[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, public exhibition, paddling, whipping, wax play, sex toys, HEA]
Burned out human speech therapist, Nevis Greenway, has been recuperating at Hot Springs Mountain. She likes York Greenmountain with whom she plays cards, but he’s shown no interest in her. Until his best friend, the Dom Bronx Montaine, arrives.
Bronx is about to open a new branch office for the werewolf pack and he’s been told to take a woman with him. York suggests Nevis, and Bronx thinks she’ll suit him very well. Nevis is happy to go with them, and sleep with them, too, but just until the branch is established.
Once they arrive in Pine Corner, though, all bets are off as they try to work together, set up the transportation company, and play increasingly hot BDSM scenes all around the state, in the B-Train, the minivan, the trailer… And still Nevis won’t consider staying with them for very long.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Undone by Her Two Masters (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This was a really good book and I loved reading it.




Nevis had spent several hours online, but there weren’t any jobs she really wanted. Several speech pathologists were looking for a new partner to buy into the business, but a couple of the advertisements looked dodgy to her and the rest were out of her price range. She needed a practice in a town big enough to have enough clients for her to work full-time, but she didn’t want to be in a major city where too many clients were likely to be adult victims of accidents and violence.

“You’re too fussy. That’s your problem,” she told herself, standing up from her laptop and wiggling her shoulders.

She shrugged out of her T-shirt and pulled off her jeans, putting her bathing suit on, then getting dressed again and grabbing a towel. She’d go do her absolute favorite thing. Sit in the hot spring and relax.

Sometimes there were other people there to talk to, other times she was alone. Either way was fine by her. The hot, bubbling water relaxed and soothed her the way nothing else had done in years. In fact, the only thing better than a soak in the hot spring was a damn good orgasm, and she hadn’t had one of those in so long it was a distant memory. If only she could have found herself a Master she might be chained up in a dungeon right now, getting her ass whipped and reaching orgasm that way.

She sighed and headed down the stairs to the lowest basement where the hot spring bubbled up from the rock of the mountain.

One of the other women, Katie, was just leaving as she arrived, and they exchanged a quick, “Hi, How are you?” before Nevis settled into her favorite spot in the pool. Because it was a natural hot spring, the pool was an organic shape, not square or rectangular, surrounded by rock, with rock sides and a rock base. Fortunately, the water bubbling over the stones for millennia meant the base was perfectly smooth to stand and walk on and surprising comfortable to sit on and rest her head back.

The farthest corner of the pool had a curtain on a wire which could be pulled across for privacy. Apparently sometimes Masters used that area with their subs, but Nevis had never been here when it was in use. It seemed to her that the people who lived here didn’t visit this amazing pool nearly as much as they should. She was going to miss it when she left, that was for sure.

She sank in the water and closed her eyes, relaxing. Maybe she should look for an office job instead of one as a speech therapist, she thought. She’d had plenty of experience with paperwork. Even a speech therapist had hours of that to fill in each week. She was reasonably competent with computer programs. Maybe a nice brain-dead job in an office entering data or shuffling paper would suit her. But no, it wouldn’t. She liked to keep her mind active. A paperwork job would need some challenges or she’d be bored to tears in a couple of days. Well, damn. That was another good idea she couldn’t use.

A little while later she heard male voices and opened her eyes again. York was standing in the doorway, talking to the huge man who’d just arrived on the helicopter this afternoon. Maybe he was a visitor and York was showing him around.

“Hey, Nevis, I’ve been looking for you,” called York, coming into the room.


“Yes. This is Bronx. He wanted to meet you.”

She wondered what the etiquette was here. Should she stand up? They were both fully clothed. She decided perhaps she ought to rise, so she stood and waded across the spring to the side nearest the men. “Hi.”

Bronx took her hand, and instead of shaking it, he turned it over and kissed her wrist. And oh, what a kiss it was. He nibbled and licked at her skin, raising her blood pressure until her honey began to drip from her pussy. And she was only wearing a swimsuit. She hoped neither of them would be able to tell.

Bronx gazed deep into her eyes—his were gray, she noted—and said, “I very much need to talk to you but I didn’t bring any swimwear with me. If I draw the curtain, will you step behind it with us?”

“Of course,” she agreed, even though she had no idea why he’d asked her. It was a curtain. It wouldn’t block his voice and what he had to say if anyone came in there. They’d still hear him.

She walked back across the pool and into the small area that would be hidden when the curtain was closed. Both men were taking off their shoes and socks. To pull the curtain? Instead of lying back in the water as she’d been doing, she sat on the rock base and crossed her legs, wondering where they would stand. Or would they drag one of the chaise longues over to sit on while they talked to her? And why did Bronx want to talk her to her? What could he possibly have to say? Unless he knew of a job perhaps? But then why draw the curtain?




He simply smiled at her and said, “The Hot Springs Transportation Company is establishing a new branch office at Pine Corner. I am being sent to set it up and York is coming to help me. Master Kingston said small country towns expect men to be accompanied by a woman.”

Bronx picked up one her feet and began stroking her toes. His big hands were gentle as he played with each toe in turn, sending erotic shivers running from her foot right up to her cunt.

York leaned forward from the edge of the pool, his body now only a few inches away from hers. “As soon as Bronx told me this, I thought of you. Ever since you arrived here I’ve been attracted to you, Nevis. Long ago, Bronx and I decided we would share a woman, if we found one who appealed to us. I know you’ve said you’re open to the idea of ménages and BDSM. Are you also open to the idea of moving to Pine Corner with us as our woman?”

Nevis’s mouth was ready to say, “Yes, yes, yes,” but her brain was trying hard to force her gaze away from these two magnificent, naked men, and to think about what they were saying. She looked from Bronx to York and back to Bronx. There were just a few gray flecks in his hair, matching the gray of his eyes. Determinedly she closed her eyes and concentrated. “Let me get this straight. Bronx, you’re going to some place called Pine Corner. There you’ll open a new branch of the transportation business.” She turned slightly to look back at York. “You will remain in the office complex at Pine Corner running the business side of the new branch. Which means Bronx will be somewhere else, talking to customers, or potential customers. So what will I be doing?”

“At first we’ll all be at Pine Corner together. The building I want to use is an old warehouse with a large parking lot. Plenty large enough for a couple big rigs. There’s a double-wide trailer home on the land as well, which will be the office and our home. Mostly I’ll be in the office or around town, finding customers, and quoting for prices, and also renovating the premises. I expect I’ll need to drive the trucks at least at first, until we can afford to hire a driver. Likely one of the men from the pack would be happy to work for me. It’s not all that hard to get a license to drive a B-Train. As for what you’d be doing, that’d be up to you. Decorate our home, work as a speech pathologist, help out in the office. Whatever you might want to do during the daytime. Then at night, you’d be ours, and I can promise you more orgasms every night than you’ve ever had before.”

Bronx lifted her foot up to his mouth and sucked each toe slowly, one after the other. By the time he reached the last one Nevis had to place both hands on the base of the pool to support herself she was so weak with lust. She had no doubt he’d give her orgasms. She was within an inch of coming right now.

“When were you planning to go there?” she asked, her voice breathy with the need to come that was racing through her body.

“In a day or two, I suppose.” Bronx lifted her onto his lap and pulled the straps of her swimwear down her arms. Both of his hands gripped her back as he sucked a breast into his mouth. He held her against him, sucking hard on her nipple.

She clutched his head and wrapped her legs around his big body, hardly able to breathe from the tension building inside her. He was going to bring her to climax just by touching one foot and one breast. She could scarcely believe this was happening. Then she felt York moving behind her and pushing her swimsuit farther down her body. York’s lips traced along her shoulder and her spine until both his hands were massaging her ass. The second he thrust a finger into her ass she came, shaking and shivering in their arms. Bronx stood up, still holding her, and York pulled her swimwear off her legs.

Before she could work out what was happening she was flat on her back on the side of the pool and York’s mouth was on her cunt, sucking her clit, biting her nether lips, licking along her seam, and tongue-fucking her.

Bronx’s big hands pushed her breasts together and he was sliding his damp cock between them, somehow still managing to tease and tug on her nipples while he fucked her breasts. Then his lips possessed her mouth and all the air was sucked out of her lungs in a long, passionate kiss.

“That was a little nothing of an orgasm. You can do much better than that. Come again for me,” Bronx ordered in a deep, husky tone.

York’s tongue was deep inside her pussy, his fingers stroking the delicate skin of her inner thighs, and then he lifted one leg high in the air and began teasing behind her knee. It sent a surge of carnal lust through her and once again she was about to climax.

She stuck her tongue out and on Bronx’s next thrust between her breasts she flicked it over the head of his cock. It was damp with pre-cum and he tasted of salt and spice and damp earth. It was a heady combination and she wanted more of him, much more of him.

But it was too late. York thrust two fingers into her pussy and scraped a fingernail over her G-spot and she shattered again, harder this time, shaking and shivering until she was just a limp wet puddle on the side of the hot spring.

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