The Idol Makers (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,899
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Romance, M/M, HEA]
Actor Mackenzie Ramsey isn’t into one night stands and promises himself never to sleep with any of the patrons who frequented the bar where he works part-time. Then he meets Baron Washington, a gorgeous African American guy who shows up at the bar one night. Baron is unlike anyone Mack has ever met. He’s cultured and elegant and makes Mack’s pulse race. His promises to never date a patron fly right out of the window when he and Baron end up in hotel bed getting up close and personal.
A couple of days later, Mack lands a starring role in a movie opposite his idol, Trevor Haynes, a gorgeous, blond-haired, hazel-eyed man whose headshots grace Mack’s bedroom walls. Mack is sitting on top of the world until he learns that the movie is going to be directed by Baron, and he wonders if he just got the part because he knows how to give a good blow job.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Idol Makers (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Idol Makers (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,899
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Sure, I’ll give you the part,” the casting director said to Mack.

“Yes!” Mack said enthusiastically. Maybe now he could quit one of his part-time jobs and maybe even buy a new car.

The guy sitting at the desk continued to stare at him. “But first you have to do something for me.”

“I don’t understand.” Mack had just read for the man and put his heart and soul into it. What more did he require?

“Sure you do,” he said, rising and walking over to the couch. “Just because you’re blond doesn’t mean you’re stupid.” He sat down, patted the cushion next to him, and smiled. “You do a little something for me, and the part in the drama is yours.”

It didn’t take a rocket scientist for Mack to figure out what the man meant. He ran his gaze over the other guy. He was portly to the point of fat, short, and sweated a lot. Mack scowled. So not my type. Even if he was, it went against all of his principles. He had no intentions to fuck for fame. He knew a lot of other actors got their start this way, but he refused to. “Thanks for the offer sir, but I’m not interested.”

That wiped the smile from the director’s face. “Your loss.” He rose, walked back to his desk, and sat down. “Acting roles like this don’t come around too often.”

“I’ll have to take my chances elsewhere,” Mack said. “Do you use these tactics with everyone who come in and audition for you?”

“Not all the time,” the man admitted. “Just the pretty ones.”

So not helping his case. “Thanks for the compliment, but I’m still not interested in sleeping with you for the part.”

“I can make it so that you’ll never work in this town again.”

Mack didn’t like to be threatened. His mother had moved him to California from Louisiana when he was eight to make him a star. He couldn’t let her dream die, but he also couldn’t let himself be bossed around either. “You do what you have to do, but remember you propositioned me. I won’t go down without a fight.” He headed for the door. “Thank you for your time, but I’ll be keeping my dick in my pants.” With that, he exited.

The director’s shrewish laughter followed Mack out of the door.

The man’s administrative assistant gazed up as he walked past, heading for the elevator. She, too, looked embarrassed. “Sorry,” she said.

Anger rolled through Mack as he waited. Are auditions going to be like this from now on? He didn’t know why he was surprised. It wasn’t the first time someone had hit on him. Even at the bar where he worked both men and women were always flirting with him. Mack checked his reflection in the chrome on the door. He didn’t see pretty, just a man. Did blond hair and blue eyes make him an easy target? He wished just once he could meet someone who didn’t care about his outer appearance and liked him just because he was a nice guy. The elevator finally arrived, and the doors opened. Mack entered. There was a well-dressed black man inside. “Good evening.” He tried not to make eye contact.

“Good evening,” the man replied.

He has a nice voice. It reminded Mack of a radio personality. Mack leaned against the back wall, still disappointed by the way his audition had turned out. The doors closed, and the elevator descended.

“Hard day?” the man asked.

“Yes,” Mack replied. “A total bummer.”

“Don’t let it get you down. Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully, a better one.” The elevator stopped, and the man made a move to leave. “It was nice talking to you.” He stepped out and walked away.

Mack continued to watch the back of him. The guy had some pretty big shoulders under the tailored suit coat. He also wore a nice cologne. The sandalwood and musk scent lingered in the elevator. Probably a designer blend. Rich people had it made, and he bet they never had to sleep with anyone to move up the corporate ladder. Oh, well, maybe his agent could find him something else.




Mack came out of the bathroom after what seemed like a lifetime. Baron’s cock was hard and waiting to sample that sweet honey-colored ass. Mack had a towel around his waist and used another to dry his hair. “What are you watching?”

“Porn,” Baron answered.

“Is it any good?”

Baron moved the covers from his waist and exposed his condom-covered erection.

“Yummy,” Mack said. “Do you have any lube?”

“Don’t need it,” Baron said. He flicked his tongue at Mack.

Mack got rid of both towels and climbed back on the bed. He kissed Baron. Mack tasted like mouthwash and smelled like soap. “On your knees cowboy.”

Mack assumed the position.

Baron got behind him, and his body trembled with desire. Mack had one of those unforgettable asses, rounded and jiggly like jelly. Baron parted the cheeks. Mack’s pucker was as cute as a button. He lowered his head to taste him. So clean. He licked beneath the scrotum and sucked on the balls before making his way back to prepare Mack for penetration. “You have been with a man before, haven’t you?”

“Yes, once or twice,” Mack answered as he wiggled his ass for Baron. “It’s been a while though.”

“How long is a while?” Baron asked as he wet a finger and try to get it inside of Mack.

“About a year. Bad break up, and I’ve been gun shy ever since.”

He was as tight as a virgin. Baron tried to get two fingers inside and met with resistance. He decided to go back to licking and wetting Mack to get him ready for his cock. Mack spread his legs wider and Baron finally got two fingers inside of him. He made use of his other hand by stroking Mack’s cock. The head leaked semen. The sexy, little fuck had him so turned on.

“Hurry up and do me, Baron,” Mack said. “I want to feel your cock inside of me.”

Baron spit on three of his fingers and guided them inside of Mack. “I’m trying to loosen you up. Are you sure you’ve done it with a guy?”

“Um hum,” Mack said rolling his hips and sucking at Baron’s fingers from the inside.

Baron couldn’t take the little tease any longer. He positioned himself behind Mack and moved the head of his cock to the entrance. He thrust gently and inched inside. Mack had stopped moving. Baron gripped him by both hips and thrust again.

“Oh, lord,” Mack moaned.

Baron felt Mack’s body open to receive him. Talk about warm. His cock felt like a bun in an oven.

“More,” Mack said as he worked his ass. “Don’t be afraid to take me deep.” Baron eased out to the head, moved his hips, and sent his cock in. Mack clawed at the sheets but kept his butt moving. Baron wrapped his legs around Mack hindquarters and rode him like a pony. Mack made the most amazing, sexy sounds as their bodies moved together.

Baron wanted to kiss him. He eased out and gently rolled Mack onto his back. Mack’s cock was at attention, looking for relief. He spread his legs and reached his arms out toward Baron. “Make me come,” he pleaded.

Baron crawled between his legs to kiss him and to ease back inside that delightful butt. After he pried himself away from Mack’s soft lips, he raised the other guy’s legs up and placed them against his shoulders. He began working his cock to get Mack off while Mack masturbated for his pleasure. It was a sight Baron didn’t think he’d ever get tired of seeing. There was something sexy about the pink head slipping back and forth through the palm of Mack’s hand. Baron moved his hips faster as he felt another orgasm in his belly. Mack rolled his hips the best he could in the awkward position.  He finally slid his legs down and rested them around Baron’s waist. Baron went in deep, eased out, and then sank down again.

“Oh, I think I’m about to come,” Mack said. He stroked his cock.

Baron moved his hip faster, sending his dick in deep, then stopping to do a slow hump. “Oh, fuck your ass is driving me wild.”

“It’s yours,” Mack said.

Baron could do nothing but accept defeat gracefully. He slid out one more time and then buried his cock to the hilt.

“Oh, lord!” Mack exclaimed as he shot cum all over his hand and stomach.

Baron understood exactly what this meant as he, too, creamed deep inside of Mack’s cocoon. Where in the fuck has this guy been hiding? Mack lowered his legs, and Baron eased out slowly and sank down on top of him. He laid there trying to get his heart to stop beating so fast.

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