Shadow From the Past (MMM)

Milson Valley 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,129
10 Ratings (4.9)

[Menage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Mange a Trois Paranormal Romance, M/M/M, vampires, demons, HEA]  

When Archie Taunton met shifter Prince Lincoln Sanchez months ago, he instantly knew they were mates. Or thought they were. Linc showed no sign of a mate reaction, leaving Archie to doubt his own instincts until realizing magic was blocking them. He needed to prove they were mates, which was difficult when the shifter sniffed Archie coming and ran the other way! He wasn’t deterred though. Nope. Archie was going to get his man.

Linc thought Archie was hot and lots of fun, but he didn’t feel the same way. There was also the shadow demon. Linc felt sure the creature was important to him, but who was he? Was the demon someone from his forgotten past?
Shachar Seymour came to Milson Valley with one objective and nothing would sway him. Not a pride full of felines, an Avenger or a dozen powerful creatures. Except one. A cheeky, social, determined vampire who loved Lincoln as much as him and wanted Sha gone.
Shadow From the Past (MMM)
10 Ratings (4.9)

Shadow From the Past (MMM)

Milson Valley 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,129
10 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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Finally he got to claim his mate, and Archie wasn’t wasting any more time. He was still stunned Lincoln agreed, but guessed he shouldn’t have been. That was just like Linc. Giving and caring about others, even when he wasn’t sure and was uncomfortable, he gave.

Archie stepped close and pressed their bodies together. It was wonderful and torturous and everything he’d dreamed about. He breathed in Linc’s heavenly scent and let himself enjoy the pleasure of finally wrapping his arms around his mate. His teeth ached. Archie let them slide down, and with one hand on the back of Lincoln’s silky head, he urged his mate to tilt to the side and, without hesitation, sunk his fangs deep into the shifter’s beautiful throat.

The connection was instantaneous, like it had been pushing at a gate, and now that the gate was open, it sprung forward and dove into both of them. The relief and joy, the desires were strong and overwhelmingly intense, a swirling vortex that at first were out of control and dizzying, Archie and Linc clinging together in the center as they were inundated, but then glorious, wondrous relief and a joy and happiness so deep it drove away the desperation and pain Archie had carried for so long.

He drunk from his mate, starved, but mindful not to take more than needed and harm his sweet, softhearted Linc. He smelt desire pouring from the creature in his arms, Linc’s fingers convulsively tightening and grasping Archie’s back and with their bodies pressed so close, the hard ridge of the man’s dick pressed against his own hardness.

Oh, heaven! Linc was heaven. Beautiful and soft, intoxicating and sweet.

Removing his fangs he flicked his tongue across the wounds he’d left, closing them but leaving his mating mark for all to see, for all to know Linc was taken, and so was Archie. With the creature’s blood on his lips, he quickly pressed his mouth against Linc’s, the shifter panting, eyes glazed, hands grasping tightly to Archie.

He kissed the man with all the desire and needs he felt, Linc’s eyes closing, body pressing closer, and he gave the sweetest little moans.

“My mate,” Archie whispered, his hands threaded through silken golden ringlets, their lips still touching. “Tell me you are mine, for always and forever. You give yourself to me as I give myself to you.”

“Archer Amais Taunton!” Chane snapped loudly from the doorway. “Do not!”

Linc blinked, some of the lust slipping away, and his eyes widened on Archie.

Hissing, Archie glared at his brother for ruining the moment and stopping Archie from binding himself and Linc in the way of his kind. “Ch-annnnne!”

Non.” Chane crossed his arms, eyes narrowed, foot tapping annoyingly.

“Oh come on! Fine, fine, there’s no harm in asking!”

“It would be considered coercion. A vampire’s mate must know they are committing themselves for all eternity and give of themselves freely and without reservation,” Prince Emile Sanchez said calmly and held out his hand. “Lincoln.”

Huffily, Archie reluctantly released his adored mate and threw up his hands. “When did you get here?”

“As you claimed my brother.” Emile wrapped Linc in his arms and purred over his younger brother. “I am pleased for you, my brother.”

Emile was known as the prestigious prince and was not affectionate. He was Dominic and Drake’s triplet and much more reserved, and a lion whereas they were tigers. He was cool and uber smart, and Archie just loved teasing the big gorgeous creature who was mated to Vinncent Aston, a demon. Since mating, Archie had noticed Emile was not quite as stiff as he used to be, and was a touch more open and affectionate.

“Thanks,” Linc purred softly against Emile’s chest. “I-I wouldn’t be here without you, Emile. You saved me. You, Ma, Dad, Sebastian, Drake, Baron, and Tre.”

“We are family and love you,” Emile said with truth and love.

Archie turned to his own brother and smiled. He finally had his mate.

About frigging time too!

Linc was nervous. Archie wasn’t but understood and just smiled and followed Linc into his suite. He was pretty sure the shifter wanted some time to himself to think. Being claimed and understanding you now had a mate was a very big event in a creature’s life, and Archie would give his mate that time, soon.

First he wanted to be alone with Linc. They’d always been surrounded by creatures and never really had a moment to just talk and get to know one another. While Archie felt like he knew his mate really well due to his gift and observing for the last five months, Linc on the other hand had spent that time trying to avoid Archie.

Linc hurried around the living room area of his suite tidying. There were a few books lying around as well as a large pile of socks and a few cups. Overall though, it was actually pretty tidy. With his mate occupied, Archie turned and hissed at the creature following them.

“What are you doing here, Ace?! Can’t you give us a minute?”

Okay, so they wouldn’t be making nice anytime soon, but man, Linc’s cousin and best friend was the snappiest, snarliest creature and obviously didn’t have a clue about giving others some damn space! Especially newly mated creatures.

Ace smirked and flopped into one of the armchairs. “You’re making him nervous. Why don’t you give us a minute?”

Archie considered, briefly, messing with Ace’s aura. With an annoyed sigh, he turned back to watch Linc toss dozens of socks into a wicker basket and put the lid on. It was a strange place to keep socks, but if that was his mate’s weirdest habit, Archie could live with it easily. At least the socks were clean by the look and smell.




Archie nuzzled his mate’s throat, loving the tutti-fruity scent and the feel of Linc in his arms. Linc purred and pressed closer, Archie raising his head and pressing kisses to his mate’s soft mouth. Archie couldn’t get enough of Linc’s mouth and the sweet way he purred and clung as he returned kisses and gave his own.

Warm hands slipped beneath Archie’s top, fingers teasing. Archie groaned, loving the feel of his mate’s hands on him. Breaking the kiss, Archie leant back and pulled his top up and over his head and let it drop, and all the while, Linc stroked and teased.

Wanting his mate naked, he separated them and tugged Linc’s sweater off, quickly followed by his shirt, then started on the man’s jeans, loving that Linc laughed and helped, kicking off his sneakers and wiggling his hips.

“You are so freaking hot, cher.” Archie groaned and leapt at Linc, grabbing hold and taking them both to the wardrobe floor.

“Oomph!” Linc sprawled on top of Archie. “Your pants are still on, honey. Let me help you with them.”

“We need lube!” Archie realized. “In the green box behind you, baby, there should be a new bottle.”

“’Kay.” Linc gracefully climbed off and hurried over to the stack of boxes on the floor. As he flicked it open, Linc’s brows shot up. “Did you buy out the pharmacy? There’s five bottles of lube—ooh, raspberry flavor!”

Archie stripped off his jeans and tossed them aside. “They were having a sale. Come here, I want to hear you purring.”

Linc rolled the lube over then, with a smile, purred as he came to Archie on all fours. It was sexy as fuck and had Archie’s fangs dropping, needing to taste his mate. As soon as Linc was within reach, he grabbed the shifter and pulled so he was lying across him, their legs entwining, lips meeting.

He wanted so damn bad, his body aching, cock twitching and dripping. Linc responded with the same need, groaning and rubbing against Archie, touching and whispering how much he needed, wanted him.

They kissed and touched everywhere, Archie scraping his fangs along Linc’s throat, his collarbone, and flipping them, he placed his gorgeous man on his back then followed the golden treasure trail down. They both wanted, both needed. Archie wrapped his mouth around the spongy, red head of Linc’s lovely cock and sucked lightly, just enough to have Linc wanting and on edge, not enough to come just yet.

Archie didn’t take his time today. He wanted to hear Linc purr and see his mate come apart, to bring pleasure. It was a driving need, to be close, to give and have.  

Beneath him Linc stretched out his slender body, moaning as Archie sucked more of the man’s cock into his mouth. Reaching out he secured the lube and, taking hold of Linc’s right thigh, lifted his leg up and to the side, giving Archie access to that tight little pink star. Looking over his mate, he was awed and, releasing Linc’s cock, leaned forward and pressed a kiss to the man’s mouth.

“I can’t believe you’re mine, cher.

Linc smiled a beautiful, soft smile, wrapped his arms around Archie’s neck, and pulled him close, kissing Archie with so much passion and need he couldn’t doubt, ever, his mountain lion desired him.

Archie broke away and moved down his mate’s body. With slicked fingers and adding extra lube along Linc’s ass, he rubbed his mate’s hole, playing and learning what Linc liked. When the muscles relaxed, he slowly slipped a finger into the tight warmth and wiggled it as he pressed deeper, kissing Linc’s thighs and nipping here and there. Linc groaned and purred for him, swearing he was ready after Archie got two fingers inside him.

By three fingers they were both wound up and ready, Archie removing his fingers and coating his cock.

“Breath out, cher.”

Archie pushed, watching Linc for any discomfort or pain. When there weren’t any and all he felt was pleasure coming from his mate, he slid inside tight warmth, groaning at how his mate’s channel squeezed him, sucking him. There was nothing but them. They were consumed with each other, feeling what the other did. With each deep, slow thrust, he was fighting not to come, his mate so very tight and moving with Archie, purring.

Their lips locked, Linc’s hand going to Archie’s left ass cheek and his legs spreading wider then lifting to wrap around Archie’s hips. The position sank him deeper into Linc, and they both groaned, their needs driving higher and out of control. He knew it would be like this with Linc, that every touch would be more than he’d ever experienced before, that being with the man was mind-blowing and tender, oh so tender.

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