Erotic Short Stories, Volume 2 (MM)

The Lynn Hagen Collection 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,793
11 Ratings (4.7)

[Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Contemporary, Alternative, MM, HEA]

FAKE IT ‘TIL YOU’RE FIRED: Derek didn’t want to fill in for his twin who had broken his leg. What did he know about office work? Not a dang thing. But this was his twin’s dream job, so Derek pretended to be Chad, until the new boss figured out the ruse. He hadn’t even lasted a day.

BLUE SMURF: Drunk and looking to get laid, Sonny and his friend Mitch wander into a lounge filled with straight men. All Sonny wanted to do was shake up the place and have a bit of fun. What he hadn't expected was to run into the hottest man he’d ever laid eyes on.

CRAVING HIS KISSES: Ever since meeting Snob…no Richard. That’s his name. Since meeting Richard at a lounge he is all Mitch can think about. When his friend invites him out, Mitch decides to go, unknowing that he would run into the very man he’s been dreaming about.

GEEK LOVE: Michael isn’t a partier. He’s more into books than booze. When his boss invites him to a dinner party, Michael reluctantly accepts. Little did he know that his boss’s grandson would be there to shake things up and show him how to let loose in the library.

MAGIC FINGERS: Jason works two jobs to not only support himself, but his nana. While at his office job, the man of his dreams walks in and Jason practically throws himself at the guy. A meeting room, a massage, and an invitation later and Jason is spoiled rotten.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Erotic Short Stories, Volume 2 (MM)
11 Ratings (4.7)

Erotic Short Stories, Volume 2 (MM)

The Lynn Hagen Collection 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,793
11 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole



“Have you lost your mind?”

“No, I just broke my leg.” Chad tried to scoot up in the bed, but his arms wobbled as he grunted. We were in the emergency room and my twin was trying to sit up in the bed, but failing miserably as he sighed and finally gave up. “Come on, Derek. You have to do me this solid.”

We were waiting for his release papers, and the doctor was taking forever. I hated hospitals. They always gave me the creeps. There were sick people with god-knew-what diseases, and the disinfectant smell made me nauseous.

“What do I know about office management?” I paced in front of Chad’s bed, biting my thumbnail. “I cut hair for a living. The only thing I would know how to do in an office setting is fetch coffee.”

I was gonna cave. I always did when it came to my twin. But I had to try and wiggle my way out of this. Chad’s plan had disaster written all over it.

“Do you know what I went through to land this gig?” Chad looked on the verge of a meltdown. I felt bad for him, but there was no way I could pull this off. “It’s my dream job, Derek. I just need you to cover for me until my leg heals.”

I already knew what Chad had gone through to get this job. He’d fretted over it for weeks, bugging the shit out of me by whining on the phone every few days that no one had called him after his second interview.

“You know I’ll screw it up.”

“We’re exact replicas,” Chad argued. “They’ll never know it wasn’t me in the office.”

“They’ll know,” I argued right back. I couldn’t let Chad talk me into this. I had my own job I had to deal with, and although I knew Becky would give me the time off to cover for Chad, I wasn’t going to ask.

“You know Microsoft Office,” Chad whined. “Besides, they’ll give you a break since you’re new. It won’t be that hard.”

Riiight. Even as a newbie, there would be expectations that I wouldn’t be able to meet. I choked when the district manager came into my job. No way would I be able to face powerful men in an office setting. I’d probably pass out the first five minutes I was there.

But I knew how important this was to my twin, and, damn it, I couldn’t let him down. “Okay, but if I get fired, don’t blame me. You’re the one who begged me to do this.”


Office sex. Oh my God. Who knew that would become a fantasy for me, or better yet, a reality? I just prayed he wasn’t a tease. I wanted to feel those muscles pounding into me, making me slide over his highly polished desk.

My mind was so scattered that I became confused when he moved away from me. I looked over my shoulder, my brows furrowing.

“Undress.” His command told me I better obey, but I was never one who could follow directions or liked being told what to do. Still, did I want to be bratty and pass up an opportunity I may never have again?


I kicked my shoes off and stripped in five seconds flat. “How do you want me, Mr. Kershaw?”

“Maximus.” He brushed my hard cock with his knuckles, his gaze greedily drinking me in.

“Uh-uh.” I shook my head. “This is my office fantasy, and I want to call you Mr. Kershaw.” I leaned back against his desk, my hands on either side of me. My mind was still blown that I was about to have sex with him. The image was the only thing I’d thought about all day.

And that stupid phone system.

He slid his finger under my chin. “Very well, Derek.”

I loved that he called me by my name and not my brother’s. “You still haven’t answered my question.”

Mr. Kershaw unfastened his belt and freed his cock, and oh my fuck, I was in lust. My mouth watered and my hole ached as I stared at how well he was hung.

“Get on all fours on my desk.” Mr. Kershaw started stroking himself, and my brain short-circuited.

I was pretty sure there was drool clinging to the side of my mouth. I licked my lips, and I could still taste the minty chocolate flavor.

I tore my gaze away from his hand and stared up at him, a grin surfacing. “Tell me you need me to take notes.”

“I need you to get your sexy ass on my desk so I can pound into your tight hole,” he snarled. “Now do as I say, or I’m zipping up.”

“Oh hell.” I swooned. “Boss me around like that again.”

I was gonna have as much fun with this as I could before I headed out the door, never to see this stallion again.

I walked around the desk and climbed on, trying my best not to knock his laptop over. He moved in behind me then opened a drawer. When I looked over my shoulder, he was lubing his fingers. I didn’t bother to ask why he kept lube in his drawer.

Did I care? Hell no.

He shoved three fingers inside me, making me cry out. “Do that again and I’m gonna slug you.”

His chuckle slid over me like a lover’s caress. “I highly doubt that.”

The threat had been worth a try.

Soon his cock was replacing his fingers, stretching me wide, making my hole burn as I cried out his name. “Mr. Kershaw!”

“You better be taking damn good notes.” He slapped my ass. “Or you’ll be working overtime.”

 I loved that he was playing along. I spread my legs farther apart, pushing my ass higher into the air. “Fuck me harder, Mr. Kershaw.”

One hand clamped down on my nape, and the other gripped my hip. And just as I imagined, I slid across his desk, but his hold kept me from falling over.

My eyes crossed and my jaw dropped when he thrust his cock inside my ass, but I didn’t threaten him this time. I was too busy having my brain rattled by his hard and deep strokes.



Mitch’s cheeks were a bright pink as he smiled at the stranger. He leaned his arm on the stand by the door and nearly fell over. “I’ll suck your dick for a drink.”

I burst out laughing. I couldn’t help it. This place was too stuffy and needed to liven up. These men had probably never cut loose in their boring lives.

And the look on the stranger’s face was comical. His lips were pinched, and his eyes were narrowed. He was also red in the face.

“I think you mistook this establishment for Cherry Pit.” He’d said the club name with disdain.

I’d opened my mouth to give him a sassy reply when Mitch lost his hold on the stand and tumbled forward, landing on the stuck-up bastard’s chest.

Mitch burped and snickered then looked up at the guy. “I’m still offering that blowjob. I’m mighty thirsty.”

I pulled Mitch off the snob. “He’s probably never gotten his knob polished before. He doesn’t even know what a blowjob is.”

For just a brief second, Snob’s eyes turned smoldering before the look evaporated, replaced by annoyance.

Straight men had no sense of humor.

My eyes widened when Mitch fumbled with his zipper. “Hang on,” he said. “Let me show you what I have to work with.”

I smacked Mitch’s hand. “Maybe some other time.”

It was one thing to crash a stuffy lounge, another to expose one’s self. I didn’t want the cops to get involved. I wasn’t looking for that good of a time.

Mitch grinned up at Snob again. “Are you sure? I suck a mean dick.”

I turned, ready to pull Mitch’s drunken ass out of there, when I ran into a hard wall of flesh. I stumbled backward, my Blue Smurf still miraculously in my hand.

Unfortunately, I spilled some of it on the stranger’s shirtfront. “Oh crap. I’m so sorry!”

I expected the guy to shout at me, call me names, or threaten to call the cops. Instead, he smiled and said, “The blue works much better than the white.”

Was he for real? I looked from the stain that would never come out to his handsome, god-like face. His looks did more for me than any of the jocks at Cherry Pit.

“Is there a problem, Richard?” the guy asked Snob.

“A problem?” Snob looked wide-eyed at the stranger. “Clearly these men shouldn’t be here.”

“Ah, come on.” Mitch wouldn’t stop grinning at the prick. “I offered to suck your dick. I think that makes us friends.”

Handsome coughed, but I could tell he was hiding a smile. He cleared his throat and glanced at me.

I held up my hands. “Don’t even look at me. I didn’t offer jack shit. I just came in here for a drink, but Snob is blocking us.”


When I held my hands up, Edward backed off. The reprieve gave me a moment to breathe and get my bearings. “Aren’t you straight?”

His dark brows furrowed. “What made you think that?” he asked. Then a smile formed. “Because you don’t remember our conversation.”

“Because you were at that lounge,” I countered. “Where very straight men hang out.”

“You haven’t been there in a while, have you?”

“I’ve never been there until last night,” I said. “But Purple Sunrise is known for rich, straight dudes.”

“Not anymore.” Edward winked.

My heart kicked up a notch. “You’re gay?”

“And horny as fuck.” He walked to the table and grabbed his drink. Then he dropped his towel and turned.

I blinked rapidly to make sure I was seeing that big, fat cock jutting out from between his legs.

Yep, it was really there.

I stripped my clothes off so fast I nearly gave myself a black eye. I stumbled toward him and fell into his arms. Edward’s laugh made me shiver as I took his glass and set it down.

“Now remind me of what we talked about last night.”

He grabbed my hand and led me to his spacious, elegant bedroom. The damn thing was larger than my entire apartment. How sad was that? One wall was nothing but glass, enabling me to see the city and the setting sun. I’d never seen such a beautiful view before.

Except for Edward. God, he was sexy with a side of masculine deliciousness.

He pulled me into his arms and kissed the very breath from my lungs. No lie, even my toes were curling. I ate at his mouth hungrily, because Edward wasn’t the only horny man in the room.

When we broke apart, Edward used the pad of his thumb to wipe the moisture from my bottom lip. I bit his finger, not hard, and smiled up at him.

“Now that you’re sober, let’s see if you can back up all those naughty things you told me about.”

“Now that I’m sober, I can’t even fucking remember what I said, but I’ll make shit up as I go along.” I shoved him in the chest, and Edward fell back onto the bed. He used his elbows to prop himself up as he grinned up at me.

“A man who takes control. I like that.”

Had I mentioned that I was a beast in the bedroom? I sure as fuck hoped Edward like to play bottom, because I wanted to sink my cock into his nicely shaped ass.

“Lube and condom.”

Edward reached into his nightstand and I bit my lip as I checked out his ass. I wasn’t going to last very long. It had been months since I’d had sex. Hence the reason I’d been out last night trying to find a suitable partner.

One had found me, and I was happy as hell I’d left my wallet in his car.

He set the supplies on the bed then lay on his back, hands tucked under his head, his legs spread wide apart. “Now what, Sonny Bunny?”

I attacked him with fervor, devouring his mouth, and I patted around the mattress for the lube. When I found it, I wet my fingers and probed for his hole.



Michael tapped his finger against my temple. “Why’d you suddenly get quiet?” He pulled his feet up under him and turned toward me. “Some guy got your brain all twisted up?”

I threw my balled-up wrapper at him, and Michael batted it away. “Why does it have to be some guy? Why can’t I just be sitting here having some deep thoughts about cosmic things?”

Michael burped out a laugh. “Honey, I love you as a friend, and I’ve always been honest with you. You’re fun, charismatic, and very good-looking, but a deep thinker you are not.”

I resented the truth. The deepest I’d ever thought was when I had to decide whether to pay my rent or my electric bill. I’d sat in the dark for a week until I’d gotten paid again and could throw the electric company the smallest payment they’d allow.

A month later it was the same. Rent or gas bill. It felt as though I’d never get caught up. Since I’d stopped going out to party, this month I was able to pay all three.

I looked Michael over as he went back to watching television. Not for the first time I admired his stunning good looks and wished we both hadn’t been catchers. You know, bottoms. He would’ve made a great boyfriend. Michael was responsible, honorable, and everything boring I didn’t want in a partner.

Not that I didn’t admire his qualities, but I wanted someone who lit up my fucking world. Someone who turned my insides to jelly and made my heart go nuts every time I saw him.

Michael was more like a security blanket, the kind you clung to when you were feeling out of sorts or just wanted to chill and feel as though you didn’t have to pretend to be someone you really weren’t.

That was what I loved about my best friend. We could’ve sat there for hours in comfortable silence.

“Okay.” Michael stood and cut the television off. “This is boring as hell. We need to get out and have a bit of fun.”

I eyed him. “Since when do you want to go out, and since when did you learn how to have fun?”

“You’re an ass.” He swatted at my leg. “Seriously, Mitch. Show me what all this hoopla is about partying.” He winked. “Tonight is my treat.”

He’d said the magical words that got my ass off the couch and had me jumping into the shower. But it wasn’t the thought of going to Cherry Pit that had my heart racing.

It was the thought of “accidently” going to Purple Sunrise and seeing Richard again. This time I made sure I dressed nicely. No T-shirt and jeans for me. I pulled on some charcoal slacks, a button-down shirt, and some loafers.

Michael whistled when I stepped from the room. “You clean up nicely. With you by my side, I won’t get any guys to look my way.”

He was full of shit. Michael was slim, with a lean body, blond hair, and hazel eyes. He was a gay man’s dream. I was the one who worried all the guys would be ogling Michael and forget I existed.

“Just for getting me out of the house, I’ll be the sober one tonight,” I offered. “It’s about time you cut loose and learned how to have some fun. But you’re buying me all the sodas I want, and maybe some wings.”

Michael looked so adorable when he was uncertain.


Richard pulled his hand free and stepped up behind me, curling his arms around my waist. I expected him to make a move, grab my ass or try to strip me naked, but he just held me. And I hated to admit it felt nice.

“Are we just going to stand here and stare at my bedroom?” I chuckled nervously. My dick was hard as granite, and I wanted to feel his in my hand, my mouth, my ass. I wasn’t picky.

He turned me and stared into my eyes, which made me uncomfortable.

Then he cupped my face and kissed me slowly, our lips brushing, his thumbs tracing my jaw. My heart swelled at his tenderness while I circled my fingers around his wrists.

His gray eyes sparked with lust when he pulled away. I started to take my shirt off, but he did it for me, slowly, revealing my decent body for him to view.

“I know I’m not in shape like you.” I’d never felt the need to explain that I didn’t hit the gym and I ate like shit.

He shook his head as his eyes ate me up. “There’s no need to make excuses. You’re perfect.”

That was a damn lie, but I let him get away with it because it boosted my ego.

My shirt fell to the floor, as did his. Now our upper bodies were exposed, but I was dying to see his cock. I lowered to my knees and slid his fancy shoes off, shoes that shined in my dim room as I set them aside. I peeled his socks off. Jeez, he even had pretty feet.

And I normally hated feet.

I reached up and unfastened his slacks as he watched me intensely, the gray in his eyes growing darker. My heart thundered and my cock wept as I peeled the material back to reveal a pair of black boxer briefs that held a huge wet spot.

Richard wanted me just as badly as I wanted him.

I mouthed his cock through his underwear, and Richard hissed, sliding his fingers through my hair. This wasn’t straight-up fucking. This was sensual, slow, and I continued to tell myself not to fall for him, to fall for the way he looked at me as though I was more than just a booty call.

“It won’t bite,” he teased as he slid a finger under my jaw. “You talked all that shit about sucking good cock. Show me you can back up your words.”

“Asshole. “I grinned and tugged at his underwear and slacks until they pooled at his ankles. Richard stepped out of them, and he was bared naked to me.

I might not have been with too many men, but with those I’d shared a bed with, I’d perfected cock sucking. I loved feeling the heavy weight in my mouth, the taste of pre-cum, the hard length that fucked my throat, and I was addicted to the taste of cum.

Richard had a nice-sized cock, long and thick and bent just slightly to the left. I teased the thick vein on the side with the flat of my tongue, eating up the clear liquid leaking from the slit, and listened to Richard hiss out a breath.

Then I swallowed him all the way down my throat. He balled his hands into fists, tugging at my hair before releasing his grip and massaging my scalp, as though he’d noticed what he was doing and tried to correct it.



Jason made a slurping sound as he drank, as though his straw didn’t quite reach the bottom of his cup. “Sweetheart, you’re wearing denim jean shorts, socks and sandals, and a tweed button-down shirt. You wouldn’t know fashion if it bit you on the ass. But don’t worry. I’m here to save you.”

“He said casual, but not too casual. Do you know what that means?”

Jason grabbed my hand and led me out the door, pausing long enough to allow me to lock up my house. “I know exactly what he means. Now trust me that I’ll have you looking fabulous for your little dinner party.”

“My boss lives in Forest Hills.”

Jason stopped and stared at me. “You lucky bastard. I wish I received an invitation to party in the Hills.”

With as old as Professor Gilman was, party might’ve been the wrong word. I couldn’t imagine him throwing a kegger with college students parked on the front lawn, so drunk that the cops were called.

I prayed I wasn’t the only young person there. I didn’t want to be surrounded all evening with stuffy old people but had a suspicion my gut was on point.

We spent the next two hours shopping for one lousy outfit. I couldn’t believe how picky Jason was. Three stores and one hundred and fifty dollars later and I walked through my front door with two bags.

I was normally a frugal shopper, so spending that amount on an outfit made me break out in hives. But I had to admit I looked good in my charcoal gray slacks and white button-down shirt. Even my gray oxford shoes were amazing. They’d cost a hundred bucks, but I planned on returning them as soon as the night was over.

I also planned on returning the shirt and slacks.

Jason fussed with my hair until it looked better than anything I could’ve created. I usually swept it to the right and was done with it, but he had it smelling fruity and looking as though I’d just rolled out of bed but still stylish.

Jason took a step back and grinned. “My best masterpiece yet.”

I should’ve known he’d make my hair look great. Jason was a hairstylist, after all. He worked with a mutual friend of ours, Derek, and Derek had had nothing but nice things to say about Jason. But that was just one of Jason’s jobs. He also worked part time for a large company that Richard owned.

I had no idea how he stayed on his feet with his busy life. From what Jason had told me, he also volunteered at his nana’s retirement home at least twice a week. He had to be some sort of Energizer Bunny.

Jason picked up his cup—drinks he had stopped and picked up on our way back here—and sipped on it. “You have an hour, and it’ll take you forty-five minutes to get to Forest Hill.” He gave me a quick peck on the cheek. “Knock ’em dead, handsome.”


Devlin chuckled. “I like sensory overload under the right circumstances.”

“Sex.” I slapped a hand over my mouth, shocked I’d said that out loud.

He nodded. “That would be the right circumstance.” He tapped the spot next to him. I scooted closer. “I should’ve taken things slower with you,” he said. “Asked you out instead of telling you how badly I wanted to fuck you.” His fingers traced my neck. “Though that hasn’t changed, Michael. Has anyone ever told you how gorgeous you are?”

I wanted to laugh at that. Gorgeous wasn’t a word I would use to describe myself.

“And you look amazing tonight.” His fingers slipped under the collar of my shirt. “I want to get to know you better, but I also want to strip you naked and make love to you on this couch.”

Mayday! Sensory overload! I felt as though my brain was about to short-circuit. I wanted Devlin as much as he wanted me, but if I gave into him right now, would he want to see me again? I wanted to hold out, but my body wasn’t listening to me. I was hard as fuck, and my hole ached to be filled.

“Might I remind you that there is a dinner party past those doors?” Had my voice really just squeaked?

“I locked it.” Devlin leaned toward me and kissed my neck. Shivers raced through me at the touch of his warm lips against my skin. That was all it took to unleash my inhibitions. I spun, cupped Devlin’s face, and shoved him onto his back as I kissed him until neither of us could breathe.

The guy growled. He actually fucking growled as he flipped us and placed me on the bottom, my back pressed against the cushions of the sofa as we tore at each other’s shirts. So much for returning it tomorrow.

Panting heavily, Devlin pulled back, and I stared into his hazel eyes. “Did I just unlock your inner slut?”

“Now I want to see yours.” I ran my palms down his chiseled chest, appreciating his fine-ass body. “Show me what you got.”

That devilish smile returned. “Don’t ask for what you can’t handle, Cinderella.”

A bark of laughter escaped me. “I should be saying the same thing.”

We rolled off the couch and hit the floor as we struggled to see who could get their clothes off first. By the way, I won. I was completely naked as Devlin shucked his pants and underwear off, tossing them aside.

He stood above me, looking like a fucking god. I rose to my knees and took his cock all the way down my throat.

“Jesus fuck!” Devlin grabbed my hair and pulled on it as I used my throat muscles to squeeze his hard length. My nose was buried in his pubes, and they tickled my nose before I pulled back and repeated the move over and over again while cupping his heavy balls in my hand.

“You trickster,” Devlin moaned. “And here I thought you were some shy guy who would need a lot of coaxing.”

I felt like Superman. One side of me wore my glasses and was a complete nerd who couldn’t flirt my way out of a paper bag. The other side wore a cape when it came to sex, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Fearless. Naughty. Greedy for dick.

Devlin’s dick.



Rose patted my cheek with her wrinkled hand. “That’s nice of you, Jacob.”

“Jason,” I corrected. She always mixed me up with her late husband. I’d been told my whole life I looked just like him. A younger version, of course, since I was only twenty-six.

It was just in the face, because I was short and slim, whereas my grandfather had been tall and stocky like a lumberjack.

I was also proud that my nana was still clear minded at her age. She acted more like my age most of the time—except when she called me Jacob.

“So, did you want to go get something to eat?” I sat in her rocker as she rummaged through her drawers. Of all her family, sadly, I was the only one who came to see her at least twice a week. Not one single person had offered to help me pay for this facility, and that totally pissed me off.

Rose had been a nurse for forty years before she’d retired. She’d spent her life helping others, and not one single family member helped out.

She came away with a small box and handed it to me before she sat on the bed.

“What’s this?”

“Your grandfather’s watch.” Her eyes misted. “I want you to sell it to help pay for this place.”

I cracked the lid open, and my heart kicked up a notch. It was a pocket watch that I recalled my grandfather having on him all the time. It even had a gold chain attached. Fond memories filled my head as I stroked a finger over it.

“I’m not selling this.” I looked up at her and frowned. “It’s a family heirloom.”

“Nonsense.” She waved her hand, but I could tell she was fighting back tears. “It’s just sitting in my drawer collecting dust, and you need it more than I do. I know this place ain’t cheap, Jacob, and selling it will help pay for a few months.”

There was no way I was hocking it, but knew better than to argue. I would keep the watch, and if she asked, I would tell her that I had done as she asked.

Not that I was into deceiving my nana, but a small white lie wouldn’t hurt.

“And we’re not going out to eat.” She looked out the window at the garden out back. “We both know you can’t afford it and the food here is free.” She turned to me and smiled. “Besides, Beatrice will give me her certificate. She does every time she wins one because she doesn’t like restaurants. Who doesn’t like restaurants?” she mused to herself.

I laughed and hugged her frail body. “I have to get to work, Nana. I’ll be back in a few days for your jazzercise class.”

Which I ran. I loved dancing, although with the residents, it was more like shaking your hips and putting your hands into the air. But at least they would get some exercise.

She patted my cheek again. “You’ll make some guy a happy man someday.”

I kissed her on the forehead and headed for the door. “I keep telling myself that.”

Too bad it hadn’t come true yet. I hooked up at clubs whenever I had the time, but as far as a steady guy, nope. I honestly didn’t think it was in the cards for me.

My life was too dang busy.


“From the moment I laid eyes on you I knew you were the one for me.” Clint released me and carded a hand through his hair. “I can’t believe I feel this way, but it’s true. It’s crazy, I know. But it was like that with my parents. My father saw my mother and knew she was it for him. I thought that was a fairytale, but now I know it can happen.”

I blinked at him. “That was a mouthful.”

That was all I could think to say. Clint had just unloaded a lot on me, and I wasn’t sure how to react. What in the hell was I supposed to say to all that?

As if he’d just read my thoughts, he said, “You don’t have to say anything.” Clint cupped my face, and I found myself leaning against his hand. “Just take the day off, let me pamper you because you’re so overworked, and let me pay your wages without you thinking I’m treating you like a hooker.”

I gave him a soft smile. “Well, maybe not a hooker. A high-priced call girl?”

Clint gave a low growl. “Does that come with sexual favors?”

“Depends on how well you pamper me.”

An hour later we were in his home, and his staff was making us lunch. We were in the pool, playing around, when the cook called us to the table.

After we’d eaten the best meal I’d had in a long time, Clint took me to his bedroom to shower.

I wasn’t an idiot. I knew we were going to have sex, and that thought didn’t help my erection. If anything it made me harder. And Clint noticed since I had only a towel curled around my waist.

“You’re making it difficult for me to be a gentleman.” He eyed my tented towel.

“Who said I wanted you to be one?” I slid my finger between the material and my skin and flicked my finger. My towel fell to the floor, revealing the boner I had for him.

Clint’s eyes darkened as he moved across the room, getting rid of his own towel and showing me how well-endowed he was. His cock was plump and long and made me drop to my knees so I could take his shaft between my lips. I savored his masculine taste as he fucked my mouth in hard, short bursts. If this was what Clint considered pampering, I was all for it.

The room filled with the sultry sounds of Clint’s pleasure. He wasn’t a quiet lover in the least. His shouts echoed in my ears while I took his cock all the way down my throat again and again. I felt how close he was to coming. Clint pulled back and yanked me toward the bed.

I lay there panting, my eyes focused on the ceiling as I tried to catch my breath. “Why’d you make me stop?” I whined.

“Because I need in your ass, now.” He grabbed for the lube and a condom that were stashed in the nightstand drawer and wet his fingers. “Open your legs, sweetheart.”

I shot them open so fast that I might’ve pulled a muscle. He smirked as he drove his fingers into my ass. I moaned, clutching at his arms as his magical fingers grazed over my prostate, damn near making me come.

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