[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Werewolves, Vampires, Suspense, MM, HEA]

When Andrew is offered an interview with the mysterious Eleazar Bancroft for a job as his personal assistant, he’s overjoyed. But when he gets the position, he soon realizes that there is more going on than meets the eye. He is ordered to reside at the estate but isn’t allowed to roam the premises. Despite discovering that he’s in a house filled with vampires, Andrew decides to stay because of his overwhelming attraction to Eleazar, even though the rational thing to do would be to flee from danger and never look back.

After the fiasco with Felix, Eleazar isn’t sure he wants another human servant—until he meets Andrew. An inexplicable magnetism draws them together, and Eleazar can’t stop himself from giving in to his desires. But someone wants Andrew dead, and it’s up to Eleazar to eliminate all threats toward his pregnant mate, even if he has to wipe out his entire coven to keep Andrew safe.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Eleazar (MM)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett


“Just relax and stop being nervous,” he muttered to himself. “This place just looks forbidden because you really need this job and it’s all dark and creepy outside.”

This was the opportunity he had been waiting for, the chance to work for a successful businessman. The prospect of being a personal assistant was daunting, but he felt prepared. He hoped.

Honestly, this was his first job out of college, and he prayed he didn’t screw this up. Rich people made him nervous, and Andrew hoped like hell his boss, or prospective boss, wasn’t a downright prick.

After another private pep talk to himself, he rang the doorbell and waited, telling himself to breathe. He pushed back a few strands of hair, checked his breath, and then straightened his shoulders as a tall and handsome guy answered the door.

“You must me Andrew Wendell.”

“Yes, I’m here for my interview with Mr. Bancroft.” Shit, why had his voice held a little squeak? He had to pull it together.

“Call me Shayde.” The guy stepped back to allow Andrew to enter. Shayde had dark hair, and even darker eyes, and wasn’t really Andrew’s type, but he could still admit the guy was good-looking, even if Andrew got a sense of something else about the guy. Something dark and intimidating.

Holy shit! Preoccupied trying to figure Shayde out, Andrew hadn’t noticed the interior. It was so impressive that he could only stare. The inside of the house was just as grand as the outside. Stone floors and glassy surfaces buffed to perfection. It was all so overwhelming. Andrew wondered who this Mr. Bancroft was and how he’d gotten so filthy rich.

Andrew had found out about the job through a friend, and he’d jumped on it right away, surprised he’d gotten an actual interview. He still knew nothing of Eleazar Bancroft.

He’d Googled the guy but hadn’t found much. Just some stuff about a charity event, but his picture wasn’t shown. Mr. Bancroft was a complete mystery, and Andrew wished he knew more so he could have better prepared himself.

He turned when he heard approaching footsteps.

“Andrew Wendell, meet Mr. Eleazar Bancroft,” Shayde said with a hint of a smirk, as if he knew how awestruck Andrew would be. And he was. Good god. Mr. Bancroft was downright gorgeous.

Andrew was struck by the sheer charisma and confidence that oozed from the man as Mr. Bancroft walked toward him. He was tall, with angular features, broad shoulders, and a commanding presence that immediately drew Andrew’s attention.

Great. Now Andrew was twice as nervous.

“Mr. Bancroft, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Andrew managed to stutter out, feeling slightly flustered by the man’s overwhelming presence.

“The pleasure is mine, Mr. Wendell,” Eleazar replied, extending his hand. “We’ll take this to my office.”

As soon as they entered, Mr. Bancroft sat in a leather chair behind a mahogany desk, so polished that you could probably see your reflection. Andrew walked toward the desk, trying to seem as if he belonged there. He sat down, feeling Mr. Bancroft’s gaze on him.

Just don’t sweat out your dress shirt. No one wants to hire anyone with pit stains. He’s gorgeous. Get over it and act professionally. Don’t you dare ogle him!

For the next few minutes, Mr. Bancroft asked him questions about his qualifications and experience, and Andrew tried to answer as best as he could. He noticed how Mr. Bancroft seemed to be studying him, almost as if he was trying to read his mind. It made Andrew a little uncomfortable, but he forced himself not to squirm.

Finally, Mr. Bancroft leaned back in his chair, lacing his fingers together. “I believe you have the qualifications we are looking for, Mr. Wendell,” he said slowly.

Seriously? Andrew’s heart leaped with joy at this, but then Mr. Bancroft continued, his voice lowering as he leaned in closer. “However, there’s one last thing I must ask of you before I make my decision.”

A knot formed in the pit of Andrew’s stomach. What could Mr. Bancroft possibly want from him that he hadn’t already asked? He tried to keep his expression neutral, waiting for Mr. Bancroft to elaborate.

“I require complete discretion and loyalty from my personal assistant. There may be certain…things you will see and hear while working for me that must remain confidential. And if you accept this position, I must have your word that you will not speak of anything to anyone.”

Andrew’s mind raced. What kind of things could he possibly see or hear that would require such secrecy? Was he getting in over his head? He knew that working for a businessman like Mr. Bancroft would require some discretion, but this was on a whole different level. Did Mr. Bancroft throw orgies while naked women walked around the house? Andrew racked his brain trying to think of what kinds of things the guy could be talking about.

Before he could dwell on it further, Mr. Bancroft spoke again. “I can see you’re hesitant, Mr. Wendell. But this is non-negotiable. I need someone I can trust, implicitly. Are you that person?”

Andrew looked Mr. Bancroft straight in the eye, feeling the weight of his words. He knew what this could mean. He could be signing up for something dangerous or freaky, and yet, the allure of working for a man like Mr. Bancroft was too strong to resist.

He took a deep breath and nodded.

“I can assure you, Mr. Bancroft, that I am that person. You have my word,” he replied, hoping that he sounded confident enough, because he desperately needed this job. It hadn’t been easy finding work straight out of college, and Andrew had a lot of debt. Working here would enable him to pay that debt down in no time.

Hell, he might throw his friend Zach some money for telling him about this job if he got it.

Mr. Bancroft’s sensual lips curved into a slight smile, and Andrew felt an inexplicable thrill at having pleased him. “Excellent,” he said, leaning back in his chair once more. “I’m looking forward to us working together, Mr. Wendell.”




Eleazar held back a groan. Andrew was so innocent, unaware just how much the male affected him “Have you ever heard of mates?”

Andrew looked up at him. “No. What is that?”

Eleazar should walk away. He should keep his mouth shut and let Andrew do his duties. He was playing with fire. What if they slept together and Andrew wasn’t his mate? He didn’t want things to be awkward between them.

It wouldn’t be for him. He could keep his emotions in check, but humans were emotional creatures. Would Andrew still be able to do his job if they had sex and discovered they weren’t mates?

“Eleazar?” Andrew poked him in the chest. “You can’t pique my curiosity and then go quiet.”

“A mate is someone who is fated to be with a preternatural being.” He cleared his throat. “For wolf shifters, a mark appears on their palms.”

Andrew blinked several times as his jaw went slack. “Wolf shifters? Are you telling me that wolf shifters are real? I mean I’ve heard the rumors, but I dismissed them as insane. Until Felix told me the truth about vampires…”

Eleazar would have a talk with his ex-servant about running his mouth. “Yes, they are real.”

“And vampires?”

“A bond solders their soul to their mate,” Eleazar explained. “But it only happens when they have sex.”

“Oh.” Andrew bit his lower lip, and then a smile spread across his handsome face. “Wouldn’t it be crazy if we had sex and turned out to be mates?”

“Mates are not taken lightly,” Eleazar said. “We cherish them, protect them. They become the most important person in the world to us. We would kill for them.”

“Wow.” Andrew sat on the side of the bed. “Wait, are you saying you can have more than one mate? You keep saying we and them.”

Eleazar smiled. “No. We are allowed only one, and we are dedicated to them. Their happiness means everything to us.”

“You’re describing a person’s dream partner.” Andrew chuckled. “Does a guy like that really exist?”

Tempting himself, Eleazar sat next to Andrew. “Yes. We are not like human partners, Andrew. We place your happiness above our own, and we never stray. Vampires and wolf shifters are fierce creatures, but they are also loyal.”

Andrew shifted closer, his hand brushing against Eleazar's thigh. He suppressed a shiver of desire as he felt the warmth of Andrew’s touch. The desire to take him into his arms and show him the full extent of his feelings was almost too much.

“Do you think we could be mates?” Andrew's voice was soft, uncertain.

Eleazar looked at him, drinking in the sight of Andrew’s beautiful face, his soft lips, his tousled hair. He wanted him so badly he could barely breathe.

“I don’t know,” he said honestly. “It is possible. If it happens, it’s powerful. The connection between mates is unbreakable.”

“I had no idea,” Andrew whispered. “I never would have guessed that something like that could exist. The idea of having someone who would be completely dedicated to my happiness is almost too good to be true.”

“Let me show you.” He leaned in to kiss Andrew, his lips warm and inviting. Andrew responded eagerly, his arms wrapping around Eleazar’s neck as they kissed deeply.

Eleazar felt a surge of desire blaze through him. He had never felt anything like this before. It was as if Andrew had taken over his every thought, every feeling. He was completely consumed by the human.

Eleazar pushed Andrew gently down onto the bed, his heart racing. He climbed onto the bed beside Andrew, gliding his hands over Andrew’s chest and stomach. Andrew moaned softly, his eyes closing in pleasure.

There was no going back. Eleazar could no more resist Andrew than he could stop breathing. Eleazar cupped Andrew’s face and crushed his mouth against him. The kiss wasn’t gentle but fierce and passionate, like a wildfire raging out of control. When he pulled back, Eleazar gazed into Andrew’s smoky gray eyes.

“If we have sex, and you’re my mate, there’s no backing out of this.”

Andrew placed his hands over Eleazar’s. “I kind of figured that. Will I become a vampire if we have sex or if we find out we’re mates?”

Eleazar shook his head. “You have to be born vampire. One cannot be made.”

“Will I grow old and die while you keep looking young?”

Eleazar smiled. “You will live as long as I.”

Andrew crawled over him, a savage gleam in his eyes. Eleazar wasn’t sure what the hell was happening but fuck if his cock wasn’t hard as steel.

Without warning, Andrew slammed his lips over Eleazar’s. The kiss was brutal, crushing, and as Andrew tore at Eleazar’s shirt, an animalistic sound rumbled in his throat.

Eleazar didn’t fight him. If anything, he was turned on by what the human was doing.

“I forgot to mention that I’m a bit aggressive in bed.” Andrew smiled down at him.

“I hadn’t noticed.” Eleazar smirked.

Andrew’s hands stilled. “Do you mind?”

“Not at all,” Eleazar said. “Proceed with ravishing me.”

With a chuckle, Andrew ripped open Eleazar’s shirt and then began to work on Eleazar’s pants. Eleazar’s past lovers had always been timid and submissive. He liked the wildness in Andrew.

Andrew slipped from the bed, ripped Eleazar’s slacks down his legs, and then looked at Eleazar with a wicked glint in his eyes before swallowing his cock down to the root. Eleazar’s eyes rolled to the back of his head. His hips bucked, driving his cock farther into Andrew’s hot mouth.

God, the man was sucking him so hard that Eleazar was mindless. He spread his legs farther apart as he began to fuck Andrew’s mouth.

Andrew pressed Eleazar’s hips down, keeping them in place as he ran his tongue around the head, pulling the pre-cum out like honey, and then dove right back down onto Eleazar’s cock.

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