but it gives you a step in the right direction on how to solve it. And it also makes me think I’m his planned scapegoat. So that’s why I asked Sanchez to get you in here.”

“You didn’t tell any of them where you were staying, right? You got a hotel in a different town?”

“I always get one at least a county over. As soon as I show you, I’m getting the hell out of dodge,” I answered firmly. This wasn’t my fight and I wanted no part in it. I was about to do what I was sent here for, and only that. “You ready for this?”

“No, but let’s do it anyways.” I felt bad for the Chief. This was a mess I wouldn’t want to clean up either. He suddenly looked older as he shook his head and turned to walk back to his men. I followed him, feeling the urge to help the two poor murdered souls get stronger the longer I was around.

Once we got back to the group, I took the lead and led them to Garrett and his wife. As soon as they were visible, Mike made his move and launched at me. He was lucky that Meyers stepped in because I had no problem laying the asshole out. And again, with what I do, knowing how to defend myself was a must. I had black belts in several forms of martial arts, as well as an accomplished marksman.

“Sanchez, escort Madden back to his car,” the Chief ordered as he and Meyers restrained Boyle. He turned to me then. “I’ll be in touch. Thank you for your help.”

“You’re welcome,” I replied with a solemn nod. We didn’t get paid for what we did from law enforcement or most people who contacted us. It was more a trade of favors. The Chief knew if one of our people were ever falsely accused of a murder when we were called in, he’d be asked to step in and attest to what we could do. It wasn’t blackmail or asking for the police to be in our pockets. It was about having credible references.

Policemen trusted other policemen. If I ever had a problem with some Sheriff somewhere else or whatnot, a call from the Chief would go a long way. And we’re not talking about helping me with parking tickets. I’m referring to when someone didn’t believe my abilities and thought I’d murdered someone. It was basic CYA, or cover your ass, techniques.

“I don’t know how you did what you just did, or what the fuck is really going on,” Sanchez said as we got to my car. He stuck out his hand for me to shake. “But thank you. Garrett was a good guy, and no one deserves to just get dumped like a bag of trash like that.”

“I agree. It’s why I do what I do.” I shook his hand and got in my rental car. I know it might seem cold to find two murdered people and leave like that. But given everything that was going on with Boyle being involved, I wanted to get the fuck out of there for self-preservation.




“Do you want me to roll over?” Josh asked me moments later after I’d slicked up my hand and cock and was rubbing my fingers against his hole. “How do you want me?”

“I want to see you,” I answered, shocking myself down to my very core. It was a very intimate position, one I normally shied away from. But I wanted to see the gorgeous man, not just close my eyes and fuck him. “And then you’re going to ride me later. And then I’m going to figure out a way to play how you want without handcuffs.”

“Three times? You can go three times in one night?” He gasped and then moaned as I pushed a finger in. “I like the burn, I like a little pain.”

“Good to know,” I replied before latching back onto his nipple and biting down hard. “And I guess we’ll just have to see, won’t we?”

“Personally, I think we should go for four rounds. We started early, it’s only after ten.”

“Whatever you want, baby.” I slid a second finger as I squeezed his ass hard and went back to torturing his nipples. They seemed to be a major hot spot for him, because he went wild under me.

“So close, I’m so fucking close,” Josh groaned as I quickly stretched him out.

“Do you want to come now or while I’m fucking you?”

“Both. I recover quickly,” he begged. I angled my fingers to rub over his sweet spot as I scissored them back and forth. Staring at his face, I thrust into him harder and faster. Josh’s eyes went wide a second before he threw back his head and arched his back, screaming as he came. I almost froze in shock as I witnessed the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Part of me wanted to grieve, because one night with Josh was not enough.

“Jesus, you’re gorgeous,” I groaned as I slid in a third finger and made fast work of opening him up. His orgasm was just starting to ebb as he was ready for me. I pulled my fingers out of his hole and he moaned quietly and just that was almost enough to have me coming. As quickly as I could, I tore open a condom and rolled it on, wishing desperately that I could ride his sweet ass bareback. “Are you ready for me, baby?”

“Oh, fuck yeah.” Josh gasped and pulled his knees to his chest. “Hard and fast, my Greek god, hard and fast.”

“Why Greek?” I had to ask as I lined up my cock to his pretty pink hole.

“Long dark hair, olive skin, tall and muscular with deep dark eyes? Yeah, you scream that you’re from Greece or European.” He snickered. He was fairly accurate. My lineage did date back to Roman times, but that really made me more Italian than anything.

“Glad you like.” I didn’t give him time to reply, pushing my cock in his ass instead. Sweet hell, he felt like nirvana. The further I pushed into him, the more I never wanted to leave his tight hold. We both moaned as I bottomed out inside of him, and he wrapped his legs around my hips.

“I’ve never been this full.” Josh gasped as he ran his hands up my arms. “Just how big are you? I didn’t get a chance to really look.”

I leaned over him further, pushing more of my cock inside of him as I went to answer. “Over ten inches. Us Greek gods have big cocks.”

“I can tell.” Just to feed my ego, I pulled out and thrust back into him hard. Josh gasped, smiling and squeezing the muscles in his ass. I knew it was his own way to drive me insane, and it worked.

“You want it hard and fast right?” I asked, silently begging that he wasn’t just teasing me.

“Oh yeah, pound that meat into my ass so I can feel you all week.”

I groaned at the image of him walking funny tomorrow from my being inside of him tonight. Then I took him at his word, fucking him harder than I can ever remember having sex before. Josh made the prettiest sounds while I slammed into his hole over and over again.

“Come for me right now,” I growled when I got close. I grabbed his cock and started stroking him in time with my thrusts. “I want your cum.”

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