The Casper Graham ManLove Collection, Volume 3 (MMM)

The Casper Graham ManLove Collection 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,115
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Amour ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Interracial, Menage a Trois, MMM, HEA]

In Happily Ever After, Theodore Westbay has finally decided to start dating again after being dumped by his ex-lover, Daniel Worthington. Alan Peterson, a celebrity chef, is sweet and gorgeous and Theodore is slowly falling in love.

Daniel has never been able to let go of his feelings for Theodore, so he fights for the man when the opportunity arises. His ex-lover has already moved on, though. He realizes that it is too late for them to get back together. Nonetheless, they remain friends. He even hangs out with Alan, strange as it may be.

After months of interactions, Theodore begins to realize that he has fallen deeply in love with both Alan and Daniel. He doesn’t know what to do.

Does he have the courage to choose between the two men? Or will all three be hurt in the end?

In Fateful Meeting, Richard Boyd knows that all couples have relationship issues, but Edward Miller has abruptly abandoned him for two weeks now. He misses Edward. The loneliness is killing him slowly inside. Then, he bumps into Samuel Tanner, the nighttime security guy at the office where he works. The instant—and mutual—sexual attraction surprises him.

Edward is still in love with Richard, but he is tired of being taken for granted. He tries to work things out between them, but Richard’s new friendship with Samuel leaves him cold and insecure.

Samuel faces an unexpected dilemma. He is sexually attracted to Richard, but when he meets the man’s estranged lover, he finds himself falling in love with Edward. Can the three men find a way to resolve their issues to their mutual satisfaction? Or will they all crash and burn in the end?

The Casper Graham ManLove Collection, Volume 3 (MMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Casper Graham ManLove Collection, Volume 3 (MMM)

The Casper Graham ManLove Collection 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,115
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Happily Ever After


“Hi, Theo. It’s so good to see you,” Daniel greeted.

“What do you want, Daniel?” He did not feel the need to be polite. After all, this bastard had dumped him unceremoniously without a proper good-bye. A note left on the pillow did not count. It was the coward’s way out. He took note of the expensive suit and tie. Daniel had not changed then. The man was, more likely than not, still working for his parents in their multi-billion dollar company.

He remembered the Worthingtons. Daniel’s parents never bothered to hide their disdain of him. He knew that he was just a poor baker back then, but he thought he could try to make them see how much he loved their son and maybe they would come to accept him. Sadly, they refused to acknowledge him at all. In fact, they barely even looked at him.

Daniel had two younger brothers and a younger sister. He tried to get along with them, hoping that maybe they would be more sympathetic. He was wrong. They talked to him as if he were a filthy cockroach they refused to step on with their very expensive pairs of shoes. He gave up trying soon enough.

“Theo, I…would you like to have dinner with me this evening? It’s Saturday after all. You used to close earlier for the weekend.”

“Daniel, I can’t. I have a date with Alan tonight. Is there anything else?” he asked pointedly.

“Are you guys together now?”

“I don’t make it a habit to announce to strangers the status of my relationship,” he hedged instead of replying to the question.

“Are we strangers?”

“What do you want, Daniel?” he repeated his earlier question.

“I…I can’t forget you, Theo. Give me one more chance, please. One date!”

“Too little too late. Now, if there’s nothing else…” he trailed off dismissively.

“Theo, come on,” Daniel pleaded and grabbed his hands.

He was about to pull back when the front door opened.

“Hey, babe. I…” Alan called out, but he stopped mid-sentence, staring in surprise before striding over to land a hard punch on Daniel’s cheek.

His ex-boyfriend was no pushover though. The two men were soon rolling around on the floor, punching each other as hard as they could. The only customer in the bakery, a middle-aged man, helped Theo to separate them by pulling Daniel back while Theo pushed Alan toward the kitchen.

“Babe, please. Wait for me in the kitchen.” He looked worriedly at Alan’s bleeding lip and nose. The man also had a few bruises on his cheeks. Elizabeth had rushed out from the kitchen when the commotion started. “Elizabeth, can you get the first aid kit, please?”

“Sure, Theo,” his employee said as she led his boyfriend into the kitchen.

“Thank you, sir. I’m sorry about this,” he then apologized to the customer, who waved him off.

“It’s fine, young man. Talk some sense into him, will you?” The middle-aged man gestured at Daniel.

“Of course. Thanks for your help again,” he said before pulling his ex-boyfriend out of the bakery. He rounded on the other man the moment they were standing outside. “What the hell is your problem, Daniel?”

“It’s fucking Danny, Theo. You’ve not called me Daniel in a really long time.”

“I’ll call you by your proper first name because we’re no longer together. You fucking dumped me! With a fucking farewell note, remember?”

“Theo, I—”

“Shut up, Daniel. Just go away. I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to see you anymore.”


“Go, please,” he whispered tiredly.

“Okay, Theo. I’m sorry about the fight.” He did not bother to respond at all. Instead, he looked at his ex-boyfriend in irritation. He then noticed several bruises on the other man’s face. Daniel’s nose was bleeding, as well. Plus, there was a bluish-black bruising on the side of the man’s left eye. “Can’t we meet up for coffee or something?”

“Daniel,” he muttered and sighed exasperatedly.


He looked at his ex-boyfriend for a minute or so before he nodded. He was sure that he would be regretting this decision.

“You’re still living at our…the old place?”


“Okay, I’ll pick you up. Tomorrow afternoon at four?”

“I…okay, yeah.”

“All right, see you then.”




“I’ve wanted this for the last few hours, babe,” he whispered lustfully as he continued to lick his lover’s ear.

“Yeah? How badly do you want it?”

“As hard as you can give it to me.”

“Are you sure you can take it?” Alan asked playfully and he could feel the other man squeezing his butt rhythmically.

“Well,” he began. “If you were too chicken to play rough, I could always ask Danny for it.”

He noticed Alan’s eyes narrowing as annoyance and possessiveness took over, but Theo refused to back off. He needed to be brutally wrecked till he could not walk without limping for the next few days. He intentionally intensified the challenging look in his eyes as his lust burnt hotter. That was a low blow and he was playing with fire, but he was not thinking clearly, not when the blood had rushed down and filled up his cock till it was straining painfully against his pants.

Suddenly, he was shoved violently toward the couch. He was cheering internally, but he wanted to make sure that Alan would lose all of his control. He stood up slowly and came right back at his lover, bringing both of his hands up to push the other man back equally hard. He felt himself hardening to a full mast when his boyfriend yanked on his shirt collar and pulled him closer with a loud growl.

“So, is this how you want to play this game? Are you going to spread your legs for Danny?” Alan snarled loudly. “Since you want to be a slut, you will be my slut. Mine!”

He was shivering with arousal, but he pressed his boyfriend harder. “Yeah? Don’t make me laugh. A real man would have stuffed me full right about now instead of talking bullshit.”

He yelped in surprise when he landed on the couch after being slammed back forcefully.

“You’re pissing me off, Theo. I advise you to shut that pretty mouth now.”

“Make me!” He spat out.

He could see the control Alan had on himself finally snapped as his lover cursed filthily before brutally kissing him. He tilted his head at the right angle to give the other man’s tongue easier access into his mouth in order to deepen the kiss and take it further. The emotions were very raw and needy.

He brought his hand up and cupped Alan’s cheek, holding it in a firm grip. He groaned out loud when his boyfriend bit him on his lips and he grabbed at his boyfriend’s biceps. He jutted his hips upward to rub himself against the other man, trying to relieve some of the painful tension.

He leaned up into the kiss, which became increasingly more intense, giving just as good as he got. Their tongues sparred against each other, attempting to dominate with every swipe. He licked Alan’s tongue with his own and sucked it hard into his own mouth before rubbing them harder against each other repeatedly.

After a while, he broke away from the kiss and dove in for the pulse point on his boyfriend’s neck, nipping and licking it with his tongue before he sucked as hard as he could. Then, he pressed closer to bite into the skin.

“Shit, babe. Yeah!” Alan’s encouragement drove him wilder.

He tugged at his lover’s T-shirt, pulling away temporarily to pull it off before he returned to the same spot and nuzzled at it. He quickly felt Alan working on the buttons of his shirt. When the other man finally reached the last button, the shirt was taken off impatiently.

He pulled Alan back into another passionate kiss, which was just as brutal as the last one. There was nothing gentle about it at all. They were both riding high on the adrenaline, equally furious and aroused. He pushed Alan off of him, causing the bigger man to topple sideways onto the ground. He hurriedly jumped onto his lover’s body, frantically working on the buttons and zippers of their jeans. Alan assisted him impatiently. When they were both completely naked on the floor in the living room, he grabbed Alan’s wrists and held them high on either side of his boyfriend’s head.

“You’re not in charge now. I am,” he stated out loud with a low grunt, but he moaned aloud as the man underneath him rutted up against him.


“Yeah.” Theo spat plenty of saliva onto his palm, using it to slick up his lover’s engorged cock. It was long, thick, and hard as a thick metal rod. “You’ll beg me prettily soon enough.”

“We’ll see,” Alan replied cockily.

He alternated the up and down motion of his palm. He would stroke his boyfriend’s hardness rough and fast before abruptly slowing it down to a gentle and slow speed. He heard Alan’s groaning and felt him thrashing uncontrollably underneath him yet the other man stubbornly refused to beg. He leaned down and bit his lover’s shoulder hard, causing the man to hiss out loud in an equal measure of pain and pleasure.

“Are you ready to beg yet?” he taunted.

He was desperately hard, needing to feel Alan coring deeply into him and spewing his warm seed inside him, but he wanted to hear his boyfriend’s frenzy pleading first.

“O…over my dead body!”

“Yeah? I guess we can stop right now then.”

Unexpectedly, he felt his lover’s hands on his hips, lifting him high enough before pulling him down onto that magnificent cock still encased tightly within his own fist. He screamed bloody murder as that hard tool was immediately buried deeply inside him all the way down to its base.


Fateful Meeting


Richard stared at his boyfriend in disbelief. He was sorely tempted to dig his ears to make sure he had not misheard anything.

“Babe, care to repeat that?”

“What are your thoughts about polygamous relationships?”


“Level with me, love. Do you like Sam?”


“Do you like Sam?”

“I…yes, I like Sam. He’s a friend. Is this about the shower incident?”

“Not totally. Do you like Sam enough to date him?”

“Ed, what are you trying to imply?” he countered in annoyance.

“It’s not a difficult question, love. Do you like Sam enough to date him?”

“I…yes! Okay? Satisfied?” he half shouted.

They just finished dinner a few minutes ago, so they were still sitting across from each other at the dining table. They had been discussing the progress of the renovation at the bakery initially. Suddenly, his lover had changed the topic to something unexpected. It had come out of nowhere, and he was completely shocked when Edward had mentioned it.

“Love, listen to me. Sam is attracted to both of us. You like him enough to go out on a date with him. I can honestly say that I feel the same way about him. Dating him won’t be a hardship.”

“Get to the point, babe.”

“I think we should try dating one another.”

“A threesome?”

“A polygamous relationship.”

“Same difference.”

“That’s not…whatever. Look, do you want to do this or not?”

“What brings this up?”

“Rich, the three of us have been dating one another unofficially for a while now. Do you not realize that we’ve been meeting up regularly and exclusively? We’ve barely hung out with our other friends recently.”

“I…that’s…damn it. You’re right,” Richard hissed out before glaring at his lover. “Don’t smirk and don’t give me that smug face.”

“I absolutely love it when I’m right.”

“That’s your worst personality trait right there.”

“Whatever, love. You love me in spite of it. So?”


“Don’t play coy with me, love. It’s not cute.”

“Whatever. I’m in, but only if Sam agrees to it.”

“Oh, believe me. I’m certain that he will be jumping at the chance to date us both.”

“Overconfidence much?”

“Nope, just an educated guess. Besides, I can also be observant at certain times and I’m right more often than not.”

Richard rolled his eyes at his lover and stood up, refusing to dignify his lover’s assertion with a vocal response. Instead, he carried the dirty dishes into the kitchen. He would wash everything up because Edward had cooked the food for the two of them. It was a system that had worked for them over the years. He idly wondered what it would be like to add Sam into the mix. He had the feeling that things were about to become so much more interesting.

* * * *

Edward waited patiently for the news to sink in. Richard remained quiet next to him while Sam was staring at them both like they were insane.

“Do you want to repeat that?”

He could not help his laughter. Sam’s expression was similar to Richard’s when he had this exact same discussion with his boyfriend about being in a polygamous relationship a few days ago. Now they were here, sitting at an Italian restaurant and having lunch together on a windy Saturday. The weather was getting colder because it was already halfway through November.

“Sorry, Sam. Richard had the same reaction when the two of us were talking about this possibility.”


“Look, Sam. Can you think about it?”

“I don’t have to. It’s not a secret that I’m attracted to both of you, but…”

“But?” Richard interjected.

“What if things don’t work out? I don’t want to lose you both. You are my friends first and foremost. Your friendship is important to me.”

“It won’t be easy, Sam,” Edward admitted. “But don’t you think that we all deserve a chance to try it out?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Are we really doing this?” Richard chimed in again.

“It’s my idea, so I’m all for it. It’s now up to the two of you,” he responded quickly.

“I’m in if you’re both cool with it,” Sam replied hesitantly.

“Count me in,” Richard muttered eventually. “Besides, as Edward pointed out to me, the three of us had been unofficially dating one another for a few weeks now.”

Sam looked surprised upon hearing that, but the other man nodded in agreement nonetheless, realizing the truth in that statement.

“Anyway, guys. The bakery will be closed temporarily beginning next Monday. The sign has been hanging by the door for a few days now, so most of our regulars should be aware of this,” Edward announced to the other two men, effectively changing the topic before things could become awkward.

“I’ve heard back from the publisher again. The official release date for my first book will be on November twenty-fifth,” Sam followed up with his own exciting news. “Also, some people out there have apparently been intrigued enough by my book after reading the excerpts, so the publisher is planning to offer a bigger discount for the early birds.”

“That’s wonderful news, Sam,” Richard commented enthusiastically. “Congratulations.”

“It’s not much,” Sam replied with a blush.

“Baby steps, Sam,” he assured the other man kindly.


The three of them continued to chat and eat for the next hour or so before paying for their food and leaving the restaurant. They promised to meet up the next day for their first official date before going on their separate ways. Edward was a little nervous, but they could not be certain if they did not even try to date one another. He just hoped that things would work out for all three of them. Changing the nature of their relationship was a huge step and an even bigger risk after all.




Edward inhaled deeply, feeling slightly disoriented as he was opening his eyes. It was really warm. He blinked a few more times to adjust his eyesight to the morning light that streamed through the gaps in the curtains. A few seconds later, he almost snickered aloud at the erections that were poking him from the front and back. He could feel that both Richard and Sam were sporting morning woods.

He started giggling a little bit louder when both men began to rut against him in their sleep. Most people would have reacted differently. They would probably be aroused, but he found the situation hilarious instead. Sam’s cock felt huge though. He lifted the blanket and peeked at it.

“Shit,” he hissed under his breath.

He had always thought that Richard was very well-endowed, but Sam seemed to be of a similar size. He could feel his own cock growing harder at the delicious sight. He moaned softly and rubbed himself harder against Sam. His action simultaneously increased the friction on his back where Richard was still rutting against him.

“Babe,” Richard whispered in his ear.

Apparently, his boyfriend was now awake, so he did not care to restrain himself. Besides, he was really turned on now. As he was grinding even harder against Sam, the other man was gradually waking up and reciprocating the action. All three of them were now rutting against one another, grunting and groaning at the pleasurable sensation.

“Ed, sweetheart, I’m close,” Sam whimpered against his mouth, so he captured the other man’s lips with his own.

Their kiss became rougher and more passionate as their climaxes approached. He could feel that Richard was clutching him even tighter and rubbing more violently against his back. Sam retaliated by pressing even closer to his front. He was now squeezed between two muscular bodies and their hard thighs were intertwined to gain more leverage as they moved even faster.

Soon, his vision whited out. He kissed Sam more brutally when they reached their orgasms almost at the same time. His own climax intensified when he could feel Richard’s cock spasming on his back and spurting out several jets of warm come repeatedly all over him. He could not stop the whimper from deep in his throat when Richard bit down on his neck.

Meanwhile, Sam’s fingers on his hips were pressing in even deeper. It was a strange feeling, being trapped between two dominant, aggressive, and possessive lovers. He was held so tightly by both of his lovers that he knew his body would show signs of bruises when they were done. By the time they separated to continue basking in their afterglow, they were all panting breathlessly.

“Wow…” He was speechless.

“I’ll second that,” Richard agreed while panting harshly next to him.

“That’s…” Sam trailed off breathlessly before continuing. “That’s incredible.”

“I agree, Sam,” Richard remarked with a chuckle before getting up and leaning over to pull Sam into a bruising kiss.

Edward could feel his cock twitching valiantly at the sight. He could see that neither man was used to being the submissive one. Hence, their tongues were now dueling and pushing against each other as they grabbed onto each other, ferociously demanding the other man to submit as they were both growling threateningly. It was insanely arousing to watch.

When he could not take it anymore, he pulled both men down onto him, and they engaged in a scorching three-way kiss. Edward whined loudly as his lovers now directed their pent-up aggression toward him. He did not mind it at all, and he could feel himself slowly hardening once again.

“Guys, fuck me! Please!” he pleaded when the sensation began to overwhelm him.

“Who—” Richard questioned, but Edward cut his boyfriend off.

“Both of you. I want you both inside me at the same time.”

“Sweetheart, you can’t take both—”

He yanked Sam’s hair roughly and jerked his head back, causing the other man to stop midsentence and emit a loud yelp instead.

“I can take you both inside me, so shut the hell up and fuck me now!” he demanded again.

He grunted when Richard abruptly thrust in two fingers into his unprepared hole.

“You like that, babe? Huh?” Richard taunted while scissoring his fingers in and out.

“More!” he commanded.

He wanted them both inside him now.

“You asked for it, sweetheart,” Sam warned him while slicking his own renewed erection.

He waited impatiently for Richard to pull his fingers out and for Sam to push into him. When Sam’s cock was completely buried deep inside him, he keened and gripped the other man’s waist. He whined lustfully when Sam began to pound into him, not even giving him time to adjust to the man’s huge erection. He loved it though and he yearned for it.

He also opened his mouth widely and pleaded with his eyes, asking for Richard to use his mouth, which his lover happily obliged to. He felt his hard cock straining even further when Sam suddenly pulled at Richard’s hard cock and swallowed it down his own throat instead. Richard’s lustful moan was music to his ears.

Just as he was getting used to the feeling of Sam hammering into his hole, he found himself being lifted as Sam was now lying on his back. He rode the other man’s cock for a few moments before his movement was halted. He keened and hissed when he felt Richard slowly pushing his thick and long cock alongside Sam’s, but smiled victoriously when both of his lovers were fully buried deep inside him. The pain-pleasure was simultaneously unexpected and very intense.

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