The Casper Graham ManLove Collection, Volume 1 (MMM)

The Casper Graham ManLove Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,420
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Publishing ManLove Collection: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Interracial, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, MM, MMM, MMMM, HEA]

In His Reality, Wesley Hamilton is an unclaimed omega who has resigned himself to spending the rest of his life alone, looking after his little bookstore. Then three billionaire alphas, Dylan Wayne, Bruce Rockwell, and Hunter Phillips, enter his life unexpectedly. Unfortunately, their first meeting is less than cordial. The three alphas try to persuade him to break the lease on the contract of his bookstore, but he is unwilling to do so.

Then, Wesley discovers the unique relationship among the three alphas. Out of sheer curiosity, he agrees to a dinner date with them. He does not expect to enjoy it so much. Or to be deeply attracted to all three alphas when the evening ends. Is there a place for Wesley among the alphas? Or is he destined to live the remainder of his life unclaimed and without a mate to spend his heats with?


In Searching for True Love, Ten gorgeous men compete for the affection of Thomas Davis, the “bachelor” on a reality dating show… 

Thomas is good-looking and has a successful career as one of the senior partners at a prestigious law firm, but he has been single and lonely for too long. He is now ready to settle down. 

Enter Jeremiah Lewis, a gym owner, and Antonio Rodriguez, a mechanic and garage owner, two of the contestants on the show. Thomas’s choices eventually come down between the two men. The problem is that he is equally attracted to both of them. Deciding on Mr. Right is not so easy after all. He desperately wishes that he could choose them both, but the producers of the show may not like that idea—at all. 

Will he select the right man at the end of the show? Or will he make the wrong choice and lose them both? Stay tuned!

The Casper Graham ManLove Collection, Volume 1 (MMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Casper Graham ManLove Collection, Volume 1 (MMM)

The Casper Graham ManLove Collection 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,420
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Wesley woke up the next morning feeling more refreshed. He had slept more soundly than he usually did. The musky scent of the alphas all over his face and body probably made him feel safer, which in turn resulted in a deeper sleep. He took care of his morning ablutions before preparing a simple breakfast of toast with peanut butter and jelly. He then finished his cup of chamomile tea before going out of the apartment. It was almost time to open the bookstore.

His bookstore did not have a formal name. It was simply registered as “The Bookstore.” There were not many customers that morning, so he returned to the apartment for a simple lunch of stir-fried vegetables and rice. Business was better in the afternoon, though. There were quite a few buyers looking to purchase the latest installment of that popular magic realism series, which had been launched three days ago. Fortunately, he still had them in stock. He knew, based on past experiences, that all the available copies would generally be sold out in less than a week after the initial release date. He made a mental note to contact his supplier and request more copies of the same book. There was no harm in keeping a few extra copies around just in case the customers asked for that particular item.

The three alphas had been sending him separate text messages throughout the day. They ranged from something small like a morning greeting all the way to something more serious and slightly arousing like “Your scent still lingers in the car. I wish I could scent mark you right now.” He whistled happily and continued to tidy up the books that were out of place after the last customers had been browsing through the shelves. He did this quite often when there was a lull in the bookstore because it would save him time later during the closing hour.

“Hey, Wesley.”

A familiar and unwelcome voice startled him. It was Nick, one of the single alphas who worked in the offices nearby. He suppressed an irritated sigh and turned to face the alpha.

“Hi, Nick,” he answered curtly.

This alpha had persisted in asking him out despite the numerous rejections. Besides, the alpha’s musky scent smelled really sour. He frankly had run out of ideas on how to politely reject the advances of this particular alpha other than to be honest and informed the man that he really did not like the man’s stench.

Unfortunately, this alpha had been pestering him rather often over the last few months. If Nick were nicer and less of a brute who only thought with his cock, he might have agreed to a date or two with the alpha regardless of how undesirable his alpha musk was. He might have been a single, unclaimed omega, but he was not desperate enough to return Nick’s advances. He had enough standards, regardless of how desperate he was to be claimed and mated to an alpha. He believed that it would be better to stay single for the rest of his life than to be attached to an alpha who was more concerned about themselves and their overinflated ego.

“How about a nice dinner date after work before we go back to my place for a few rounds of mind-blowing sex? I will fuck you really good.”

“How about no?” he replied as calmly as he could before returning to his task.

He yelped when he was lifted up and shoved roughly against one of his bookshelves, which was, fortunately, sturdy enough to withstand the impact. He quickly calculated the risk of fighting back. He might be a good fighter due to his self-defense lessons, but a furious, feral alpha would certainly pose a much higher risk. Additionally, and unfairly, alphas were genetically stronger.

“Listen, omega,” Nick growled at him. It was obvious to him that the alpha was turning feral really fast. “I’ve had enough of your rejections. You’ll go out with me tonight or else…”

Wesley tried to break free, but he knew that it would be almost impossible for any omega to get themselves released from the tight grip of a feral alpha. He was not sure that he could take on this alpha in a fight under this circumstance, but he had to try his best.

“Unhand him now!”

Wesley was startled by the sound of Bruce’s snarling voice coming from the direction of the door. He craned his neck as far as he could and noticed that Hunter and Dylan were standing next to Bruce. All three alphas’ eyes had turned red in anger. He could smell how furious they were from the pheromones that they released into the air. He honestly wanted to weep in relief. He might consider himself a strong, independent omega, but this was one of those times when he was truly glad to get any kind of assistance from the alphas.

“Fuck off. It’s none of your business,” Nick retorted.

“I’m not going to repeat myself. Unhand him now!” Bruce gritted out.

“Or what?” Nick taunted the furious alpha, who charged at him.




“You smell good covered in our seed and sweat,” Dylan insisted.

The alpha was nuzzling into Wesley’s neck and breathing in deeply. He jumped a little when he felt a pair of arms circling his waist from behind. It was Bruce, who was currently licking on his neck. The other two alphas also pressed themselves closer to taste his heated skin.

“Guys, sho…shower, remember?” Wesley whispered softly. The other three men did not respond at all. However, the deep, rumbling sound coming from their throats indicated that they were highly excited. “Alphas, please.”

The pleased growls turned him on further, and he could feel the copious slick seeping out through his entrance, drenching his pants. The air was thick with the scent of their combined arousal. He shouted out in shock when Bruce lifted him up onto that powerful shoulder. When he was thrown down onto the bed, the three alphas quickly divested him of all his clothing. He gazed at the alphas lustfully as they stripped themselves naked before joining him on the bed.

He immediately went on his knees and started to take Dylan’s length deep down his throat. He was determined to deep-throat all three alphas one at a time, so he paced himself and made sure to do it slowly. The musky, sweaty smell of Dylan’s pubes had driven him insane with lust, so he began to bob faster. He could hear them grunting as they kissed one another hungrily.They were grabbing his hair and caressing his cheeks, neck, and back.

He pulled away and moved on to the next erection in line, which was Hunter’s. Since Hunter’s size was similar to Dylan’s, he had no problem sliding it down his throat all at once, which caused the alpha to push his hips forward in ecstasy. He gently swallowed and hummed around the thick length. Moaning from the sensation, he could hear the alpha’s pleased sigh from above him.

After a while, he continued to the last alpha. The angry red tip of Bruce’s thicker shaft proved to be a challenge, but he was determined to satisfy all three of the alphas. He took it much slower, going down an inch at a time, and smirked triumphantly when the alpha was groaning from being buried completely down his throat. He then went back and forth on all the alphas until he could sense that they were ready to explode.

“Alphas, I want to swallow everything,” the omega pleaded greedily.

The alphas could only grunt lustfully as they stood up on the bed and jerked themselves above him. Dylan was the first to lose it, and Wesley happily gulped down every drop, milking the sensitive hard tool. Hunter pushed the first alpha to the side and grabbed the omega by the back of his head, burying himself all the way to the hilt. Wesley quickly devoured everything before he pulled away. Bruce was the last one, exploding deep inside the omega’s throat. When it was over, Wesley thought that the alphas would be satisfied for the time being. He was wrong.

He lay down on the bed, thinking that he would have some time to spare while he waited for the alphas to recuperate. Instead, the alphas quickly turned him to his side. Dylan took him into his mouth, sucking him hard and fast, while Hunter licked him from behind, lapping at and jabbing into his entrance with that wet tongue. Meanwhile, Bruce dominated his mouth, their tongues dueling as they caressed each other.

He was so lost in the passionate kiss that the brutal thrust into his slick entrance totally surprised him. He whimpered at Hunter’s loud growl, feeling so full of the alpha’s hardness inside him. The alpha drove his hips into him violently, pushing him to bury himself deeply inside Dylan’s mouth and climaxing down the alpha’s throat.

He whined a little when Hunter’s thrusting movement stopped abruptly. Even Bruce broke away from their kiss. Then he was dragged to lie down on top of Hunter’s chest before Dylan loomed over him and started to push that huge erection inside him. He could not stop himself from groaning out loud. The pain-pleasure was incredible.

The two alphas now sheathed inside him allowed him a little time to adapt to their combined sizes before they started moving. They were also kissing each other passionately. Wesley guessed that Hunter was chasing after the taste of his recent release inside of Dylan’s mouth. Then, Bruce roughly pulled Hunter away and gave Dylan a bruising kiss. He could smell the displeased scent coming from Bruce as the alpha growled aloud. He was guessing that Bruce could barely taste his cum in the other alpha’s mouth after Hunter had licked away most of it. Wesley relished the sensation of being filled so completely. He was never empty. One of them would pull out while the other was buried deeply. They would alternate, hitting his sweet spot repeatedly.

“Alphas, I don’t want to wait. Bite me, please. Make me yours,” Wesley breathed out unsteadily.

All three alphas’ eyes turned red when they heard him loud and clear. He then noticed that Bruce was now standing over him with his hard cock within reaching distance from his mouth. He grabbed the alpha’s thighs and pulled him closer, purring in satisfaction as he was licking and tasting the muskiness of this other alpha.

Right at that moment, he could feel Dylan and Hunter’s knots  starting to form at the base of their cocks. They were rutting into him frantically, trying to push into him as deeply as they could. He dug his fingers into Bruce’s thighs when the other two alphas’s knots had swollen to their maximum size inside him and they would be tied together for an extended period of time. He pulled away from Bruce’s steel-rod erection right as the alpha was spurting his release onto his tongue and all over his face and chin.




Thomas grinned in anticipation at the ten contestants in front of him. He had spent the entire previous day doing nothing at his temporary residence. He had not been allowed to interact with the contestants as they would all need some time to come up with the perfect first date ideas and submit them to the producers of the show. The ideas would be on a first come, first serve basis to ensure that none of them would be exactly the same. The time had passed by very slowly. He was honestly relieved when Daniel, the host, had knocked on his bedroom door earlier that morning to urge him to get ready for their meeting with the remaining ten contestants.

He had showered and dressed up as fast as he could. Daniel and he had then walked for five minutes toward the contestants’ bungalow. Currently, all of them were holding similar envelopes that they had pulled out randomly from inside a velvet bag, which the host had offered to each man one at a time a few minutes earlier. Daniel then signaled for them to open their own envelopes and peek inside.

“Gentlemen, the numbers on the cards within your envelopes represent the order in which you will have your individual dates with Thomas. Can you all please show us the numbers that are printed on your cards?”

Thomas eyed each of the cards anxiously once they had all been turned around. He could now clearly see the numbers printed out on them. He made a mental note of the sequence. James would have the first date, followed by Jason, Nicholas, Dwight, Zachariah, Brian, Raymond, Matthew, Antonio, and Jeremiah. He smiled encouragingly at all of the contestants before returning his attention to Daniel.

“May I say a few words before each of the men is allowed to request for whatever arrangement that they have in mind for the dates?” he inquired of the host.

“Sure, Thomas. Go ahead.”

“Gentlemen, as you all might have known during our brief conversations two nights ago, I am the senior partner at a corporate law firm. Having said that, my taste is really simple and uncomplicated even though I can appreciate the finer things in life. I hope that each of you will plan a date for us accordingly. Thank you.”

“Alright, gentlemen. You have exactly two hours to modify your date, if you need to, and re-submit your individual requests to the production crew members. After that, there will be no more changes allowed. Good luck!”

Thomas and Daniel then led them all into the dining hall for brunch together. They took random seats along the rectangular dining table and proceeded to plate some salad and baked chicken while eating and conversing with one another. This would be another opportunity for the ten contestants to get to know Thomas even better, and vice-versa. He noticed that all of them were getting along with one another splendidly, especially Dwight and Matthew, who seemed to be rather engrossed in conversations with each other almost exclusively. He would have to pay more attention to these two men. It would be easier to let them go from the show if the two men were indeed attracted to each other instead of him.

“Hey, Thomas. Where did you go?”

“Oh, sorry, Jason. What’s up?” he answered sheepishly.

“We’re all wondering what made you decide to participate in the show. I don’t think any of us asked you that yet.”

He could not stop the laughter that bubbled out of him. He had truly been surprised that none of them had thought to ask him that question on the first evening during the cocktail hour. It would have been his first question if he had participated as one of the contestants instead of the one being pursued by ten gorgeous men.

“My best friend Cassandra, better known as Cassie, was probably tired of me lamenting about my lack of a love life, so she decided that it would be a hilarious idea to submit my name to the show without my expressed consent, and here I am.”

“So you don’t want to be here then?”

“I didn’t say that, Nick. I’m honestly glad that Cassie did it behind my back because I would never think of doing it myself in a million years. To be fair though, I have been searching for a while. I’m already thirty years old, almost thirty-one, and my career has been great for the most part. Now I need someone to settle down with and live happily ever after just like in a fairy tale,” he explained, concluding with an amused chuckle.

“Hear, hear!”

“Thanks, Zack.”

The conversations soon turned to their jobs and some of the incredible things that had occurred over the years. They were all having plenty of fun and the meal moved along smoothly. Thomas even managed to ignore the lighting and camera crew for a while because he was enjoying the time with the other men tremendously. When it was finally over, they hung out for about an hour longer before Daniel and he left the bungalow to return to their temporary residence. He was honestly excited and he had divulged that to Daniel as they were walking back. The host simply chuckled in return and informed him to get ready for several fantastic dates ahead. He nodded in agreement.

The men were very competitive with one another, especially Jeremiah and Antonio. He was certain that they would be trying to one-up the other contestants in their attempts to impress him on the first date. The first date would be happening the day after tomorrow and the anticipation was building up fast. He could not wait for it to begin.




He shook his head slightly and hurriedly re-focused his attention on the matter at hand though. Both Jeremiah and Antonio were stripping themselves naked as fast as possible, so he followed suit. When the two men had removed every stitch of clothing, they had assisted him impatiently before proceeding to lick and nip on his neck. They were both breathing harshly as they bit on his skin roughly while fondling his cock and balls. One of them inserted a couple of fingers inside his hole, scissoring in and out roughly to loosen him up. He gripped both of their backs and scratched them accidentally when they had snarled and growled while kissing their way down his body. He could not wait to feel their bare cocks inside him. The blood test results were negative for all of them.

They licked and lapped on his nipples as they continued to finger his hole and stroke his cock. The multiple sensations pushed him even closer to the edge, but he was not ready to climax yet. He instructed both of them to turn around, which they complied with eagerly, and pressed their hard cocks closer so that he could lick and suck on them both at the same time. They had re-positioned themselves to be slightly above him so that they could bury their cocks deeper inside his mouth as they were making love to his hardened length and tight hole simultaneously.

He had groaned aloud when Antonio and Jeremiah ended up kissing each other with their tongues dueling all over the tip of his leaking cock. The feeling was incomparable. As neither of his lovers were willing to submit to the other, their kiss had soon turned into a battle of wills. They were grappling with each other as much as they were kissing and licking his cock. He had been incredibly aroused as he watched them, increasing the suction on both of their hardened cocks. When he could not take it anymore, he had grabbed the lube by the bedside table and handed it over to both of them.

“Babe, who do you want inside you first?” Antonio questioned him immediately.

“Both of you.”

Neither one of his lovers had responded to him for a minute or so. The only sound in the bedroom was their harsh, panting breaths.

“Fuck! Are…are you serious?”

“Yes, Jeremiah. Lie down now.”

His lover obliged with plenty of enthusiasm and he could not stop the chuckle even as he straddled the bigger man and sank himself down onto Jeremiah’s cock in one smooth stroke. They both groaned out loud when he managed to take the entire length immediately. He moved his hips slowly at first before increasing his speed, frantically trying to adjust to the intrusion as quickly as possible. When he felt ready for Antonio, he had gestured toward his second lover. It was a very tight fit because his hole had been cramped full of Jeremiah’s large cock. Antonio had squeezed in very slowly until he could feel both of his lovers’ cocks buried deeply inside his hole.

Neither of them moved at all for the next minute or so, panting harshly as they tried to get their breathing under control. They were all very close to losing it and neither of them was ready to orgasm yet. They needed this to last for as long as they could manage it. In the meantime, Antonio and Jeremiah had been kissing and licking his neck area or pinching his nipples. He whined a little at the pleasurable sensations. Everything was heightened because he had both of his lovers inside him. The warmth was indescribable. Their sweat was now dripping and mixing with one another.

When he was ready for them to move, he gently pressed himself back. His lovers started out slow, pushing in and out of him with infinite patience. The two of them found the perfect rhythm soon enough. One of them would pull out slightly while the other would push in deeper. Their groans had grown louder and the room was beginning to smell musky with the scent of their combined sweat and sex. Time and space held no meaning to him as he was pounded faster. All of them were chasing after their orgasms. He had also been rubbing his hard cock against Jeremiah’s chiseled stomach, desperately trying to find some relief for his aching cock.

“Babe, I’m going to come.”

“Give it to him, Antonio. Come on!”

“I’m coming, too, guys.”

“Fuck! Here I come!”

Antonio had climaxed first inside him and he followed immediately after while his lover was still pulsing deep within his hole. His orgasm was further intensified by Antonio’s snarling sound next to his ear. He barely heard Jeremiah’s answering growl, signaling that his other lover had also been pushed over the edge, filling him up with plenty of warm, creamy cum. They all gripped one another tightly, blindly reaching out for the nearest arms, back, or thighs. When he eventually returned to his full awareness, he had slumped down hard onto Jeremiah while Antonio was now pressing down onto him. Neither had seen fit to disentangle themselves, panting wordlessly and basking joyfully in their afterglow.

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